Ascenath, w.Luther, June5,1841, a.50y.

Daniel, Capt., h.Mercy, June10,1838, at sea, a.35y.6m.Buried at sea.GR9

Hannah S., d.Luther and Asenouth, Feb.28,1835, a.20y.6m.22d.GR3

HAMBLEN (Hamblin, Hamlin)

Content, wid.William, Sept.19,1848, a.55y.

Eunice F. (Hamblin.GR8), d.Benjamin and Betsey, Oct.11,1847, a.4y.4m.27d.

Reuben, h.Sarah, Apr.27,1829.

Samuel P. (Hamblin.GR8), s.Benjamin and Betsey, Oct.11,1847, a.3m.3d.

William, h.Content, June1,1827, a.47y.

William, s.Hiram and Louisa, Sept.16,1848, a.1y.4m.17d.

HAMBLIN (Hamblen, Hamlin)

Adelbert O., s.Hiram and Louisa,末蔓末,1848, a.1y.GR6

Dorothy, wid., July6,1818.

Nathan, Oct.28,1815.

Parker F., s.Reuben and Lydia,末蔓末,1829, a.20y.GR2

Susan N.A., d.Sylvanus and Louisa, Oct.8,1847, a.1y.9m.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Martha, Dec.末,1800, a.25y.6m.

Benjamin, h.Martha, July末,1808.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Martha, Oct.19,1788, a.17y.

Johnson, s.Benjamin and Martha, Oct.4,1778, a.5y.

Martha (Hamton.GR3), wid.Benjamin, Dec.14,1845, a.108y.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Martha, Mar.15,1782, a.13y.

HAMLIN (Hamblen, Hamelin)

末末, ch.Silvanus, Oct.21,1807.

Chloe R., d.Jonathan and Salome d., May22,1843, a.10m.

Holton, s.Seth and Hannah,末蔓末,1820, a.16y.GR1

Lydia, wid.Reuben, Oct.21,1849, a.65y.

Rebecca G. (Hamblin.GR2), d.Simeon F. and Eliza A., Sept.15,1842, a.1y.10m.

Reuben, h.Lydia, and s.Lemuel and Dorothy, Nov.29,1821, a.40y.GR2

Reuben Fish, s.Reuben and Lydia,末蔓末,1829, a.21y.GR2

Simeon, h.Nancy and s.Seth and Hannah, Apr.15,1839, a.42y.4m.

Sylvanus, Mrs., Jan.19,1840.

HAMMOND (Hamond)

Barnabas, s.John and Mary, Sept.13,1811, a.65y.GR2

Elizabeth, w.Nathaniel, May末,1841, a.52y.GR8

Isaiah, Capt., s.John and Rebecca, Sept.17,1798, a.17y.(Sept.20, a.18y.GR1)

Joanna, w.Barnabas, Apr.13,1792, a.38y.4m.GR2


Lucy, d.John and Rebecca, Feb.26,1848, a.72y.9m.12d.(Feb.28.GR1)

Lydia, d.John and Rebecca, May23,1792, a.22y.7d.(末 末,1791, a.21y.GR1)

Mary, d.John and Marah, Nov.13,1736, a.1y.9d.

Thankful, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末, 末末.

HAMOND (Hammond)

John, h.Mary and s.Samuel and Mary,末蔓末,1775, a.74y.GR1

Lidd, s.John 殿t my left hand,末蔓末, 末末. (b. 1731)

Lydia, Mar.16,1834.

Mary, w.John 殿t my right hand,箱末蔓末, 末末.

HANDAH (Handy)

Silas, s.Joseph and Loes, Nov.20,1754, a.13m.

HANDY (Handah)

末末, ch.Elnathan Jr., Sept.1,1797, a.22m.

末末, d.Elnathan, Oct.6,1798.

末末, s.Lemuel and Hannah, Dec.25,1844, a.8d.

Dinah, wid.Samuel, Dec.20,1798, a.72y.

Elnathan, Oct.15,1801, 殿ged upwards of 60 yrs.

Hannah, Sept.15,1809.

Martha, wid.Elnathan, Feb.9,1809, a.77y.


Samuel, Sept.12,1819, a.83y.5m.(Sept.6.GR3)

Sarah, w.Samuel, Feb.15,1813, a.77y.15d.GR3


Dinah, Sept.3,1810.


末末, s.Jonathan, Aug.29,1681, a.14d.

末末, d.Benjamin, Apr.8,1682.

末末, d.Thomas, Dec.16,1682.

末末, ch.Thomas, Jan.10,1683.

末末, ch.Benjamin, Jan.11,1683, a.17d.

末末, s.Moses, Oct.23,1688, a.17d.

末末, ch.Noah, Nov.14,1799, a.32 hours.

末末, ch.Isaiah and Lucy, May12,1805, a.1d.

Abbot Lawrence, s.Isaac H. and Susan, Sept.13,1845, a.1y.11m.20d.GR3

Abia, d.Moses, 末蔓13,1686.

Abigail, wid.Silvanus, Aug.27,1800, a.72y.GR1

Abigail, w.Capt. Consider, Mar.27,1827, a.55y.(Mar.26.GR1)

Abigail, w.Barnabas, June5,1835, a.79y.GR2

Allice Swain, d.Isaac H. and Susan, Oct.30,1842, a.8m.GR3

Allen, h.Hannah, Mar.20,1849, a.78y.GR1

Amey, w.Joseph, Feb.24,1709-10, a.46y.GR1

Anna, w.Major, Apr.7,1813, a.44y.6m.GR1

Anner, d.Barnabas and Abigale, Oct.16,1822, a.38y.(Oct.9.GR2)

Anna, w.Jonathan, Jan.7,1828, a.81y.8m.(1829.GR3.PR20)

Barnabas, s.Barnabas and Abigail, Dec.25,1794, a.5y.GR1

Barnabas, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept.5,1807, a.57y.(a.56y.GR2)

Bethiah, w.Ichabod, Jan.16,1832, a.75y.8m.6d.GR1

Charles P., s.Rosel and Elizabeth, Jan.30,1828, a.22y.GR1

Charles T., s.Allen and Hannah, Aug.18,1833, at sea, a.18y.8m.GR1

Chloe, d.Silas and Mary, Jan.16,1772, a.11y.GR1

Chloe, d.Silas and Susanna, Nov.12,179, a.14y.

Clarissa H., d.Capt. David Jr. and Nancy, Oct.9,1805, a.6y.3d.(6y.9d.GR1)

David Jr., Oct.13,1817.

David, Mar.31,1827.

Deborah T., w.Shubol Jr., Jan.25,1838, a.83y.GR1

Ebenezer 2nd, s.Joseph and Amey, May7,1783, a.81y.GR3

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Bethiah, Oct.8,1796, a.88y.GR3 (86y.PR20)

Ebenezer, h.Mary and s.Jonathan, May13,1847, a.72y.PR21

Edward, s.Edward and Rebecca, Dec.29,1822, a.80y.GR1

Eleazer, s.Ebenezer and Marcy, July24,1809, suicide, a.69y.6m.GR3

Elizabeth m., d.George W.L. and Harriet m., Jan.10,1818, a.6m.12d.

Betsey, w.Ebenezer, Apr.7,1837, a.48y.GR3

Elizabeth, Mar.17,1842, a.69y.(a.68y.GR1)

Elizabeth Ann, d.Ezra G., Jan.25,1848, a.21y.

Ethal Lake, d.Allen and Hannah, Oct.10,1809, a.20m.

Eunice, d.Joseph and Marcy, Nov.23,1808, a.21y.(Nov.24.GR1)

Foster, s.Shubol and Deborah, Apr.3,1826, a.34y.GR1

Hannah, w.Capt. Moses, May13,1739.

Hannah, d.Ebenezer 2nd and Sarah, Nov.10,1776, a.18y.GR1

Hannah C., Miss, d.Noah and Mary, Jan.4,1832, a.30y.GR3

Hervey, s.Shubol and Deborah, June23,1812, a.22y.9d.GR1

Hervey, s.Silas and Sophia, June14,1815, a.1y.8m.GR7

Hephsibih, d.Moses Jr. and Mary, Aug.12,1738, a.6m.

Ichabod, s.Ebenezer Jr. and Sarah, July30,1816, a.62y.(July31.GR1)

Jabah, s.Paul and Temperance, July末,1766, a.3y.GR1

Jehiel, s.Nathan and Mary, Sept.24,1733.

Jesse, s.Barnabas and Abigail, Sept.5,1825, a.33y.GR2

Joanna, Aug.26,1799.

Joanna, w.Robert, Mar.27,1800, a.83y.(1799.GR2)

Job, h.Achsah, Jan.29,1828.

Jonathan, h.Anna, July28,1796, a.54y.GR3 (a.55y.PR20)

Joseph, Feb.16,1735-6, a.83y.GR1

Joseph, Capt., s.Joseph and Amey, Apr.27,1750, a.61y.GR1

Joseph Jr., h.Katharina, May2,1775.

Joseph 3rd, h.Marcy, June3,1834, a.84y.GR1

Julia m., d.Heman T. and Lucy A., Jan.19,1812, a.1y.4m.(Jan.20, a.10m.GR1)

Love, d.Shubael and Thankful, Jan.25,1792, a.6m.GR2

Lucinda Price, d.Consider and Abigail, July31,1832, a.35y.

Lucy Parker, twin d.Silas and Susanna, July10,1798, a.13m.

Lucy A., w.Heman T., May30,1849, in Lynn, a.37.GR1

Luther Allen, s.Jonathan and Lucy P., Aug.20,1836, a.9m.

Lydia, Dec.1,16末.

Lydia, Jan.16,1806, a.38y.4m.

Major, h.Anna and s.Solomon and Sarah, Nov.5,1845, a.76y.3m.1d.GR1

Malatiah, July19,1814.

Maria Nye, d.Silas and Sophia, Sept.20,1819, a.2m.(Sept.10.GR7)

Mary, w.Moses Jr., Mar.2,1739, a.37y.

Mary, Oct.20,1797, a.80y.

Polly, w.Capt. Noah, Oct.1,1813, a.39y.GR3

Mary P., w.Nathaniel, July1,1842, a.23y.31d.GR3

Mayhew, s.Silas and Susanna, Aug.14,1802, a.12y.

Mehitable, Dec.30,1802, a.97y.

Mehitable, w.Mayhew, May27,1815, a.20y.23d.GR4

Marcy, w.Benjamin, Mar.6,1682.

Mercy, w.Job, June25,1802.

Mercy, wid.Ebenezer, Dec.13,1809, a.92y.9m.

Mercy, wid.Joseph 3rd, Mar.3,1838, a.78y.GR1

Moses, s.Moses Jr. and Jean, May20,1747, a.82y.(擢irst Deacon of the Church in Falmouth..GR1)

Moses, s.Moses Jr. and Mary, Jan.1,1797, a.65y.

Moses 3rd, h.Lydia, Jan.末,1832.

Moses, widr., h.Ruth, Dec.2,1844, a.92y.GR1

Nancy, July8,1833.

Nancy A., d.Eliphales and Eunice, Nov.10,1847, a.34y.4m.

Nathaniel Jr., s.Nathaniel and Olive, Jan.19,1807, a.22y.9m.

Nathaniel, May29,1821.

Nymphas, s.Consider and Nabby (Abigail), May12,1796, a.4y.

Obed, Oct.4,1801.

Olive, Jan.12,1812.

Oliver, Mar.末,1816.

Oliver, s.Ward and Anna, drowned, Feb.3,1819, a.14y.

Perez, s.Ichabod and Bethiah, Sept.末,1798, in Philadelphia, a.17y.GR1

Peter, s.Thomas and Abigail, June28,1797, a.97y.

Prince, s.Robert and Joanna, Nov.2,1836, a.86y.GR2

Rachel, w.Moses Jr., Aug.28,1844, a.82y.8m.18d.(Aug.16.GR3)

Rebach, w.Edward, Sept.23,1733.

Reuben, Aug.末,1809.

Ruel, s.Joseph 3rd and Marcy 2nd, Sept.9,1821, in Louisiana, a.25y.

Roswell, (Rosel.GR1), s.Edward and Thankful, widr., Apr.23,1844, a.71y.

Ruth, wid.Obed, Aug.7,1808, a 70y.


Ruth, w.Moses, Feb.14,1830, a.76y.GR1

Sabra, (Sabia.GR1), d.Joseph 3rd and Marcy 2nd, Oct.14,1832, a.51y.

Salvinah, w.Silvanus, Dec.8,1776, a.29y.GR1

Samuel, s.Edward and Abia, Oct.1,1803, a.63y.

Samuel Davis, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, Aug.14,1821, a.8y.

Sarah, w.Solomon, Sept.11,1777, a.41y.GR1

Sarah, wid.Ebenezer, Nov.25,1799, a.82y.(Nov.28.GR1)

Sarah, Jan.22,1832.

Sarah T., Dec.14,1836.

Sally, d.Moses Jr. and Ruth, June末,1839, a.44y.

Sarah, d.Moses and Ruth, June1,1839, a.43y.GR1

Sarah H., d.Vinal N. and Martha E., Feb.15,1840, a.2m.GR3

Sarah F., d.Heman T. and Lucy, Aug.27,1843, a.13m.GR1

Serena, d.Ward and Anna, July2,1802, a.3y.6m.10d.GR1

Seth H., Dec.15,1822.

Shubael, June1,1824.

Shubael Jr., h.Deborah, Aug.9,1838, a.81y.GR1

Silas, Oct.4,1781, a.73y.GR1

Silas, s.Silas and Susanna, Nov.13,1798, a.17y.

Solomon, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.14,1807, a.72y.GR1

Sophia Gifford, d.Silas and Sophia, Sept.20,1822, a.6m.

Sophronia, w.Jesse, Nov.25,1827, a.22y.2m.GR1

Stephen Fessenden, s.Capt. John Jr. and Sarah, May12,1808, a.7w.GR1

Susannah, Dec.28,1837.

Silvenus, s.Moses Jr. and Mary, Jan.17,1764, a.39y.GR1

Tabitha, wid.David, Sept.21,1841, a.76y.GR3

Temperance, d.Paul and Temperance, June22,1761, a.6y.GR1

Temperance, Dec.15,1811.

Thankful, d.Ward and Anna, Mar.17,1815, a.1y.5m.13d.GR1

Thankful L., Mar.11,1816.

Thankful, June27,1830.

Thomas Weeks, s.David Jr. and Nancy, drowned, May16,1811, a.8y.9m.

Thomas B., s.John Jr. and Sarah, July19,1848, a.29y.GR1

Wilkinson, s.Isaac and Rhoda, July19,1810, a.14m.

Willard, s.Silas and Susanna, Aug.17,1802, at sea, a.12y.GR1

William, s.Mayhew and Mehitable, July30,1814, a.10d.GR4

William, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.28,1839, a.9m.28d.GR3

William G., s.Silas and Sophia, June29,1846, a.30y.1m.21d.

William, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, June末,1847, a.36y.2m.24d.


Mehitable, Sept.9,1818.


Sanford, s.Sanford and Temperance, Sept.17,1838, a.6m.

Temperance S., w.Sanford, July16,1842, a.34y.GR


末末, ch.Elijah, Oct.4,1804, a.13m.

末末, ch.James, Oct.5,1804, a.12 hrs.

Abigail, wid.Barnabas, Nov.6,1815, a.89y.10m.3d.(1825.GR1)

Anna, wid.James, July13,1812, a.38y.(a.36y.GR1)

Ann F., d.James and Rebekah, Sept.11,1833, a.7m.GR7

Barnabas, Capt., h.Abigail, Apr.21,1814, a.81y.GR1

Hannah, d.Barnabas and Abigail, Nov.22,1767, a.3y.5m.GR1

James, s.John and Thankful, May12,1747, a.42y.GR1

James, h.Anna, May7,1812, a.45y.GR1

Molly, Aug.10,1821.

Rebekah, w.James, July28,1834, a.23y.GR7

Timothy B., s.Thomas and Lucretia, June10,1846, a.6m.GR2


Mary S., Oct.19,1830, a.26y.3m.17d.GR8


Martha V.C., d.Rev. Henry B. and Martha, Mar.6,1838, a.2y.2m.


Aurelia, w.William, Feb.19,1827, a.52y.GR7

William, h.Aurelia, Nov.30,1824, a.52y.GR7


William H., s.William H. and Eliza, Apr.24,1842, a.8m.GR1


Mary Adelia, d.Rev. S.S., Oct.12,1848, a.1m.GR3

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