FARIS (Farris)

Ruben, of Yarmouth, and Deborah Handy, int.Oct.26,1817.


James P., of Boston, and Chloe S. Calott, June4,1840.


Morris (Ferronton, int.) and Sarah Davis, Oct.21,1794.*

FARRIS (Faris)

Thomas, of Yarmouth, and Asenath Lawrence, int.Aug.6,1796.


Elisha P., Dr., and Mary Ann Lincoln, May31,1818.*

Salome, of Wareham, and Nathaniel Shiverick Jr., int.July7,1811.


Deborah, of Sandwich, and William Eldred, int.Nov.6,1802.

Samuel Jr., of Sandwich, and Hannah Davis, int.Oct.2,1802.

Sarah, of Sandwich, and John Hatch Jr., int.Aug.12,1804.

FINNEY (Pheneney, Pheney, Phinay, Phiney, Phinney)

Benajmin and Susanna Morse, Jan.15,1769.

Nathaniel and Abigail Hatch, Dec.18,1757.*

William (Phiney, int.) and Lucy Hatch, Jan.10,1765.*

FISH (Fisher)

Abigail, of Sandwich, and Alpheus Childs, int.May10,1800.

Nabby and Joseph Landers, Dec.30,1802.*

Abner C. and Amanda H. Swift, May6,1841.

Abraham and Silva Goodspeed, of Barnstable, int.Nov.14,1795.

Ellis H., of Sandwich, and Hannah B. Nye, Apr.10,1823.

Ansel W. and Mary S. Lumbert, Dec.24,1846.

Asa (Asaph, int.), of Sandwich, and Susanah (Susannah, int.) Fish, Apr.3,1786.

Asenath (also Fisher) and Ezra Landers, of Barnstable, Dec.31,1845.

Benjamin and Ziporah (Zipriah, int.) Chadwick, Nov.27,1788.*

Bethial and I.H. Holway, marriage registered Feb.19,1845.I.N. Holiway and Bethiah Fish.Registered June11,1844. NEHGS 1841-1910 database.

Calvin and Tersey Doty, of Sandwich, int.Oct.13,1816.

Caroline and Russsell Crocker, of Barnstable, Sept.7,1826.

Celia and Foster Hatch, Nov.19,1817.*

Chloe, of Sandwich, and Samuel Fish Jr., Mar.26,1795.*

Chloe and Barnabas Childs, Feb.末,1811.*

Content, of Sandwich, and Caleb Hamblen (Hamblin, int.), Oct.29,1747.*

Content and Prince Phiney, int.Jan.13,1776.

Content, of Sandwich, and William Hamlen, int.Sept.30,1803.

Cornelius and Mary Fish, of Sandwich, Nov.14,1765.*

Syntha (Cynthia, int.and.PR12) and David Lewis, July23,1812.* (July10.PR12).

Cintha (Cinthia, int.) and Jabez Baker, Aug.末,1814.*

David and Sylvia Hatch, June9,1796.*

Davis and Darcus Swift, int.Nov.10,1816.

Dorcas and Silvenius Hamblin, of Barnstable, Apr.24,1740.

Dorcas and Robinson Hatch, Sept.24,1821.

Dorothy (Fisher, int.) and Theophilus Crocker, of Sandwich, Nov.20,1816.*

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Handy (Handah, int.), of Barnstable, June17,1759.*

Ebenezer and Ruth Goodspeed, of Barnstable, int.Aug.7,1802.

Edward and Hannah Childs, Dec.30,1802.*

Eliza and Ezra Jones, of Sandwich, Oct.20,1823.

Elizabeth and Benjamin Handy, May14,1731.

Betsy (Betsey, int.) and Isaiah Lewis, Dec.26,1816.*

Elizabeth B. and Knowles Butler, July5,1818.*

Betsey L. and David L. Sanford, Apr.30,1840.

Ephraim, of Sandwich, and Bethiah Dimuck (Dimmuck, int.), Oct.10,1799.*

Eunice H. and Henry E. McCollum, Aug.21,1844.

Fanny and Prince Nye, int.Feb.25,1816.

Fear and John Coin, Apr.17,1766.

Fear and Lot Dimuck, int.Oct.16,1766.

Fear, of Sandwich, and Nathaniel Hamlin, Dec.25,1797.*

Francis and Polly Lawrance (Mary Lawrence, int.), Dec.30,1813.*

Freeman and Sarah Harder, Oct.10,1779.

Freeman and Zerviah Fish, int.Apr.1,1786.

Hannah and Thomas Fish, Aug.8,1751.*

Hannah B. and Cornelius Crocker, of Barnstable, Oct.20,1829.

Harriet T. and Rowland T. Jones, of Sandwich, Jan.29,1843.

Henry, of Sandwich, and Olive Hinckley, Sept.14,1826.

Henry L. and Love D. Shiverick, Aug.10,1837.

Henry and Olive Butler, July23,1843.

Isaac R. and Rhoda R. Fish, Jan.12,1841.

Isaiah (Fisher, int.) and Ruth Landers, Feb.16,1814.*

James and Abigail Hatch, int.May26,1798.

James Jr. and Susanna Robinson, Aug.3,1804.*

James, of Sandwich, and Thankful Turner, Jan.1,1807.*

James and Mary C. Lawrence, Oct.24,1842.

Jehial and Amelia Hinckley, Mar.10,1829.

John, of Sandwich, and Seabury (Sabre, int.) Chadwick, Dec.8,1763.*

John, of Sandwich, and Anna Hawes, May22,1791.

John and Bethiah (Bethia, int.) Chadwick, Nov.19,1797.*

John, of Sandwich, and Ana Hawes, int.May3,1800.

Jonathan, of Sandwich, and Polly (Polley, int.) Davis, Dec.20,1789.*

Joseph C. and Albinia Daggett, Aug.15,1838.

Lemuel and Mrs.Martha Colmon, of Barnstable, int.Jan.26,1750.

Lemuel and Lettos (Lettez, int.) Eldred, May4,1780.*

Lot and Elizabeth Grew, July15,1773.*

Lewis and Robert Coffin, int.May29,1797.

Louden (Lowden, int.) and Jane Cothren (Cochren, int.), Nov.17,1793.*

Lucy and Elijah Hinckley Jr., Oct.15,1842.

Lydia, Mrs., and Thomas Fish Jr., of Edgartown, int.Jan.11,1752.

Lydia and Silas Fish, of Sandwich, int.Apr.22,1758.

Lydia and John Dimmick, June5,1814.*.CR1

Lydia B. and Henry M. Studley, Sept.5,1848.

Mariah and John Hatch, Jan.30,1715-6.*

Maria (Miriah, int.) and Cornelius Goodspeed, of Barnstable, Dec.5,1791.*

Mariah E. and S. Osbert Weeks, Apr.26,1840.

Martha (Swift, int.) and Lemuel Green, Sept.25,1779.*

Mary and Jethro Hatch, int.Sept.2,1744.

Mary and Simeon Fish, of Sandwich, Dec.12,1745.*

Mary, of Sandwich, and Cornelius Fish, Nov.14,1765.*

Mary and Alvin Nye, Dec.27,1810.

Polly (Mary, int.) and Ephraim Lawrance (Lawrence, int.), Dec.21,1813.*

Mercy (Marcy, int.and.CR1) and Benjamin Chadwick, Sept.2,1742.*

Marcy and Jonathan Grew Jr., int.Dec.5,1789.

Meribah and James Smith (of Boston, int.), Mar.6,1809.*

Meribah, Mrs., and Theophilus Fish, Apr.26,1830.

Moses R. and Elizabeth J. Chadwick, Sept.3,1845.

Nathan and Debro (Deborah) Barnes, Dec.25,1686.

Nathan and Drussilla (Druzilla, int.) Hatch, Jan.1,1761.*

Nathan Davis and Hannah Jenkins, Nov.14,1805.*

Nathan Davis and (Mrs.CR1) Dorcas Swift, Nov.21,1816.*

Nathan and Ruth C. Baker, Dec.18,1823.

Otis and Sophia Pitts, int.Aug.29,1819.

Phinhas (Phinehas, int.) and Mercy (Marcy, int.) Palmer, Jan.8,1767.*

Phebe and William Green, int.Nov.8,1777.

Prince (Prins, int.) and Freelove (Frelove, int.) Phinney (Finey, int.), of Barnstable, Oct.26,1775.*

Rebecca and Samuel Jenkins Jr., Nov.14,1805.*

Rody and Cornelius Rich, June17,1747.

Rhoda and Charles Withington, of Needham, Jan.3,1828.

Rhoda R. and Isaac R. Fissh, Jan.12,1841.

Ruefas and Jean Davis, int.Nov.11,1775.

Rufus (Jr., int.) and Olive Chadwick, July24,1794.*

Ruth and Joseph Robinson Jr., Dec.5,1832.

Samuel and Thankful Mog, int.June7,1719.

Samuel Jr. and Sarah Dimmock (Dimock, int.), Nov.27,1760.*

Samuel Jr. and Chloe Fish, of Sandwich, Mar.26,1795.*

Sally and Joseph Percival, of Sandwich, July13,1800.*

Sarah and William Morse, of Rochester, May7,1829.

Silas, of Sandwich, and Lydia Fish, int.Apr.22,1758.

Simeon, of Sandwich, and Mary Fish, Dec.12,1745.*

Statira B. and Reuben Swift, Aug.28,1842.

Susan E. (Susanna.PR12) and Prince Jenkins, Aug.30,1820 (Aug.13.PR12).

Susan E. (also C.) and Joseph Dimick, May30,1845.

Susanah and Asa (Asaph, int.) Fish, of Sandwich, Apr.3,1786.*

Susanna and Japhath Turner, Oct.末,1816.*

Temperance and Abner Hinckley Jr., of Barnstable, Nov.18,1809.*

Temperance R. and Benjamin C. Gifford, Nov.27,1834.

Thankful (Thankfull, int.) and Thomas Fish, of Sandwich, Feb.2,1758.*

Thankful and Isaac Robinson Jr., Sept.19,1811.*.CR1

Theodore (Theoder, int.), of Sandwich, and Mercy Meiggs (Marcy Meggs, int), Nov.末,1800.*

Theodore, of Sandwich, and Evelina Hatch, Sept.30,1830.

Theophilus and Sarah Gifford, Nov.29,1787.*

Theophilus and Mrs.Meribah Fish, Apr.26,1830.

Thomas and Hannah Fish, Aug.8,1751.*

Thomas Jr., of Edgartown, and Mrs.Lydia Fish, int.Jan.11,1752.

Thomas, of Sandwich, and Thankful (Thankfull, int.) Fish, Feb.2,1758.*

Thomas Jr. and Susanna Croel (Susanna Crowel.PR12), Dec.10,1789.*.PR12

Thomas, of Sandwich, and Anne (Anna, int.) Hatch, Mar.15,1803.*

Thomas Jr. and Chloe Phinney, Feb.10,1845.

Timothy and Susana Hatch, int.末蔓末,1803.

Timothy and Mrs.Cynthia Baker, Dec.20,1825.

Zerviah and Freeman Fish, int.Apr.1,1786.


Adaline D. and Lemuel Eldred, Nov.21,1844.

Alpheus and Hannah Jones, Apr.3,1848.

Asenath (also Fish) and Ezra Landers, of Barnstable, Dec.31,1845.

Caroline, of Sandwich, and Warren Fisher, int.Sept.6,1812.

Celia F., of Sandwich, and John C. Lumbert, Mar.7,1838.

Charles and Sebry Fisher, Apr.12,1824.

Chloe and Edmond (Edmund, int.) Lumbart, Oct.末,1816.*

Eleazer and Evelina Fisher, Sept.1,1828.

Eunice L. and Joseph S. Chadwick, Nov.21,1840.

Evelina and Eleazer Fisher, Sept.1,1828.

Hannah and Thomas D. Fisher, Oct.16,1824.

Isaiah and Ruth Landers, int.Jan.9,1834.

John and Phebe Green, Oct.8,1829.

Love and Zenas Doty, of Sandwich, Sept.22,1829.

Love D. and Freeman H. Howland, of Sandwich, Apr.30,1846.

Melory Ann and John Gegatt, of Sandwich, Nov.30,1830.

Martha Ann and Elisha Howland, of Sandwich, Jan.4,1838.

Mary Ann and Joseph Richardson, May9,1842.

Micajah C. and Aba E. Bourne, June22,1837.

Sabry and Charles Fisher, Apr.12,1824.

Sarah and James Meiggs, of Barnstable, Sept.23,1830.

Susan and Thomas J. Phinney, of Sandwich, Jan.13,1846.

Susan and Willard Phinney, Feb.4,1847.

Thomas D. and Hannah Fisher, Oct.16,1824.

Warren and Caroline Fisher, of Sandwich, int.Sept.6,1812.

William G., of Sandwich, and Rhoda C. Lumbert, Mar.8,1838.

Ziba N. and Aurelia B. Hamlin, June22,1841.


James (Jeams, int.) and Hannah Parker, Nov.27,1770.*


Thomas and Priscilla Porter, of Topsfield, Dec.7,1732.


Rufus (also Freeman), of Sandwich, and Hannah Palmer, Apr.17,1796.


Hanah, of Tisbury, and Maltiah Nye, int.Oct.末,1775.

Josiah and Chloe H. Bearse, Apr.8,1847.

Meary, of Rochester, and Samuel Bourne Jr., Aug.22,1778.


Jabez and Mrs.Anna Jones, of Salisbury, Nov.末,1746.


William W., of Newport, RI, and Jane H. Swift, July17,1838.


Benjamin, of Sandwich, and Metty (Martha, int.) Eldred, Jan.9,1794.*

Charles H., of Sandwich, and Pamela Davis, May末,1828.

Ebenezer, of Rochester, and Lois Nye, Dec.末,1759.

Betsey and Clark Cornish, of Plymouth, Nov.6,1819.*

Esther and Seth Robinson, Oct.24,1793.*

Eunice and Calvin Crocker, Dec.2,1789.*

Hannah, of Sandwich, and Thomas Eldred, Feb.12,1799.*

James, of Sandwich, and Joanna Butler, Nov.22,1757.*

Jonathan Otis and Lucy Crocker, Dec.10,1794.*

Meria (Mercy, int., Marcia.CR1.PR25) and David Lewis Jr., Nov.21,1804.* (Nov.22.PR25)

Obed and Abigail Delano (Dilleno, int.), of New Bedford, Dec.18,1788.*

Rebecca, of Harwich, and Joseph Parker, Nov.15,1734.

Rufus (also Forman), of Sandwich, and Hannah Palmer, Apr.17,1796.*

Sarah and Richard Landers, Jan.18,1697.

Sarah and Joseph Brown Jr., Sept.28,1783.*

Thomas (Jr., int.) and Em (Anna, int.) Eldred, Oct.25,1788. *

Thomas N., of Sandwich, and Deborah F. Nye, Sept.7,1820.


Lucy M., Mrs., and Francis Nye, May末,1828.


Pamelia, of Andover, and William Chadwick, Oct.3,1793.

FULLAR (Fuller, Fullor)

Ebenezer (Eleazer, int) and Fear Hatch, May30,1813.*

Mary and Alicha Landers, in Mar.11,1775.

FULLER (Fullar, Fullor)

Apra and Judah Bowerman, Sept.22,1827.CR2

Charles H. and Sophronia Hallet, Jan.28,1848.

Cleo (Chloe, int.) and Charles Hamlin, of Sandwich, Jan.1,1815.*

Daniel and Mehitable Jones, of Sandwich, Sept.29,1824.

Desier and Johiel (Johial, int.) Hatch, Mar.10,1771.*

Desire and Prince P. Gifford, May23,1830.

Ebenezer, of Barnstable, and Rachel Hatch, int.June25,1791.

Elizabeth and Ephron (Epharom, int.) Badger, Nov.5,1772.*

Elizabeth (Fullr) and David Hatch, of Sandwich, int.May12,1774.

Elizabeth F., of Barnstable, and Bethuil Landers, int.Oct.13,1816.

Jerusha, of Barnstable, and Noah Fuller, int.Nov.25,1781.

Joseph, of Chilmark, and Martha Hadaway, June13,1717.

Josiah, of Barnstable, and Anne Rowley (Ann Rowle, int.), May8,1741.*

Lucy H. and Reuben Fuller, Nov.12,1835.

Lydia and Elias B. Herrington, Aug.20,1826.

Mercy, of Sandwich, and Japhoth Turner, int.Feb.9,1806.

Noah and Jerusha Fuller, of Barnstable, int.Nov.25,1781.

Noah and Paulina F. Chadwick, Feb.8,1849.

Priscilla and Mary M. Hatch, Dec.2,1823.

Reuben and Lucy H. Fuller, Nov.12,1835.

FULLOR (Fullar, Fuller)

Elesear (Eleazar, int.), of Barnstable, and Elizabeth Hatch, Feb.4,1757.*

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