HALENBECK (Holenbeg, Hollenbeck)

Cate of Egremont, and John Vandeusen int.June1,1762.

Rachel of Egremont, and Coonrod Vandeusen, int.Oct.29,1763.


William and Esther Stevens,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.27,1818, and Apr.27,1819].*


William and Nancy Baley, Feb.28,1788.*CR2

HAMLEN (Hamlin)

Emeline and Zena Parks, Oct.5,1820.*

HAMLIN (Hamlen)

Ebenezer Jr. and Lois Brooks, int.Dec.18,1762.

HARDICK (Hardwick)

Martha and Abraham H. Van Hosen, Jan.1,1849.*

HARDWICK (Hardick)

Sarah and James King, Sept.26,1843.*


Joseph C. of Egremont, and Mary C. Kellog, Oct.5,1830.*CR2

Nancy of Egremont, and Josiah Webb, Mar.4,1795.*PR2

Nicholas of Egremont, and Anna Westover, Mar.4,1795.*PR2


Elenor and Amos Olds, Feb.10,1803.*PR1

Lucretia and Abel Sherman, Nov.26,1812.*

Oliver and Adaline Peck, Nov.17,1848.*

Peter, 25, s.John and Clarissa, and Margaret J. Moon, Sept.4,1848.*


Elisha, Capt., and Lydia Kilborn, June7,1841.*

George and Hannah Avery, Feb.12,1823.*


Abigail and Zibe Bradley, Jan.8,1807.*PR1

Almira and Eaton Ford, Mar.12,1818.*

Delia and John Son, Nov.24,1842.*

Lucy and Henry Hulbert, Feb.14,1813.*

Nancy and Palmer Hulbert, Feb.14,1813.*

Sarah Ann and John G. Turner, Mar.8,1820.*

Susan, d.Martin, and Thomas French Jr., Oct.18,1844.*


Thirsa and Samuel Sherwood,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.27,1818, and Apr.27,1819].*


Frances and Henry S. Kilmore, Aug.12,1830.*CR2

HASKINS (Hoskins)


Benjamin and Christine Perry, Aug.8,1782.*CR2

Mary L. and John Race, Jan.1,1839.*CR2


Catharine and William Ingersoll 3d, Jan.4,1814.*

Eliza B. and Henry R. Couch,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.27,1818, and Apr.27,1819].*


Daniel and Eunice Sprague, Feb.14,1780.*CR2


Allen and Esther Fairchild, Dec.30,1813.*


Eliza N., wid.W. Stockbridge, and Lockwood Carey, widr., Oct.4,1846.*

HICKOX (Hicox)

Aner and John Adams, May25,1780.*CR2

John and Mary Wilson, Dec.25,1771.*CR2

Lucinda and William Adams, July3,1783.*CR2

Mary and Samuel Smith, June13,1771.*CR2

Sabra and Eli Lyon, Apr.10,1777.*CR2

HICOX (Hickox)

Henry of Buffalo, NY, and Mary Chapin, June25,1840.*

HILL (Hills)

Caleb and Mary Tyler, Oct.27,1776.*CR2

Polly and William Ford, May10,1801.

Mercy and Stephen Hulbert,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1796, and Apr.1,1797].*

R. Maria, 20, d.Rodney and Sarah, and Frederic T. Whiting, Dec.11,1849.* [Ruth Maria and Frederick T. Whiting.CR2]

Sarah and Abel Brunson, int.Jan.20,1764.

HILLS (Hill)

Edward and Hulda Whiting, Apr.23,1831.*CR2

Julia and Timothy Barnard Jr., Sept.5,1813.*

Maria Augusta of Egremont, and Samuel H. Burt, Nov.15,1834, in Austerlitz, NY.*


Daniel and Harriet Woodworth, May12,1824.*


David and Sarah Swan, May2,1799.

Julia and John Smith, May16,1805.*

Seth and Hapsy Blin, May6,1804.*


Clement of W. Stockbridge, and Hannah M. Ives, Jan.7,1844.*


Lovina and Isaac S. Van Deusen,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.29,1819, and Apr.29,1820].*

HOLENBEG (Halenbeck, Hollenbeck)

Anne and John Church Jr., Nov.2,1786.*CR2

HOLLENBECK (Halenbeck, Holenbeg)

Achsah M. of Egremont, and David M. Truman, June17,1847.*CR2

Andrew of Egremont, and Lois [int.Louis] Ransom, Jan.21,1796.

Cornelia of Egremont, and Abraham Race, Nov.12,1799.*

Eliza Ann and William Van Deusen, Apr.22,1824, in Egremont.*

Eliza G. and David Church, June6,1843.*CR2

John V. and Miranda C. Wheeler, Mar.17,1841.*

Sarah and Albert Tinker, Jan.12,1832.*CR2


Egbert, b. Salisbury, CT, s.末末 of Salisbury, and Helen M. Wilcox, Apr.8,1846.*

Electa P. of Tyringham, and Christopher H. Glentz, Feb.4,1841.*

William L. and Louisa Dibble, June22,1837.*


Elisabeth of Sheffield, and Gideon King, May22,1783, in New Marlboro.*


Appelona Frank and Jesse Hopkins, Aug.6,1805.*PR2

James and Sarah Spoor, Mar.1,1810.*

Jemima and Stephen Sibley, Feb.23,1785.*CR2

Jesse of Henderson, NY, and Appelona Frank Hopkins, Aug.6,1805.*PR2

Keziah and Augustus Thompson, Nov.25,1795.*PR2

Margarett and Philorus [?] Williams, negroes, Sept.4,1831.*CR2

Mary N. and Norman Kellogg, Sept.14,1823.*

Nancy and Caleb Stanley, Sept.3,1815.*


Anthony and Rhoda Goodrich, int.Mar.25,1763.

HOUCK (Houke)

Abraham and Esther Chapman, Jan.3,1793.*CR1

Hannah and John J. Van Deusen, Feb.25,1789.*CR2

Isaac and Fitie Van Deusen, Mar.16,1785.*CR2

Lambert and Evering Ganje, July13,1786.*CR2

Martin and Deborah Austin, Nov.20,1783.*CR2

HOUKE (Houck)

Mary and Lambert Burghardt, Jan.16,1783.*CR2


Selden of Glastonbury, CT, and Mary Kinne, Sept.10,1838.*


Elijah N. and Julia Seley, Mar.19,1835.*CR2


Sarah and Nathaniel Lee, Dec.20,1763.


Hardy of Columbus, NY, and Lucretia Hyde, Dec.22,1806.*


Betsey and Reuben King, June6,1799.

HULBERT (Hurlburt)

Fanny and John Connor, Sept.1,1807.*

Hannah and Edward P. Woodworth, Oct.15,1823.*

Henry and Lucy Hart, Feb.14,1813.*

Jerusha and John Burghardt 2d, Mar.28,1802.*PR1

John M. and Charlotte Dresser, Apr.26,1822.*

Josiah A. and Eliza Ann Foster, June12,1828.*

Palmer and Nancy Hart, Feb.14,1813.*

Stephen and Mercy Hill,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1796, and Apr.1,1797].*

Sylvester and Olive Chatfield, Mar.2,1825.*


Charles of Lee, and Anna Taylor, June22,1814.*PR1


Peggy and Cesar Freeman, Mar.24,1783.*CR2


Electa and John Sherman,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.29,1815, and Apr.29,1816].*

Levi and Nancy Fargo, Mar.17,1808.*

Mercy and Ansel Ray, Mar.1,1809.*


Henry J. of N. Lee, and Mary Smith, Feb.3,1840.*

HURLBURT (Hulbert)

Elizabeth and Isaac Hurlburt, Feb.8,1776.*CR2

Isaac and Elizabeth Hurlburt, Feb.8,1776.*CR2


Elisabeth and Beriah Thomas, int.Mar.19,1763.


Esther and John R. Seers, Oct.16,1838.*

Levi W., 23, b. New Marlboro, s.Levi, and Harriet C. Newman, Sept.17,1845.*

Lucretia of Lenox, and Hardy Hubby, Dec.22,1806.*

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