Joseph Jr., s.Joseph and Annis, (colored), May3,1814, a.1y.

Joseph, s.Annis, Jan.28,1846, a.67y.


Joseph, s.Newel and Celia N.,末蔓末,1846, a.8y.GR10

Joseph Newell, s.Newel and Celia N., Oct.10,1848, a.2m.

Robert W., s.Newel and Celia N.,末蔓末,1848, a.1y.GR10


末末, s.Joseph and Sophronia, Sept.22,1848, a.5m.11d.

Heman E., s.Joseph and Mary A., Sept.30,1848, a.2y.9m.GR3


Abia, an Indian woman, more that 90 years of age, Jan.29,1805.


末末, ch.John, Dec.16,1683, a.4d.

末末, ch.(Joseph?) Joseph and Olive, May12,1808, a.5w.

末末, ch.William G. and Lucy,末蔓末,1821.GR2

末oatha, Apr.29,1836, a.51y.5m.GR5

Abigail, d.Joseph and Bethiah, June12,1739, a.25y.(Jan.11,1. 24y.GR1)

Abigail, w.Paul, Apr.9,1805, a.20y.5m.2d.(Apr.7.GR2)

Anna S.,末蔓末,1848.GR8

Ann H., d.Zephania and Hannah, Feb.10,1840, a.37y.11m.GR1

Barnabas, s.Capt. Walla and Susanna, Oct.19,1801, a.9m.13d.GR3

Bartlett, h.Lydia and s.Ezekiel and Hannah, July15,1847, a.82y.1m.GR3

Bethiah, w.Joseph, Feb.25,1739-40, a.59y.GR1

Braddock, s.Seth and Esther, Nov.末,1815, a.21y.PR30

Calvin, h.Eunice, at sea, Jan.4,1825, a.30y.6m.(Jan.18.GR1)

Caroline Frances, d.John and Lucy, Nov.12,1827, a.1y.5m.5d.GR3

Charles, s.Capt. Walla and Susanna, Dec.31,1812, a.3m.GR3

Charles, Jan.9,1834.GR3

Daniel, s.John and Rebeckah, Feb.1,1735-6, a.3m.15d.

Davis, h.Mercy and s.Zephaniah and Hannah, at sea, June4,1825, a.37y.5m.GR1

Effie (Ellis birth record), s.Cornelius and Fear, July15,1804, a.5m.

Elisha, June21,1831, a.68y.GR1

Esther, w.Isaac Jr., Aug.13,1742, a.33y.GR1

Ezekiel, s.John and Rebeckah, Apr.27,1805, a.76y.GR3

Ezekiel, s.Seth and Esther, Mar.26,1835, a.39y.2m.PR30

Fear, wid., Apr.4,1847, a.64y.

Hannah, w.Capt. Joseph, Sept.25,1776, a.68y.GR1

Hannah, w.Ezekiel, Nov.19,1801, a.77y.GR3

Hannah, d.Zephaniah and Hannah, Feb.13,1810, a.7y.GR1

Hannah, w.Charles, June5,1832, a.57y.GR3

Hannah, w.Zephaniah,末蔓末,1837, a.69y.GR1

Hannah Davis, d.Calvin and Eunice, Aug.19,1841, a.17y.GR1

Henry, s.Walley and Susanna, Dec.16,1843, a.45y.4m.

Henry G., s.Cornelius and Sarah, July8,1847, a.1y.7m.5d.

Isaac Jr., Oct.6,1668.

Isaac, h.Thankful, Dec.26,1847, a.60y.2m.23d.GR1

Jabez, s.Joseph and Bethiah, Jan.7,1739-40, a.29y.(a.28y.GR1)

James, h.Lydia, Oct.21,1830, a.66y.5m.GR1

James, twin s.Rowland and Elizabeth, Sept.13,1833, a.5m.GR5

Joseph, Sept.16,1736, a.58y.(a.57y.GR1)

Joseph, Capt., s.Joseph and Bethiah, Dec.26,1783, a.73y.GR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Olive, May12,1808, a.4w.GR3

Lucy, w.William C., July22,1840.GR2

Lydia, w.James, Jan.6,1798, a.33y.(Jan.4.GR1)

Mahala, w.Nathaniel P., Sept.6,1849, a.39y.9m.7d.

Marietta, d.Elijah and Mariah, June7,1841, a.19y.3m.

Mary, w.Zenas, June23,1812, a.67y.GR3

Mary A., d.Nathaniel P. and Mahala, Sept.21,1849, a.5m.

Mehetable, d.John and Rebeckah, Jan.7,1738-9, a.1y.7m.2d.

Marcy, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Mar.5,1739-40 (Mercy, Mar.4, a.23y.GR1)

Mercy, w.Davis, Nov.9,1815, a.28y.6m.GR1

Paul, s.Thomas and Mary, Sept.7,1736, a.5y.4m.26d.

Paul, s.Thomas and Mary, June末,1817, a.80y.From memoir written in 1841 by Samuel Robinson of Nantucket, son of Paul Robinson:溺ay father died on Nonamessett Island and we carried his body across to Woods Hole where he was burie d.

Rowland, s.Joseph and Bethiah, Dec.9,1767, a.66y.GR1

Sarah, Miss, d.Zephaniah and Hannah, May1,1835, a.45y.GR1

Seth, h.Esther, Mar.23,1806, a.66y.PR30.GR3

Susan, d.Davis and Susan, Sept.24,1825, a.2m.GR1

Susanna, wid.Walley (Walla.GR3), Sept.13,1848, a.77y.GR3

Temperance, Apr.9,1835, a.74y.GR1

Thacher, s.Isaac Jr. and Thankful, drowned Nov.21,1842, in Georgia, a.30y.GR1

Thankful, wid.Rowland, Apr.25,1775, a.73y.GR1

Thomas F., s.Seth and Esther, Nov.末,1828, a.30y.PR30

Walla, Apr.11,1824, a.56y.6m.25d.GR3

Walley, s.Walley and Susanna, Oct.12,1805, a.16m.9d.(Walla, Oct.19.GR1)

Willard, s.Zephaniah and Hannah, Aug.28,1820, a.27y.GR1

Willard T., s.Isaac and Thankful, Nov.2,1841, a.21y.3m.15d.GR1

William Freeman, s.Isaiah F. and Mary C., July7,1838, a.13m.17d.GR3

Zenas, June19,1805, a.66y (64y.GR3)

Zenas, June23,1812, a.30y.

Zephaniah, s.Cornelius and Fear,末蔓末,1824, a.31y.

Zephaniah,末蔓末,1827, a.74y.GR1

ROWLE (Rowley)

Davis, s.Aron and Sarah, Dec.31,1736, a.7y.1m.

ROWLEY (Rowle)

Christian, Mar.15,1808, a.92y.

Dorcas, w.Aaron, Apr.11,1791, a.86y.GR1

Em, d.Moses Jr. Nov.15, 末末.

Justice, s.Aron and Sarah, Feb.2,1794, a.74y.GR1

Matthew, s.Nathan and Mary, May31,1801, a.80y.

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