John Weldon, ch.Rev. Joshua N. and Jane J., Feb.6,1835.

Mary Janvier, ch.Rev. Joshua N. and Jane J., Apr.14,1833.

Samuel Allen, ch.Rev. Joshua N. and Jane J., July10,1837.


Lucy Ann, ch.Calvin and Caroline B., July25,1831.


Benjamin Franklin, ch.Lewis and Theodosia, Dec.1,1833.

Lewis Richmond, ch.Lewis and Theodosia, Feb.1,1830.

Mary Jane, ch.Lewis and Theodosia, Jan.30,1832.


Anna, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, Apr.22,1766, in Falmouth.

Bathsheba, ch.Solomon and Martha, June27,1787.

Bathsheba, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Aug.26,1794.

Calvin, s.Isaac, Mar.5,1778.

Charita, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Aug.18,1789.

Betsey, ch.Solomon and Martha, Feb.19,1794.

Ephraim, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, Oct.11,1772, in Falmouth.

Hannah, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Oct.30,1783.

Hope, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Mar.末,1783.

Hope, ch.Nathan and Lucy, July17,1796.

Isaac, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Dec.30,1791.

Isaac, ch.Calvin and Hannah, Sept.8,1801.

Jedediah, ch.Nathan and Lucy, May2,1779.

Joseph, ch.Calvin and Hannah, Feb.25,1799.

Lewis, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Mar.末,1797.

Lucinda, ch.Solomon and Martha, Sept.21,1791.

Lucy, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Sept.11,1781.

Patty, ch.Solomon and Martha, Apr.26,1785.

Mary, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, Nov.29,1761, in Falmouth.

Marcy, ch.Nathan and Lucy, July末,1799.

Nathan, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Feb.16,1786.

Parmele, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Jan.末,1785.

Priscilla, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Apr.末,1792.

Rebeca, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, May15,1787.

Reuben, s.John, June8,1783.

Rowland, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, Aug.3,1770, in Falmouth.

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, June末,1790.

Sarah, ch.Nathan and Lucy, Mar.21,1780.

Sally, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Aug.16,1782.

Sally, ch.Solomon and Martha, May24,1783.

Solomon, ch.Solomon and Martha, Aug.25,1796.

Tabitha, w.Timothy, Mar.2,1741.

Thomas, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, May9,1764, in Falmouth.

Timothy, ch.Timothy and Tabitha, Oct.21,1774, in Falmouth.

Oziel, ch.Solomon and Martha, Apr.2,1789.

Wait, ch.Samuel and Priscilla, Nov.26,1794.

William Clark, s.Samuel and Marcy, May25,1809.GR

William Milford, s.Nathan S. and Esther, July21,1846.


Flavius Pease, ch.Roderic and Elizabeth (Willson), Dec.25,1811.

Harriet Elizabeth, ch.Roderic and Elizabeth (Willson), July17,1819.

James Willson, ch.Roderic and Elizabeth (Willson), May8,1808.

Lois Matilda, ch.Roderic and Elizabeth (Willson), Mar.22,1817.

Martha Melissa, twin ch.Samuel S. and Clarissa B., June30,1841.

Mary Clarissa, twin ch.Samuel S. and Clarissa B., June30,1841


Alexander, ch.James and Amy, Apr.3,1829.

Alma, ch.James and Amy, Apr.25,1820.

Fatena, ch.James and Amy, Oct.13,1814.

Harriet, ch.James and Amy, Aug.6,1818.

Harris, ch.James and Amy, Nov.4,1824.

James, ch.James and Amy, June13,1813.

Julia, ch.James and Amy, June25,1822.

Laura, ch.Priscilla (d.James and Amy), Nov.1,1828.

Priscilla, ch.James and Amy, Mar.15,1811.

Susan, ch.James and Amy, Feb.12,1816.


末末, s.Edmund and Catherine, Mar.4,1844.


Alonzo, ch.Daniel and Sarah, July21,1829.


Lovisa Ann, d.Luke Latimore (b. Otis) and Annis Leffingwell (b. Washington), Apr.24,1849.


Benjamin Backus, ch.Stephen and Lydia, July30,1795.

Everline, ch.Stephen and Lydia, Jan.27,1798.


Abigail, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Feb.25,1786.

Bourn Green, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, May30,1807.

Charles, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, July22,1799.

George Washington, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Oct.20,1804.

John, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Feb.16,1797.

Lucy, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, July14,1792.

Nancy, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Apr.26,1802.

Nathan Jr., ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Oct.17,1794.

Rebecca, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Feb.29,1788.

Sarah, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Oct.11,1783.

William Henry, ch.Nathan and Rebecca, Aug.3,1790.


Mary Frances, ch.William R. and Phebe Emmeline, Apr.9,1840, in Stuyvesant, NY.

Phebe Anna, ch.William R. and Phebe Emmeline, Apr.4,1843.


Mary Agnes, d.Noah (b. England) and Agnes (b. England), Oct.17,1847.


Abraham, ch.Asahel and w., Sept.29,1780.

Almira, ch.Elisha and Betsey, June6,1802. [w.Joseph Bassett.GR]

Alanzo W., ch.Elisha and Abby W., Feb.14,1831.

Asahel, ch.Asahel and w., Nov.23,1784.

Elisha, ch.Elisha and Betsey, July12,1805.

Hanah, ch.Asahel and w., Jan.12,1776.

Harriot, ch.Elisha and Betsey, Aug.13,1799.

Heman, ch.Asahel and w., Nov.7,1782.

Samuel, ch.Asahel and w., May29,1792.

Sarah, ch.Asahel and w., Mar.18,1787.

Seymour, ch.Asahel and w., Apr.29,1778.


Eleazer, ch.Henry and Hannah, Nov.9,1788.

George Gardner, ch.Henry and Hannah, Nov.13,1791.


Solomon Ashley, ch.Solomon and Sarah, Aug.9,1812.


Jane (Ormsby), adopted ch.Samuel S. and Roxinda, May1,1838.


Henry Phillips, ch.James (b. Brookfield) and Margaret (b. Chesterfield), Jan.14,1818.


William, s.Thomas (b. Ireland) and Margaret (b. Ireland), Sept.1,1849.


Mary Sophronia, d.Reuben 0. and Martha, Oct.30,1846.


Thomas Alonso, ch.Thomas and Sybil, July3,1818.

Thomas Clark, ch.Thomas and Sybil, Feb.6,1820.

William, ch.Benjamin and Lucy, Jan.15,1837.

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