Elijah of Otis, and Betsey Lee, Dec.2,1824.


Nathan of Bethlehem, and Elisabeth Beard, May5,1801.*


Isabel of Russell, and Samuel Allin Dewey, int.June15,1818.

Lois of Ashford, and Timothy Snow, June12,1787.*

Mary of Russell, and Alonzo N. Dewey, int.May13,1820.


Anselm, 21, of Highgate, VT, s.Anselm of Highgate, VT, and Sophronia S. Remington, Mar.14,1846.

PASCO (Pasko)

Abel and Sarah Ferguson,末蔓末,1791 [int.Sept.15,1792].

PASKO (Pasco)

Sarah and John Oderick [int.O.] Durlham, Nov.1,1795.


Nancy and Loring Knox, Mar.14,1809.


Michael of Lenox, and Almira Walker, July10,1815.


Francis, 21, and Arriett Bodro, Oct.13,1847.


Betsey of Otis, and Benjamin Matthews, int.Mar.14,1827.

Richard of Loudon, and Susanna Davison, Mar.29,1797.*


Alexander G., 26, b. Enfield, CT, of Springfield, s.Reuben of Enfield, and Amanda H. Stevens, Nov.1,1849.*


Olive D. of Sheffield, and Asa Moore, int.May15,1842.


Betsy of Otis, and Eber Jones, July15,1813, in Otis.*

Philanda of Loudon, and Seth Root, June11,1805.*


Amos of Hebron, CT, and Olive Alford, int.Feb.6,1805.

Asa and Clarissa James, int.Nov.11,1802.

Augustus M. and Ruth S. Snow, Nov.8,1838.

Benjamin C. [int.Chaplin] and Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] Anna Walden, Sept.15,1802.

Charles O. and Joanna S. Snow, Apr.13,1842.

Charles O., widr., 26, s.O.A. and Sarah, and Olive C. Snow, Feb.11,1846.

Darius and Polly Dewey, June26,1808.

Ebenezer W. and Lydia E. Stedman, Apr.1,1835.

Elizabeth W. [int.Elisabeth A.] and Josiah W. [int.omits W.] Hollister, Sept.8,1830.

Esther and Thompson Blair, Mar.11,1795.

Mary C.and Hamilton P. Cady, Nov.8,1831.

Sarah L and William Birnie, Feb.4,1841.


Abraham [int.Jr.] of Lee, and Elizabeth Ann [int.Elisabeth Anna] Baird, Dec.21,1820.

Deidamia of Lee, and Manoah Ellis Jr., int.Oct.5,1802.


Rocitta of Granby, and Oliver Snow Jr., int.May6,1800.


Abigail 2d [int.omits 2d] and Thomas Lester, Apr.8,1818.

Alvah and Mary Jane Hearsey, int.Aug.9,1835.

Benajah of Loudon, and Hannah Thomas, Oct.28,1801.*

Benjamin and Beulah S. Pitt, int.Mar.11,1837.

Cynthia and Solomon Barber, Apr.23,1807.

Dimis and Newton Mather, int.Mar.24,1834.

Elisabeth of Springfield, and Newman K. Chaffe, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Feb.19 and May13,1820].

Fanny L. [int.Louisa] and Elisha R. Lee, Apr.22,1819.

Harvey and Rebeccah (int.Rebekah] Kingsley, Jan.30,1826.

Harvey and Anna L. King, int.Nov.11,1848.

Hannorah of Loudon, and Barns Hubbard, July9,1807, in Loudon.*

Jemima and Solomon Barber, int.Mar.16,1805.

Nathan Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Betsey [int.Betsy] Thomas, Mar.11,1816.

Ralph and Esther Rudd, June3,1819.

Rowena and George Thomas, May12,1808.*

Sarah A., 18, d.Harvey and Rebecca, and Milton Barnes, Mar.3,1846.

Sterling of Otis, and Ruth Smith, int.June13,1831.


James and Susanna Champlin [int.Champion], Mar.28,1815.

PHINNEY (Finney, Pinney)


Joseph of Otis, and Orrissa Kingsley, Feb.8,1819.

PINNEY (Finney)

Aaron and Fanny Chapman, Apr.15,1802.

Benjamin and Deliverance Nichols, Mar.14,1797.

Mabel and Orion Millard, Dec.27,1797.

Silas and Polly Fuller, Feb.22,1802.


Beulah S. of Hinsdale, and Benjamin Phelps, int.Mar.11,1837.


Alanson S. and Mamre E. Chanter, Jan.1,1833.

Alanson S. and Mary E. Wilber, int.Mar.11,1838.

Dorcas and David A. Thorp, Jan.1,1833.

Enoch of Southampton, and Ruth Brown, int.June14,1825.

Gad Jr. of Southampton, and Joanna Harris, Mar.25,1807.

Joseph R. and Fanny Searles [int.Searls], Nov.7,1836.


Hannah and Elias Clark, int.Dec.22,1776.


Clarissa and Gordon Spencer, July10,1808.

Eleanor and Jesse Snow, Mar.25, [1806].

Jacob Jr. and Thankfull [int.Thankful] Ellis, Dec.16,1811.

William and Clarissa Wadsworth, int.Jan.26,1803.

Worthy of Greenvill, and Florenna Case, Aug.27,1811, in Otis.*

PRENTISS (Printis)

Eliza W. of Chester, and Abner I. Ames, int.Apr.16,1848.

PRINTIS (Prentiss)

William of Worthington, and Irene Ames, Apr.18,1838.


Azubah and Joel Eames, Dec.14,1795.

David [int.Jr.] and Hannah Church, Feb.1,1831.

Emily S. and Seth H. Church, int.Nov.4,1833.

Hannah and William Hine, Aug.3,1820.

Isaac and Lucinda E. Church, int.Apr.8,1834.

Jonathan M. and Phebe Rouse, int.Jan.19,1830.

Lucinda and Henry Hatch, int.Apr.18,1822.

Lucy and John Messenger, int.Mar.10,1802.

Patty and Nathaniel Gleason, int.June13,1795.

Nathan and Laodicea Walker, May31,1818.

Rachel and Dea.Stephen Wadsworth, Nov.6,1816.

Rowena and John Denison [int.Dennison], Apr.7,1830.

Roxana [int.Roxena] and Dana M. Smith, June26,1820.

Ruth and Elijah Walker, Oct.1,1818.

Susan P. and Horace Spring, Oct.4,1832.

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