Samuel N., s. Samuel and Ann, (both b. Gt. Barrington), Aug. 8, 1849.


John [h. Sally D.], Nov. 5, 1759, in Hartford, CT.

Sally D. [w. John], Dec. 4, 1774, "in Old, wyoma Settlement calld in Pennsylvania. "

Jabez D., ch. John and Sally D., Dec. 18, 1792, in Hillsdale, NY.

Anna, ch. John and Sally D., Apr. 13, 1799, in Hillsdale NY.

Betsey E., ch. John and Sally D., July 30, 1801, in Hillsdale, NY.


–––––, chn. John and Eliza [none rec.]

Nancy, ch. Elihu and Nancy, Aug. 19, 1784, in Montville, CT.

Sally, ch. Norman and Zipporah, Oct. 20, 1785, in Montville, CT.

Baker, ch. Norman and Zipporah, May 17, 1789, in Montville, CT.

Hubbard, ch. Elihu and Nancy, Oct. 5, 1790, in Montville, CT.

Charlotte, ch. Norman and Zipporah, Oct. 1, 1792, in Montville, CT.

Isaac, ch. Elihu and Nancy, Mar. 1, 1793, in Montville, CT.

Miriam, ch. Elihu and Nancy, May 28, 1795, in Montville, CT.

Eunice, ch. Norman and Zipporah, Nov. 2, 1796, in Montville, CT.

John, ch. Elihu and Nancy, Nov. 19, 1797, in Montville, CT.

Delia, ch. Norman and Zipporah, Oct. 21, 1800, in Montville, CT.

Hariet, ch. Elihu and Nancy, Oct. 7, 1804.

Eliza Ann, ch. Elihu and Nancy, May 28, 1810.


Norman Lester, ch. Festus and Eunice, Aug. 6, 1821.

Martha Charlotte, ch. Festus and Eunice, Dec. 10, 1822.


Margaret, d. William and Lucy, Oct. ––, 1847.

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