Hemen Jr. of Southwick, and Elizabeth Ford, Feb.28,1844.*

LAIRD (Lard)

Anna and Peleg Ross, Mar.22,1809.*

Esther and Nathan Stedman, Apr.2,1836.*

Levi and Lydia Church, Jan.13,1808.*

Mark, s.Levi, and Mary Ann Osborn, Apr.26,1848.*

Mary and Jacob Van Deusen, Nov.1,1787.*CR2

Nancy and William P. L'Hommedieu, Dec.13,1837.*CR2

Samuel and Mary Spaulding, Sept.20,1781, in New Marlboro.*

Samuel and Anne Moulthrop, Oct.5,1836.*CR2


Lois and George White,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.27,1818, and Apr.27,1819.]*


Electa of Lee, and Theron Reed, Apr.4,1839.*


Gordon B. of Tyringham, and Emely J. Mansir, Apr.12,1837.*CR2


Frederick and Caroline A. Tucker, Dec.30,1841.*

LAOMIS (Loomis)

Josiah and Rebeckah Ray, June24,1804.*PR1

LARD (Laird)

Joseph and Eunice Vining, Mar.7,1796.*PR1

LARKIN (Larkins)

Eli and Maria Seely, Oct.26,1806.*

Nancy and Silas T. Pixley, Apr.2,1844.*CR2

LARKINS (Larkin)

Hariot and Jere Gilbert, Jan.1,1834.*CR2


Elias J. and Aurora F. Sanford, Oct.15,1849.* [Elias James Laselle and Aurora Sanford, Oct.16.CR2]


Hezekiah and Hannah Maria Sanford, Feb.24,1825.*


Rachel of Stockbridge, and Dan Warner, Sept.22,1785, in Stockbridge.*

Le HOMMEDIEU (L'Hommedieu)

George and Elizabeth Day, Apr.23,1840.*


Anna and Daniel Read, int.Jan.1,1763.

Emily and John Mather, Apr.28,1813.*

Joseph and Eunice Woodbridge, int.Dec.12,1761.

Joseph T. of Beekman, Dutchess Co., NY, and Harriet A. Reasoner, Oct.21,1845.*

Lucy and David Stow, int.Apr.10,1762.

Mary M. and Porter A. Bacon, June6,1848.*

Nathaniel and Sarah Hubbel, Dec.20,1763.

Samuel, Dr. [in pencil, "should be Docr Joseph Lee"] [int.Joseph, omits Dr.], and Eunice Woodbridge, Jan.21,1762, in Stockbridge.

Solomon Noble and Hannah King, Jan.21,1798.

Warham and Lydia Noble, Oct.2,1771.*CR2

William and Polly Church, Mar.19,1807.*


Charlotte and Jacob Spoor, Dec.16,1813.*

Elizabeth and Moses Church, Nov.25,1813.*

Fiche Maria, d.John, and Stephen E. Smith, Feb.28,1844.*

John and Catharine Burghardt,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*

Mary and William Root, Dec.4,1817.*

Nancy and Jonathan P. Toby,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.29,1819, and Apr.29,1820].*

Sally and Garre Schoonhoven, Oct.6,1825.*

Silas Jr. and Elizabeth O'Brien, Nov.16,1842.*


Elvira, Mrs., and Lorenzo H. Rice, Mar.18,1846.*CR2

Frederick and Elvira B. Rice, Nov.6,1839.*

L'HOMMEDIEU (Le Hommedieu)

Eliza and Levi O. Mason, Nov.27,1844.*CR2

William P. of W. Stockbridge, and Nancy Laird, Dec.13,1837.*CR2


Martha C. and William A. Dibble, Nov.26,1846.*CR2


Theresa, 19, b. Ireland, and David Barry,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.30,1847].*


Mary of Stockbridge, and Samuel Breck, int.Oct.9,1762.

LOOMIS (Laomis)

Benjamin of Sheffield, and Lucy Tucker Nov.8,1791, in Sheffield.*

Elizabeth of Egremont and Roger Newbury Miller, Dec.21,1797.*


Augustine B. [in pencil], s.Henry A. and Melinda McKinstry [this added in pencil], and Mary V. [in pencil] Robbins, Oct.27,1841.*


Sabrina and Lorenzo Kellogg, Jan.6,1824.*

LOTHROP (Lathrop)


Lydia of Stockbridge, and Jonathan Younglove, June13,1794, in Stockbridge.*


Eli and Sabra Hickox, Apr.10,1777.*CR2

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