Ashmun [int.Ashman] H., Dr., 29, b. Charlemont, of Charlemont, s.Elias and Deborah of Charlemont, and Julia Spencer, Apr.28,1845.

Edward, Rev., 26, b. Lee, s.Abner and Mary of Lee, and Jane G. Wood, Oct.6,1847.*

George W. of Granby, and Elvisa [int.Elvira L.] Knight, Oct.2,1844.

Graty of Middlefield, and Lyman Leland, int.[Mar.] 7,1813.

Nancy [int.of Chester] and Charles H. Plunkett,末蔓末,1843 [int.Mar.20,1844].


Eunice and Lewcen[?] Hawks, int.Oct.17,1823.


Cordelia and George Barker, int.Sept.2,1832.

Harriet and John McMaster, int.July末,1823.

Loruhanah and Eli Nicholson, int.Oct.15,1825.

Mary Ann and William Squaires, int.Mar.1,1835.


Artemas Esq. and Clarissa Knight, wid., May11,1826.*

Olive and James Peese Jr., int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].

Susan of Peru, and James Sanders, Jan.27,1824.


John of Worthington, and Philena Francis, int.Mar.5,1815.

John L., 23, s.Russell and Polly dec'd, and Samantha M. Curtiss, July1,1845.

Russel and Roxana Abbot [int.Abbott], Feb.6,1834.

Russell Jr. and Ruth M. Pomeroy [int.Pomroy]末蔓末 [int.Nov.26], 1843. [m.Dec.13,1843.CR]

TORREY (Torry)

Henry and Philena Bradley, int.May19,1833.

Ira and Relief Buck, int.Sept.9,1841.

TORRY (Torrey)

Marinda and James Bradley Jr., int.July6,1828.

Thomas and Achsah [dup. int.Axa] Chapman, May12,1836.

Tryphena and Warren Cleveland, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].


末末 and Cyntha Marsh, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].


Charles K. and Nancy M. Durant, int.Oct.26,1834.

Eunice and Joseph B. Smith, May12,1803.CR

Waller and Marey King, int.Jan.23,1810.

Walter and Betsey Durant, int.Sept.24,1832.

Wiliam G. [int.William] and Harriet Knight, Mar.20,1838.


Joanna and Orren Stone, int.Sept.8,1820.


John M. of Peru, and Sarah Frissell, May23,1836, in Peru.CR


William A. of New York City, and Lucy A. [int.Ann] Wing, Nov.12,1832.

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