Hiram P. of Hamilton, NY, and Eunice C. Kittredge, Jan.16,1839.

PAIN (Payn, Payne)

Ebenezer Jr. and Dilight Cady, int.Apr.16,1809.

PARISH (Parrish)

Elisha H., 26, b. Worthington, s.Elisha and Elvira of Worthington, and Elvira Comstock, Sept.22,1845.*

Gordon and Mrs.Chloe Bates, int.Apr.2,1842.

Solyma of Worthington, and Rufus M. Wright, int.Oct.26,1828.


Asenath of Peru and Niel Charles, int.Feb.19,1832.

PARRISH (Parish)

Roswell [int.Parish] of Riga, NY, and Lovina Goodrich, June7,1831.

PARSON (Parsons)

Hannah [int.Parsons] and Lathrop Ladd [int.Lad], Jan.4,1827.

Louis female of Worthington, and Prentis Collins, int.May16,1813.

Lucinday [int.Lucina] and Heman Eldridge [int.Eldridg], Oct.9,1828. [Parsons;CR]

PARSONS (Parson)

John [int.Parson] of Kalamazoo, MI, and Mary B. Colt, Oct.4,1847.

Lemuel Jr. and Achsa [int.Asenath Achsah] Richards, Nov.6,1810.

Lucy N. and Charles K. Booth, int.Nov.12,1842.

Maria, 26, d.Lemuel, and Lyman Mack, June30,1847.

Polly (or Mary) [dup. Marry] and John Wintworth, int.Dec.末,1804.

Polly and Cephas Cole, Mar.25,1819.CR

Rebecca W. and Benjamin E. Warner, Sept.26,1837.

Zilpah, 25, d.Lemuel and Achsa, and Thomas G. Atwood, July16,1846.


Asa B. of Peru, and Mary C. Benton, Apr.8,1824.CR

PAYN (Pain, Payne)

Daniel and Rebeca Bacon, int.Oct.12,1811.

Keziah [int.Payne] and Square [int.Squire] H. Barrett, Dec.16,1828.

Nancy of Cornwall, CT, and David McElwain, May7,1818.*

Noah and Dolly Hatheway, Sept.18,1822.*

Stephen and Ruth Smith, Oct.末,1816.*

PAYNE (Pain, Payn)

Lyman and Emily Emmons, May28,1837. [Payn;CR]

PEARCE (Pearse, Pease, Peese, Peirce, Pierce)

Asa and Caroline Worthington, int.Dec.28,1806.

PEARSE (Pearce, Pease, Peese, Peirce, Pierce)

Sherdrick [Shandrach Peirce added in pencil, int.Shadriach Peirc] of Peru, and Lydia Post [K added in pencil, also in int.] Apr.14,1822.

Zerviah [int.Peirse] and Amasa Frissell, Mar.10,1825. [Pierce;CR]

PEASE (Pearce, Pearse, Peese, Peirce, Pierce)

Erastus and Persis Chapin, Jan.10,1808.*

PEESE (Pearce, Pearse, Pease, Peirce, Pierce)

James Jr. and Olive Thompson, int.末蔓末 [rec. before July27,1806].

PEIRCE (Pearce, Pearse, Pease, Peese, Pierce)

Henry, Capt., and Minerva Dresser, wid.May26,1814.CR

Jerusha and Col. John Reed, int.Nov.20,1814.

John Jr. and Laury Walden Barrett, int.Nov.14,1818. [Pierce, and Waura W., m.Dec.23,1818.CR]

Marshall and Mary P. Francis, Nov.8,1832.

Phenele of Windsor, and John Francis, int.Mar.16,1828.


John and Irena Judd, int.Nov.29,1822.

Tabitha and James Watkins, int.Oct.27,1806.


Benjamin of Becket, and Bulah S. Pitt, int.Mar.27,1837.

Nancy and Daniel Merrill, May5,1814.CR

PIERCE (Pearce, Pearse, Pease, Peese, Peirce)

Eli of Peru, and Electy Leland, Dec.28,1814.*

Erastus [int.Peirce] and Sophia Morgan, Apr.3,1833.

Eunice and William Stevens, Aug.29,1808.* [Peirce, and William Stephens.CR]

Lydia [int.Peirce] and Royal Cushing, Oct.15,1835.

Martha Caroline [intl. Martha Peirc] and Frederic Curtis [int.Frederick Curtiss], Mar.12,1834.

Ruth and Col. John Reed, int.Mar.12,1812. [m.Mar.12,1812.CR]

Warren W. and Climena Morgan, May15,1837. [Peirce;CR]

Warren W. and Abigail Wright, June20,1838.


Bulah S. and Benjamin Phelps, int.Mar.27,1837.

Charles H. and Flavia A. Collins, int.Oct.16,1840.

William B., 29, b. Washington, s.Henry and Sophia, and Cordealia D. Watkins, Oct.11,1848. [Cordelia.CR]


Electa and Millen [Millin.CR] Gallup, int.Dec.15,1818. [m.Jan.13,1819.CR]


Charles H. and Mary W. Kittredge, Nov.28,1832.

Charles H. and Nancy Taylor,末蔓末,1843 [int.Mar.20,1844].

POMEROY (Pomroy)

Hannah L. and Silas B. [int.J.] Barrett,末蔓末,1843 [int.Nov.4,1843]. [m."on or about Monday Nov.27,1843,"CR]

Ruth M. [int.Pomroy] and Russell Tinker Jr.,末蔓末,1843 [int.Nov.26,1843]. [m.Dec.13,1843.CR]

POMROY (Pomeroy)

Curtiss [int.Curtis Pomeroy] of Westfield, and Mary Jackson, Nov.24,1842.


Climena and John Benton, Mar.20,1822.

James and Laurinda Bridgeman, int.Dec.12,1818.


Anna, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid.], 43, and Cyrel [int.Cyril] Spring, widr.[int.omits widr.], Apr.26,1847.

Ichabod and Elizebeth Fuller, int.Apr.1,1813.

Ichabod and Anna Cheeseman, int.Oct.5,1839. [m.Oct.21,1839.CR]

Jeramiah and Amanda F. Merrill, int.Mar.22,1834.

Lydia [K. added in pencil, also in int.] and Sherdrick Pearse [Shadrach Peirce added in pencil, int.Shadriach Peirc] Apr.14,1822.

PUTMAN (Putnam)

Henry and Martha Boardman, int.Feb.19,1823.

Martha and George W. McElwain, int.Feb.18,1810. [Putnam; m.Mar.20,1810.CR]

Mary and Dr. John Kittredge, int.Dec.30,1814. [Putnam, and John Kittridge, m.Jan.1,1815.CR]

Sophia and Daniel Nichols [intl. Nickols], Jan.27,1820. [Putnam;CR]

Susan of Becket, and Horace Spring, Sept.9,1832.*

PUTNAM (Putman)

Henry and Elvisa [int.Elviza] Goodrich, June6,1838.

John and Flora Minverva [int.M.] Hawley, July6,1837.

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