Jery and Anna Church [int.adds wid.], Dec.10,1835

Perminium D. and Almena Herrick, int.Apr.4,1831.


Hamilton P. of Chatham, NY, and Mary C. Perkins, Nov.8,1831.

CAMPBEL (Campbell)

Salla of Chester, and Ebenezer Nathan Messenger, int.Dec.12,1786.

CAMPBELL (Campbel)

Luther W. of Chester, and Eliza A. Cannon, Nov.25,1841.


David and Mary Kelso, Dec.25,1834.

Eliza A. and Luther W. Campbell, Nov.25,1841.

Betsey and Prentiss Chaffee, int.Apr.15,1833.

Jane of Chester, and Ashley Mann, int.Apr.19,1819.

CAREY (Cary)


Anne and Edmond Rathbone, Dec.19,1782.*

Daniel of Stockbridge, and Ruth Snow, Mar.10,1807.

Deliverance and Josiah Higley, May4,1786.

Mary and Ebenezer Adams Jr., Apr.30,1771.


Loammi and Betsey Watkins, int.Apr.30,1847.

Marcus and Lucy Frary, Dec.22, [1798].

Stephen W. and Rowena Thomas, Sept.30,1834.


Hannah and John Lester, July26,1787.


Aley of Otis, and Amos Miner, Sept.27,1813.*

Amoret of Otis, and Ira Nichols, "about the time of the annual Thanksgiving in 1810" [int.Oct.17,1810], in Otis.

Diantha of Simsbury, and Zephaniah Eames, int.May6,1800.

Florenna of Otis, and Worthy Pratt, Aug.27,1811, in Otis.*

Hannah and Cyrus Messenger, Mar.26,1815.

Lydia of Loudon, and James Snow Jr., int.Nov.8, [1802].

Manna of Loudon, and Phileta Barber, Jan.7,1802.

Ozias and Esther DWolf, May30, [1797].*

Timothy Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Rowena Brewster, Apr.26,1812.


Israel E. [int.C.] of E. Haddam, CT [int.of Blandford], and Nourally [int.Nourila] Messenger, Jan.1,1833.

CHAFFE (Chafee, Chaffee, Chaffey, Chaffy)

Abigail [int.Chafee] and Amos Watkins, Jan.5,1809.

Alma and William H. [int.P.] Hamblin, Nov.8,1830.

Anna H. and Justin M. Eames, Jan.8,1824.

Benjamin and Marcey Ellis, Nov.27,1783.*

Caleb Judson and Mary P. Geer, int.Dec.10,1827.

Jonathan [int.Chafee] and Rebeckah Wadsworth, Nov.29,1792.

Lois [dup. int.Chaffee] and Joshua Eames, July4,1793.

Lucinda and Kendal Baird Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Oct.10,1827.

Minor [dup. Miner Chaffee] and Lucy Frary, June7 [dup June9], 1825.

Newman K. and Elisabeth Phelps, int.末蔓末 [rec. between Feb.19 and May13,1820].

Thomas Sherman [int.Thomas S. Chaffee] and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Shaw, Feb.4,1829.

Wolcott [int.Wolcot Chafe] and Abigail Kingsley, Apr.22,1818.

CHAFFEE (Chaffe, Chaffee, Chaffey, Chaffy)

Abigail H. and William Clark, Jan.8,1833.

Billings and Charlott Hoskins, int.Aug.21,1813.

Caleb [int.Calvin] and Martha Fletcher, Nov.8,1801.

Caleb [int.Chaffe] and Elizabeth Davenport, Sept.19,1818.

Jose and Theodotia Fletcher, int.Dec.8,1812.

Knowlton S. and Amelia Shaylor, int.Jan.2,1836.

Louis I. and Benjamin J. Rogers [int.Rodgers], Oct.15,1834.

Martha M. and William Hinman, int.June18,1831.

Nathan M. and Ruth Ann Osborne, int.Feb.12,1834.

Prentiss and Betsey Cannon, int.Apr.15,1833.

Theodotia P. and Ray Champlin, int.June12,1833.

CHAFFEY (Chafee, Chaffe, Chaffee, Chaffy)

Thomas and Abigail Knowlton, int.Sept.15,1791.

CHAFFY (Chafee, Chaffe, Chaffee, Chaffey)

Deliverance and Anthony Church, int.Sept.11,1786.

CHAMPLIN (Chaplin)

Ray of Otis, and Theodotia P. Chaffee, int.June12,1833.

Susanna [int.Champion] and James Phillips, Mar.28,1815.


Mamre E. of Lee, and Alanson S. Pomeroy, Jan.1,1833.


Sally of Richmond, and Abel Dewey Jr., int.Jan.9,1809.

CHAPLIN (Champlin)

Tammy and Barnabas Adams, Jan.14,1796.


Ambrose and Sabrina Kingsley, Mar.22,1810.

Arvad and Mary Lester, Oct.2,1806.

Fanny and Aaron Pinney, Apr.15,1802.

Hannah A. and Oliver Rice, int.Sept.9,1833.

Harry and Sarah Ann Foot, int.Aug.13,1817.

Horrace and Lois Mason, int.Dec.12,1811.

Lydia E., 20, d.Harry, and Milton H. Johnson, Sept.1,1847.

Mary and John W. Foot, Sept.28,1825.

Mary Ann and Milton Johnson, Dec.31,1829.

Samuel and Hannah Abbot, Apr.2,1810.

Samuel L. and Abigail H. Lester, Apr.12,1842.

Theodore, 22, s.Harry, and Julia E. Wadsworth, Sept.26,1844.


Sophy of Tyringham, and Bidwell Baird, int.Mar.3,1823.

CHILDS (Chiles)

Amanda and Robert Millikan, Apr.18,1816.

Betsy and Lansford White, int.Oct.30,1822.

Elizabeth A. and Joseph K. Clark, Apr.25,1838.

Eunice and Seth Snow, int.Apr.25,1835.

Isaac and Polly [int.Mary] Staunton, Aug.14,1796.

Jonas and Eunice Allford, int.Nov.1,1765.

Jonas, Capt. [int.omits Capt.], and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Lucy Bishop, Mar.13,1800.

Jonas H. and Lydia Kingsley, Mar.19,1811.*

Jonathan of Albany, NY, and Lucinda Church, Sept.12,1816.*

Laura of Stockbridge, and Josiah C. Arnold, May10,1848.*

Lois and Caleb Gleason, Dec.29,1789.

Sally and Orrin [int.Oren] Hovey, Apr.19,1832.

Silas and Esther Ely, int.Feb.13,1766.

Stephen and Annah Rudd, Jan.27,1814.*

William L., 23, s.Stephen and Annah, and Catharine A. Rogers, Nov.14,1848.

CHILES (Childs)

Almira of Lee, and Silas Barns, int.Dec.25,1835.


Anna [int.adds wid.] and Jery Cadwell, Dec.10,1835.

Anthony and Deliverance Chaffy, int.Sept.11,1786.

Charlotte [int.Charlott] and Daniel Ormsby, Mar.15,1827.

Betsy E. [int.Eliza] and Benjamin F. Noyes, Jan.7,1819.

Hannah and David Putnam [int.Jr.], Feb.1,1831.

Lucinda and Jonathan Childs, Sept.12,1816.*

Lucinda E. and Isaac Putnam, int.Apr.8,1834.

Lydia A., 29, of NY, and William E. Messenger, Sept.4,1847.

Maria and John J. Allin, int.Dec.26,1826.

Mary and Lyman C. Osborn, int.Apr.8,1833.

Mercy of E. Granville, and Joseph J. Gibbs, int.Mar.3,1837.

Seth H. and Emily S. Putnam, int.Nov.4,1833.

CLARK (Clarke)

Abner and Nancy H. Trumbull, Oct.22,1834.

Alexander and Semantha Blush, int.Jan.15,1821.

Almira of Granville, and John M. Gibbs, int.Sept.19,1831.

Cynthia, wid., of Pittsfield, and Dea.Enos Kingsley, int.Dec.22,1828.

Dillingham and Abigail Walden, July7,1795.

Elias of Pittsfield, and Hannah Porter, int.Dec.22,1776.

Elisha and Polly McKnight, int.Nov.1, [1802].

Eliza and Robert Hunter, Mar.20,1823.

Eliza and William L. Kingsley, Nov.26,1834.

Eliza A. and Worcester Taylor, Nov.5,1840.

Elisabeth and Jonathan Rathbun, int.Oct.10,1786.

Emeline, 20, d.Alexander, and William E. Austin, Dec.2,1845.

Eunace [int.Eunice], 18,b. Blandford, d.Stephen, and Addison Heath, May5,1849.

Frederick, 31, s.Abijah, and Caroline Austin, Dec.31,1846.

Isaac and Anna Mack, int.末蔓末, [rec. between Mar.31 and Aug.20,1806.].

James of Wearhersfield, and Sarah Hubbard, int.Nov.25,1769.

Joseph and Mary Clark, Dec.13,1796.

Joseph K. of Pittsfield, and Elizabeth A. Childs, Apr.25,1838.

Lydia and George Tyler, Nov.8,1842.

Mary and Joseph Clark, Dec.13,1796.

Mary E. of Worthington, and Stephen S. Wadsworth, int.Aug.21,1847.

Mercy of Chester, and Nathan Parks Millard, int.Oct.30,1818.

Mercy, wid., of Sandisfield, and Joshua Shaw, int.July27,1826.

Moses H. and Caroline A. Culver, int.Sept.10,1842.

Rebeckah and Alpheus Russel, June19,1794.

Silas and Phebe Olmsbory, May16,1793.

Susann [int.Susanna] and George Smith, Nov.23,1796.

Susan of Otis, and Ambrose A. Dearing, int.Sept.29,1831.

Thomas and Pattee Loomis, Feb.24,1791.

William and Abigail H. Chaffee, Jan.8,1833.

CLARKE (Clark)

Edward [int.Clark, adds Rev.] of Middlefield, and Julia Hyde, Mar.12,1844.


Cyrus, widr.[int.Cleaveland, omits widr.], 44, of Dalton, s.Aaron, and Eliza D. Johnson, May22,1844.


Dimis D. of Springfield, and Daniel A. Dewey, int.Dec.14,1846.


Milton H. and Julia Barnes, int.Apr.17,1847.


Beulah [int.Bulah, adds wid.] and John Austin Jr., Oct.18,1812.

Mary and Moses Beard, Apr.12,1787.*

Solomon of Blandford, and Beulah Viets, Oct.6 [int.Oct.7, sic], 1796.


Sibel and Joseph Higley Jr., Dec.4,1803.


Miriam of Otis, and Kinsman W. Broga, int.Oct.4,1813.

Sarah of Bethlehem, and Aaron Beard, Oct.16,1803.*

Timothy and Rebekah [int.Rebecca] Crane, June3,1830.


Cyntha [int.Cynthia of Blandford] and Lebbeus Kingsley, Sept.6 [int.Sept.26], 1804.


Watson L. of Blandford, and Minerva A. Adams, Dec.31,1840.


Abigail Harriet [int.H.] and Stephen W. Snow, Sept.22,1831.

Charles Walden and Eliza Babcock, int.June18,1827.

Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Alpheus C. [int.Clark] Russell, May28,1818.

George Jr. and Hannah Walden, Sept.19,1784.*

John and Orpha Johnson, int.Nov.27,1811.

Sally M. [int.Maria] and Ephraim L. [int.Loten] Williams, Mar.27,1817.

Thatcher and Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] Manley, Mar.5,1789.


Abigail of Otis, and 末末 Johnson, May29,1812, in Otis.*

Dorcase of Loudon, and John Cook, Apr.19,1804.*

John of Loudon, and Dorcase Cook, Apr.19,1804.*

Walter of Ridgmont, and Betsey Birchard, Mar.5,1793.


David of Tyringham, and Polly Atwell, Apr.15,1795.


Sarah of Hartwood, and William Slone, int.Aug.22,1774.


Bradford M. of Lee, and Lucy L. Davis, Apr.19,1842.


Abel H. and Anna Skiiner, Nov.14,1815.

Dorastus and Anna Merryfield, int.Feb.15,1817.

Edward and Hannah Bacon, int.Dec.18,1824.

Edward and Flavia Millard, int.June17,1826.

Mary A. and Elihu Brown Jr., Mar.23,1843.

Rachel and Enos Kingsley, Nov.26,1778.*

Rebekah and Samuel Jones, int.末蔓末, [rec. between Feb.12 and Aug.24,1788].

Rebekah [int.Rebecca] and Timothy Cole, June3,1830.

Sabrina and Christopher Rogers, Oct.31,1820.

Sabrina [Salome, written above in pencil] [int.Salome] and Joseph Rogers, Nov.17,1825.


Esther of Peru, and Nathaniel H. Rudd, int.Nov.11,1834.

John, widr., 65, of Peru, s.John of Dedham, and Ruth Osborn, wid., Dec.18,1844.*

Lewis, 21 [int.of Peru], s.Jospeh, and Mary A. Snow, Dec.31,1846.


Caroline A. of Montgomery, and Moses H. Clark, int.Sept.10,1842.

William of Blandford, and Rhoda Gibbs, Sept.18,1804.*


Alden and Mary Ann Ballou, int.Dec.22,1832.

Emily and Russell Freeland, Dec.31,1811.

Marble and Susan W. Haurd, int.Aug.14,1832.

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