Horace Adolphus, s. Alvah and Rachel, Jan. 14, 1818.


Anna, ch. Clark and Mary, Sept. 18, 1837.

Elvira, ch. Rufus and Rachel, Feb. 18, 1812.

Giles, ch. Clark and Mary, Sept. 19, 1839


Ann Eliza, d. William (b. NY) and Abigail (b. Genoa, NY), July 21, 1849.

Ebenezer, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Sept. 12, 1798.

Elisabeth, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, July 1, 1802.

Henry William, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Aug. 17, 1793.

James Harvey, ch. William and Abigail, Apr. 9, 1841. [s. William and Abbey. GR]

Josiah, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Nov. 9, 1796.

Lydia, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Sept. 3, 1800.

Marshal, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Aug. 15, 1806.

Nathan, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Feb. 11, 1795.

Warren, ch. Ebenezer Jr. and Lydia, Apr. 12, 1804.

William Edgar, s. William and Abigail, Aug. 22 [dup. Aug. 21], 1844.


Alonzo F., s. Isaac W. and Susan M., Dec. 7, 1846.

Caroline, ch. ––––– and Elizabeth, Feb. 14, 1810, in Becket.

Fanny, ch. Ezekil and Elizabeth (Bassett), Mar. 17, 1827.

Hannah Eliza, ch. Marshall and Susan, Dec. 22, 1835.

Isaac William, s. Isaac Watts and Susan Maria, Sept. 8, 1844.

Julia, ch. Isaac W. and Susan, Dec. 8, 1836.

Lorianna, ch. ––––– and Elizabeth, Mar. 23, 1808, in Becket.

Lucy Elizabeth, ch. Ezekil and Elizabeth (Bassett), June 10, 1824.

Oliver Brown, ch. Ezekil and Elizabeth (Bassett), Jan. 16, 1829.

Sarah Maria, ch. ––––– and Elizabeth, Jan. 30, 1803, in Becket.

Sarah Jane, ch. Ezekil and Elisabeth (Bassett), Sept. 14, 1825.

Susan Maria, ch. Isaac W. and Susan, Oct. 26, 1842.

William Isaac, ch. Isaac W. and Susan, Sept. 8, 1844.


Anne, ch. Samuel and Remember, June 30, 1793.

Calvin, s. John S. (b. Mt. Washington) and Nancy (b. Mt. Washington), May 29, 1849.

Caroline, ch. Samuel and Remember, Apr. 9, 1797.

Deborah Smith, ch. Samuel and Remember, Aug. 11, 1795.

John, s. John S. (b. Mt. Washington) and Nancy (b. Mt. Washington), June 29, 1846.

Samuel, ch. Samuel and Remember, May ––, 1799.


–––––, d. Amos G. (b. Sandisfield) and Emily L. (b. NY) of S. Lee, Aug. 15, 1849, in S. Lee.

Georgiana, d. Judson (b. Otis) and Corinthia A. (b. Hartland, CT) of S. Lee, Aug. 27, 1849, in S. Lee.


Alice, d. Dr. Azariah (b. NY) and Ellen C. (b. Sharron, CT) of S. Lee, Sept. 4, 1849, in S. Lee.

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