Anna of Middlefield, and Isaac Clark, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Mar.31 and Aug.20,1806].

Sewal T. of Cateraugus, and Lucretia F. Bartlet, Aug.20,1822.


Emily, 23, of Ulyssis, NY, d.Harry and Harriet, and Oliver H. [int.W.] Millard, Apr.26,1847.


Olive of Windham, and James Rudd, int.Mar.8,1778.


Elizabeth [int.Elisabeth] and Thatcher Conant, Mar.5,1789.


Ashley and Jane Cannon, int.Apr.19,1819.

Huldah and Josiah Rogers, Apr.29,1819.


Mary Ann and Isaac Ames [int.Eames], Apr.25,1808.


Mary Troop of Loudon, and Elijah Lyon, Sept.9,1802.*

Patia of Loudon, and Stephen Babcock, Jan.20,1801.*


Lois of Cheshire, and Horrace Chapman, int.Dec.12,1811.


Newton of Otis, and Dimis Phelps, int.Mar.24,1834.


Benjamin and Betsey Pearl, int.Mar.14,1827.

Miranda and Seth Wadsworth, July17,1811.


Anna A. and John Kent [int.Jr.], Sept.16,1830.

Harriet and George Kent, int.Dec.8,1828.

Mary M. [int.omits M.) and Harvy [int.Harvey] Owen, Sept.9,1830.


Margaret and John McSweeney, int.Sept.3,1849.


David widr.[int.omits widr.], 57, s.Timothy and Jane, and Orpha B. Ferry, wid.[int.omits wid.], May27,1847.[This marriage does not appear in the 1841-1910 MAVRs of Becket. The Chester entry has been completely crossed out.]

[David, jun., a.30, b. Hinsdale, s.David & Nancy (Payn), and Orpha DeEtte Ferry, a.18, b. Chester, d.末末 & Orpha B. [Benham?], Aug.15,1850. MAVRs v. 45 p. 25]

George W. [int.Esq.] of Middlefield, and Fanny Fitch, June28,1837.

Laney of Middlefield, and Reuben Smith, int.Aug.13,1817.


Polly of Washington, and Elisha Clark, int.Nov.1,1802.


Sally [int.McCown] and Benjamin Higley, Sept.16,1802.


John and Margaret McDonough, int Sept.3,1849.


Lucinda [int.Meech] and Elijah Lamphier [int.Lamphire], Sept.11,1834.

MEACHAM (Meacum)

Joseph [int.Mecum] and Rosabela Hoskins (int.Roxabela Haskins], Mar.13,1821.

Julius and Emeline [int.adds M.] Foster, Nov.23,1838.

MEACUM (Meacham)

Lucy L. [int.Mecum] and George A. Gilford, Nov.29,1843.


Anna and Dorastus Crane, int.Feb.15,1817.

John and Eda Brooker, int.Apr.13,1811.

John S. of Washington, and Hannah Johnson, Mar.6,1827.*

Lydia and Caleb W. Dickson, int.Oct.14,1816.

Oliver and Experience Norcott, int.Oct.10,1797.

Philena Electa and Samuel Bancroft Sacket, int.Jan.15,1818.

Pleiades and Cyrus Webster, Jan.11,1810.

Richard and Sophia Merryfield, Mar.21,1799.

Sophia and Richard Merryfield, Mar.21,1799.

Sumner of Washington, and Hannah Johnson, int.Feb.28,1827.


Benony and Sirena Fowler, int.Nov.12,1805.

Beulah [int.Beaulah] and Phillip Ames [int.Eames], Dec.28,1814.

Caroline and Stephen Bush, June10,1771.*

Caroline and Buell Stevens, May24,1818.

Caroline and William A. Jennings, Dec.24,1840.

Charity [int.Charaty] and Josiah Harris, Mar.30,1807.

Cyrus and Hannah Case, Mar.26,1815.

Deborah and Silas Higley, Oct.30,1805.

Ebenezer and Susann Henry, Mar.20,1785.*

Ebenezer Nathan and Salla Campbel, int.Dec.12,1786.

Eliza, 22, d.John and Lucy, and Robert A. Baird, Mar.27,1849.

Favor and Levi R. Snow, Dec.6,1821.

Gedion and Abigail Kingsley, int.Nov.21,1771.

Hiram and Lyddia Shapley, int.Mar.23,1771.

Hiram 2d and Anner Snow, Nov.17,1808.

John and Lucy Putnam, int.Mar.10,1802.

John and Lucy Scott, Jan.29,1817.*

Lucina M. and Henophon Wadsworth, Jan.7,1819.

Lucy Pamela and William Millikan 2d, Dec.16,1819.*

Lucy and Nathan Barns, Mar.27,1822.

Lydia and Larkin Williams, int.Dec.20,1791.

Mary and Jonas Flint Jr., May2,1842.

Nourally [int.Nourila] and Israel E. [int.C.] Chadwick, Jan.1,1833.

Sarah, 20, d.John, and J.D.W. Smith, 21, Oct.25,1848.

Sophia and Nathaniel Rudd 2d, Jan.15,1818.

Susannah [int.Susanna] and Gideon Bush Jr., Jan.4,1808.

Bille [int.Bllly] Jr. and Patty Harris, Dec.24,1806.

Bille, Col., and Hannah Millikin, wid., int.Oct.31,1814.

William E., 24, s.John[and Lucy Scott. MAVRs v. 1909/4 p. 258], and Lydia A. Church, Sept.4,1847.


Flavia of Middlefield, and Edward Crane. int.June17,1826.

Merilla and Joseph Attwell, int.Nov.22,1793.

Nathan Parks and Mercy Clark, int.Oct.30,1818.

Oliver of Chester, and Zillah Lee, July23,1787.*

Oliver [int.adds L.] and Abigail Nichols, June4,1811.

Oliver S. and Angeline A. Moore, Mar.9,1842.

Oliver H. [int.W.], 23, s.Parks and Mercy, and Emily Mallery, Apr.26,1847.

Orion and Mabel Pinney, Dec.27,1797.

Orrin and Rebecca L. Wood, int.Sept.21,1845.

Robert H. and Clarissa Moore, int.July10,1815.

Robert H. and Wealthy Ann Wright, int Aug.10,1824.

Samuel E. and Mary A.M. Foster, int.Mar.8,1846.

Sarah A. and John C. Wood, Jan.6,1835.

Warren and Philena Foster, Apr.25,1826.

Zillah 2d and Francis Brakenridge [int.Breckenridge], Feb.22,1820.


David of Blandford, and Jenny Jones, June6,1805.*

Lewis and Sybil [int.Sybel] Barns, Mar.13,1823.

MILLIKAN (Millikin)

Robert of Washington, and Amanda Childs, Apr.18,1816.

Robert of Washington, and Sally Wadsworth [int.adds wid.], Dec.19,1821, in Washington.

William 2d of Washington, and Lucy Pamela'[Messenger], Dec.16,1819.*

MILLIKIN (Millikan)

Hannah, wid., of Washington, and Col. Bille Messenger, int.Oct.31,1814.


Asahel and Cynthia [int.Cyntha], Wright, Mar.7,1797.

Eliza F. and David Hersey, Jan.20,1839.

Isaac of Nelson, O., and Mary Adams, Nov.28,1805.*

Joseph L. [int.Lewis], Rev., and Elizabeth W. [int.Elisabeth Wales] Fitch, Sept.27,1808, in Torringford, CT.

Joseph H. and Sarah Spalding, int.May23,1841.

MINER (Minor)

Amos of Otis, and Aley Case, Sept.27,1813, in Otis.*

MINOR (Miner)

Hannah and Jonathan Simpson, Nov.11, [int.Nov.12], 1804.

Zerviah, wid., and Samuel Herrin, May12,1806.*


John of Blandford, and Rhoda Norton, Nov.24,1796.*

MOOR (Moore)

Elijah and Mary Whitcom, int.Mar.末,1786.

Roxelane of Southwick, and William Johnson, int.May12,1794.

MOORE (Moor)

Almira and Stephen B. Nichols.Jan.27,1825.

Angeline A. and Oliver S. Millard, Mar.9,1842.

Asa and Olive D. Peet, int.May15,1842.

Clarissa of Chester, and Robert H. Millard, int.July10,1815.

Edward and Hariet Smith, int.Sept.12,1836.

Eldad B. Jr. and Thankful Davis, Jan.31,1838.

Julia A., 22, d.Pliney, and Leander J. Filley, Sept.8,1847.

Marietta and Isaiah Thomas, Nov.24,1841.

Miranda of Southwick, and David Titus, int.Nov.27,1798.

Parcis of Blandford, and John Gibbs, Sept.16,1802.*

Sarah and Henry S. Rockwell, int.Dec.19,1833.

Sophronia [int.Soprona] and Rodolphus Searl, Oct.31,1822.


Sally and Norman Thomas, Nov.21,1811.


William of W. Springfield, and Emily Ferris, int.June4,1848.


John of Sandisfield, and Samanth [int.Samantha] Bogue, Feb.23,1824.

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