CAHOON (Cahoone)

Darius A., s.Stephen G. and Martha, b.末蔓末,1849.

CAHOONE (Cahoon)

Cynthia, d.Smalley and Abigail, Oct.6,1812.

Mary, d.Smalley and Abigail, Aug.19,1810.

Nathan, s.Smalley and Abigail, Oct.7,1819.

Rhoda, d.Smalley and Abigail, Nov.9,1806.

Sarah Smith, d.Smalley and Abigail, July6,1817.

Warren, s.Smalley and Abigail, Apr.29,1808.


Chloe Swift, d.Lewis and Adaline, Feb.10,1818.

Maria Jeanette, d.Lewis and Adaline, June29,1823.

Oliver C., s.Lewis and Adaline, Apr.10,1820.


Ebenezer, s.Timothy and Elezabeth, May1,1715.

Joanah, ch.Timothy and Elezabeth, Oct.1,1712.


James H., s.David B. and Hannah F., July18,1837.

Malvina, d.David B. and Hannah F., Jan.15,1842.


Molly, d.Jonathan and Alive, of Tolland, CT, bp. June22,1766.CR1


Lydia, d.John F. and Lydia, Dec.28,1806.


Aaron, s.John and Lydia, bp. June18,1769.CR1

Abiathar, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.28,1734.

Abiathar, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. July4,1756.CR1

Achelus, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.1,1757.

Adaline T., d.Micajah and Jane, Feb.19,1828.

Albert, s.David and Rebecca, Sept.13,1828.

Alexander W., s.Micajah and Jane, Dec.27,1833.

Alexander T., s.Samuel H. and Rachel, Dec.10,1848.

Archelaus, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.24,1757.CR1

Armer, d.Barnabas and Elizabeth, Feb.13,1791.

Barnne, s.Ebenezer and Prudence, Mar.5,1733.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Martha, Aug.18,1713.

Benjamin, s.James and Ruth, bp. Mar.4,1759.CR1

Caroline, d.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.22,1806.

Katharine, d.John and Lydia, bp. May22,1763.CR1

Charity, d.Reuben and Sarah, Apr.27,1792.

Charles, s.Ebenezer and Prudence, Sept.4,1729.

Charles, s.John and Rhoda, Nov.14,1754.

Charles, s.Barnabas and Elizabeth, July27,1792.

Charles G., s.Elijah and Larana, Sept.15,1815.

Charles Ewer, s.Samuel and Jane, Oct.23,1815.

Daniel, s.John and Lydia, May28,1761.

Daniel, s.John and Lydia, bp. July19,1761.CR1

David, s.James and Ruth, bp. Mar.23,1755.CR1

David, s.Micajah and Sarah, Dec.27,1795.

David, s.David and Rebecca, Mar.5,1834.

David F., s.Daniel and Sarah, July22,1841.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, June9,1741.

Ebenezer, s.John and Lydia, bp. Nov.22,1772.CR1

Ebenezer Dimick, s.Elijah and Lurana, Mar.24,1810.

Edmund, s.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Sept.6,1782.

Edmund, s.Elijah and Luranna, Sept.10,1803.

Edmund, s.Edmund and Love, May13,1834.

Elias Hamblin, s.David and Rebecca, Jan.11,1819.

Elijah, s.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Oct.22,1775.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Lurana, May22,1808.

Eliza Ann, d.David and Rebecca, Sept.14,1826.

Elizabeth, d.James and Ruth, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Betsey, d.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Mar.15,1789.

Betsey, d.Avery and Sabria, Feb.24,1805.

Elizabeth Jane, d.Thacher and Anna, Dec.4,1822.

Elizabeth Jane, d.Thacher and Anna, bp. Apr.22,1828.CR2

Ellen L. Tupper, d.Mrs.Isaiah Chadwick by a former husband, Feb.16,1826.

Ellen R., d.Elijah Jr. and Sarah N., Jan.9,1835.

Ellen Jane, d.Micajah and Jane, Nov.22,1840.

Emaline G., d.Micajah and Jane, Jan.25,1837.

Ephram, s.Ebenezer and Prudence, June15,1746.

Ephraim, s.Avery and Sabria, Apr.17,1793.

Eunice, d.Isaiah and Elizabeth, May19,1787.

Eunice, d.Avery and Sabria, Oct.6,1806.

Eunice Townsend, d.Thacher and Anna, Dec.22,1824.

Eunice Townsend, d.Thacher and Anna, bp. Apr.22,1828.CR2

Fear, d.John and Roada, Apr.27,1752.

Francis E., s.Ellis, Apr.17,1844.

Franklin, s.Elijah and Lurana, May24,1812.

Gayer, s.James and Ruth, bp. June9,1751.CR1

George Hamblin, s.David and Rebecca, Aug.13,1824.

George L., s.Edmund and Love, June8,1829.

George E., s.Elijah Jr. and Sarah, July27,1838.

Gilbert, s.Ebenezer and Phebe, Dec.20,1845.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Prudence, Apr.28,1731.

Hannah, d.Avery and Sabria, July16,1799.

Hannah Bourn, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.25,1809.

Henry, s.James and Ruth, bp. Mar.18,1770.CR1

Ichabod, s.James and Ruth, bp. Nov.30,1763.CR1

Isaiah, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Dec.13,1749.

Isaiah, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. July4,1756.CR1

Isaiah, s.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Nov.25,1791.

James, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, July5,1725.

James, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, bp. July14,1734.CR1

James, s.James and Ruth, bp. Feb.25,1753.CR1

Jane E., d.Elijah and Lurana, Sept.17,1819.

Job, s.James and Ruth, bp. Feb.20,1757.CR1

John, s.Ebenezer and Prudence, Apr.27,1728.

John, s.James and Ruth, June28,1749.

John, s.James and Ruth, bp. Dec.16,1750.CR1

John H., s.Barnabas Jr. and Huldah, Jan.4,1806.

John, s.Barnabas and Fear, June19,1807.

John T., s.Joseph S. and Eunice, Apr.6,1849.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, May15,1711.

Joseph, s.Benjamin Jr. and Marcy, Aug.26,1748.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Susanna, Aug.27,1797.

Joseph, s.Micajah and Sarah, Feb.23,1801.

Joseph, s.Avery and Sabria, June24,1803.

Joseph S., d.Barnabas Jr. and Huldah, Apr.13,1809.

Joseph, s.David and Rebecca, Aug.22,1832.

Joseph A., s.Joseph S. and Eunice, Aug.20,1843.

Judah, s.James and Ruth, bp. Dec.9,1765.CR1

Cattarin, d.John and Lydia, Mar.30,1763.

Cate, d.John and Lydia, bp. June18,1780.CR1

Lorenzo, s.Samuel and Jane, Apr.21,1821.

Lot, s.James and Ruth, bp. May8,1768.CR1

Lot Dimick, s.Elijah and Lurana, Oct.12,1814.

Lewis, s.Thomas and Susanna, Dec.15,1799.

Luce, d.Ebenezer and Prudence, Nov.26,1734.

Lucy, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, July11,1743.

Lucy, d.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Feb.5,1794.

Lucy H., d.David and Rebecca, Nov.11,1830.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia, Apr.17,1767.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia, bp. June14,1767.CR1

Lydia H., d.David and Rebecca, Dec.10,1837.

Marthaw, d.Joseph and Marthaw, Dec.17,1709.

Martha, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept.8,1740.

Martha, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. July4,1756.CR1

Marah, d.Joseph and Martha, Aug.26,1723.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, May16,1740.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. July4,1756.CR1

Mary Price, d.Thacher and Anna, May30,1819.

Mary Price, d.Thacher and Anna, bp. Apr.22,1828.CR2

Mercy, d.Ebenezer and Prudence, Aug.19,1736.

Mercy, d.Micajah and Sarah, Oct.12,1790.

Micajah, s.Barnabas and Fear, May13,1802.

Nathan, s.John and Rhoda, Apr.25,1756.

Olive, d.Benjamin Jr. and Marcy, Jan.20,1754.

Oliver, s.Micajah and Sarah, June22,1792.

Ophelia D., d.Ebenezer and Phebe, Feb.4,1842.

Pauline, d.Micajah and Jane, Oct.15,1825.

Priscilla Dimmick, d.Elijah and Lurana, Sept.16,1801.

Prudence, d.Ebenezer and Prudence, May13,1819.

Rebeca, d.Thomas and Susanna, Apr.4,1802.

Relief, d.Micajah and Sarah, Oct.3,1794.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Sarah, Aug.3,1812.

Rose, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1745.

Rose, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. July4,1756.CR1

Rowley, s.John and Lydia, bp. Apr.14,1765.CR1

Rowly, s.John and Lydia, Mar.10,1765.

Sebrea, d.Benjamin Jr. and Marcy, May30,1745.

Sabrah, d.Isaiah and Elisabeth, Jan.29,1776.

Samuell, s.Joseph and Marthaw, Feb.28,1719-20.

Samuel, s.Benjamin Jr. and Marcy, Jan.25,1756.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.30,1760.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. May16,1760.CR1

Samuel, s.Isaiah and Elisabeth, June20,1780.

Samuel H., s.Barnabas Jr. and Huldah, Mar.6,1812.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Jane, Jan.22,1814.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.5,1723.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, bp. July14,1734.CR1

Sarah, d.James and Ruth, bp. Apr.25,1772.CR1

Sarah W., d.Edmund and Love, Feb.22,1831.

Sarah, d.David and Rebecca, Feb.5,1836.

Sarah M., d.Daniel and Sarah, May11,1839.

Syrena S., d.Samuel H. and Rachel, Sept.22,1843.

Seth Harding, s.Elijah and Lurana, Sept.15,1799.

Solomon, s.David and Rebecca, Aug.8,1820.

Susan L., d.Micajah and Jane, Feb.25,1831.

Susannah, d.Ebenezer and Prudence, Mar.13,1738.

Susanna, d.Avery and Sabria, Dec.13,1801.

Temperance Hinckley, d.Avery and Sabria, Jan.1,1813.

Thankful, d.Benjamin Jr. and Marcy, July31,1743.

Thatcher, s.Barnabas and Fear, Apr.22,1798.

Waly, s.John and Lydia, Jan.21,1760.

Walley, s.John and Lydia, bp. Mar.23,1760.CR1

Warren, s.Isaiah, Sept.4,1833.

Wattson, s.Elijah and Lurana, July15,1805.

William S., s.Barnabas Jr. and Huldah, Oct.15,1815.

William Wendal, s.Thacher and Anna, Nov.22,1820.

William Sturgis, s.Elijah and Lurana, May15,1824.

William Wendal, s.Thatcher and Anna, bp. Apr.22,1828.CR2

William H., s.Daniel and Sarah,末蔓末,1843.

William F., s.Benjamin F. and Elmira, Nov.6,1845.

Zenas, s.Micajah and Jane, Nov.11,1823.


Alfred, s.Hiram and Cynthia, Nov.7,1809.

Braddock R., s.Timothy P. and Hannah, June12,1839.

David, s.Abraham and Mary, of Tisbury, bp. Aug.19,1739.CR1

Leonard, s.Timothy P. and Hannah, Dec.7,1848.

Margaret, d.Abraham and Mercy, bp. Sept.2,1750.CR1

Sarah P. d.Timothy and Hannah, Sept.25,1845.

Sarah L., d.Timothy P. and Hannah, Dec.7,1848.

Selora, d.Hiram and Cynthia, Sept.18,1811.

Valentine, s.Abraham and Mercy, of Tisbury, bp. Sept.14,1735.CR1

Wait Still Mercy, d.Abraham and Mercy, of Tisbury, bp. May17,1741.CR1

Zacheus, s.Abraham and Mercy, bp. Aug.21,1737.CR1

CHILD (Childes, Childs, Chiles)

Alpheus, s.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

Hannah, d.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

Polly, d.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

Susanna, d.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

William, s.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.12,1787.CR1

CHILDES (Child, Childs, Chiles)

Abby L., d.Thomas, Mar.19,1839.

Abner, twin s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.3,1827.

Albert, s.John and Melinda, Jan.9,1820.

Elmira Thacher, d.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.17,1825.

Alpheus, s.Joseph and Eunice, bp. June23,1751.CR1

Alpheus, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Dec.20,1775.

Amy, d.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Feb.25,1783.

Andrew, s.Calvin and Mercy, Sept.29,1822.

Barnabas, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Mar.22,1787.

Barnabas, s.Barnabas and Chloe, Mar.31,1822.

Barnabas, s.Barnabas, bp. Jan.7,1824.CR2

Braddock Robinson, s.Calvin and Mercy, Nov.11,1815.

Calvin, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, bp. Sept.28,1788.CR1

Calvin, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, July20,1789.

Calvin C., s.Calvin and Mercy, Nov.6,1818.

Charles F., s.Thomas and Lydia, Feb.25,1829.

Deliverance, d.Joseph and Eunice, bp. June11,1756.CR1

Deliverance, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Oct.30,1777.

Deidamia Pratt, d.John and Melinda, May20,1826.

Deidamia, d.John and Melinda, Feb.5,1832.

Eliza An, d.Alpheus and Nabby, Sept.24,1805.

Eliza Ann, d.John and Melinda, Mar.29,1823.

Betsey, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Jan.6,1793.

Betsey C., d.Calvin and Mercy, Mar.16,1826.

Emma Harding, d.Thomas and Lydia, Nov.20,1815.

Fanny Woodbury, d.Joseph and Hannah, July21,1823.

Frederick N., . s.Ichabod H. and Rebecca, Oct.4,1834.

Frederick G., s.Peter E. and Cordelia F., Apr.13,1847.

George, s.Thomas and Mehitable, Apr.20,1845.

Grace, d.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Aug.5,1799.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June5,1761.

Harriot, d.Alpheus and Nabby, Nov.19,1808.

Harriet Newell, d.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.12,1821.

Henry E., s.Thomas and Lydia, Dec.2,1817.

Henry Davis, s.Calvin and Mercy, July7,1821.

Henry D., s.Calvin and Mercy, July5,1824.

Ichabod Hatch, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Nov.21,1804.

James, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.10,1743.CR1

James, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, June13,1802.

James Ward, s.Calvin and Mercy, Nov.27,1826.

James Marshall, s.Barnabas and Chloe, Apr.29,1827.

James Merchant, s.Barnabas and Chloe, bp. Oct.11,1827.CR2

Jane, d.Calvin and Mercy, Sept.25,1814.

John, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Mar.21,1796.

John Dimick, s.Barnabas and Chloe, May24,1818.

John Cyrus, s.John and Melinda, Nov.19,1829.

Joseph, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Jan.17,1753.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Eunice, bp. July15,1759.CR1

Joseph, s.John and Melinda, Dec.17,1827.

Joseph A., s.Joseph and Hannah, May15,1837.

Lydia Ann, d.Thomas and Lydia, Aug.8,1835.

Maria T., d.Ichabod H. and Rebecca, Dec.13,1830.

Marshall, s.Barnabas and Chloe, May4,1813.

Mary, d.Joseph Jr. and Eunice, bp. Aug.19,1744.CR1

Polly, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, July17,1774.

Polly, d.Alpheus and Nabby, July26,1803.

Mary L., d.Marshall A. and Nancy, Mar.18,1845.

Mary, d.Joseph Jr. and Eunice, July18,1845.

Melinda Ellen, d.John and Melinda, Oct.28,1834.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Eunice, bp. May14,1749.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, July12,1783.

Oliver Holmes, s.Barnabas and Chloe, Apr.7,1820.

Oliver Bourne, s.John and Melinda, May12,1821.

Oliver Holmes, s.Barnabas, bp. Jan.7,1824.CR2

Peter Eldridge, s.Thomas and Lydia, Dec.12,1822.

Peter Eldredge, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.7,1824.CR2

Philander A., s.Albert E. and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1846.

Phineas Fish, s.Barnabas and Chloe, Aug.23,1814.

Robinson Phinney, twin s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.3,1827.

Sarah Robinson, d.Alpheus and Nabby, Dec.2,1810.

Sarah C., d.Calvin and Mercy, Dec.2,1812.

Sarah Harding, d.Thomas and Lydia, Aug.末,1835.

Sophronia Phinney, d.Joseph and Hannah, July17,1834.

Susan Swift, d.Thomas and Lydia, Apr.27,1827.

Susannah, d.Joseph Jr. and Eunice, June4,1746.

Susanna, d.Joseph Jr. and Eunice, bp. July13,1746.CR1

Susanna, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Aug.27,1785.

Susanna, d.Thomas and Lydia, bp. Oct.11,1827.CR2

Thomas, s.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Aug.3,1790.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Lydia, Apr.10,1821.

Thomas, s.Thomas, bp. Jan.7,1824.CR2

Timothy, s.Joseph, bp. May12,1745.CR1

Timothy, s.Joseph and Deliverance, Mar.4,1749.

William, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, May6,1787.

William, s.Thomas and Lydia, Feb.14,1824.

William, s.Thomas and Lydia, bp. Oct.11,1827.CR2

CHILES (Child, Childes, Childs)

Dilly, d.Joseph, bp. Nov.23,1735.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph, bp. Mar.26,1738.CR1

Job, s.Joseph, of Barnstable, bp. Mar.31,1734.CR1

Richard, s.Joseph, bp. Oct.12,1740.CR1


John, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Apr.10,1733.

John, s.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. Nov.11,1733.CR1

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. Mar.30,1735.CR1

Stephen, s.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. Mar.13,1737.CR1

William, s.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. Nov.11,1733.CR1

CLARK (Clarke)

Charles Alexander, s.Alexander and Mary, July17 (July14.PR4), 1822, in Nantucket.

David Starbuck, s.Alexander and Mary, Nov.11,1827.

Elizabeth Hussey, twin d.Alexander and Mary, Nov.21,1820, in Nantucket.

Frederick William, s.Alexander and Mary, Aug.22,1826.PR4

George C., s.Alexander and Mary, Jan.31,1838.

Harriet Lewis, d.Alexander and Mary, Jan.17,1819, in Nantucket.

James H., s.Alexander and Mary, Apr.15,1830.

Lydia Chase, twin d.Alexander and Mary, Nov.21,1820, in Nantucket.

Phebe Ann, d.Alexander and Mary, Aug.1,1832.

Susan Jenkins, d.Alexander and Mary, May3,1824, in Chilmark.

CLARKE (Clark)

Susan E., d.Charles A. and Elizabeth, Oct.17,1845.


Zurial Tobey, s.Nathan and Silva, Aug.15,1793.


David, s.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Experience, d.widow, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Hannah, d.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Jane, d.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Meriah, d.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Mary, d.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Peter, s.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

Tamar, d.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1

William, s.widow Experience, bp. Oct.15,1780.CR1


Adaline C., d.Robert A. and Wealthea, Feb.25,1841.

Emily Frances, d.Robert A. and Wealthea, Mar.7,1839, in Tisbury.

Mary E., d.Robert A. and Wealthea, Aug.10,1845.


Eliza T., d.Seth and Diana P., Apr.4,1847.

Susan C.R., d.Seth and Diana P., July11,1849.


Deborah S., d.Nathaniel and Sarah J., Mar.9,1849.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Mehetable, of Nantucket, bp. June20,1742.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Thankful, Mar.31,1823.

Silvanus, s.Jonathan and Mehetabel, bp. July24,1757.CR1

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Mehetabel, bp. July10,1743.CR1


James Franklin, s.Thomas and Elizabeth E., May17,1746.


Ann Freeman, d.Clark and Betsey, Feb.23,1822.

Elizabeth Doane, d.Clark and Betsey, Feb.6,1827.

Sarah Hatch, d.Clark and Betsey, June2,1824.


Albert, s.Joseph and Martha, July3,1806.

Alexander, s.Alexander and Sarah, Jan.20,1830.

Alexander, s.Alexander, bp. July12,1835.CR2

Alfred, s.John and Susan B., Feb.23,1829.

Algermon Sidney, s.John and Susan, Mar.15,1819.PR6

Allen Swift, s.Alexander and Sarah, July19,1821.

Allen Swift, ss.Alexander, bp. July12,1835.CR2

Augusta, d.John and Susan B., Nov.4,1815.

Benjamin, s.Henry and Rhoda, Jan.15,1822.

Benjamin, s.Henry, bp. Oct.5,1824.CR2

Bethaney, d.Rev. Peter and Jane, Oct.25,1813.

Blossom, d.Henry, bp. Oct.5,1824.CR2

Calvin Fish, s.Theophilus and Dorothy, Oct.4,1827.

Calvin F., s.Ansel and Tabitha, Feb.14,1844.

Caraline (Caroline.PR5), d.Joseph and Martha, Aug.17,1798.

Catharine Amelia, d.John and Susan B., Jan.26,1823.

Celia, d.Henry and Rhoda, July9,1824.

Charles Smith, s.Timothy and Polly, June28,1794.

Charles, s.Timothy and Polly, Feb.13,1798.

Charles, s.Ansel and Deliverance, Aug.3,1821.

Charlotte J. (Sharlot. Vol III.TR), d.Ansel and Tabitha,末蔓末,1847.

Cordelia F., d.Allen and Olive, May29,1841.

David, s.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Mar.5,1780.CR1

Eliza T., d.Herman and Sophia, July9,1827.

Eliza Jane, d.Henry and Rhoda, Apr.4,1829.

Elisabeth Bourne, d.Joseph and Martha, Mar.3,1791, in Wethersfield, CT.PR5

Elisabeth Swazey (Elizabeth Swasey.PR6), d.John and Susan B., July31,1807.

Ephraim Phinney, s.Alexander and Sarah, May9,1819.

Ephraim, s.Alexander, bp. July12,1835.CR2

Eunice, d.Henry and Rhoda, Jan.13,1820.

Unic, d.Henry, bp. Oct.5,1824.CR2

Eunice, d.Allen and Olive, Nov.25,1839.

Francis Wicks (Frances Weeks.PR6), ch.John and Susan B., Feb.15,1809 (Feb.14.PR6)

Francis Lincoln, s.Joseph and Martha, Jan.15,1811 (Jan.14.PR5)

George Washington, s.Alexander and Sarah, June5,1817.

Hannah, d.Henry and Rhoda, Oct.4,1817.

Harriet, d.Ansel and Deliverance, July21,1827.

Harriet d.Allen and Olive, Mar.8,1838.

Henry Robinson, s.Henry and Rhoda, Mar.20,1827.

Henry Robinson, s.Henry, bp. Oct.11,1827.CR2

Henry Eldred, adopted s.Ansel and Deliverance, Aug.6,1828.

Hepsiteth, d.Allen and Olive, June16,1843.

James F., s.Herman and Sophia, June17,1830.

James A., s.Ephraim P. and Melinda, Apr.26,1849.

John, s.Timothy, bp. Oct.4,1772.CR1

John, s.John and Susan B., July4,1812.

John C., s.Herman and Sophia, July11,1840.

Joseph, s.末末, Sept.18,1761.PR5

Joseph, s.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Dec.29,1765.CR1

Joseph Dimuck (Dimick.PR5), s.Joseph and Martha, Mar.14,1792.

Joseph Dimuck, s.Joseph and Martha, July1,1802.

Joseph B., s.Silas J. and Cynthia,末蔓末,1843.

Julia (Julia Ann.PR5), d.Joseph and Martha, May28,1804.

Julia S. (Swasey.PR6), d.John and Susan B., Jan.18,1821.

Lucy, d.Timothy, bp. Feb.26,1775.CR1

Lucy C., d.Henry and Rhoda, Oct.28,1831.

Melory Ann, d.Ansel and Deliverance, Dec.25,1823.

Martha D., d.Joseph and Martha, June26,1800.

Martha J., d.Allen and Olive, Apr.29,1845.

Mary, d.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Dec.24,1765.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Martha, Sept.30,1788.

Mary, d.John and Susan B., May13,1817.PR6

Mary, d.Allen and Olive, Nov.11,1834.

Oliver, s.Timothy and Polly, Mar.12,1796.

Oliver, s.Allen and Olive, June20,1833.

Peter, s.Henry and Rhoda, Sept.22,1815.

Peter, s.Henry, bp. Oct.5,1824.CR2

Philander, s.Henry and Rhoda, Oct.13,1813.

Philander, s.Henry, bp. Oct.5,1824.CR2

Philip Phinney, s.Alexander and Sarah, July5,1827.

Rebecca Phinney, d.Alexander and Sarah, June17,1824.

Rebecca C., d.Allen and Olive, Aug.30,1831.

Rebeccah, d.Alexander, bp. July12,1835.CR2

Rhoda Hayden, d.Timothy and Polly, Mar.13,1809.

Robinson, s.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Dec.29,1765.CR1

Robinson, s.Joseph and Martha, July15,1786.

Rowland, s.Timothy, bp. Apr.15,1770.CR1

Rowland Robinson, s.John and Susan B., Oct.30,1826.

Sarah S. (Slocum.PR6), d.John and Susan B., May10,1814.

Sarah E., d.Herman and Sophia, Jan.9,1836.

Sarah H., d.Ephraim P. and Melinda B., Apr.11,1844.

Sidney, s.John and Susan B., May15,1839.

Silas W., s.Allen and Olive, Aug.11,1847.

Silvanus, s.Timothy and Polly, Aug.7,1805.

Sofia (Sophia.PR5), d.Joseph and Martha, Feb.23,1794.

Susan, d.John and Susan B., Oct.20,1810 (Oct.10.PR6).

Susanna, d.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Feb.21,1768.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Susanna, bp. Dec.29,1765.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Polly, Apr.23,1801.

William H., s.Allen and Olive, Apr.17,1830.

William H., s.Alexander and Sarah, May23,1833.

William Henry, s.Alexander, bp. July12,1835.CR2

William, s.Silas J. and Cynthia,末蔓末,1836.

William H., s.Ansel and Tabitha, Nov.9,1849.

Zacheus, s.Herman and Sophia, Feb.28,1833.

Zenas A., s.Silas J. and Cynthia,末蔓末,1839.

CROEL (Crowel, Crowell)

Achsah, d.David and Sarah, Apr.15,1761.

Benjamin, s.David and Sarah, Oct.19,1746.

Bethiah, d.David and Sarah, Mar.14,1755.

Dorcas, d.David and Sarah, Nov.7,1757.

Fear, d.John and Thankful, Sept.2,1761.

Joseph, s.David and Sarah, Jan.末,1744-45.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, Oct.4,1752.

Sele, twin d.David and Sarah, Apr.15,1761.


Andrew, s.Samuel P. and Mary D., July9,1822.

Caroline Louisa, d.Samuel P. and Mary D., Aug.23,1829.

Harriet P., d.Samuel P. and Mary D., Apr.30,1817.

Joseph P., s.Samuel P. and Mary D., Apr.14,1815.

Lydia Smith, d.Samuel P. and Mary D., Jan.8,1832.

Mary Palmer, d.Samuel P. and Mary D., Jan.1,1825.

Samuel P., s.Samuel P. and Mary D., Jan.7,1813.

Samuel Palmer, s.Samuel P. and Mary D., July23,1827.

Sarah, d.Samuel P. and Mary D., June14,1819.

Susan Thacher, d.Samuel P. and Mary D., Apr.29,1835.

CROWEL (Croel, Crowell)

Nabby, d.Stephen and Rebecca, Jan.14,1796.

Abigail, d.Warren and Caroline, Mar.4,1830.

Achsa, d.David and Sarah, bp. June14,1761.CR1

Achsah, d.Benjamin and Sylvia, Oct.13,1813.

Admah, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1777.

Alden, s.Stephen and Hannah, bp. June28,1772.CR1

Allen, s.Stephen and Rebecca, Nov.16,1799.

Alven, s.Benjamin and Olive, Aug.30,1778.

Alvan, s.Benjamin and Sylvia, Sept.10,1825.

Apphia, d.Stephen and Rebecca, Nov.16,1804.

Barnabas, s.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Bathsheba, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Benjamin, s.David and Sarah, bp. Nov.23,1746.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Olive, Sept.20,1788.

Bethiah, d.John and Thankfull, Mar.24,1747-48.

Caroline, d.Barnaba and Mary, June1,1806.

Charles, s.Stephen and Rebecca, Jan.16,1798.

Chloe, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.24,1785.

Chloe Swift, d.Benjamin and Sylvia, Nov.1,1818.

David, s.David and Sarah, bp. Mar.4,1750.CR1

David, s.Stephen and Hannah, Dec.17,1772.

Deborah, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Debro, s.Stephen and Hannah, Nov.29,1749.

Dorcas, d.David and Sarah, bp. Feb.12,1758.CR1

Betty, d.David and Sarah, bp. May11,1755.CR1

Ezra Freeman, s.Benjamin and Sylvia, Dec.26,1820.

Felix, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, May19,1780.

Frances H., d.Benjamin and Sylvia, Nov.6,1828.

Hannah, w.Stephen, bp. June13,1762.CR1

Hannah, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Hannah, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Hannah, d.Stephen and Rebecca, Apr.26,1794.

Harrit, d.Joshua and Barsha, Dec.20,1799.

Jason, twin s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1775.

Jesse, twin s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1775.

Joseph, s.David and Sarah, bp. Jan.20,1745.CR1

Joseph, s.Joshua and Mary, Oct.9,1770.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Joshua, s.Stephen and Hannah, bp. May17,1767.CR1

Joshua, s.Joshua and Barsha, Nov.2,1798.

Lot, s.John and Thankfull, July31,1746.

Luca, d.Joshua and Barsha, Nov.2,1798.

Martha, d.Stephen and Hannah, May9,1751.

Martha, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Patty, d.Benjamin and Sylvia, Jan.20,1823.

Martha, d.Warren and Caroline, Dec.18,1827.

Mary, w.Joshua, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR1

Mary, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Molly, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July3,1763.CR1

Polly, s.Barnaba and Mary, Apr.17,1795.

Mary Eldred, d.Warren and Caroline, Sept.18,1832.

Mary Eldred, d.末末, bp. Aug.2,1835.CR3

Nancy, d.Seth and Sarah, Aug.30,1802, in Dennis.

Nathanael, s.Joshua and Mary, Sept.4,1765.

Olive Eldred, d.Benjamin and Sylvia,末蔓末, 末末.

Paul, s.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Phebe, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July21,1765.CR1

Phebe, d.Stephen and Rebecca, Oct.15,1792.

Rebecca H., s.Warren and Caroline, Dec.25,1836.

Salvina, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, bp. Nov.12,1752.CR1

Sarah, d.Seth and Sarah, May29,1809, in Dennis.

Seth Jr., s.Seth and Sarah, Sept.15,1820, in Dennis.

Shela, d.David and Sarah, bp. June14,1761.CR1

Shiverick, s.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Shivrick, s.Joshua and Mary, Mar.24,1762.

Solomon, s.John and Thankful, bp. Aug.28,1763.CR1

Stephen, s.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

Susanna, d.David and Sarah, Feb.28,1763.PR12

Susanna, d.David and Sarah, bp. May1,1763.CR1

Thankful, w.John, bp. Oct.10,1762.CR1

Thomas, s.Joshua and Mary, bp. Oct.24,1762.CR1

Warren, s.Stephen and Rebecca, Sept.28,1802.

Silva, d.Stephen and Hannah, bp. July4,1762.CR1

CROWELL (Croel, Crowel)

Achsah, twin d.David and Sarah, Apr.15,1761.

Albert Fearing, s.Joshua and Drusilla, Apr.15,1835.

Albert Fearing, s.末末, bp. June17,1838.CR3

Allen H., s.Allen H. and Abigail T., Jan.9,1844.

Allen, s.末末, bp. June30,1844.CR3

Barney Marchant, s.Charles and Emma Ann, Oct.14,1836.

Barschaba, d.Joshua and Mary, May28,1747.

Benjamin, s.David and Sarah, Oct.19,1746.

Bethia, d.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Celia, twin d.David and Sarah, Apr.15,1761.PR10

Celia, d.William and Mercy, Aug.22,1806.

Cynthia, d.William and Mercy, Jan.15,1816.

David, s.Joseph and Barshebe, Nov.27,1720.

David, s.David and Sarah, Nov.28,1749.

Dorcas, d.David and Sarah, Nov.9,1757.

Edward Payson, s.Allen H. and Abigail, July19,1834.

Edward Payson, s.末末, bp. May10,1835.CR3

Edward J., s.Seth Jr. and Ruth, Dec.3,1844.

Eliza An, d.William and Mercy, Oct.15,1804.

Elizabeth, d.David and Sarah, Mar.14,1755.

Elisabeth, d.Lot and Chloe, Dec.1,1790.

Elizabeth N., d.Allen H. and Abigail, Jan.11,1839.

Elizabeth N., d.末末, bp. May19,1839.CR3

Fear, d.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Fear, d.Lot and Chloe, Apr.16,1785.

Freeman, s.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Freeman, s.Lot and Chloe, July8,1780.

Hanah, d.Joshua and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

Hannah, d.Allen H. and Abigail, Jan.3,1842.

Hannah, d.末末, bp. July10,1842.CR3

Henry, s.William and Mercy, Feb.1,1809.

Henry O., s.Seth Jr. and Ruth,末蔓末,1846.

John, s.Joseph and Barshebe, 末蔓20, 末末.

John, s.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Jonathan, s.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Barshebe, Aug.20,1713.

Joseph, s.David and Sarah, Jan.19,1745.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Mary, Apr.8,1749.

Lot, s.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Lucy, d.Stephen and Hannah, Apr.30,1769.CR1

Martha B., d.末末, bp. Aug.2,1835.CR3

Mary, d.Joshua and Mary, June10,1759.

Mehetabel, d.John and Thankful, bp. Oct.31,1762.CR1

Mehitabel, d.Lot and Chloe, June15,1788.

Oliver B., s.末末, bp. June17,1838.CR3

Paul, s.Joshua and Mary, May20,1751.

Reuben Swift, s.Admah and Mercy, Apr.29,1808.

Reuben, s.Allen H. and Abigail, Sept.14,1836.

Saloma, d.Joshua and Mary, Apr.17,1758.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, Oct.4,1752.

Solomon, s.Lot and Chloe, Feb.28,1773.

Stephen, s.Joseph and Barshebe, June6,1716.

Stephen, s.Allen H. and Abigail, Mar.20,1831.

Susanna, d.David and Sarah, Feb.28,1763.

Temperance, d.Lot and Chloe, Sept.22,1782.

Thankful, d.Lot and Chloe, Dec.10,1775.

Thomas, s.Joshua and Mary, June1,1757.

William, s.Joshua and Drusilla, Nov.1,1832.

William, s.末末, bp. Nov.29,1835.CR3


Harriet Frances, s.Hosea O. and Hannah L., Aug.18,1833.


Daniel, s.Daniel and Johannah, Feb.15,1716.

David, s.Daniel and Johannah, Apr.7,1709.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Johannah, June3,1711.

Hosner, d.Daniel and Johannah, Feb.21,1715.

Johanna, d.Daniel and Johannah, Oct.1,1714.

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