BACKUS (Beckus)

William H. and Amand Bradley, Apr.4,1839.*


James L., Maj., and Susan Wainwright, Nov.17,1819.*

Lucy of Egremont and Nathan Benjamin, Nov.26,1812.*

Porter A. of Princeton, IL, and Mary M. Lee, June6,1848.*

BAILEY (Baley)


Eliza C. and Richard Bump, Sept.16,1817.*


Nancy and William Hambly, Feb.28,1788.*CR2


Charles M. of Stockbridge, s.Milton and w.Stockbridge, and Maria L. Van Deusen, Oct.14,1849.*

John of W. Stockbridge, and Mrs.Mary Seymour Dec.27,1835.*CR2


Israel and Mary Ann Wheler, Nov.5,1822.*


Osee and Emelia Turner, May5,1813.*

Osee and Rachel Pixley, Sept.23,1817.*


Timothy Jr. and Julia Hills, Sept.5,1813.*

BARNES (Barns)

Asa Austin and Catharine [Catharine Amelia.CR2] Wheeler, Sept.21,1841.*

Elisha M. and Marinda Bristol, Oct.11,1826.*

BARNS (Barnes)

Lucy and Samuel Bement Jr., June6,1793.*PR2


Lanson and Bersheba Pixley, Sept.1,1825.*

Mary J. and John Warner, May8,1845.*CR2

BARRITT (Burritt)

Eleazer and Sarah Church, int.Apr.14,1762.


David, 26, b. Ireland, and Theresa Logan,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1847].*


Laura M. and Charles A. Burghardt, negroes, Nov.12,1837.*CR2


Ithael Jr. of Tyringham, and Sally Smith, Nov.30,1814.*

William M. and Sarah Brooks, Oct.25,1826.*


Charles and Fanny Mansir, Jan.10,1821.*

Frances and Moses T. Sanford, Oct.21,1817.*

Mary and Charles C. Stanton, Feb.3,1811.*PR1


William and Rachel Teall, Mar.16,1774.*CR2

BECKUS (Backus)

John and Sally Whiting, Apr.30,1779.*CR2


Daniel W., s.Erastus and Martha, and Harriet Martin, Oct.28,1849.*

Erastus and Martha Wilcox, Apr.26,1821.*

Fabius and Polly Van Deusen, June11,1818.*

Harriet E., d.Fabius, and Mark R. Van Deusen, widr., Apr.21,1846.*

Mark and Modena Spellmen, [sic] Apr.28,1842.*

Patience and Dr. Alfred Ely, May13,1812.*


Elizabeth and Maurice Pixley, May8,1839.*


Samuel Jr. of Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT, and Lucy Barns, June6,1793.*PR2

BENDICT (Benedict)

Abel of Tyringham and Betsey Wadsworth, Sept.5,1799.*

BENEDICT (Bendict)

Jared of Solon, NY, and Anna Stimpson, Aug.23,1804.*


Nathan of CT, and Lucy Bacon, Nov.26,1812.*

William and Abigal Fitch, Oct.3,1774.*CR2


Polly and Benjamin Noble, July3,1777.*CR2

BILL (Bills)

Mary M. of Tryingham, and Larned Wilkinson, June22,1836.*CR2

BILLS (Bill)

Catharine and George Chadwick, Jan.1,1844.*


John and Polly Munson, Aug.25,1793.*PR2


Elizabeth Ann and Oliver Warner, May29,1822.*

BLIN (Blinn)

Ebenezer and Lucy Porter, Jan.15,1793.*PR2

Hapsy and Seth Hitchcox, May6,1804.*

Nancy and Orson Smith, Apr.12,1804.*

BLINN (Blin)

Emily and Jesse Smith Jr., Nov.21,1813.*


Allin and Phebee Woodworth, Apr.2,1797.*PR1

Elijah of New Milford, and Mary Ann Whiting, Sept.25,1792.*CR1


Fanny and Charles G. Dewey, Apr.7,1825.*

Jane and William R. Wing, July14,1825.*

Margaret H. and Ezra C. Tickner, Apr.30,1834.*CR2


Moses and Lydia Freman, Aug.1,1782.*CR2


Sabra and James Moulthrop, July8,1804.*PR1


Louisa [Louise.CR2] W. and Frederick S. Day, widr., Feb.14,1849.*


Thomas B. and Malona C. Granger, Jan.19,1836.*


Ruby and John Sibley,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*


Abigail of Lee, and Sylvenus Foot, Oct.4,1804.*

Amand of Lee, and William H. Backus, Apr.4,1839.*

Dan and Fanny Presby,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1816, and Apr.30,1817].*

Eunice M. and Samuel H. Sears, Oct.24,1838.*

Francis [sic] L. and Luther Williams, June6,1838.*

Harriet E. 25, d.Zalmon P. and Eunice, and Edwin H. Clark, Nov.3,1847.*

Mark and Clarissa Scott, Nov.10,1842.*

Rachel and Alvah Jarvis, Sept.22,1813.*

Rhoda of Lee, and Andrew Cornish, Oct.4,1804.*

Zibe and Abigail Hart, Jan.8,1807.*PR1


Elisabeth and Joseph Gilbert, int.May7,1763.

Samuel and Mary Long, int.Oct.9,1762.


Alzina and Mark Church, Sept.末,1837.*

Mary and Moses Burr, May2,1838.*


Delia and Levi Ives, Jan.28,1841.*

Louisa N. and Ambrose E. Stawter, Sept.15,1841.*

Marinda and Elisha M. Barnes, Oct.11,1826.*

BRONSON (Brunson)


Lois of Farmington, and Ebenezer Hamblin Jr., int.Dec.18,1762.

Sarah and William M. Battle, Oct.25,1826.*


Anna of Sheffield, and Isaac Burritt, Aug.21,1813.*

Cynthia (see Syntha).

Syntha of New Marlboro, and Samuel Chapman, Apr.2,1795, in New Marlboro.*

George of Sheffield, and Lovina Tullar, Nov.26,1812.*

Philoris and Parish Cobern, Dec.8,1774.*CR2

Samuel and Esther Clark, Feb.24,1785, in Sandisfield.*


Abel and Sarah Hill, int.Jan.20,1764.


William C. and Frances Fairchild, Jan.11,1821.*


Polly and John Willard Jr., Dec.13,1812.*

BUEL (Buell)

Jane E., d.Truman, and Thomas C. Ives, Feb.9,1845.*

Julia and John B. Bump, Jan.4,1842.*

BUELL (Buel)

Laura M. and George Arnold, Apr.28,1829.*


John B. and Julia Buel, Jan.4,1842.*

Richard and Eliza C. Baker, Sept.16,1817.*


John 2d and Harriet Ann Mirels Merils, Feb.22,1835.*CR2


Andrew and Catharine Van Deusen Feb.26,1789.*CR2

Berintha and Festus Ray, Dec.12,1805.*

Catherine and George Stanley, Mar.28,1793.*CR1

Catharine and John Lester,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*

Charles A. and Laura M. Bates, negroes, Nov.12,1837.*CR2

David and Phebe Grinold, June26,1834.*CR2

Eleanor and Aaron Day, Apr.23,1807.*

Fitie and Amos Church, Mar.2,1808.*

Hannah and Oliver Ingersoll, Oct.6,1774.*CR2

Hannah Maria and Peter Race Markham, Dec.25,1832.*

Hendrick Jr. and Hannah Spoor, Oct.7,1773.*CR2

Henry and Mary Van Deusen,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*

Isaack and Mrs.Rachel Harriot Van Deusen, Mar.27,1836.*CR2

Jacob and Margetun Grinuotes [?] May6,1830.*CR2

John 2d and Jerusha Hurlbert, Mar.28,1802.*PR1

Lambert and Mary Houke, Jan.16,1783.*CR2

Lamber and Fitie Van Deusen, Dec.14,1785.*CR2

Lambert 2d and Hannah Van Deusen, Sept.6,1807.*

Lonson N. and Catharine Glentz, Feb.24,1841.*

Lucinda and Jacob Jackson, Oct.13,1841.*

Margret and Eli Denire, Feb.23,1784.*CR2

Mariah M. and Samuel Van Ness, May4,1836.*CR2

Mary and Henry Knoll, int.Oct.30,1761.

Mary and John Gun, Oct.7,1773.*CR2


Martha and Daniel S. Foote, Jan.2,1839.*

Moses and Mary Briggs, May2,1838.*

BURRITT (Barritt)

Isaac and Anna Brown, Aug.21,1813.*


Samuel H. and Maria Augusta Hills, Nov.15,1834, in Austerlitz, NY.*


Spencer of Stockbridge, and Cynthia E. Seymour, Mar.4,1845.*

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