HADAWAY (Hathaway)

Martha and Joseph Fuller, of Chilmark, June11,1717.*

Sarah, of Rochester, and Daniel Bowreman, int.Jan.2,1737.

HADEN (Haydon)

Betsey, of Dartmouth, and Job Baker Jr., int.Sept.15,1811.


Albert G. and Sophronia Jenkins, Dec.5,1830.


Abijah, of Chatham, CT, and Joanna Wing, of Sandwich, Sept.17,1786.CR1

Daniel, of Dennis, and Marcy (harsy, int., Mercy.CR1) Bourn, Aug.末,1802.*

Daniel, of Dennis, and Mary Tobey, Jan.14,1830.

Hepsibeth (Hephsibah, int.), of Yarmouth, and Azarelah (Asarelah, int.) Morse, July4,1771.*

Job, of Yarmouth, and Sarah Daxter (Dexter, int.), Mar.25,1719.

Luther, of Barnstable, and Asenath (Assenath, int.) Swift, Nov.26,1811.CR1


Anna and Barney Marchant, Nov.26,1799.PR28

Levina, of Yarmouth, and Trustom Nye, int.June23,1805.

Mehitable (Mehatabl, int.), of Yarmouth, and William Swift, Sept.1,1771.*

Sally and Barney Marchant, Mar.21,1824.PR28

Sophronia and Charles H. Fuller, Jan.28,1848.

Temperance, of Yarmouth, and Benjamin Wiet (Wiat, int), July24,1777.*

Timohty and Elesebeth Hatch, Mar.11,1724.

HAMBLEN (Hamblin, Hamlen, Hamlin)

Benjamin (Hamlin, int.), of Sandwich, and Abigail Hamblin (Hamlin, int.), Aug.4,1790.*

Silas and Bethiah Eldred, Dec.31,1747.*

Simeon (Hamblin, int.) and Martha Hatch, Dec.26,1765.*

Silvenus and Chloe Landers, int.Feb.21,1801.

HAMBLIN (Hamblen, Hamlen, Hamlin)

Benjamin Jr. and Betsey Baxter, June1,1826.

Chloe and Lot C. Fish, Dec.16,1824.CR2

Cornelius (Hamblen, int.), of Lee, and Mercy Phinney (Marcy Pheney, int.), June23,1794.*

Elisabeth and Crocker Davis, Nov.17,1791.*

Fear and Joseph Baxter, Dec.13,1827.

Isaac H., Capt., and Chloe F. Swift, Sept.15,1825.

Louisa F. and Sylvanus Hamblin, of Sandwich, July31,1844.

Lucretia F. and Arnold Smalley, Feb.12,1826.

Lucy and Joseph Bowreman (Bowman, int.), of Lawrence, NY, Feb.1,1816.*

Patty and Luke W. Phelps, of Sandwich, Dec.10,1806.*

Mary and Joseph Hatch, Jan.23,1782.*

Marcy and Benjamin Hatch, June17,1678.

Nathan, Capt., and Cynthia Eldredge, July23,1826.

Seth and Hannah Davis, Nov.17,1791.*

Seth, Capt., and Rebecca Grew, Mar.9,1824.

Silvanus (Hamblen, int.) and Jane Hatch, Jan.17,1793.*

Simeon and Nancy Lawrence, July11,1824.

Solomon and Patty (Martha, int.) Weeks, July16,1817.*

Silvenuis, of Barnstable, and Dorcas Fish, Apr.24,1740.

Sylvanus F., of Sandwich, and Louisa F. Hamblin, July31,1844.

Thomas, of Sandwich, and Barbara (Barbury, int.) Burgess (Burgis, int.), Mar.26,1818.*


Benjamon (Benjamin Hamton, int.), a Haring man, and Martha Dammon (Dommon, int.), Aug.30,1767.*

Hannah and Capt. Luther Bowerman, Oct.17,1826.

Mehitabel (Mehitable, int.) and Amasa Bowerman, Oct.26,1809.*

Phebe and Edward (William, int.) Edmunds, Nov.30,1809.*

Recompense )Recompence, int.) and Sarah Harrington, Jan.4,1807.*

Ruth (Hamblston, int.) and Samuel Hatch, Mar.31,1796.*

HAMLEN (Hamblen, Hamblin, Hamlin)

Sally, of Sandwich, and Ephraim Eldred, int.Sept.3,1803.

William and Content Fish, of Sandwich, int.Sept.30,1803.

HAMLIN (Hamblen, Hamblin, Hamlen)

Ainworth, of Sandwich, and Sarah Hamlin, Oct.4,1829.

Aurelia B. and Ziba N. Fisher, June22,1841.

Caleb (Hamblen, int.) and Content Fish, of Sandwich, Oct.29,1747.*

Charles, of Sandwich, and Cloe Fuller, Jan.1,1815.*

Chloe P., Mrs., and Capt. Isaac Grinnell, of Fairhaven, Dec.11,1831.

Cynthia and Enos Covel, of Wareham, Nov.10,1843.

Dorcas B. and Lemuel H. Eldred, May16,1830.

Louisa, of Barnstable, and Hiram Hamlin, Jan.14,1843.

Miram and Louisa Hamlin, of Barnstable, Jan.14,1843.

Nathan and Tabithi Pheney, int.Mar.28,1778.

Nathaniel and Fear Fish, of Sandwich, Dec.28,1797.*

Rebecca, of Sandwich, and Josiah (Isaiah, int.) Eldred, Nov.15,1797.*

Rebecker, of Sandwich, and David Chadwick, int.May11,1817.

Sarah and Ainsworth Hamlin, of Sandwich, Oct.4,1829.

Simeon F. and Eliza A. Gifford, of Chilmark, May2,1832.

Tabitha P. and William C. Kern, of Sandwich, Jan.13,1831.

HAMMAN (Hammon, Hammond, Hamond)

Jabez and Sarah Lothrop, Apr.14,1725.

HAMMON (Hamman, Hammond, Hamond)

John Jr. and Rebekah Nye, int.Dec.19,1761.

Onathaniel and Elizabeth Butler, of Chilmark, int.Dec.26,1772.

HAMMOND (Hamman, Hammon, Hamond)

Andrew, of Sandwich, and Rhoda Crocker (coloured people), Sept.21,1822.

Barnabas (Hamond, int.) and Joanna Hatch, Oct.20,1782.*

Elizabeth and Andrew Y. Davis, Apr.18,1824.

Eunice and Samuel Hammond, Dec.15,1825.

Huldah and Barnabas Chadwick Jr., int.Sept.16,1804.

Isaiah and Ruth Hatch, Oct.31,1804.*

Jeduthun and Fear Gifford, Dec.27,1759.*

Joanna and Andrew Y. Davis, Mar.27,1822.

John, of Rochester, and Marah Green, Jan.23,1728.

Lydia and Jabez Weeks, Sept.20,1753.*

Nathaniel and Thankful Meiggs (Meigs, int.), June27,1806.*

Nathaniel, Capt., and Elizabeth Rowley, Oct.30,1825.

Paul (Poal Hamond, int.) and Anna (Anner, int.) Davis Jr., Feb.27,1766.*

Phebe (Mrs., int.) and Reuben Gifford, Sept.6,1750.*

Robert and Rebacca Hatch, Oct.12,1828.

Ruth, Mrs., and Capt. Timothy Parker, May16,1818.*

Samuel and Eunice Hammond, Dec.13,1825.

HAMOND (Hamman, Hammon, Hammond)

Cloe and Phineas Balter, of Chilmark, int.Mar.24,1781.


Abraham and Jerusha Walker, Jan.2,1848.

HANDAY (Handy)

Jonathan, of Sandwich, and Sarah Parker, int.Mar.28,1778.

HANDY (Handay)

Achsah W. and Daniel B. Hatch, Sept.2,1848.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Fish, May14,1731.

Chloe (Handay, int.), of Sandwich, and Lot Croel (Crowel, int.), Feb.12,1772.*

Clerosy and Trustom Tobey, of Sandwich, int.Mar.9,1800.

Deborah and Ruben Faris, of Yarmouth, int.Oct.26,1817.

Elizabeth (Handah, int.), of Barnstable, and Ebenezer Fish, June17,1759.*

Elnathan (Handah, int.), of Sandwich, and Martha Hatch, Dec.14,1756.*

Elnathan Jr. and Ruth Nickloson, of Edgartown, int.Apr.19,1789.

Experience, of Sandwich, and Jonathan Grew Jr., Dec.23,1755.

Hannah and Joshua Jenkins, Aug.20,1736.

John Jr., of Sandwich, and Kezia Eldred, Mar.6,1745-6.*

Joseph and Lois (Loas, int.) Hatch, Jan.18,1753.*

Levi (Lui, int.) and Ruth Hopkins, of Harwich, int.May8,1790.

Polly and Enos Nickerson (Nickolson, int.), of Harwich, Mar.6,1804.*

Samuel (Handah, int.) and Dinah Davis, Jan.14,1762.*

Sarah and William H. Tucker, of S.C., Mar.14,1821.

Susannah and Benjamin Crowel, both of Sandwich,末蔓末, 末末.

HARDEN (Harding)

Sarah and Freeman Fish, Oct.10,1779.

HARDING (Harden)

Abigail (Harden, int.) and Thomas Lothrop, of Barnstable, Nov.7,1793.*

Cloe, Mrs., wid., (Chole Harden, int.) and John Hatch, Feb.27,1800.*

Joshua (Josiah.CR1), of Brookfield, VT, and Lucy Hatch, Mar.末,1814.*

Josiah (Harden, int.) and Cloe (Chloe, int.) Robinson, Oct.11,1792.*

Samuel Jr. and Love Mahew, int.Oct.3,1789.

Simeon (Harden, int.) and Anna Childs, Jan.7,1802.* (Jan.4.CR1)

Tabitha and David Hatch, June11,1812.*


Mary Ann and Nathaniel Colman, of Barnstable, Dec.19,1844.


Hannah and Isaac Robinson,末蔓末,1690.

HARRINGTON (Herington, Herrington)

Sarah and Recompence (Recompense, int.) Hamilton, Jan.4,1807.*

Zilpha (Herinton, int.) and Reuben Boston (Ruben Baston, int.), blacks, Dec.10,1795.*


Susanna (Susannah, int.) and John Hinckley, Sept.13,1742.*


Humphrey, of Sandwich, and Anny Gifford, Oct.25,1733.


Joanne, of Marshpee, and Richard (Richmond) Cowen, Apr.30,1789.


John, of Rochester, and (Mrs., int.) Jeanne Hatch, Oct.14,1756.*


Abel, of Sandwich, and Fear Weeks, int.Jan.11,1777.

Abia and Edward Hatch, Jan.30,1734-5.

Abia and Abi (Aby, int.) Weeks, Mar.26,1769.*

Abagail and Silas Hatch, Sept.28,1749.CR1

Abagail and Miles Colton, Oct.19,1749.CR1

Abigail and Nathaniel Finney, Dec.18,1757.*

Abigel and Ebenezer Swift Jr., Nov.29,1764.*

Abigil (Abigail, int.) and Robinson Gifford, Nov.9,1790.*

Abigail and James Fish, int.May26,1798.

Abigail and Nathaniel Robinson, int.Dec.8,1811.

Adelia and Solomon Howland, of Sandwich, Jan.1,1843.

Alice (Else, int.) and Robinson Turner Hinckley (Hinckley, omitted in int.), of Barnstable, Nov.30,1797.*

Allen and Hannah Butler, Sept.17,1801.*

Amanda and Nathan B. Gardner, of Nantucket, May10,1832.

Amos and Elisabeth Lumbort, of Barnstable, int.Aug.16,1753.

Amos and Jean Tukor (Tuker, int.), of Sandwich, int.Oct.16,1774.

Amy and Jonathan Dellanoy (Delanoy, int.), June20,1704.*

Amy (Ana, int.) and Joseph Peaise (Peais, int.), Dec.13,1764.*

Anna and Zephaniah Robinson, of Chilmark, Feb.27,1757.*

Anna (Anne, int.) and Joseph Chadwick, Aug.3,1767.*

Anna and David Baker, of Sandwich, June16,1796.*

Anner and Philip Jenkins, Jan.17,1816.*

Anna and Thacher (Thatcher, int.) Chadwick, Apr.15,1818.*

Anne (Ana, int.) and Thomas Fish, of Sandwich, Mar.15,1803.*

Anselm L. and Martha B. Gifford, May15,1831.

Barnabas and Abigail Swift, int.June29,1776.

Beniamin and Marcy Hamblin, June17,1678.

Beniamin and Eles Eddy, of Martain Vinyard, Mar.16,1682.

Benjamin and Martha Garrett (Matha Garrit, int.), of Sandwich, Nov.5,1747.*

Benjamin and Rachel Mayhew, Dec.24,1795.*

Benjamin H. and Catherine G. Jones, May30,1837.

Benjamin F. and Hannah F. Eldred, Sept.8,1842.

Bethiah and Solomon Price, Mar.29,1754.

Bethia (Bethiah, int.) and Nathan (Nathaniel, int.) Wing, of Sandwich, Jan.27,1772.*

Bethiah and Timothy Crocker, of Barnstable, Dec.13,1781.*

Caroline and John Palmer, of Charleston, SC, Apr.22,1821.

Celia and Dr. Aaron Cornish, June24,1830.

Celia and David Cammon Jr., of Pembroke, Sept.25,1834.

Cesiar and Thomas Shiverick, May29,1711.

Charles and Susanah Hatch, int.Oct.21,1775.

Clore? (Cloe, int.) and Lot Landers, July5,1789.*

Cloe (Chloe, int.) and Frederick Starbuck, of Nantucket, July末,1818.*

Clarissa and Justavus Howland, Jan.9,1848.

Colman and Betsey Yose (of Sandwich, int.), Aug.29,1800.*

Consider and Abigail Price, Nov.27,1792.*

Daniel (David, int.) and Nancy Weeks, Oct.14,1789.*

Daniel B. and Achsah W. handy, Sept.2,1848.

David and Mercy Tobey, Mar.19,1749-50.

David Jr. and Temperance Colmand, of Barnstable, int.May21,1768.

David, of Sandwich, and Elizabeth Fullr, int.May12,1774.

David and Tabitha Harding, June11,1812.*

Davis and Susanna (Susannah, int.) Chadwick, Apr.4,1773.*

Davis and Sarah Palmer, July21,1805.*

Deborah T. and William Bodfish, int.Jan.5,1812.

Darkis (Dorcas, int.) and William Swift Jr., Nov.29,1744.*

Drusilla (Druzilla, int.) and Nathan Fish, Jan.1,1761.*

Ebenezer and Lydia Hatch, Oct.25,1720.

Ebenezer and Hannah Davis, June25,1733.

Ebenezer 3rd and Mercy (Mary, int.) Crocker, Oct.26 (Oct.31, int.) 1737.*

Ebenezer (Jr., int.) and Sarah Bodfish, both of Sandwich, Mar.3,1741-2.*

Ebenezer 4th and Thankful Mags, int.Feb.23,1772.

Ebenezer and Betsey Chadwick, Dec.10,1807.*

Edmond C. and Sylvina N. Gifford, Mar.11,1842.CR2

Edward and Rebecca Weeks, Aug.17,1727.

Edward and Abia Hatch, Jan.30,1734-5.

Elihu and Sarah Landers, int.Feb.22,1777.

Elihu and Mary Hatch, July29,1804.*

Eliphalet and Eunice Lovell, of Barnstable, int.Dec.2,1810.

Elizabeth and John Hathaway, Dec.13,1710.

Elezebeth and Timothy Hallet, Mar.11,1724.

Elizabeth and Elesear (Eleazur, int.) Fullor, of Barnstable, Feb.4,1757.*

Bety and Davis Allen, Dec.13,1764.*

Elizabeth and Icabod (Ichabod, int.) Bowerman, Oct.5 (Oct.19, int.) 1786.*

Elizabeth and Barnobus (Barnabas, int.) Chadwick, Aug.12,1790.*

Betsey and Pitts (Petts, int.) Dillingham (Delinham, int.), Aug.23,1794.*

Elizabeth and Josiah Hatch, Apr.6,1803.

Elizabeth A. and Charles G. Jones, Dec.23,1849.

Ethel L. and Eddey M. Luce Jr., Mar.末,1832.

Eunice and Joseph Childs Jr., Feb.2,1843-4.*

Evelina and Theodore Fish, of Sandwich, Sept.30,1830.

Ezra G. and Thankful Jones, Dec.26,1848.

Fear and Ebenezer Nye, Jan.22,1767.*

Fear and Henry Baker, Feb.27,1800.*

Fear and Ebenezer (Eleazer, int.) Fullar (Fuller, int.), May30,1813.*

Foster and Celia Fish, Nov.19,1817.*

Frances L. and Alexander Kelly, of Barnstable, Jan.4,1848.

Francis W. and Love Hatch, Apr.30,1829.

Hannah, Mrs., and Rev. Josiah Marshall, Feb.1,1726-7.

Hannah and Colnl Dexter, of Rochester, int.Jan.21,1775.

Hannah and William Pitts, Mar.5,1796.*

Hannah and Walter Davis, int.May26,1798.

Hannah (D., int.) and Hugh G. (George, int.) Donaldson, May10,1807.*

Hannah and William Davis, Jan.29,1835.

Harriet N. and William W. Chadwick, Jan.18,1846.

Hiphsibath and Benjamin Nye, Apr.11,1710.

Honour, of Chilmark, and Joseph Palmer, int.Nov.27,1763.

Ichabod and Abegal Weekes, of Chilmark, Dec.2,1714.

Icobod (Trobad, int.) and Bethiah Smith, May15,1779.*

Ichabod and Elizabeth Tuffs, of Chilmark, May18,1781.

Isaac and Jean Hatch, int.Dec.13,1742.

Isaac and Rhoda Robinson, Nov.19,1795.*

Isaiah and Lucy Nye, of Sandwich, int.Sept.10,1803.

James and Thankful Hatch, Mar.13,1747-8.*

James H. and Deborah N. Gifford, Nov.28,1827.

Jane and Isaac Robinson Jr., Dec.23,1742.

Jane and Robert (Robard, int.) Hecklahenny (Muckheney, int.), Nov.11,1770.*

Jane and Silvanus Hamblin (Hamblen, int.), Jan.17,1793.*

Jane and Rufus Butler, Dec.6,1801.*

Jean and Isaac Hatch, int.Dec.13,1742.

Jeane (Mrs., int.) and John Haskell, of Rochester, Oct.14,1756.*

Jefry and Sophronia Davis, Dec.18,1824.

Jethro and Mary Fish, int.Sept.2,1744.

Jethro (Jezthro, int.) and Mary Howland, of Sandwich, June16,1746.*

Jethro and Hannah Clark, of Sherburn, July4,1751.

Joanna and Barnabas Hammond (Hamond, int.), Dec.20,1782.*

Job (Allen, int.) and Achse (Achsah, int.) Gifford, Nov.16,1802.*

Johiel (Johial, int.) and Desier Fuller, Mar.10,1771.*

John and Mariah Fish, Jan.30,1715-6.*

John and Sarah Winslow, of Harwich, int.May18,1771.

John and Cloe Harding (Chole Harden, int.), Feb.27,1800.*

John Jr. and Sarah Fessenden, of Sandwich, int.Aug.12,1804.

Jonathan Jr. and Abigail Weekes, Dec.4,1676.

Jonathan and Bethiah Nye, Dec.21,1704.* (also Dec.22,1703).

Jonathan and Anna (Anne, int.) Davis, Dec.10,1757.*

Jonathan and Mrs.Mary Lewis, of Rochester, int.Dec.28,1765.

Jonathan and Lucy P. Swift, Sept.30,1823.

Joseph and Amey Allen, Dec.7,1683.

Joseph and Mehetable Johnson, Jan.15,1756.*

Joseph 3rd and Marcy Darcy 2nd, int.Dec.25,1774.

Joseph and Mary Hamblin, Jan.23,1782.*

Joseph (Thomas 3rd, int.) and Rose (Roas, int.) Landers, Apr.27,1788.*

Josiah and Thankfull (Thankful, int.) Hatch, Oct.23,1746.*

Josiah and Miriam (Meram, int.) Hatch, July2,1758.*

Josiah and Elizabeth Hatch, Apr.6,1803.

Kezia (Keziah, int.) and John Price, Mar.3,1740-41.*

Lamuel and Temperance Hatch, Nov.17,1754.

Lois (Loes, int.) and Daniel Grew, Mar.6,1747-8.*

Lois (Loas, int.) and Joseph Handy, Jan.18,1753.*

Lois and David Bowerman (Bowman, int.), Jan.21,1819.*

Love and John Grannis, of New Haven, CT, Apr.4,1765.

Love and Anselm Dimmuck, Dec.29,1799.*

Love and Bradford Bartlet, Feb.20,1801.*

Love and Francis W. Hatch, Apr.30,1829.

Lucy and William Finney (Phiney, int.), Jan.10,1765.*

Lucy and Joshua (Josiah.CR1) Harding, of Brookfield, VT, Mar.末,1814.*

Lucy N. and Edward S. Barnard, of Nantucket, Sept.22,1841.CR2

Lydia and William Gifford, June21,1711.

Lydia and Ebenezer Hatch, Oct.25,1720.

Lydia and 末末 Merchant, of Barnstable, int.末ary, 10,1767.

Lydia and Prince Bourn, Feb.7,1804.*

Mahala (Mahulu, int.) and Ezekiel (E., int.) Swift, Mar.18,1815.

Major and Mrs.Thankful (Thankfull, int.) Lewis, Oct.2,1814.*

Mark M. and Priscilla Fuller, Dec.2,1823.

Martha and Elnathan Handy (Handah, int.), of Sandwich, Dec.14,1758.*

Martha and Simeon Hamblen (Hamblin, int.), Dec.26,1765.*

Martha and Nicolas Landers, Dec.27,1780.*

Mary and Nathan Bradley, of Gilford, Oct.2,1710.

Mary, Mrs., and Jehosophat Eldred, Feb.28,1750.*

Mary and Barnebus Phinay, int.Mar.15,1771.

Mary and William Waigart (Wyat, int.), of Boston, Oct.16,1772.*

Mary (Marcy, int.) and Andrew Young, Sept.17,1797.*

Mary and Elihu Hatch, July29,1804.*

Polly (Patty, int.) and Alven Crowell, Jan.30,1817.*

Mary W. and James C. Gifford, Aug.12,1824.

Mary Ann and Peter R. Raymond, of Nantucket, May末,1826.

Mary D. and Edmond Davis Jr., Mar.末,1832.

Mayhew and Mehitable Sisson, Mar.20,1813.*

Mayhew and Susan Spooner, of New Bedford, int.June20,1819.

Mehetable and Joseph Wing, of Sandwich, Mar.25,1743.*

Marcy and Ebenezer Toby, June30,1715.

Mercy (Marcy, int.) and Samuel Shiverick, Nov.5,1741.*

Marcy and John Weeks, of Sandwich, Nov.27,1755.

Mercy and Alvin Crowell, Jan.24,1805.*

Mercy C. and Ezra L. Bourne, Aug.2,1841.CR2

Meribah and David (Daniel, int.) Moors, of Pownalborough, Jan.22,1781.*

Miriam and Nathaniel Walker, of Eastham, int.Oct.1,1748.

Miriam (Meram, int.) and Josiah Hatch, July2,1758.*

Moses and Elizabeth Thatcher, of Yarmouth, Oct.18,1699.

Moses, Capt., and Patience (Patiance, int.) Perry, of Sandwich, Mar.12,1739-40.*

Moses Jr. and Jean Gibbs, of Sandwich, Sept.17,1741.*

Moses and Prudence (Prudance, int.) Gorham, of Barnstable, Nov.13,1766.*

Moses (Jr., int.) and Ruth Hatch, Nov.18,1780.*

Moses 3rd and Rachel Weeks, May27,1784.*

Nancy A. and Marshall Childs, Aug.7,1839.

Nathan and Mary Weekes, of Chilmark, Dec.2,1714.

Nathan and Thankful Tucker, Dec.22,1732.CR1

Nathan and Jemima (Jerimah, int.) Smith, Nov.6,1740.*

Nathan and Doretha (Dorrity, int.) Swift, Apr.3,1779.*

Nathaniel and Bashaway Davis, Feb.5,1712-13.

Nathaniel and Keturah Swift, of Sandwich, Sept.14,1727.

Nathaniel (Nathanel Jr., int.) and Olive Bears (Bars, int.), of Barnstable, Nov.20,1766.*

Nathaniel and Mary P. Chadwick, Sept.28,1835.CR2

Nathaniel and Cynthia Cahoon, Oct.3,1844.

Noah and Polly Childs, Nov.1,1797.*

Noah and Lewis, Mar.17,1816.*

Olive and Abner Phinney, Mar.8,1809.*

Permelia and Watson Edwards, May末,1828.

Parnal (Pernel, int.) and John Butler, Aug.7,1780.*

Paul (Poul, int.) and Temperance (Temprence, int.) Davis, Feb.23,1749.*.CR1

Peter and Mehitable Rowle, Mar.6,1726-7.

Febe and John Snow, of Eastham, Dec.10,1746.*

Phebe and Eston (Eason, int.) Butler, May8,1791.*

Phebe and Ebenezer D. Chadwick, Oct.7,1839.

Phebe Ann and Elbridge Makie (Maker, Vol. IV.TR), of Lowell, Apr.5,1845.

Prudence (Prudans, int.) and Garshom Bearse (Bars, int.), of Barnstable, Nov.1,1771. *

Prudence and Isaac Parker, of New Bedford, int.Oct.3,1801.

Rachel and Warren Gifford, May9,1790.*

Rachel and Ebenezer Fuller, of Barnstable, int.June25,1791.

Rebakah and Nathaniel Cary, Dec.18,1722.

Rebekah and James Lewis Jr., of Barnstable, Aug.1,1733.

Rebecca and Justus Rowley, June22,1749.CR1

Rebecca (Rebekah, int.) and Samuel Toby, Oct.17,1765.*

Rebecca and Silvanus (Silvenus, int.) Parker, Jan.19,1804.*

Rebecca and Robert Hammond, Oct.12,1828.

Reliance and Lemuel Davis, Nov.2,1747.*

Reuben (Ruben, int.) and Abigail Weeks, Jan.3,1744-5.*

Reuben and Evelina Weeks, Aug.15,1822.

Robart (Robard, int.) and Joanna Weeks (Juanna Weekes, int), Nov.10,1737.*

Robinson and Dorcas Fish, Sept.24,1821.

Rowell and Elizabeth Parker, Oct.7,1798.*

Roxana and Rufus Tobey, Oct.19,1823.

Ruth and Samuel Swift, of Sandwich, Dec.24,1712.

Ruth and James Chadwick, int.Feb.22,1747-8.

Ruth and Barnabas Lothrop Jr., of Barnstable, int.Nov.14,1778.

Ruth and Joseph Childs (Jr., int.), Aug.31,1780.*

Ruth and Moses Hatch (Jr., int.), Nov.18,1790.*

Ruth and Isaiah Hammond, Oct.11,1804.*

Setra (Sabria, int.) and Freeman Hinckley, of Barnstable, May17,1781.*

Sabra H. and Capt. Francis Davis Jr., Nov.23,1825.

Salvina (Silvina, int.) and Josiah Badger, Nov.21,1771.*

Samuel (Lemuel.CR1) and Martha Chadwick, Nov.2,1760.*

Samuel and Hanah Landery, int.July13,1777.

Samuel and Ruth Hamilton (Eamblston, int.), Mar.31,1796.*

Sarah (Jr., int.) and Micajah Chadwick, Nov.26,1769.*

Sarah and Abner Davis, int.Aug.21,1773.

Sarah and Nathaniel Lewis, Sept.29,1799.*

Sarah P. and Easton Butler Jr., July16,1823.

Sarah G. and Braddock Phiney, Apr.11,1843.

Sarah B. and Zenas C. Jones, June7,1849.

Shobal and Deborah Turner, of Scituate, int.Sept.15,1787.

Shubel and Hannah Pees, of Chilmark, int.Dec.28,1776.

Shubal and Thankful Eldred, Nov.9,1789.*

Silas and Mary Nye, Dec.28,1738.*

Silas and Abagial Hatch, Sept.28,1749.CR1

Silas Jr. and Susanah Palmer, int.Oct.5,1777.

Silas and Sophia Gifford, Dec.12,1812.*

Silvanus and Tirzah Hatch, Nov.25,1818.*

Solomon and Marcy Davis, int.Oct.19,1776.

Solomon and Ana Pease, Oct.17,1802.*

Stephen and Elizabeth Snow, Oct.16,1732.CR1

Susan D. and Zephaniah Bennett, Esq., Aug.15,1833.

Susan E. and Thomas B. Meader, of Nantucket, Mar.3,1840.

Susanna (Susannah, int.) and Ezekiel Eldred Jr., Jan.26,1744.*

Susanah and Charles Hatch, int.Oct.21,1775.

Susanna and John Davis, int.Jan.6,1787.

Susannah and Joshua Davis, Nov.22,1787.

Susana and Timothy Fish, int.末蔓末,1803.

Sylvanus (Silvenus, int.) and Salvinah (Silvina, int) Bodfish, of Sandwich, Apr.2,1767.*

Salvanus and Annet Turner, of Scituate, int.June10,1783.

Sylvanus Jr. and Sarah T. Stewart, of Barnstable, int.Aug.23,1816.

Sylvia (Silva, int.) and David Fish, June9,1796.*

Tabithy (Tabitha, int.) and Matthew Price, Oct.25,1767.*

Tabitha and Obadiah Baker, Nov.5,1823.

Tabitha and Henry Hilman, of New Bedford, Nov.10,1835.CR2

Tamar and Sarah Tobey, int.Sept.28,1777.

Temperance and Lamuel Hatch, Nov.17,1754.

Temperance and Freeman Robinson, May15,1827.

Temperance G. and Benjamin McLane, Aug.3,1841.

Thankful and Hatch Roule, Dec.25,1727.

Thankfull and Josiah Hatch, Oct.23,1746.*

Thankful and James Hatch, Mar.13,1747-8.*

Thankful and John Bourn, May25,1780.*

Thankful L. and Henry C. Townsend, of St. Johns, N.B., June24,1840.

Thatcher L. and Thankful Swift, June22,1831.

Thatcher C. and Caroline F. Davis, Mar.16,1848.

Thomas and Abigail Codman, July22,1679.

Thomas and Elisabeth (Elizabeth, int.) Price, Feb.11,1740.*

Thomas Jr. and Anne Lewis, Oct.15,1751.

Timothy and Lydia Berce (Burr, int.), of Barnstable, July30,1780.*

Tirzah and Silvanus Hatch, Nov.25,1818.*

Vinal N. and Marha E. Swift, Oct.30,1834.

Wait and Mary Lewis, Nov.20,1755.

William and Rebecca Chadwick, Feb.18,1773.

Zadoc (Zadock, int.) and Mary Dunham (Dunene, int.), of Barnstable, Dec.13,1770.*

Zeprah, of Kenebec, and Uzziel Weeks, int.Sept.10,1803.

HATHAWAY (Hadaway)

Annis (Anner, int.), of Rochester, and John Conwell (Quanwell, int.), Nov.25,1818.*

Hannah (Hatheway, int.) and Joseph Bourn, Sept.6,1753.*

Johana and Daniel Bowerman, Feb.16,1736-7.

John and Elizabeth Hatch, Dec.13,1710.

Joseph and Mercy (Mary, int.) Wing, of Sandwich, Mar.5,1769.*

Mary and David Bourn, Feb.26,1764.*

Seth and Hannah Shiverick, Nov.11,1742.*


Anna and John Fish, of Sandwich, May22,1791.

Ana and John Fish, of Sandwich, int.May3,1800.

Sarah (Haws, int.), of Yarmouth, and Thomas Palmer, Nov.21,1771.*

HAYDON (Haden)

Rhoda, of New Bedford, and Rowland (Roland, int.) R. Crocker, June19,1796.*


John, of Dartmouth, and Parnell Baker, Sept.27,1819.*

Willard, of Dartmouth, and Mehitabel (Mehitable, int.) Baker, Sept.22,1809.*


Edward and Elizabeth Pricherd, of Topsfield, Dec.3,1719.


Benjamin F. of New Bedford and Sophronia P. Gibbs, Nov.28,1838.


Lewis N. and Susan Davis, Aug.1,1849.

Sanford and Mary E. Doty, Nov.12,1843.

HERINGTON (Harrington, Herrington)

Annice and Joseph ray of Westerley (Blacks), Mar.30,1806.*

HERRINGTON (Harrington, Herington)

Elias B. and Lydia Fuller, Aug.20,1826.


Richard of Chilmark and Laurana N. Davis, Apr.16,1823.


Harriet N. and Alpheus R. Baker, Apr.30,1846.

Phebe G. and Washington Smalley, Feb.4,1842.CR2


Elizabeth of Chilmark and Joseph Turner, int.Dec.11,1763.

Henry of New Bedford and Tabitha Hatch, Nov.10,1835.CR2

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Abigail and Timothy L. Davis, Sept.11,1834.

Abner Jr. of Barnstable and Temperance Fish, Nov.18,1808.*

Amelia and Jehial Fish, Mar.10,1829.

Ann F. and Benjamin Snow, Oct.1,1847.

Barnabas and Mrs.Abigel Allen, Dec.9,1760.*

Benjamin of Barnstable and Temperance Fish, Nov.18,1808.CR1

Cephia (Apphia int.and.CR1) and Crocker Davis, Dec.1,1816.*

Dorcas and Josiah Burges of Sandwich, Jan.25,1770.*

Heman, of Barnstable, and Prudence Bourn, int.Dec.19,1813.

Elijah Jr. and Lucy Fish, Oct.15,1842. (18 Oct.CR2)

Betsey of Barnstable and Ephraim Parker, int.Apr.10,1808.

Freeman, of Barnstable, and Sebrn (Sabria, int.) Hatch, May17,1781.*

Hannah (Hanah, int.) and John Marshal, of Rochester, Apr.8,1762.*

Huldah C. and Solomon Swift, Jan.21,1830.

James and Anna Collamore, Jan.12,1804.*

John and Bethiah Robinson, Nov.3,1726.

John and Susanna (Susannah, int.) Harris, Sept.13,1742.*

Mary and Ephrem Badger, int.Mar.23,1771.

Mary S. and Alden Sturtevant, Sept.17,1848.

Olive and Henry Fish, of Sandwich, Sept.14,1826.

Rebecca (Hinkley, int.) and Stephen Crowel, Jan.12,1792.*

Robinson Turner Hinckley (Hinckley, omitted in int.), of Barnstable, and Alice (Else, int.) Hatch, Nov.30,1797.*

Sarah L. and Nathaniel Davis, July11,1832.

Thomas and Lucretia Grew, Aug.末,1837.


Elizabeth and Asaph Swift, Dec.25,1783.*

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Dorcas (Darcus Hinckley, int.) and Aaron Rowley (Rowle, int.), Nov.29,1750.

Susanna and Silas Lawrence, Dec.9,1770.*

Thankfull and Freeman Landers, Nov.20,1755.


Abraham and Desier Trobridge, Feb.10,1724-5.


Harriet, of Barnstable, and David Bulter Jr., int.July6,1806.


Oliver, of Barnstable, and Mrs.Grace (Gracy, int.) W. Childs, Oct.14,1818.*

Philena and Thomas Childs Jr., Nov.15,1849.

Sarah (Homs., int.) and Elisha Torry (Jorney, int.), Sept.15,1766.

William, of Yarmouth, and Anna Baker, int.Apr.2,1818.

HOLMS (Holmes)

Mary (Marrah, int.) and Jonathan Price Jr., Aug.31,1738.*.


I.H. and Bethial Fish, marriage registered Feb.19,1845.I.N. Holiway and Bethiah Fish.Registered June11,1844. NEHGS 1841-1910 database.

Philip and Mary Parker, Mar.25,1827.


Ruth, of Harwich, and Lui Handy, int.May8,1790.


Isaac and Mary Curtis, of Topsfield, Jan.14,1730-1.


Sidney A., of Portland, ME, and Chloe D. Donaldson, Aug.9,1827.


William and Lucy Davis, int.Nov.1,1777.


Ellis, of Sandwich, and Fear Crowell, Dec.21,1808.*

Amelia Y. and Thomas Shiverick, Apr.12,1827.

Annah (Anner, int.), of Barnstable, and Justus (Justis, int.) Gifford, Oct.5,1769.*

Danil, of Plimpton, and Thankful Morse, int.Oct.22,1773.

Elisha, of Sandwich, and Martha Ann Fisher, Jan.4,1838.

Freeman H., of Sandwich, and Love D. Fisher, Apr.30,1846.

Justavus and Clarissa Hatch, Jan.9,1848.

Mary, of Sandwich, and Jethro (Jezthro, int.) Hatch, June16,1746.*

Solomon, of Sandwich, and Adelia Hatch, Jan.1,1843.

Zaccheus and Molly Palmor (Palmer, int.), Feb.26,1769.*

HOXIE (Hoxsey)

Anna and John Robinson Jr., Dec.3,1741.*

Cornelius (Hoxsey, int.), of Sandwich, and Mary Bowerman (Bowarman, int.), Jan.30,1757.*

Hannah and Savery Bowerman, May25,1825.

Solomon and Sarah Robinson, Mar.7,1711-12.

HOXSEY (Hoxie)

Solomon (Hoxie, int.), of Vassalboro, and Remember Dillinham, Mar.2,1790.*


Mary and Alexander Clark, Nov.19,1818.PR4

William H., of Nantucket, and Eliza Childs, Jan.11,1838.

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