Betsey and Abel Bendict, Sept.5,1799.*

Samuel of "No. 1," and Thankful Dewey, int.Sept.17,1761.

WAINWRIGHT (Waneright)

Electa L. and Ebenezer Pope Jr., Jan.6,1840.*

Louis [female] and Sidney N. Norton, Feb.9,1825.*

Sally and Justus B. King, Dec.25,1805.*

Susan and Maj. James L. Bacon, Nov.17,1819.*


David and Sarah Doty, Sept.29,1785.*CR2

WANERIGHT (Wainwright)

David and Reube Younglove, Feb.19,1776.*CR2

WARFIELD (Wharfield)


Dan and Rachel Lawrence, Sept.22,1785, in Stockbridge.*

Henry of Waterloo, NY, and Jane Rossiter, Feb.9,1837.*CR2

Jesse and Rhoda Fenton, Mar.29,1778.*CR2

John of Egremont, and Mary J. Barnum, May8,1845.*CR2

Mary of New Marlborough, and Lorenzo Rood, Dec.24,1839.*

Noah H. and Amy E. Toby, Apr.18,1832.*CR2

Oliver and Elizabeth Ann Blakslee, May29,1822.*

William of Sheffield, and Juliel Ives, Sept.9,1838.*


Patence and Joseph Dickson, Sept.7,1783.*CR2


Josiah of Egremont, and Nancy Hare, Mar.4,1795.*PR2

Sena of Egremont, and Stephen Perry, May25,1802.*

Thankfull of Egremont, and Walter Fitch, Jan.11,1804.*PR1


Elisabeth and Oliver Pier, int.July10,1762.

Levi of Sandisfield, and Louisa Coy, Oct.17,1813.*


Hannah of Egremont, and Luke Noble, int.Nov.27,1762.


Benoni C. and Alma C. Ives, Apr.17,1821.*


Anna and Nicholas Hare, Mar.4,1795.*PR2


Caroline F. d.Rowland C. and w., and Norman J. Smith, Dec.28,1848.*

Charlotte and Read Roberts,末蔓末,1838.*

Sarah A., 22, d.Rowland and Anna, and Henry C. Fenn, June19,1845.*

WHEELER (Wheler)

Ann Eliza and Rev. Lewis Pease, Dec.3,1835, in NY.*

Catharine and Asa Austin Barnes, Sept.21,1841.* [Catharine Amelia.CR2]

Clarissa and Joseph Gibson, July19,1812.*

Clarissa and Samuel Crippen, Sept.9,1824.*

Claudius and Mary Ives, Jan.27,1825.*

Laurinda and Charles Kellogg, Mar.30,1803.

Marcus S. and Harriet Vosburgh, Dec.31,1840.*

Miranda C. and John V. Hollenbeck, Mar.17,1841.*

Peyton R. [int.Peyton Randolph Wheler] and Eliza Austin, Mar.2,1800.

WHELER (Wheeler)

Mary Ann and Israel Ballou, Nov.5,1822.*

Truman and Huldah Cadwell, Oct.2,1771.*CR2


George and Lois Lambert末蔓末, 末蔓[rec. between Apr.27,1818, and Apr.27,1819].*


Frederic T., 24, s.Theodore and Amelia, and R. Maria Hill, Dec.11,1849.* [Frederick T. and Ruth Maria Hill.CR2]

Hulda and Edward Hills, Apr.23,1831.*CR2

Martha E. and David Allen, Oct.11,1836.*

Polly and Ezra Kellogg, Apr.30,1779.*CR2

Mary Ann and Elijah Boardman, Sept.25,1792.*CR1

Sally and John Beckus, Apr.30,1779.*CR2

William 3d and Sarah Ann Ransom, Sept.30,1792.*CR1


Luther and Nancy Cooper, May13,1813.*

Lydia of Stockbridge, and Samuel Rosseter, Apr.26,1824.*


Ezra of Stockbridge, and Anna Pixley, int.Sept.18,1762.


Clark A. and Rachel Van Deusen, Mar.25,1830.*

Emily and Albert Fowler Esq., Aug.11,1836.*

Helen M., b. Canaan, CT, and Egbert Hollister, Apr.8,1846.*

Jenette E. of Canaan, CT, and John C. Russell, Nov.26,1829.*

Lucy Ann and Benjamin F. Durant, Jan.16,1834.*CR2

Martha and Erastus Beckwith, Apr.26,1821.*

Mary of Sheffield, and Daniel Russell, Oct.9,1827.*CR2

Morris B. and Hannah Gorham, May8,1836.*CR2

Sophia and Warren G. Grant, June30,1819.*


Larned of New Hartford, CT, and Mary M. Bill, June22,1836.*CR2


Cynthia and Ira Johnson,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*

Daniel and Phebe Freeman, Apr.15,1779, in New Marlboro.*

John Jr. and Polly Buck, Dec.13,1812.*


Elizabeth and Frederick W. Pynchon, Apr.19,1826.*

Henry K. and Catherine Colver, Apr.13,1837.*

John Jr. and Elisabeth Ashley, int.Oct.7,1763.

Luther of W. Troy, and Francis [sic] L. Bradley, June6,1838.*

Philorus [?] and Margarett Hopkins, negroes, Sept.4,1831.*CR2


Nancy of Stockbridge, and Daniel Pixley, Oct.30,1796, in Lenox.*


George of Egremont, and Mary L. Sanford, May23,1833.*CR2


James and Abigal Woodruff, Feb.10,1791.*CR2


Nabby and William Johnson, Nov.2,1820.*

Major S., widr., [dup. omits widr.], of Lenox, and Marina E. Fenn, Feb.18,1844.*

Mary and John Hickox, Dec.25,1771.*CR2


Anner and Silas Pixley, July4,1798.

Leverett and Lydia Jones, Oct.25,1814.*


George W. of New Haven, and Mary Ann Rogers, Aug.2,1834.*CR2

Stephen of New Marlborough, and Sabina Camp, Feb.2,1797.*


William R. and Jane Bolton, July14,1825.*


Forbush and Hannah Ashley, Nov.19,1788, in Sheffield.*

Zebedee, Dr., and Elvira Sprague, June27,1824.*


Eunice and Dr. Samuel Lee [in pencil, "should be Docr Joseph Lee"] [int.Joseph, omits Dr.], Jan.21,1762, in Stockbridge.


Abigal and James Wilmoth, Feb.10,1791.*CR2


Edward P. and Hannah Hulbert, Oct.15,1823.*

Harriet and Daniel Hinman, May12,1824.*

Lucinda and Samuel Andrews,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1816, Apr.30,1817].*

Phebee and Allin Boardman, Apr.2,1797.*PR1


Ira, Dr., and Ann Maria Chappell,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.30,1814, and May1,1815].*

Thankful of Springfield, and Joseph Jones, Apr.9,1764, in Springfield.*

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