Anna of Tyringham, and Horrac DWolf, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between May25 and Sept.13,1803].


Hannah of Loudon, and Joshua Woodward Bartlet, Jan.11,1803.*

Jeremiah of Tyringham, and Fanny Granger, int.Nov.7,1812.

Susanna of Loudon, and Thomas Buell, int.Sept.13,1806.

HAMBLIN (Hamlin)

William H.[int.P.] of Lee, and Alma Chaffe, Nov.8,1830.


Clarrissa of Chester, and Amos Whittemore, int.Apr.28,1821.

Ezra and Melissa Bidwell, Nov.29,1827.

Sally and George Smith, Aug.19,1827.

HAMLIN (Hamblin)

Jane E., 30, of Springfield, d.Stephen, and William T. Baird, Mar.16,1847.


Amanda and Chester Johnson, Nov.24,1819.

Amanda and Charles E. Austin, May24,1842.

Brewster [int.of Milton, NY] and Hannah Brown, Feb.15,1803.

Eunace [int.Eunice] and James M. Robbins, Oct.19,1841.

James [int.Jr.] and Prudence Harris, Dec.15,1802.

James and Melinda Fisk. May28,1840.

Joanna and Gad Pomeroy Jr., Mar.25,1807.

Jonas and Roxanna I. Heath, int.Jan.29,1843.

Joseph and Eunice Broga, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec.between Dec.26,1814 and Jan.20,1815].

Josiah and Charity [int.Charaty] Messenger, Mar.30,1807.

Lorin and Elizabeth Davis, June1,1842.

Lucinda H. and Harvey E. Dickinson, int.Apr.22,1833.

Lydia and Joseph Wadsworth, Apr.16,1807.

Patty and Bille [int.Billy] Messenger Jr., Dec.24,1806.

Mary and Joseph Ballou, int.Dec.27,1840.

Miles of Salisbury, CT, and Eliza Jane Ames, Dec.21,1842.

Nathan 2d and Huldah Broga, int.Oct.15,1808.

Nathan W. and Charity E. Wadsworth, Mar.31,1836.

Norman and Olive C. Wadsworth, int.Aug.11,1844.

Otis of Plainfield, and Lurana Walker, Oct.3,1824.

Prudence and James Harris [int.Jr.], Dec.15,1802.

Rebecah [int.Rebecka] and Timothy Austin, Oct.22,1801.

Roby and Henry R. Webb, Oct.31,1822.

Sally and Enos D. Kingsley, Dec.27,1815.*

Sally of Chester, and Darius Gilmore, int.Oct.27,1827.

Sarah A., 22, d.Elijah D. and Wolcott H. Strong, July3,1848.

HASKINS (Horskins, Hoskins)

Sally of Washihgton, and Stephen Wadsworth, int.Oct.26,1815.


Henry and Lucinda Putnam, int.Apr.18,1822.

HAURD (Hurd)

Susan W. of Middleborough, and Marble Cushman, int.Aug.14,1832.

HEARSEY (Hersey)

Mary Jane of Wrentham, and Alvah Phelps, int.Aug.9,1835.


Addison, 21, b. Tyringham, and Eunace [int.Eunice] Clark, May5,1849.

Joshua of Tyringham, and Lucy Gibbs, int.Oct.14,1816.

Roxanna I. of Tyringham, and Jonas Harris, int.Jan.29,1843.


William of Barkhamstead, CT [int.Barkhampsted], and Rebeca Rhoads [int.Rhodes, adds wid.], Dec.15,1812.


Robert of Blandford, and Dolly Blair, May18,1797.

Susann and Ebenezer Messenger, Mar.20,1785.*


Almena of Blandford, and Perminium D. Cadwell, int.Apr.4,1831.

Horris of Washington, and Mary Noble, Jan.17,1822.*


Samuel and Zerviah Minor, wid., May12,1806.*

HERSEY (Hearsey)

David of Providence, RI, and Eliza F. Mills, Jan.20,1839.


Benjamin and Sally McKown [int.McCown], Sept.16,1802.

Emily A. and Joseph L. Jennings, int.Apr.29,1838.

Jesse and Bettey Watson, int.Feb.12,1788.

Joseph Jr. and Sibel Coggswell, Dec.4,1803.

Josiah and Deliverance Carpenter, May4,1786.

Micah and Mehitable [int.Mehitabel] May Bowen, Sept.13,1803.

Minerva and Linus Scott, May27,1824.

Olive and Elijah Alford, Oct.11,1779.*

Orlando S. and Lury L. Davis, int.Mar.28,1841.

Philena [int.Highley] and John M. [int.Milton] Brewster, July5,1813.

Sarah of Simsbury, and James Rudd, int.Nov.13,1773.

Silas and Deborah Messenger, Oct.30,1805.


William and Hannah Putnam, Aug.3,1820.


William and Martha M. Chaffee, int.June18,1831.


John and Arvilla Wadsworth, Feb.27,1828.

Zibah [int.Siba] and Jonathan W. Kingsley, Dec.8,1824.


William H. of Westfield, and Sarah Shaw, Feb.20,1833.


Louiza B. of Chester, and Samuel D. Bradner, int.Oct.22,1824.


Josiah W. [int.omits W.] of Sandusky [int.Sandusky City], OH, and Elizabeth W. [int.Elisabeth A.] Perkins, Sept.8,1830.


Daniel W. and Laura Taylor, int.Jan.10,1841.

HORSKINS (Haskins, Hoskins)

Rachel and Moses Barns, int.Nov.6,1792.

HOSKINS (Haskins, Horskins)

Charlott and Billings Chafee, int.Aug.21,1813.

Lovilia and Partridge Snow, Dec.2,1828.

Rosabela [int.Roxabela Haskins] and Joseph Meacham [int.Mecum], Mar.13,1821.


Orrin [int.Oren] of Monson, and Sally Childs, Apr.19,1832.


Susan of Lee, and Marshall Johnson, int.Dec.6,1833.


Barns of Colebrook, CT, and Hannorah Phelps, July9,1807, in Loudon.*

Sarah and James Clark, int.Nov.25,1769.


Preston of Salisbury, CT, and Betsy Stevens, Dec.3,1822.


Clarissa of Otis, and Vining Rudd, int.Mar.29,1815.

Robert and Eliza Clark, Mar.20,1823.

Sally and Cheney Kingsley, Feb.7,1813.


Charles T. and Sarah H. White, int.Mar.11,1848.

HURD (Haurd)

Betsy of Lee, and Elisha Adams, int.Aug.26,1805.


Adeline, 23, d.Rev. Lavius, and James Farrer [int.Farrar] Jr., Mar.19,1845.

Julia and [int.Rev.] Edward Clarke [int.Clark], Mar.12,1844.

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