Ezra Burchard, ch.Zacheus and Ruhamah, Apr.1,1798.

Mercy, ch.Zacheus and Ruhamah, Feb.9,1800.


Thomas, s.Nicholas and Ann B., Mar.1,1847.


Betsey, Jan.27,1772.


Charles, s.Luman and Mary, Apr.7,1845.

Clarissa, ch.Luman and Polly,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Feb.末,1828, and Aug.13,1842].

Electa Jane, ch.Luman and Polly, Aug.13,1842.

William, ch.Luman and Polly, Feb.末,1828.


Eliza Jane, ch.John R. and Elizabeth, June10,1832.


Alpheus, ch.Reuben and Lydia, Sept.27,1792.

Amasa, ch.Reuben and Lydia, Apr.24,1800.

Caroline Guyon, d.Amasa and Lucinda (b. CT), Aug.15,1846.

Maryette, d.Amasa and Lucinda (b. CT), Dec.11,1840.

Triphena, ch.Reuben and Lydia, Mar.2,1794.

William, ch.Reuben and Lydia, July1,1796.


George, ch.David and Sarah, Apr.28,1833.

George Dwight, ch.Dwight and Experience, Oct.28,1841.

Harriet, ch.David and Sarah, Sept.15,1834.

Lucy, ch.David and Sarah, Jan.8,1832.

Mary, ch.David and Sarah, Nov.28,1835.

Theodore, ch.David and Sarah, Oct.4,1837.


Walter Linn, s.Dwight and Elizabeth L., Dec.10,1848.


John Lycurgus, s.Elijah and Frances Maria, Sept.8,1844.


George Martin, s.George and Sarah, June6,1847.


Ann Amelia, d.Sylvester S. (b. Putney, VT) and Maryette, Sept.6,1848.

Clarissa B., w.H., Sept.15,1777.GR

Clarissa Brainerd, ch.Sylvester S. and Marietta, Feb.17,1841. [Clara B.GR]

Edward, twin s.Edward S. and Emmeline, July27,1845.

Edwin, twin s.Edward S. and Emmeline, July27,1845.

Ellen, ch.Edward S. and Emmeline, May3,1841.

Frances, d.Edward S. (b. Putney, VT) and Emeline (b. Granby), Sept.9,1849.

James B., Dec.12,1807.GR

Julia, ch.Edward S. and Emmeline, Mar.16,1843.

Nancy Bassett, ch.Sylvester S. and Marietta,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Feb.17,1841].

Nancy Bassett, d.Sylvester S. and Marietta, Feb.3,1845.

Sarah Maria, ch.Lewis and Mary Ann, Mar.27,1841.

William, s.Edward S. (b. Putney, VT) and Emeline (b. Granby), Aug.30,1847.


John, s.John and Harriet, Feb.16,1849.


Thomas Henry, s.James and Julia, Feb.10,1848.


Charles Julius, ch.Samuel and Harriet, July22,1836.

Cynthia Marett, ch.Samuel and Harriet, Aug.20,1834.

Elisha Bassett, ch.Samuel and Harriet, Mar.19,1830.

George Henry, ch.Samuel and Harriet, Mar.25,1832.

Harriet Josephine, ch.Samuel and Harriet, Apr.12,1843.

Louisa Jane, ch.Samuel and Harriet, Sept.7,1827.

Mary Frances, ch.Samuel and Harriet, May24,1845.


Edgar, twin s.Sylvester and Betsey, Nov.24,1847.

Ellen, twin d.Sylvester and Betsey, Nov.24,1847


Hannah, d.John and Hannah, May10,1847.

Mary Jane, d.John (b. Ireland) and Hannah (b. Ireland), June26,1849.


Marshall, ch.Robert and Deborah, Oct.6,1842.


Charles Anderson, s.Charles Adams and Harriet E., Mar.18,1844.

Ella, d.John (b. Ireland) and Elida (b. NY), June29,1848.

Harriet Eliza, d.Charles A. (b. Ireland) and Harriet E., May12,1848.

Henrietta, d.John [dup. (b. Ireland)] and Elida.[dup. (b. NY)], Apr.29 [dup. Mar.29], 1845.

James Henry, ch.John and Elida, Sept.10,1843.

Mary Ann, ch.Charles Adams and Harriet E., June15,1840.

McMAHAN (McMahon)

John, s.Timothy (b. Ireland) and Catharine (b. Ireland), Sept.18,1849.

McMAHON (McMahan)

Levi Brown, ch.Thomas and Matilda, Aug.30,1837.


Edwin Lorenzo, s.Edward L. (b. Sheffield) and Lucy A. (b. Hudson, NY) of S. Lee, Mar.7,1844.

Mary Ann, d.Edward L. (b. Sheffield) and Lucy A. (b. Hudson, NY) of S. Lee, Oct.12,1846, in S. Lee.

MERREL (Merrill)

Juliann, ch.Abijah Esq. and Anne, Nov.21,1819.

MERRILL (Merrel)

Caroline Asenath, ch.William and Asenath, Jan.6,1820.

Caroline, d.John T. and Elizabeth C. (b. CT) of S. Lee, June2,1846, in S. Lee.

John T., ch.William and Asenath, Dec.10,1812.

John S., ch.John and Hannah, Mar.31,1815.

Orson, ch.William and Asenath, June8,1815.

Ralph, s.William M. and Cynthia G., July21,1848.

William G., ch.William and Asenath, June29,1808.

William Mark, ch.John and Hannah, May8,1817.

William Stebbins, s.William G. and Maria of S. Lee, Aug.21,1845, in S. Lee.


Daniel Gain, ch.Thomas and Annis, Sept.23,1796.

Frances Amelia, d.Lewis A. (b. Winchester, CT) and Phebe A. (b. CT), Aug.11,1847.

Susan Almira, ch.Roger H. and Sarah Ann, Sept.23,1828.


William Alexander, s.Thomas (b. Isle of Man) and Isabella (b. Scotland), June12,1849.


Caroline, ch.Jacob T. and Mary, Sept.4,1842.

Catharine, ch.Jacob T. and Mary, Feb.16,1844.


Addison Cogswell, s.Giles R. and Lusetta A. [dup. Eveline], July22,1844.

Erastus Smith, ch.Giles R. and Eveline, Mar.24,1839.

Horatio Fenanzo, ch.Giles R. and Eveline, Aug.12,1840.

Imogene, d.Franklin and Susan, Jan.11,1848.

Lemuel Smith, ch.Giles R. and Eveline, Nov.10,1841.

Martha Ann, d.Elias F. and Susan Ann, Oct.17,1845.

Mary Ann, ch.Giles R. and Eveline, Apr.19,1836.

Roswell Elbridge [dup. Minor], ch.Giles R. and Eveline [dup. Evaline Z.], Sept.末,1846.


末末, s.Abel (b. England) and Elizabeth (b. England), June13,1849.


George Edwin, ch.Thomas and Sarah, July1,1842.

Mary Kate, d.Thomas (b. Ireland) and Sarah (b. Manchester, CT), Aug.26,1849.


末末, d.Benjamin A. and Louisa, Apr.15,1844.

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Benjamin A. and Louisa, Mar.29,1840.

Charles Edwin, s.Jesse and Mary, May17,1847.

Edward Samuel, s.Benjamin A. (b. Tyringham) and Louisa (b. Alford), Nov.10,1848.

George Benjamin, ch.Jesse Alden and Mary, Feb.6,1837.

Hellen Augusta, d.Jesse A. (b. Tyringham) and Mary (b. Waterford, CT), Oct.12,1849.

Jane Louisa, ch.Benjamin A. and Louisa, June29,1842.

Martha Ann, ch.Jesse Alden and Mary, Aug.18,1841.

Martin Jesse, ch.Jesse Alden and Mary, Jan.31,1835.

Mary Jane, ch.Jesse Alden and Mary, Oct.31,1839.


末末, ch.Lester and Mary,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Oct.7,1844, and May16,1845].

Charles Lester, ch.Lester and Mary C., Dec.8,1842.

Edward Andrews, s.Lester and Mary Catharine, July20,1848.

George Russell, ch.George W. and Betsey, Apr.5,1827.


Cynthia Maria, ch.Royal and Cynthia, Dec.29,1830.

John Milton, ch.Solomon and Abigail, Apr.15,1832.

Royal Wilmarth, ch.Royal and Cynthia, Oct.21,1836.

Warren Johnson, ch.Solomon and Abigail, Mar.7,1830.


Phebe, second w.Col. Jared Bradley, Feb.7,1767.

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