Betsey P. and Joseph W. Simmons, int.Sept.4,1841.

WARNER (Werner)

Benjamin E. and Rebecca W. Parsons, Sept.26,1837.

Daniel N. and Dorothy Baker, int.Apr.9,1829.

Jerusha and Dickerman Chamberlain, Dec.1,1803.CR

Philothere and Havilah Eames, int.Jan.15,1810. [m.Mar.22,1810.CR]


James J., b. Brimfield, of Brimfield, s.Johm M. and Rachel of Brimfield, and Mary Emmons, Oct.24,1844.

Joseph S. and Cynthia C. Abbott [int.Cynthia E. Abbot], Feb.18,1843.

Lucena L. of Peru, and Sherman Brown, int.Dec.11,1841.

Rebecca D., 25, of Peru, d.Ezra and Polly of Peru, and Adison A. Geer, Mar.30,1847.*

Susan of Brimfield, and Noadiah Emmons, int.May30,1840.

WASHBOUN (Washburn)

Mary [int.Washburn] and Elijah H. Goodrich, Dec.29,1829.

WASHBURN (Washboun)

Abraham and Mr. s Olive Wright, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].


Abel and Polly [dup. Polley] Whitney, Sept.20, 末末. [Sept.20,1804.CR]

Abel and Phoebe [int.Phoeb J.] Higgins, Apr.29,1834.

Agness and Horace Kendrick, int.Dec.7,1839.

Charles E. of Peru, and Mary B. Barrett, int.June8,1839.

Clarrissa of Peru, and Thomas F. Barker, int.Mar.9,1828.

Cordealia D., 24, d.Daniel and Harriet, and William B. Pitt, Oct.11,1848. [Cordelia.CR]

Curtiss [int.Curtis] and Harriet Hamblin [int.Herriet Hamlin], Dec.29,1825. [Curtiss, of Peru.CR]

Daniel and Harriet Richards, June15,1821.* [June15,1820.CR]

Betsy and Capt. Samuel Wright, int.June24,1811. [m.July4,1811.CR]

Emeline [int.Emelin] and Henry L. Nobles [int.Henry S. Noble], Sept.12,1833.

Fany and Daniel Brown, int.Mar.12,1820.

Francis and Alice [int.Allice] Lathrop, Sept.11,1823.

George A. and Mary Kellogg, int.May4,1839.

James and Tabitha Perry, int.Oct.27,1806.

Julia Anne, d.Luther, and Jacob Foster, Aug.14, 末末 [rec. Jan.1,1845.]*

Luther and Lucretia Marsh, int.Feb.25,1810.

Lydia of Peru, and Edwin Morgan, Apr.2,1834.

Miranda of Perue, and John R. Hubbard, int.Feb.1,1823.

Olive and Harry Cady, int.Oct.9,1821.

Rily and Almira Matthews, int.Nov.11,1832. [Matthews; m.Nov.28,1832.CR]

Ruth S., 22, d.Francis and Alice, and William H. Carson, Sept.11,1848.

Samuel and Maria [int.adds P.] [Mariah.CR] Meacham, Feb.20,1839.

Sene and Zenas Bruonill, July17,1806.* [Sena, and Zenas Brownel.CR]


Rebeca and Ira Richards, int.Apr.7,1811. [Rebecka, m.May16,1811.CR]


Asahel and Susannah Wintworth, int.July27,1806. [Susanna, m.Oct.30,1806.CR]

Justus and Hannah Wentworth [int.Wintworht], Feb.28,1811.


Hezekiah M. [ints.adds Dr.] of Windsor, and Judith S. Kittredge, June3,1828.

WENTWORTH (Wintworth)

Amanda and William Clark, Feb.14,1833.

Daniel Jr. [int.Wintworth] and Mary Haradon, Feb.3,1811.

Elijah A. and Cynthia Stowel, int.Jan.13,1839.

Hannah [int.Wintworth] and Justus Webster, Feb.28,1811.

Sarah and Nilson Merryfield, int.Feb.25,1826.

WERNER (Warner)

Horton [int.Warner] and Charlottee Bestow [dup. Besow, dup. and int.Charlotte], Aug.31,1817. [Horton.CR]


Jonathan [and] Mrs.Chloe Gear, int.Oct.6,1809.


Eliza, wid.[int.Mrs.], and Justin Brown, widr.[int.omits widr.], Mar.28,1846.

James M. of Cheshire, and Sophronia Raymond, int.Jan.31,1830.


Joseph [int.of Goshen] and Sophia Huntington, Oct.31,1820.

Otis and Charity Soal, Feb.21,1803.

Sarah H., 26, b. Goshen, d.Joseph and Sophia, and Charles T. Huntington, Mar.28,1848.

WHITNEY (Whitny)

Jabez and Mrs.末末 Davis, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].

Lovina and Ira Hamlin, int.Mar.12,1812. [Levina, m.Apr.8,1812.CR]

WHITNY (Whitney)

Betsy [and] Salmon Squires, int.Apr.3,1814.


George and Orrilla Pease, int.May20,1803.

Sophronia and Pittsfield, and Squire Hooze, int.Sept.10,1842.


Abner and 末末 Ingham, Sept.末,1816.*

Anna [int.Ann] and Zepheniah Barden [int.Zephenia Bardeen], Dec.3,1835. [Zephaniah Bardin.CR]

Aurilia and Obidiah G. Geer, int.Dec.26,1818.

Eliza and Daniel Boardman, int.Aug.17,1834.

Lucy A. [int.Ann] and William A. Tyler, Nov.12,1832.

Malina, 25, d.Zeri and Tryphena, and Sherman Gear, widr.[int.omits widr.], Dec.12,1848. [Geer;CR]

Mylena [int.Mylura] and William Dunivan [int.Dunevan], July20,1829.

Orra and Henry Mosely, Dec.30,1817.

Philander and Almira Alden, int.Nov.25,1832.

Sophia and Asahel Chamberlain, Mar.20,1804.CR

Zera and Tryphena Ingham, Apr.12,1817.*

WINTWORTH (Wwentworth)

Elijah and Caroline Stowell, int.Sept.1,1824. [Elijah A. Wentworth, m.Oct.7,1824, in Peru.CR]

John and Polly (or Mary) [dup. Mary] Parsons, int.Dec.末,1804.

Mary and Martin Seagus, Jan.20,1816.*

Susannah and Asahel Webster, int.July27,1806. [Susanna, m.Oct.30,1806.CR]

Susanna and Rosel Ford, Sept.9,1806.*


Samuel of Arcansaw Teritory [int.late of Arkansaw Territory], and Amanda Frissell, Oct.14,1830.


Abraham and Laura Nickerson, Nov.9,1816.* [Nicholson; Nov.19.CR]


Ephraim and Polly Isham, Jan.8,1802.CR

Jane G., 22, b. Hector Falls, NY, of Aurora, NY, d.Leddre and Caroline of Aurora, NY, and Rev. Edward Taylor, Oct.6,1847.*

Louisa and Monroe Emmons, May2,1838. [Loisa.CR]


Caroline and Asa Pearce, int.Dec.28,1806.

Orra and Bazeaell Sanford, int.Sept.19,1818. [Bazabel Sandford, m.Oct.8,1818.CR]


Abigail and Warren W. Pierce, June20,1838.

Keziah and Israel W. Drown, Oct.6,1835.

Maria [int.Mariah] and Nathaniel H. Hinkley, Apr.18,1830.

Miller and Bigail Charles, May18,1824.*

Nathan Jr. and Ascenath Cone, Feb.8,1816.CR

Olive, Mrs., and Abraham Washburn, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. before July27,1806].

Rebeca [int.Rebecah Wrigh] and Rufus Herick [int.Herrick], Mar.19,1822. [Rebecca.CR]

Rufus M. and Solyma Parish, int.Oct.26,1828.

Samuel, Capt. and Betsy Watkins, int.June24,1811. [m.July4,1811.CR]

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