Fanny Blosson, ch.Henry and w., Mar.4,1836.

John Freeman, ch.Henry and w., Aug.23,1842.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Henry and w., Oct.末,1838.


Calista Phidelia, ch.George and Charlotte (Barrus), Jan.22,1824.

Charlotte Elvira Darby, ch.George and Charlotte (Barrus), July31,1821.

George Elliot, ch.George and Charlotte (Barrus), Aug.29,1822.

Seraph Irene, ch.George and Charlotte (Barrus), Aug.5,1825.


Anna Marcella, ch.John T. and Lydia B., Jan.17,1836.


George, ch.William L. and Mariamne,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Nov.30,1842].

SARGENT (Sergeant)


James, s.Patrick (b. Ireland) and Ellen (b. Ireland) of S. Lee, July25,1849.


James Henry, s.James and Lydia, Apr.24,1846.


George, ch.Theodore and Abigail, Aug.15,1823.

Walter, twin ch.Theodore and Abigail, July30,1821.

William, twin ch.Theodore and Abigail, July30,1821.


Sarah Anne, ch.Thomas B. and Laura, Dec.8,1839.


末末, s.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Mar.11,1806.

Elizabeth Margaret, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Sept.22,1804.

Emily, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, May25,1816.

Frederick Augustus, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Feb.12,1811.

Janette, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Aug.16,1822.

Martha Root, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Dec.17,1820.

Mary Anne, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Sept.18,1808.

Nancy, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, May26,1803.

Oliver Patridge, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, Apr.23,1813.

William Hopkins, ch.Dr. Erastus Jr. and Margaret, July3,1818.


Chester, ch.Chester and Anne, Feb.19,1807, in Johnstown.

Clark P., ch.Alfred and Polly, Mar.21,1808.

Cynthia Emmeline, ch.Chester and Anne, Aug.10,1818.

Edgar Alonzo, ch.Alfred and Polly, Apr.13,1817.

Else Ann, ch.Chester and Cornelia, June22,1842.

Enos, ch.Chester and Anne, Mar.13,1814, in Hartford.

Harriot P., ch.Alfred and Polly, May14,1810.

Harvey, ch.Chester and Anne, Mar.9,1809, in Johnstown.

Hiram, ch.Chester and Anne, Mar.25,1812, in Batavia.

James Allen, ch.Enos and Olive, June25,1842.

John, ch.Chester and Anne, Oct.3,1820.

John Chester, ch.Chester and Cornelia, Feb.22,1844.

Lucy Jane, ch.Chester and Cornelia, Nov.30,1839.

Lydia Anne, ch.Chester and Anne, Mar.10,1816.

Mary, ch.Clark and Aurelia, May21,1832.

Mary Sylvina, d.Chester and Cornelia, Mar.6,1846.

Orson Carrington, ch.Alfred and Polly, Aug.13,1819.

Susan Caroline, ch.Alfred and Polly, Sept.23,1820.


Ann Eliza, ch.William and Mary, Sept.19,1841.


Sarah Jane, ch.Cyrus and Caroline, Aug.19,1833.


Pliny Manson, ch.Pliny and Hannah, May22,1830.


Frederick Leroy, s.Leroy N. and Eliza E., July26,1847.


Ephraim, May21,1754, in Somers, CTGR

Ephraim Forbes, ch.Ephraim and Mary (Kyle), Aug.14,1819.

Lydia, ch.Ephraim and Lydia, May6,1795.


Theodocia, d.Harvey and Eunice, June9,1821.GR

SHRYACK (Shryock)

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Edgar L. And Lucinda, Feb.28,1845.

SHRYOCK (Shryack)

Sarah A., w.Edgar Feb.20,1814.GR


John, s.Rev. John A. and w., Apr.5,1846.


Charles Hamilton, ch.Jesse and Susan, Apr.11,1814.

Laura West, ch.Jesse and Susan, July21,1812.

Samuel Frances [sic], ch.Jesse and Susan, Feb.10,1816.

SMALL (Smalley)

George William, s.John (b. Ireland) and Jane Ann (b. Ireland), June24,1849.


Catharine, d.John and Jane Ann, June21,1846.


末末, d.Edward and Lydia E., Jan.25,1848, in Tyringham.

Adelaide, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), July28,1837.

Asenath ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.27,1793.

Asenath, ch.Matthias and Sabra, July24,1821.

Aurelia, ch.James and Debborah [first. w.] Aug.26,1810.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Nov.1,1781.

Benjamin, ch.Matthias and Sabra, Dec.12,1816.

Catharine, ch.James and Persis (second w.), Nov.1,1815.

Charles Frederick, ch.Edward and Lydia, Oct.末,1843.

Ermina, ch.Henryand Hannah (Crosby), May1,1844.

Fanny, ch.James and Persis (second w.), Nov.22,1813.

Franklin Adelbert, ch.Edward and Lydia, Apr.17,1842, in Tyringham.

Hannah, ch.Matthias and Sabra, Nov.9,1814.

Harriot, ch.James and Debborah [first w.], Oct.5,1808.

Henry Lee, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), Dec.19,1833, in Hudson, OH.

Homer, ch.Edward and Lydia, Oct.15,1840.

James, ch.James and Persis (second w.), Oct.10,1812.

Laura, ch.James and Debborah [first w.], Dec.3,1806.

Lucy Canfield, d.John R. and Parthenia, Apr.1,1844.

Lydia, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.14,1777.

Maria Clark, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), Feb.5,1842.

Martha Milinda, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), Oct.25,1829.

Mary Ann, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), Apr.11,1826.

Matthias, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.10,1786.

Matthias, ch.Matthias and Sabra, Nov.3,1818.

Meribah, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.24,1779.

Merribah P., ch.Matthias and Sabra, May20,1813.

Ralph Lee, s.Rev. Ralph (b. Long Island, NY) and Cornelia (b. Long Island, NY), May26,1849.

Sarah, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.21,1788.

Sarah, ch.Matthias and Sabra, Dec.25,1820.

Thomas Hiram, ch.Henry and Hannah (Crosby), Feb.11,1823.

Wellington, ch.John R. and Parthenia, Dec.15,1841.

William, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.8,1783.


Caroline, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Mar.1,1820.

Dolly, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Feb.28,1810, in Woodford, VT.

Jerusha, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Mar.末,1819.

Lucy, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Oct.20,1831.

Malinda, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Jan.1,1823.

Samuel, ch.Zolva and Ruth, July11,1828.

Sarah, ch.Zolva and Ruth, Oct.20,1825.

Sophia, ch.Zolva and Ruth,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Feb.28,1810, and Mar.末,1819], in Bennington.

Susan, ch.Zolva and Ruth,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Feb.28,1810, and Mar.末,1819], in Woodford, VT.


Hosea Merrill, ch.Solomon D. and Cynthia, Dec.15,1841.

Jane Maria, ch.Solomon D. and Cynthia, Apr.16,1840.

Lewis William, ch.Solomon D. and Cynthia, Mar.19,1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Solomon D. and Cynthia, Feb.13,1846.


Charles Wesley, s.John, Aug.28,1845.

Clarissa, ch.Lemuel and w., Dec.20,1815.

Emily Ann, ch.John and Betsey H., July3,1840.

George Henry, ch.William and Eliza B., Sept.1,1834.

Harriet Helen, ch.William and Eliza B., Nov.4,1831.

Janet, ch.John and Betsey H., Jan.17,1838.

Jared Bradley, ch.William and Eliza B., Feb.10,1833.

Lucretia, ch.Lemuel and w., Mar.4,1814.

Mary Bradley, d.William and Eliza, Feb.5,1848.

William, ch.William and Eliza B., Oct.12,1841.


末末, s.George (b. NY) and Louisa (b. NY), Feb.12,1849.


Charles, ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, Oct.31,1816.

Isaac Whiton, ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, Jan.26,1813.

Josiah F., ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, May6,1808, in Tyringham.

Mary Ann Elizabeth, ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, Sept.7,1822.

Richard S., ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, Jan.23,1806, in Tyringham.

Wolcot M., ch.Josiah and Mary Ann, Feb.16,1804, in CT.

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

SQUIER (Squiers, Squire)

Catharine Lydia, d.Abijah M. and Wealthy Ann, Feb.10,1846.

Langdon Daniel, s.Abijah M. and Wealthy Ann, May27,1844, in S. Lee.

Sarah Ann, ch.Abijah M. and Wealthy Ann, Mar.5,1843.

Wealthy Ann, d.Abijah M. (b. S. Lee) and Wealthy A. (b. Westfield) of S. Lee, May19,1849, in S. Lee.

SQUIERS (Squier, Squire)

William Kellogg, s.Abijah and Wealthy Ann, Oct.26,1847.

SQUIRE (Squier, Squiers)

Abijah M., ch.Daniel and Lydia, Jan.5,1815.

Daniel, ch.Ebenezer and Adrye, Mar.5,1784.

Daniel P., ch.Daniel and Lydia, Jan.22,1811.

Lydia H., ch.Daniel and Lydia, May8,1807.

Sally, ch.Ebenezer and Adrye, Sept.18,1781.

Sally S., ch.Daniel and Lydia, Mar.16,1809.

STARNES (Sterns)

Abijah, ch.John and Lucy, Oct.22,1784.

Abijah, ch.John and Lucy, June27,1789.

Bulah, ch.John and Lucy, Nov.2,1793.

Daniel, ch.John and Lucy, Sept.29,1795.

Betsey, ch.John and Lucy, June3,1790.

Fanny, ch.John and Lucy, Aug.26,1786.

James, ch.John and Lucy, Oct.4,1792.

John, ch.John and Lucy, Mar.29,1783.

Polly, ch.John and Lucy, Mar.16,1780.

Sally, ch.John and Lucy, July22,1781.

Thomas, ch.John and Lucy, July5,1788.

STEARNS (Starnes, Sterns)


Julia Ann, twin d.Oliver P. (b. Lenox) and Elizabeth (b. Mt. Washington), Oct.11,1848.

Juliaette, twin d.Oliver P. (b. Lenox) and Elizabeth (b. Mt. Washington), Oct.11,1848.

STERNS (Starnes)

Cyrenus Barns, ch.Simon and Vienna, Mar.5,1816.

Dexter, ch.Simon and Vienna,末蔓末,1826.

George, ch.Simon and Vienna, Apr.25,1822.

Gould, ch.Simon and Vienna, Feb.26,1813.

Harwin Henry, ch.Simon and Vienna, Feb.26,1811.

Henrietta, ch.Simon and Vienna, May9,1809.

Lawrence, ch.Simon and Vienna, July10,1820.

Marcus, ch.Simon and Vienna, Feb.末,1824.

Nathan, ch.Simon and Vienna, Apr.25,1818.


末末, ch.James and Lucretia, Dec.3,1792.

末末, d.Charles R. (b. NY) and Nancy M. (b. Worthington), June25,1849.

Able Barnum, ch.Moza and Lucinda, Oct.14,1811.

Alice Victoria, d.Moses and Emeline ("Mother supposes she was born in Richmond"), Dec.28,1846.

Anna Williams, ch.James and Lucretia, May4,1808.

Benjamin, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, May17,1795.

Benjamin Franklin, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Lovisa (Foot), June5,1827.

Caroline, d.John C. and Caroline C., Mar.27,1847.

Chauncy, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.27,1793.

Delia Taylor, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Lovisa (Foot), Nov.3,1824.

David, ch.Moza and Lucinda, Sept.8,1806.

George Grant, s.Moses and Emeline, Dec.29,1844.

Harvey S., s.Alvan D. and Christina, May24,1847.

John, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Lovisa (Foot), Dec.23,1816.

Lucy, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Feb.20,1789.

Lydia Millonia, ch.James and Lucretia, Mar.7,1807.

Mary Anne, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Lovisa (Foot), Apr.9,1822.

Mary Lucretia, d.Moses and Emeline, Dec.25,1848.

Mehitable, ch.Moza and Lucinda, July23,1814.

Marcy, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.29,1787.

Moses, ch.Moza and Lucinda, June22,1817.

Normon Denison, ch.James and Lucretia, Mar.18,1798.

Ransom Foote, ch.Benjamin Jr. and Lovisa (Foot), May末,1820.

Richard Williams, ch.James and Lucretia, Mar.17,1794.

Roxa Minerva, ch.James and Lucretia, Dec.8,1803.

Sally, ch.Beniamin and Sarah, Mar.8,1791.

Susanna, ch.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.29,1785.

Thirza, ch.Moza and Lucinda, Aug.19,1804.

Zar Baufford, ch.James and Lucretia, Mar.25,1800.


Almes, ch.Squire and Rebecca, Feb.28,1796.

Harvey, ch.Squire and Rebecca, Mar.9,1792.

Palmira, ch.Squire and Rebecca, Mar.3,1798.

Triphena, ch.Squire and Rebecca, June20,1790.

William, ch.Squire and Rebecca, Sept.13,1799.

Zaphne, ch.Squire and Rebecca, Mar.22,1794.


Charles, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), June末,1821.

Corbet, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Nov.13,1809.

Cynthia Maria, ch.James C. and Jerusha (second w.), Oct.15,1838.

Daniel, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Aug.2,1814, in Sheffield.

Elijah, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Apr.12,1807, in Sheffield.

Eliza, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Apr.18,1823.

Harriet, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Oct.24,1818, in Becket.

Lucy, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), Oct.24,1816, in Sheffield.

Stephen, ch.Daniel (b. Pomfret, CT) and Lucy (b. Sheffield), May24,1811, in Sheffield.


Charles Porter, ch.Porter and Rubina, July4,1832.

Cornelia, ch.Jones E. and w., Apr.12,1842.

Ellen Marsh, ch.Porter and Rubina, Dec.6,1834.

George Gaylord, ch.Porter and Rubina, Dec.8,1840, in Stockbridge.

Isabella Abbe, ch.Porter and Rubina, Oct.6,1842.

Josiah Dwight, ch.Porter and Rubina, Oct.21,1838.

Mary Eliza, d.Jones E. and Henrietta, Sept.4,1845.

Sarah Sophia, d.Jones E. (b. Amherst) and Henrietta B. (b. Richmond), June14,1848.

William Francis, ch.Jones E. and w., Apr.17,1843.


末末, twin d.Moses and Sarah, Sept.18,1828.

Elizabeth, twin ch.Moses and Sarah, Sept.18,1828.

Emily, ch.Moses and Sarah, Sept.19,1832.

George W., ch.Moses and Sarah, Jan.31,1826.

Harriet, ch.Moses and Sarah, July2,1818.

Henry Flavel, ch.Moses and Sarah, Sept.10,1822.

Moses, twin ch.Moses and Sarah, June14,1824.

Sarah, twin ch.Moses and Sarah, June14,1824.

STURGES (Sturgis)

Nabby, ch.William and Salome, May24,1798.

Ann Eliza, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Apr.14,1825.

Charles Henry, ch.Charles and Lucretia,末蔓末,1841.

Charlotte H., w.Edwin, Oct.14,1806, in Norfolk, CT.GR

Charlotte, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Dec.20,1838.

Ebenezer, ch.William and Salome, Feb.7,1812.

Eliza, ch.William and Salome, July4,1814.

Francis Adaline, ch.Edwin and Charlotte, Nov.23,1835.

Franklin, ch.William and Salome, Sept.4,1802.

Franklin, ch.Franklin and Sarah Ann, Nov.10,1842.

Georgiana, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Dec.16,1832, in Springfield.

Henry William, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Between Dec.16,1832, and Sept.17,1836], in Springfield.

John, ch.William and Salome, Apr.4,1807.

Josiah, ch.William and Salome,末蔓末,1816.

Julia Ann [dup. omits Ann], ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Sept.17, [dup. Sept.18], 1836.

Loretta, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, May25,1829, in Springfield.

Lucy Jane, ch.Charles and Lucretia, Apr.2,1843.

Lucy Marilla, d.Russell and Fanny, Apr.25,1847.

Martha Bradley, ch.Franklin and Sarah Ann, July22,1836.

Mary Jane, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Oct.16,1827, in Springfield.

Persis, ch.William and Salome, May4,1809.

Samuel, ch.William and Salome, June2,1796.

Sally, ch.William and Salome, Sept.7,1804.

Sarah, ch.Samuel D. and Eliza, Mar.23,1831, in Springfield.

Sarah Augusta, ch.Franklin and Sarah Ann, Nov.10,1833.

Sarah Jane, ch.Charles and Lucretia, Sept.8,1837.

William, ch.William and Salome, Aug.1,1800.

William Bradley, ch.Franklin and Sarah Ann, July31,1831.

STURGIS (Sturges)

Catharine, ch.Nehemiah and Lydia [first w.], Oct.18,1810.

Charles, ch.Thomas and Mary, May11,1814.

Edwin, ch.Thomas and Mary, Mar.16,1807. [Sturges.GR]

Elisabath, ch.Thomas and Mary, Apr.28,1809.

Frances Lucretia, ch.Russell and Fanny C., July20,1836.

George, ch.Thomas and Mary, Oct.末,1823.

Harriet, ch.Nehemiah and Hannah (second w.),末蔓末,1819.

Henry, ch.Thomas and Mary, May5,1820.

Lucretia, ch.Nehemiah and Lydia [first w.] July17,1812.

Lydia, ch.Thomas and Mary, Apr.21,1816.

Martha Lavinia, ch.Russell and Fanny C., Sept.30,1839.

Mary A., ch.Thomas and Mary, Feb.4,1812.

Robert Clapp, ch.Russell and Fanny C., Nov.13,1833.

Theodore Orlando, ch.Russell and Fanny C., June3,1843


Mary, d.David and w., Oct.16,1847.


Henry Wyncoop, ch.Francis and Cynthia (Hatch), Aug.20,1823.

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