INGERSOL (Ingersoll)

Rhoda Anne, ch.John and Betsey, Sept.3,1816.

INGERSOLL (Ingersol)

Abigail Lewis, ch.William and Semanthe, June6,1829.

Alvan, twin ch.David and Sarah, Dec.22,1801.

Anne, ch.Moses and Eunice, Mar.13,1776.

Ann Elizabeth, ch.Asher and Eliza, Aug.18,1831.

Arden, ch.Seth C. and Polly, Feb.2,1808.

Ashur, ch.Jared and Elizabath, Nov.5,1799.

Bathsheba, ch.Elijah and Polly, Apr.14,1789.

Calvin, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Feb.5,1812.

Caroline Augusta, ch.Asher and Eliza, Sept.21,1832.

Celia, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Jan.21,1790.

Charles, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, May2,1804.

Charles Milton, ch.Milton and Harriet C., Dec.30,1834.

Charles Clark, ch.Asher and Eliza, Jan.20,1837.

Clarrissa, ch.Elijah and Polly, May24,1787.

Cyrus, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Sept.2,1802.

David, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, June10,1790.

David, twin ch.David and Sarah, Mar.3,1795.

David Sanford, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Oct.23,1806.

Ebenezer Kniblow, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, June29,1784.

Edward M., ch.Calvin and Lydia, July23,1809.

Elener, ch.Moses and Eunice, Mar.11,1771.

Electa, ch.Calvin and Lydia, May1,1790.

Elihu Parsons, ch.David and Sarah, Sept.20,1804.

Elisha, ch.Elijah and Polly, Jan.7,1799.

Betsey, twin ch.Moses and Eunice, Apr.10,1782.

Elizabeth, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, June末,1795.

Elizabeth, ch.David and Sarah, June21,1797.

Erastus, ch.David and Sarah, Nov.9,1782.

Erastus, ch.Calvin and Lydia, June17,1800.

Eunice, ch.Moses and Prudence (second w.), Sept.13,1798.

George Washington, ch.Elijah and Polly,末蔓末,1804.

George Albert, ch.Asher and Eliza, Dec.末,1835.

George [crossed out], s.John E. and Lucy A., Dec.20,1849 [crossed out].

Harriot, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Jan.21,1807.

Horace, ch.Calvin and Lydia, June23,1798.

Isaac, ch.Elijah and Polly,末蔓末,1797.

James, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, May7,1799.

Jared, ch.Jared and Elizabath, July30,1808.

John Calvin, ch.Moses and Eunice, Apr.13,1780.

John, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1788.

Joseph, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Dec.22,1796.

Julia, ch.William and Semanthe, June29,1824.

Julia, ch.Milton and Harriet C., July31,1831.

Laban, ch.Elijah and Polly, Feb.5,1793.

Lemi, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Jan.24,1796.

Levi, ch.Elijah and Polly, Mar.10,1795.

Lois, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, Jan.29,1787.

Lucinda, ch.David and Sarah, June2,1784.

Lucinda, ch.Elijah and Polly,末蔓末,1802.

Lucretia, ch.David and Sarah, Feb.9,1788.

Lucy, ch.David and Sarah, June6,1799. [w.Josiah Yale.GR]

Luther, ch.Moses and Eunice, Jan.8,1778.

Lydia, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Nov.10,1783.

Lydia, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Sept.1,1804.

Maria, ch.William Jr. and Catharen, Jan.9,1815.

Marshal, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Jan.29,1802.

Polly, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, June5,1785.

Mary Jane, ch.William and Semanthe, Mar.28,1827.

Merit, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1792.

Milton, ch.Jared and Elizabath, Jan.22,1806.

Moses, ch.David and Sarah, Feb.15,1790.

Moses, ch.Moses and Prudence (second w.), May27,1797.

Nathan, ch.Elijah and Polly, Jan.8,1791.

Phadime, ch.Jared and Elizabath, Oct.24,1803.

Philo, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Dec.2,1793.

Ralph, ch.Seth C. and Polly, Nov.9,1814.

Reuben, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1793.

Reuben, ch.Seth C. and Polly, May12,1810.

Rhoda, ch.Jared and Elizabeth, May8,1797.

Sarah, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, June21,1792.

Sarah, twin ch.David and Sarah, Mar.3,1795.

Seth Crocker, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, May1,1785.

Sophia, ch.David and Sarah, Mar.末,1792.

Stephen J., ch.Jared and Elizabath, Nov.6,1801.

Theodore, ch.David and Sarah, Apr.26,1786.

Thomas, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Nov.2,1794.

Vashti, ch.Calvin and Lydia, Jan.14,1792.

Billey, twin ch.Moses and Eunice. Apr.10,1782.

William, ch.William Jr. and Marcy, Mar.21,1787.

William, twin ch.David and Sarah, Dec.22,1801.


Annie Louisa, d.Adin (b. Chester) and Lovina (b. Blandford), May20,1849.

Miles Alfred, ch.Adan and w., Dec.17,1826.

Samuel, ch.Adan and w., Dec.21,1828.

Sarah E., w.Lyman J., d.Ezra Tucker and Sophia, Dec.13,1841.GR


Abner Leonard, ch.Abner and Nancy Goodspeed (Perry), Mar.10,1821.

Abner Perry, s.Abner and Julia, Jan.8,1848.

Cyrus Perry, ch.Abner and Nancy Goodspeed (Perry), Aug.3,1819.

Evelyn Augusta, d.Abner L. and Julia W., Aug.20,1845.

Julia, w.Abner L., June24,1822.GR

Nancy Elizabeth Ruggles, ch.Abner and Nancy Goodspeed (Perry), Oct.28,1823.


Augusta, ch.Isaac C. and Hannah, Sept.26,1833.

Cornelius Fessenden, ch.Isaac C. and Hannah, Nov.8,1828.

George Montgomery, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Apr.4,1806, in Lenox.

Henry, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Nov.20,1816.

Henry, ch.Isaac C. and Hannah, May12,1830.

Isaac Chamberlain, ch.Oliver and Sarah, May11,1804, in Sandisfield.

Lucy, ch.Oliver and Sarah,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Nov.20,1816].

Mary, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Dec.4,1814.

Nancy Fessenden, ch.Isaac C. and Hannah, July11,1842.

Oliver Jr., ch.Oliver and Sarah, Nov.2,1801, in Southwick.

Sarah, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Feb.7,1808, in Otis.

Sarah Frances, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Mar.3,1809, in Lenox.

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