George, ch.William and Jane, May末,1842.

Henry, ch.William and Jane, Oct.4,1839.

Jenett, ch.William and Jane, Jan.末,1835.

Martha, ch.William and Jane, Jan.4,1837.


Thomas Francis Mitchel, s.James (b. Ireland) and Margaret (b. Ireland) of S. Lee, Aug.7,1849.


Peter, s.James (b. Ireland) and Prudence (b. Ireland), Aug.19,1849.


Angeline Amanda, ch.Caleb and Lucy, Aug.24,1834.

Caleb Smith, ch.Caleb and Lucy, June23,1832.

Darius, ch.Anne Handy, wid., May18,1790.


George Davis, ch.Linus A. and Rebecca C., Dec.18,1836.


James, s.John (b. Ireland) and Ann (b. Ireland), June2,1849.


Calvin, ch.Reuben and Susanah, Mar.25,1814.

Charles, ch.Reuben and Susanah, Dec.26,1804.

Garshom B., ch.Reuben and Susanah, Mar.30,1810.

Lucratia, ch.Reuben and Susanah, Jan.29,1812.

Mary B., ch.Reuben and Susanah, May25,1808.

Reuben [h.Susanah], Feb.2,1777.

Sarah, ch.Reuben and Susanah, Aug.9,1803.

Susanah, w.Reuben, Oct.4,1783.


Oliver, ch.Eliza, Aug.23,1842.


Abiathar, ch.Abiathar and Bathsheba [second w.], Oct.30,1799.

Ancel, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Nov.21,1793.

Archalaus, ch.Abiathar and Desire [first w.], June30,1786.

Bathsheba, ch.Abiathar and Bathsheba [second W.], July25,1796.

Brisena, ch.Heman and Eunice, Feb.8,1814.

Caleb, ch.Charles and Amanda, Nov.20,1820.

Charles, ch.Abiathar and Bathsheba [second w.], June19,1792.

Charles Alanzo, ch.Charles and Amanda, Jan.末,1823.

Daniel, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Aug.22,1796.

Desire, ch.Abiathar and Bathsheba [second w.], Dec.15,1793.

Elisabeth, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, July27,1781.

Fear, ch.Abiathar and Desire, first w.1 Oct.19,1778.

Heman, ch.Abiathar and Desire [first w.], June11,1780.

Jabez, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Aug.14,1779.

John, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Nov.18,1782.

John, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Aug.23,1784.

Joseph, ch.Abiathar and Desire [first w.], Feb.15,1782.

Marshal, ch.Heman and Eunice, Aug.13,1810.

Mary, ch.Abiathar and Desire [first w.], July21,1784.

Mary Amanda, ch.Charles and Amanda, Feb.4,1819.

Philender, ch.Heman and Eunice, Oct.13,1808.

Rhodema, ch.Abiathar and Desire [first w.], May27,1788.

Rhoda, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Feb.12,1792.

Samuel, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Feb.24,1786.

Samuel, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Aug.24,1789.

Sarah, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Oct.20,1787.

Thomas, ch.Archalaus and Sarah, Mar.3,1777.

William Phelps, ch.Heman and Eunice, Dec.14,1806.


Harriet Adaline, ch.Benjamin D. and Melinda, Dec.5,1841.


Mary A., w.William L. Culver, July19,1813.GR


William, ch.George and Martha, Oct.27,1788.


Nabby, ch.Levi and Temperence, Apr.17,1788.

Betsey, ch.Levi and Temperence, Dec.2,1789.

Levi, ch.Levi and Temperence, May25,1781.

Polly, ch.Levi and Temperence, Dec.5,1777.

Marcy, ch.Levi and Temperence, Jan.8,1782.

Seth, ch.Levi and Temperence, Mar.13,1783.

Silence, ch.Levi and Temperence, July31,1779.

Tabitha, ch.Levi and Temperence, July7,1791.

Thomas, ch.Levi and Temperence, June1,1785.


Lydia, ch.Thomas and Marcy, Jan.24,1815.


末末, d.Job and Isabel (third w.), Sept.1,1845.

末末, d.Marshall and Martha M. (b. NY), Jan.24,1849.

Almia, ch.Job and Sally (second w.), Aug.2,1813.

Ashbel, ch.Job and Sally (second w.), Feb.28,1812.

Aurelia, ch.Job and Sally (second w.), Aug.15,1806. [d.Job and Sarah.GR]

Charles Ashbel, ch.Ashbel and Atatilda, Dec.12,1839.

Charles Ashbel, ch.Ashbel and Matilda, Dec.12,1839.

Crocker, ch.William and Chloe, July15,1804.

Edward Marshall, s.Ashbel and Matilda, Feb.2,1847.

Hannah Eliza, d.Job and Isabella, Sept.1,1845.

Harriet Mariah, ch.Benjamin and Harriet, Sept.17,1827.

Harriet Maria, ch.Job and Isabel [third w.], Aug.13,1834.

Job, July23,1772, in Barnstable.GR

Joseph Hatch, ch.Job and Rhoda, June13,1803.

Julia, ch.Lyman and Lucinda, Nov.30,1833.

Lydia, ch.William and Chloe, July30,1802.

Lyman, ch.William and Chloe, Apr.2,1808.

Marcial, ch.Job and Sally (second w.), May2,1808.

Martha Louisa, ch.Job and Isabel (third w.), Sept.8,1836.

Martha Maria, ch.Marshall and Martha Maria, Jan.7,1843.

Mary Sophronia, ch.Lyman and Lucinda, Mar.25,1832.

Mary Louisa, d.Marshall and Martha, June6,1845.

Samuel Bassett, ch.Benjamin and Harriet, Sept.18,1824.

Sarah Eliza, ch.Job and Isabel (third w.), Jan.26,1832.

Sarah Matthews, d.Marshall and Martha M., Nov.15,1846.

Tempe, ch.Job and Rhoda, Aug.5,1801.

William, ch.William and Chloe, Mar.19,1806.


Anne, ch.Daniel and Anne [second w.], June16,1791.

Charles William, ch.Luman and Sophia,末蔓末, 末末[rec. between Sept.3,1820, and Mar.2,1823].

Charles William, ch.Luman and Sophia, Sept.3,1820.

Charles Sylvester, s.Charles (b. Otis) and Mary A. (b. Gt. Barrington) of S. Lee, July25,1849.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Hannah, June8,1772.

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Sept.8,1783.

Edwin, ch.Luman and Sophia, Sept.14,1830.

Eli, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.19,1777.

Fidelia, ch.Luman and Sophia, Apr.29,1814.

George, ch.Luman and Sophia,末蔓末,1825.

Hannah, ch.Daniel and Anne [second w.], Aug.7,1787.

Henry, May6,1813, in Hartford.

Levi, ch.Daniel and Hannah, Aug.14,1775.

Rachel, ch.Daniel and Hannah, July26,1770.

Samuel, ch.Luman and Sophia, Dec.18,1817.

Samuel Forbs, (adopted) ch.Giles and Sarah (Forbs), June13,1819, in Hartford.

Sarah Brewer, (adopted) ch.Giles and Sarah (Forbs), Nov.末,1812 in Hartford.


末末, s.Samuel and Thankful, Nov.2,1843

Abel Potter, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Oct.1,1788, in Charlestown, RI.

Alma, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Oct.3,1797.

Alvan, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Oct.3,1803.

Amy, ch.Jonathan and Desire, July2,1793, in Charlestown, RI.

Angeline, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Oct.7,1832.

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Feb.17,1825.

Benjamin Franklin, ch.William and Mercy Ann, Feb.16,1830.

Charles, ch.Jesse and Sarah, July1,1795.

Charles Backus, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Sept.20,1836.

Chauncy Fenner, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Dec.20,1799.

Cynthia, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Sept.22,1782.

Eli, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Sept.30,1779.

Eliza Ann, ch.Samuel and Thankful, June29,1823.

Frances Minerva, d.Nelson (b. CT) and Sarah (b. CT), Nov.20,1849.

Frederic Otis, ch.Otis and Mary A., Feb.27,1832.

George Henry, ch.Samuel and Thankful, 末蔓29,1841.

Harriet, ch.William and Mercy Ann, Feb.3,1834.

Harrison Miller, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Feb.28,1827.

James Byron, ch.John and Julia, Mar.20,1837.

James K. Polk, s.Samuel and Thankful, May16,1845.

Jane Elizabeth, ch.William and Mercy Ann, Apr.26,1828.

Jesse, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Aug.21,1784.

John, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Feb.14,1793.

John Freeman, ch.Samuel and Thankful, July7,1834.

John Wesley, ch.John and Julia, Sept.23,1843.

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Sept.20,1784, in Charlestown, RI.

Joseph Crocker, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Nov.21,1797.

Joshua, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Apr.11,1786, in Charlestown, RI.

Louisa, d.William P. and Emily C., Sept.4,1847.

Lucy, ch.William and Mercy Ann, Feb.18,1832.

Maria, ch.William and Mercy Ann, Mar.20,1826.

Mary Ann, ch.William and Mercy Ann, June6,1824.

Mary Ann, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Feb.19,1829.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.John and Julia, Jan.27,1835.

Mary Adeline, ch.Otis and Mary A., July20,1838.

Mildred, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Aug.21,1788.

Phebe Minerva, ch.Samuel and Thankful, Feb.25,1831.

Rebecca, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Feb.16,1790, in Charlestown, RI.

Ruth, ch.Jesse and Sarah, May24,1802.

Samuel, ch.Jonathan and Desire, Oct.14,1795.

Sarah, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Aug.24,1786.

Sylvia, ch.Jonathan and Desire, July9,1801.

Triphenia, ch.Jesse and Sarah, Nov.5,1790.

William Edwin, ch.John and Julia, Nov.27,1832.

William Hall, ch.Samuel and Thankful, 末蔓27,1838.

William Henry, s.Elibu and Ellen, Feb.11,1849.


Byron Henry, s.Quintin F. and Mary Jane, July2,1846.

Charles Rodney, ch.James and Jane, Mar.1,1832.

Ellen, ch.James and Velonia (second w.), Feb.20,1829.

Hannah, ch.Archabald and Rhoda, Nov.24,1788.

John F., ch.James and Jane [first w.], Feb.15,1827.

Louis E., ch.James and Velonia (second w.), Aug.末,1833.


Emily Electa, ch.William H. and Emily, Oct.28,1843

George David, ch.Allen and Sarah Jane, Nov.22,1837.

George Henry, ch.William H. and Emily, Aug.23,1841.


末末, chn. Roger and Emmeline,末蔓末, 末末.

Albert, ch.Albert and Armenal, Mar.25,1840.

Albert, s.Garwood (b. CT) and Sarah (b. W. Stockbridge), July28,1845.

Alvan Taylor, ch.William and Delia, Feb.7,1823.

Charles Mander, ch.Mander and Esther H., July13,1835.

Edward Franklin, ch.William and Delia, Aug.16,1829.

Frederic, ch.William and Delia, Feb.6,1839.

Harriet Adelia, ch.William and Delia, July4,1831.

Mary, ch.William and Delia, Aug.31,1833.

William Gilbert, ch.William and Delia, Apr.25,1827.


Edward Daniel, ch.James and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1841.

James Thomas, ch.James and Elizabeth, Feb.14,1843.


Asahel, s.Henry (b. Ireland) and Mary (b. Stockbridge), Jan.29,1849.

Catherine Eliza, d.Henry (b. Ireland) and Mary (b. Stockbridge), Dec.19,1844.

William Platner, s.Jonathan F. (b. Orange Co., NY) and Fanny (b. Columbia Co., NY), Mar.2,1849.


Amasa, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Aug.24,1837.

John ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Jan.26,1822 [sic, see William Helmus], in Copeck Flats.

July Ann, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Jan.1,1827, in Copeck Flats.

Mary Jane, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Jan.3,1840.

Milton Abraham, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Jan.15,1829.

Nancy, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, May16,1818, in Mt. Washington.

Phebe, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Feb.5,1831.

Simeon, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Apr.8,1835.

William Helmus, ch.Simeon and Polly Maria, Aug.28,1821 [sic, see John], in Copeck.

COSTER (Koster)


Lavina Helen, ch.Isaac and Mary S., Mar.28,1843.


Albert G., ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Dec.7,1819.

Elbert Milton, s.Bradford M. and Lucy, Mar.7,1848.

Bradford Milton, ch.Daniel and Mary, June1,1819.

Caroline, ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Mar.31,1826.

Charles Morton, ch.Daniel and Mary, Feb.17,1817.

Charles Bingley, ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Sept.3,1832.

Charles Mellen, ch.Charles M. and Mary Ann, Aug.19,1839

Charlotte Maria, ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Feb.19,1836.

Dwight Marshall, s.Charles M. and Ann W., Jan.8,1847.

Emeline Nancy, ch.Daniel and Mary, Apr.27,1805.

Ernest Mortimer, ch.Bradford M. and Lucy, Mar.1,1843.

Ferriss, ch.Samuel and Hannah, Nov.14,1806.

Frederick Manley, ch.Daniel and Mary, May17,1807.

Frederick Wellington, ch.Frederick M. and Mary [first w.], June30,1830.

George Byron, ch.Frederick M. and Amanda M. (second w.), Apr.11,1842.

George Morton, s.William G. and Sarah C., Jan.15,1849.

Hannah, ch.Samuel and Hannah, July23,1802.

Helen Esther, d.Bradford M. and Lucy, June7,1844.

Henry Mblank, ch.Daniel and Mary [prob. rec. after Apr.2,1822].

Henry Leroy, s.Bradford M. and Lucy, Dec.24,1846.

John Morton, ch.Stephen and Polly, Mar.7,1794.

Julia Olivet, d.Frederick M. and Amanda M. (b. Washington), Dec.11,1848.

Louis Bradford, s.Bradford M. and Lucy L. (b. Becket), Aug.12,1849.

Lucy Jane, d.Horace (b. Eggremont) and Keziah G. (b. Cooperstown, NY), July23,1848.

Marcus, ch.Samuel and Hannah, May26,1790.

Maria Louisa, ch.Frederick M. and Amanda M. (second w.), Sept.20,1835.

Mary Emeline, ch.Frederick M. and Amanda M (second w.), Dec.20,1836.

Mary Lovicy, d.Philander M. and Mary J. (b. Stockport, NY), July25,1848.

Philander Marcus, ch.Daniel and Mary, Apr.2,1822.

Phebe, ch.Samuel and Hannah, June26,1793.

Ruel Ford, s.William R. and Mary E. (b. Columbia Co., NY), Apr.9,1849.

Sarah Whiton, ch.Daniel and Mary, Oct.17,1814.

Sarah Huntington, d.Henry M. (b. Stockbridge) and Mary J. (b. Springfield), May8,1848.

Stephen Carington, ch.John Morton and Mary (Gates), Sept.23,1821.

Susanna, ch.Stephen and Polly, Aug.10,1797.

Thirza, see Fhirza.

Fhirza, ch.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.14,1795.

William, ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Sept.22,1821.

William Riley, ch.Henry R. and Eliza B. (Howk), Dec.30,1822.

William Gates, ch.John Morton and Mary (Gates), July10,1823.

William Hamlin, ch.Frederick M. and Mary [first w.], May8,1832.


Eliza Jane, d.Thomas and Sarah, May8,1846.

Ellen, ch.William and Sarah S., July5,1841.

James, ch.John and Elizabeth, July22,1837.

James, ch.William and Sarah S., Nov.20,1842.

John, ch.William and Sarah S., Nov.28,1835.

Mary, ch.William and Sarah S., Feb.13,1834.

Sarah Ann, ch.William and Sarah S., Feb.16,1838.

William Jr., ch.William and Sarah S., Nov.28,1839

CRAWFOOT (Crowfoot)

Clarissa Ann, ch.Hubbard and Ann (second w.), Mar.1,1839.


末末, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Jan.12,1803.

Abigail, ch.Joseph and Martha, Oct.1,1794.

Alma, ch.Noah and Betsey, Aug.6,1811.

Asa, ch.Joseph and Martha, June19,1792.

Benjamin, ch.Joseph and Martha, 末蔓14,1784.

Catharine, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth B. (second w.), Apr.23,1834.

Charles, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth B. (second w.), June26,1835.

Charlotte, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth B. (second w.), Oct.21,1837.

Chrysilda, ch.Joseph and Martha, 末蔓18,1786.

David, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Oct.27,1775.

Electa Lewis, ch.Elisha and Lucy, May18,1791.

Elisha,末蔓末,1750, in Barnstable.GR

Elisha, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Nov.11,1785.

Betsey Clark, ch.Joseph and Martha, Nov.18,1788.

Elizabeth Wormer, ch.Joseph Jr. and Polly, Sept.4,1790.

Elizabeth, ch.Jedediah and Sally, Apr.16,1792.

Betsey Crosby, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Apr.3,1798.

Betsey, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Mar.3,1801.

Franklin, s.Lucius and Elizabeth B., Nov.12,1846.

George, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth [first w.], Mar.22,1828.

Jedediah Davis, ch.Jedediah and Sally, May30,1785.

John Dimmuck, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Mar.14,1793.

John L., ch.Lucius and Elizabeth B. (second w.), Oct.28,1840.

Joseph, ch.Joseph Jr. and Polly, Dec.17,1795.

Joseph, ch.Joseph and Martha, Apr.1,1797.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Sept.23,1799.

Laura, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Mar.18,1784.

Lucius, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Apr.16,1798.

Lucy, ch.Elisha and Lucy, May12,1795.

Polley, ch.Joseph and Martha, Apr.3,1790.

Polly, ch.Jedediah and Sally, May2,1795.

Mary, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth [first w.], Oct.3,1824.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth [first w.], Oct.11,1830.

Marcy Hamlin, ch.Joseph Jr. and Polly, Dec.1,1791.

Mira, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Sept.17,1781.

Noah, ch.Jedediah and Sally, Aug.3,1783.

Philna, ch.Jedediah and Sally, Aug.末,1798.

Roxey, ch.Noah and Betsey, July1,1807.

Sabrina, ch.Joseph and Martha, Mar.26,1803.

Samuel, ch.Jedediah and Sally, Apr.17,1790.

Sarah, ch.Joseph and Martha, Mar.16,1782.

Sarah, ch.Jedediah and Sally, Mar.19,1787.

Seth, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Jan.5,1796.

Sophia, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Nov.22,1779.

Sophia, ch.Noah and Betsey, Mar.10,1809.

Temperence, ch.Joseph Jr. and Polly, Nov.10,1793.

Theressa, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Feb.5,1804.

Thomas, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Mar.25,1797.

Thomas, ch.Josiah and Hannah, Mar.23,1805.

William, ch.Elisha and Lucy, June18,1789.

William, ch.Joseph and Martha, Mar.26,1800.

William Henry, ch.Lucius and Elizabeth B. (second w.), July1,1843.

Zeruah, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Jan.18,1778.

Zeruah, ch.Elisha and Lucy, Sept.21,1801.


末末, ch.John Jr. and Salome, Mar.24,1793.

末末, ch.John Jr. and Salome, Apr.21,1795.

末末, ch.Thomas and Susanna, Feb.12,1805.

Abner, ch.Abijah and Caty, Nov.4,1795.

Anna, ch.John Jr. and Salome, Mar.23,1803.

Charles, ch.Abijah and Caty, Dec.11,1801.

Charles, ch.John Jr. and Salome, July4,1811.

Hannah, ch.Thomas and Susanna, Sept.13,1803.

Horace, ch.John Jr. and Salome, Aug.12,1799.

John, ch.John Jr. and Salome, Jan.31,1801.

Joseph, ch.John Jr. and Salome, July13,1805.

Josiah, ch.John Jr. and Salome, June28,1809.

Lyman, ch.Abijah and Caty, Apr.16,1798.

Mary Ann, ch.Thomas and Susanna, Feb.24,1806.

Salome, ch.John Jr. and Salome, July23,1796.

Thomas, ch.Abijah and Caty, Dec.14,1804.


Henry U. [dup. omits U.], ch.William and Waity [dup. Wealthy] Ann, Jan.9 [dup. Feb.10], 1841.

John, ch.William and Waity Ann, Nov.7,1843.

Laney [dup. Lany S.], ch.William and Wealthy [dup. Waity] Ann, Apr.7,1836.

CROWFOOT (Crawfoot)

Sarah Maria, ch.Hubbard and Maria, June25,1837.


Charles Dennison, s.William L. and Mariamne, Apr.13,1847.

Cynthia, ch.Solomon and Betsey, Feb.2,1812.

Edmund Bishop, s.Moses E. (b. Groton, CT) and Martha N. (b. Stonington, CT), July21,1849.

Edwin, ch.Solomon and Betsey, July7,1810.

Elry, s.William L. (b. Groton, CT) and Mary A. (b. Stonington, CT), July19,1849.

Emerancy, ch.Solomon and Betsey, Feb.11,1807.

Emely, ch.Solomon and Betsey, Aug.23,1813.

Frances Ann, ch.Moses E. and Martha M., Oct.17,1843.

George Sanford, s.William L. and Mary Amna, Oct.5,1844.

James Lathrop, ch.William L. and Mariamne, Nov.17,1838.

John Franklin, ch.William L. and Mariamne, Mar.24,1841.

Lewis, ch.Solomon and Betsey, Aug.15,1815.

Lurien, ch.Joseph [and] Clary, Dec.25,1816.

Lydia Maria, ch.Moses E. and Martha M., Mar.12,1838.

Maria Statira, ch.William L. and Mariamne, Nov.30,1842. [Mari S., dup.GR]

Mary A. (Champlin), w.William L., July19,1813.GR

Mary E., June16,1836.GR

Sally Leonard, ch.Solomon and Betsey, Feb.24,1819.

William L., Apr.22,1811.GR

William Ellery, s.William L. and M.A., July19,1849GR

Williams, ch.Solomon and Betsey, June29,1808.


Daniel Barns, ch.Chloe, Nov.7,1812, in Carlisle, NY.

John, ch.Alva and Chloe, Oct.5,1810.


Ann Loverny, ch.William H. and Salome, Mar.3,1841.

Francis M., ch.George H. and Cynthia, Sept.1,1836.

George Dwight, ch.George H. and Cynthia, Dec.23,1838.

Josephine C., ch.George H. and Cynthia, Feb.28,1841.

Maria Josephine, ch.William H. and Salome, Sept.3,1842.

Orville Eugene, ch.George H. and Cynthia, Feb.12,1844.

Wealthy, w.H.W.,末蔓末,1791, in Stonington, CTGR

William Edward, s.William and Salome, Feb.5,1847.

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