John C., ch.Benjamin and Abigail, May13,1814.


Abel, ch.David and Phebe, Mar.27,1814, in Gt. Barrington.

Albert, ch.Abraham and Rachel, Feb.1,1809.

Alma, ch.Abraham and Rachel, Mar.25,1803.

Alma Jane, ch.Erastus C. and Elizabeth, Mar.25,1841.

Anna Rosetta, d.Salmon (b. Sandisfield) and Caroline (b. Tyringham), Oct.8,1848.

Charles, ch.Moses and Relief, Sept.12,1798.

Charles Henry, ch.Jonathan D. and Catharine, May26,1841. [s.Jonathan D. and Catherine E.GR]

David Castell, ch.David and Phebe, Apr.16,1808, in Gt. Barrington.

Eliza, ch.David and Phebe, Dec.22,1805.

Eliza Sophia, ch.William G. and Sophia G., July21,1839.

Betsey Guy, ch.Collins and Betsey (second w.), Sept.4,1816.

Frances Elizabeth, d.Salmon and Caroline, May19,1846.

Harriot, ch.Abraham and Rachel, Feb.27,1807.

Jerusha Jane, d.Jonathan D. and Catharine E., May3,1842.GR

John, ch.Abraham and Rachel, June15,1801.

Julius Salmon, s.Salmon and Caroline, May10,1844.

Linus P., ch.Abraham and Rachel, "Second" [? w.], Sept.23,1810.

Lucy, ch.Moses and Relief, May29,1802.

Luther Chaffee, ch.Abraham and Rachel, "Second" [? w.], May11,1816.

Lydia, ch.Abraham and Rachel, Jan.6,1799.

Mary Angeline, ch.William G. and Sophia G., Feb.8,1843.

Nancy, ch.Moses and Relief, Apr.14,1800.

Rachel, ch.Abraham and Rachel, "Second" [? w.], Mar.28,1812.

Relief, twin ch.Moses and Relief, Aug.9,1804.

Reuben, twin ch.Moses and Relief, Aug.9,1804.

William Wells, ch.David and Phebe, Aug.25,1812, in Gt. Barrington.

William Collins, ch.Erastus C. and Elizabeth, Feb.26,1836.

HALLOWELL (Hellawell)

HAMBLIN (Hamlin)

Anne, ch.James and Anna, Oct.末,1823.

David Parks, ch.William P. and Tryphena (second w.), June11,1842.

Debborah, ch.James and Anna, Aug.28,1808.

Grove Atwood, s.Job and Sabrina (b. Tyringham), Mar.6,1849.

James, ch.James and Anna,末蔓末,1818.

Julius A., ch.James and Anna, Feb.8,1810.

Marshal, ch.James and Anna, Nov.10,1820.


James Edwin, ch.E.K. and Maria A., July15,1833, "not born in Lee. "

Julia Franklin, ch.E.K. and Maria A., Jan.22,1831, "not born in Lee. "

William Harrison, ch.E.K. and Maria A., May8,1836.

HAMLIN (Hamblin)

Nabby, ch.David and Sally, Aug.4,1795.

Amanda Deborah, ch.Theodore B. and Mary, June20,1834.

Benjamin, ch.David and Sally, Aug.8,1809.

David, ch.David and Sally, July23,1802.

Hannah, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, June2,1806.

Job, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Apr.21,1795.

Job, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Jan.15,1813.

Lucy F., ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Apr.11,1804.

Maria, ch.David and Sally, June23,1797.

Mary, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Jan.20,1811.

Marcy, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Nov.22,1809.

Nathaniel, ch.David and Sally,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between June23,1797, and July23,1802].

Stephen, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, June21,1802.

William Finney, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, June21,1796.

William, ch.Cornelius and Mercy, Feb.11,1799.

William Henry, ch.William P. and Alma [first w.], Aug.3,1831.


末末, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], May30,1806.

Barna Coe, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Sept.17,1808.

Charles Backus, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Mar.11,1814.

Ebenezer, ch.Anne, wid., May21,1779.

Elizabeth, ch.Anne, wid., Apr.15,1784.

Fanny Fowler, ch.Seth and Susannah (second w.), Nov.30,1830.

George Franklin, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Feb.28,1804.

Hannah Parker, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Dec.19,1815.

Henry Williams Dwight, ch.Seth and Susannah (second w.), Feb.4,1828.

Joseph, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Jan.11,1812.

Obed, ch.Anne, wid., Oct.16,1777.

Saryann, ch.Seth and Hannah [first w.], Apr.7,1807.


Charles Henry, s.Henry and Elizabeth, Feb.11,1849.


Jared, ch.Jared and Mary (Quigley), Aug.6,1817.

Loisa, ch.Jared and Mary (Quigley), Mar.30,1810, in "N. Lebanon. "

Mary, ch.Jared and Mary (Quigley), Mary [sic] 9,1812, in Oxford, NY.

Sarah, ch.Jared and Mary (Quigley), Apr.4,1815, in Dalton.

William B., s.Henry William and Sarah, Nov.30,1846.

William S., s.Henry W. and Sarah S., Mar.5,1848.


Caroline, d.Horace and Susan, Oct.4,1844.

Edmund, ch.Horace and Susan, Feb.4,1841.

Edward, ch.Wait and Marah, June11,1776.

Elizabeth, ch.Thomas and Cynthia, Dec.24,1811.

James, ch.Thomas and Cynthia, June30,1807.

John, ch.Thomas and Cynthia, Aug.14,1809.

John, ch.Horace and Susan, May24,1831.

Laura, ch.Horace and Susan, Feb.19,1835.

Lucy Elizabeth, ch.Harry and Lucinda (Putnam), June23,1823.

Rebeca, ch.Wait and Marah,末蔓末,1756.

Thomas S., ch.Thomas and Cynthia, May28,1805.

Truman Adelbert, s.Orrin and Alma, Oct.7,1844.


Charles Wesley, s.Samuel and Lois, Dec.11,1844.

Emma Jane, d.Samuel (b. Columbia Co., NY) and Louis H. (b. Otis), July24,1848.

Margaret Ann, ch.Samuel and Lois H., June26,1839.


Henry F., ch.Asa and Malinda, Aug.29,1837.


William, June17,1799, in Leeds, Eng.GR


Charles Thomas, ch.Orton and Mary Ann, Oct.20,1839.

Ellen, ch.Orton and Mary Ann, Jan.27,1845.

Jane Maria, ch.Orton and Mary Ann, Feb.5,1843.

Julia Ann, ch.Orton and Mary Ann, Dec.22,1836.

Mary Ellen, d.Orton and Mary Ann, Jan.27,1845.

Theodore Selden, s.Theodore S. (b. Tyringham) and Mary E. (b. NY), Mar.12,1849.


Julia, d.William (b. Germany) and Julia (b. France), Oct.4,1849.


Alice, w.Solomon, July10,1809.GR


Edward Francis, s.Edward M. (b. Burlington, VT) and Lydia of S. Lee, Oct.1,1849, in S. Lee.

George Washburn, s.Edward M. and Lydia, Apr.21,1845.


Georgiana, d.Henry and Susanna, Feb.4,1847.

James Henry, s.Henry (b. Columbia Co., NY) and Susanna (b. England), Nov.12,1849.

Susanah (Ashworth), w.Henry, Mar.8,1821, in Oldham, Eng.GR


Desire Palmer, twin ch.Rufus and Sally, Nov.14,1841.

Harriet Louisa, ch.Rufus and Sally, Sept.8,1829.

Maria Palmer, twin ch.Rufus and Sally, Nov.14,1841.

Martha Ann, ch.Rufus and Sally, Nov.2,1827.

Sarah Evaline, ch.Rufus and Sally, Jan.22,1839

HEWLETT (Hulett)


George K., s.James E. and Sarah A., Mar.25,1848.


Harvey, ch.Moses and Polly, Mar.16,1797.

Ira, ch.Moses and Polly, Dec.末,1787 [sic, see Polly].

Justus, ch.Moses and Polly, Feb.9,1785.

Laura Sherill, ch.William H. and Jane A., July27,1838.

Lucy, ch.Moses and Polly, Feb.9,1783.

Polly, ch.Moses and Polly, Sept.末,1787 [sic, see Ira].

Moses, ch.Moses and Polly, June末,1786.

Olive Maria, ch.Rodney and Sarah Amanda, Jan.23,1829.

Sally, ch.Moses and Polly, Jan.末,1795.

Silas, ch.Moses and Polly, Aug.末,1789.

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Alphonso Josiah, s.Josiah B. And Harriet, Apr.6,1845.

Charles, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed),末蔓末, 末末 [prob. rec. after May2,1809].

Charles, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed), Oct.22,1800.

Charles Allen, ch.Josiah B. and Harriet, July29,1841.

Chauncey, ch.Warren and Abigail, Sept.9,1823.

Clarisa, ch.Silas and Anna, Nov.8,1812.

Electa, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed) [Jan.10,1787]†.

Fanny Treat, ch.Silas and Anna, Aug.21,1814.

Frances Electa, ch.Warren and Abigail, Aug.20,1819.

George Warren, ch.Silas and Anna, July29,1824.

George Stewart, ch.Bradford and Rovilla, Sept.12,1845.

Heman, ch.Silas and Anna, Dec.末,1827.

Hiram C., ch.Edmund Jr. and Nancy, June23,1815.

Josiah B., ch.Silas and Anna, Sept.18,1816.

Loisa, ch.Silas and Anna, Oct.1,1808.

Luther Thacher, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed) [May2,1809]†.

Lydia, ch.Silas and Anna, Dec.9,1821.

Maryette, w.Charles, Oct.10,1826.GR

Martha, w.Charles, Aug.9,1834.GR

Nancy, ch.Silas and Anna, Mar.13,1807.

Phebe Emmeline, ch.Silas and Anna, Aug.18,1818.

Symantha, ch.Silas and Anna, Oct.11,1810.

Thomas Goodspeed, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed) [Feb.5,1789]†.

Warren, ch.Benjamin and Puella (Goodspeed), Apr.24,1795.

William Henry, ch.Bradford and Rovilla, July28,1843 [entered as Jan.28,1843, and afterwards changed as a mistake].

HINKLEY (Hinckley)

Nabby, ch.Joseph and Polly, Apr.14,1796.

Abbigail, ch.Zenas and Abigail, Oct.末,1807.

Abigail, ch.Zenas and Abigail, Mar.11,1812.

Barnabas A., ch.Joseph and Polly, Mar.23,1808.

Bathsheba, ch.Joseph and Polly, Mar.22,1823.

Benjamin, ch.Heman and Lydia,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Aug.22,1793].

Bradford, ch.Joseph and Polly, Feb.26,1817.

Carolina, ch.Heman and Lydia, Nov.1,1791.

Clarinda, ch.Zenas and Abigail, Nov.27,1803.

Content Lovel, ch.Joseph and Polly, July3,1805. [Hinckley, w.Thomas Bassett.GR]

Edmund, ch.Heman and Lydia, Apr.27,1789.

Edmund, ch.Joseph and Polly, Aug.29,1800.

Eliza, ch.Zins and Elizabeth, Oct.2,1802.

Alvira, ch.Zina and Elizabeth, Sept.12,1804.

Henry L., ch.Zenas and Abigail, Mar.17,1809.

Heman, ch.Heman and Lydia, Aug.22,1793.

Hudson, ch.Joseph and Polly, Aug.12,1803.

Lucretia, ch.Heman and Lydia, Oct.13,1783.

Lucretia, ch.Zenas and Abigail, June15,1805.

Luman, ch.Joseph and Polly, June12,1810.

Lydia, ch.Heman and Lydia, Mar.末,1787.

Lydia, ch.Zenas and Abigail, July15,1814.

Polly, ch.Heman and Lydia, Apr.26,1781.

Mary, ch.Joseph and Polly, June10,1812.

Priscilla, ch.Zina and Elizabeth, Oct.28,1799.

Sally, ch.Joseph and Polly, July5,1799.

Silas, ch.Heman and Lydia, Oct.1,1785.

William, ch.Zina and Elizabeth, Aug.2,1806.

Zenas, ch.Heman and Lydia, June12,1779.


David Worth, ch.Ransom and Polly, July1,1820.

Grove Porter, ch.Ransom and Polly, Mar.15,1807.

Harriet Newell, ch.Ransom and Polly, July17,1816.

Henrietta Armenia, ch.Ransom and Polly, June20,1805.

Nancy Carroline, ch.Ransom and Polly, May5,1811.

Ransom [h.Polly], May14,1785.


Edwin Perrin, ch.Gurdon J. and Maria, Mar.15,1828.

George Loomer, ch.Gurdon J. and Maria, Aug.3,1829.

James Birney, ch.Gurdon J. and Maria, July4,1837.

Mary Ann, ch.Gurdon J. and Maria, Sept.12,1832.

Robert M., s.Gurdeon J. and Mary B., June10,1844.


Adah, d.Jonas (b. England) and Abby (b. England), Mar.10,1849.

Albert Sellick, s.Lorenzo and Elida [dup. Alida], Dec.29,1844.

Charles Demetrius, s.Orville and Ann, Oct.19,1845.

Cynthia Rebecca, ch.Jonathan W. and Roxania (Chamberlin), Feb.15,1821.

Franklin, ch.John B. and Damaris, Nov.24,1836.

Jonathan W. Jr., ch.Jonathan W. and Roxania (Chamberlin), June6,1827.

Martha Lucy, ch.Jonathan W. and Roxania (Chamberlin), Sept.27,1831.

Martha, d.John and Mary Ann, Sept.21,1845.

Mary Jane, ch.Lorenzo and Alida, Sept.18,1842.

Mary Jane, ch.Orville and Ann, Aug.5,1843.

Sarah Roxana, ch.Jonathan W. and Roxania (Chamberlin), Mar.13,1824.

Theodore, ch.John B. and Damaris, July4,1839.

Uriel Henry, ch.Jonathan W. and Roxania (Chamberlin), June17,1818.


Andrew Jackson, ch.Rivarious and Hannah, Oct.23,1835.

Ann Eliza, ch.Rivarious and Hannah, May7,1841.

Caroline Loisa, ch.Rivarious and Hannah, Sept.12,1837.

Ellen Maria, ch.Rivarious and Hannah, July25,1833.

George Henry, ch.Rivarious and Hannah, Mar.2,1839.


Orsiah, ch.Anne Handy, wid., June19,1793.


Henry U., s.Levi L. and Cynthia R., Feb.15,1847.

HOUCK (Howk)


末末, ch.Andrew and Betsey, Dec.20,1799.

Alonson, ch.Isaac and Fiche, Sept.15,1799.

Alburt, ch.John and Caty, June28,1806. [Albert M.GR]

Catharine, w.John, June2,1763.GR

Caty, ch.Isaac and Fiche Sept.25,1788.

Caty Hollembeck, ch.John and Caty, Jan.25,1793.

Clarry, ch.John and Caty, Mar.19,1788.

David, ch.John and Caty, Mar.20,1786.

Electa, ch.Isaac and Fiche, Oct.17,1801.

Eli B., ch.David and Polly, Dec.16,1811.

Eliza, ch.John and Caty, Oct.14,1797.

Emma R., ch.William W. and Charlotte B., Jan.17,1833.

Fiche, ch.Isaac and Fiche, Apr.16,1795.

George W., ch.Richard and Electa, Nov.3,1815.

Hannah, ch.Abraham and Esther, Oct.24,1793.

Henry, ch.Richard and Electa, Mar.20,1812.

Isaac, ch.Isaac and Fiche, July23,1793.

John, Oct.5,1759.GR

John, ch.John and Caty, Feb.7,1790.

John, ch.Isaac and Fiche, Mar.15,1791.

John Mason, ch.Albert M. and Lavinia, Mar.27,1836.

Lavina (Judd), w.Albert M., June12,1811.GR

Mariah, ch.John and Caty, Dec.2,1794.

Richard, ch.Isaac and Fiche, Apr.1,1787.

Roxe, ch.Abraham and Esther, June末,1795.

William, ch.John and Caty, Jan.19,1802.

William Leverett, ch.Albert M. and Lavinia [Lovinia.GR], July24,1840.


Charles Delavan, s.Crocker T. and Lucy L., Aug.14,1849.


Lyman Albert, ch.Charles and Temperance, June14,1820.

Milton Charles, ch.Charles and Temperance,末蔓末,1822.

Sarah Wheeler, ch.Moses and Susan (Couch), Jan.17,1824.

HULBERT (Hulburt, Hurlburt, Hurlbut)

Charles, ch.Samuel A. and Eunice, Mar.20,1824.

Esther, ch.Samuel A. and Eunice, Dec.1,1837.

Eunice Tillotson, ch.Samuel A. and Mary R. (second w.), May15,1840.

George Plunkett, s.Samuel A. (b. Wethersfield, CT) and Mary R. (b. Lenox), July10,1846.

Henry Carlton, ch.Amos G. and Cynthia, Dec.19,1831.

Julia, ch.Amos G. and Cynthia, Mar.10,1838.

Maria, twin ch.Samuel A. and Eunice, Dec.30,1827.

Mariett, ch.Amos G. and Cynthia, Dec.29,1826.

Mary Ann, ch.Christopher S. and Sophronia, Apr.末,1836.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel A. and Mary Robinson [dup. R., adds (second w.)], Aug.16,1844.

Milan, twin ch.Samuel A. and Eunice, Dec.30,1827.

Thomas Henry, s.Samuel A. (b. Wethersfield, CT) and Mary R. (b. Lenox), Sept.20,1848.

William Augustus, ch.Samuel A. and Mary R. (second w.), May22,1842.

HULBURT (Hulbert, Hurlburt, Hurlbut)

Celia H., ch.Arden and Olive, June26,1812.

Edwin, ch.Nathan and Rhedema, Oct.30,1810.

Jane M., ch.Arden and Olive, Jan.28,1810.

Loring, ch.Nathan and Rhedema, July29,1808.

Lewis, ch.Nathan and Rhedema, Aug.18,1806.

Love E., ch.Arden and Olive, July19,1814.

Nathan, ch.Nathan and Rhedema, June6,1812.

HULET (Hulett)

Abijah, ch.John and Sarah, Aug.24,1801.

Chester, ch.William and Susan, May5,1841.

Betsey, ch.John and Sarah, Apr.7,1811.

Elvira, ch.William and Susan, Feb.27,1838, in Dorset, VT.

Fletcher, ch.John and Sarah, Apr.6,1803.

Isaac, ch.John and Sarah, June22,1792.

Samuel, ch.John and Sarah, Feb.3,1814.

Sally, ch.John and Sarah, Jan.2,1799.

Teressa, ch.John and Sarah, Feb.26,1805.

HULETT (Hulet)

Achsah, ch.John and Sarah, May5,1784.

Charles, ch.Sylvanus and Mary, Mar.3,1790.

Charlott, ch.Sylvanus and Mary, Nov.7,1792.

Chauncy, ch.Samuel and Susanna, Mar.14,1790.

Electa, ch.Samuel and Susanna, May3,1793.

Betsey, ch.John and Sarah, Aug.5,1786.

George Elliott, ch.Coridon and Laura Ann, June26,1840.

John, ch.John and Sarah, Aug.25,1788.

John, ch.John and Sarah, Oct.13,1796.

Martin, ch.Coridon and Laura Ann, Nov.6,1842.

Mary Estelle, d.Orrin and Harriet (b. Winsor), July2,1848.

Orren, ch.Samuel and Susanna, May17,1796.

Rhoda, ch.Sylvanus and Mary, June8,1795.

Sally, ch.Sylvanus and Mary, Oct.29,1787.

Sally, ch.John and Sarah, Feb.21,1793.

Wealthy, ch.John and Sarah, May19,1795 [sic, died Feb.8,1794].

Westley, ch.John and Sarah, Aug.15,1794.


Edwin Newton, ch.Orsamus and Laura, Dec.15,1834.


Laura Ann, ch.Solomon T. and Laura, Mar.5,1833.

William, ch.Solomon T. and Laura, Feb.19,1837.

HURLBURT (Hulbert, Hulburt, Hurlbut)

Joseph Edwin [dup. Hulburt, omits Edwin], ch.Edwin and Sarah [dup. Sally] (Ingersol), Aug.18,1814.

Juliann, ch.Edwin and Sarah (Ingersol), Aug.26,1820.

Sarah Malina, ch.Edwin and Sarah (Ingersol), Jan.5,1817.

William Franklin, ch.Edwin and Sarah (Ingersol), Apr.18,1823.

HURLBUT (Hulbert, Hulburt, Hurlburt)

Christopher Sedgwick, ch.Christopher and Anna, June27,1805.

Eliza, ch.William and Mary, Oct.1,1808.

Emily, ch.William and Mary, June16,1806.

Frances Louisa, d.Thomas (b. Weathersfield, CT) and Lucy (b. Hinsdale) of S. Lee, Apr.15,1847, in S. Lee.

Helen, ch.Thomas and Lucy L., Aug.13,1842.

Henry Clay, s.Thomas (b. Weathersfield, CT) and Lucy (b. Hinsdale) of S. Lee, Apr.11,1845, in S. Lee.

Jane L., ch.Thomas and Lucy L., May26,1832.

John Butler, ch.Thomas and Lucy L., Dec.12,1839.

Mary, ch.William and Mary, July26,1802.

Mary Deming, ch.Thomas and Lucy L., Dec.22,1836.

Thomas Otis, ch.Thomas and Lucy L., June15,1834.


末末, s.Henry and Susan, May6,1843.

Adeline, ch.Alexander and Cornelia, Feb.20,1842.

Albert Alexander, s.Alexander and Cornelia, Mar.2,1848.

Alexander, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Sept.25,1814.

Alvan, D.D., Feb.2,1768, in Norwich, CTGR

Alvan, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, June18,1794.

Charles Backus, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Mar.24,1796.

Chauncy Thompson, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Sept.25,1810.

Edward, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Sept.15,1808.

George Hull, ch.Alexander and Cornelia, Oct.末,1840.

Harriot, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Mar.19,1798.

Henry Franklin, ch.Henry and Susan, Dec.18,1837.

James Henry, ch.Henry and Susan, May18,1839.

Jane Elizabeth, ch.George W. and Jane Ann, July27,1830.

Joseph, ch.Rev. and Lucy, Sept.3,1802.

Lucy, w.Rev. Alvan], Nov.16,1770, in Sandwich.GR

Lucy, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, June3,1804.

Rachel, ch.Henry and Susan, July24,1841.

Sarah Cornelia, ch.Alexander and Cornelia, Jan.10,1844.

Stephen, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Mar.24,1800.

Theodore, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Aug.5,1812.

William, ch.Rev. Alvan and Lucy, Aug.16,1806.

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