David A., of Salisbury, CT, and Harriet Keep, int.Feb.6,1838.


Deborah and Jabez [Jr.CR] Clark, Feb.27,1803.

Betsey and Lewis Gifford, Jan.22,1797. [Betsy.CR]

Ichobud and Deliverance Hamlin, int.Dec.22,1777.

Job and Celia Bradley, Oct.3,1805.

Joshua and Sylvia Gifford, Feb.17,1803.

Leander J. and Esther G. Sessions,末蔓末,1834 [int.May17].

Lucy and Simeon Clark, Jan.26,1800.

Lydia and Stephen Dexter, Oct.24,1794.

Matthew V.D. and Nancy Wilson, May6,1829.

Nancy M. and Ebenezer J. Johnson, Jan.29,1834.

Nathaniel and Hannah Fessenden, Jan.4,1809.

Sally and Josiah Willoughby, Oct.18,1792.

Sally and David Hamlin, Oct.8,1794.

Thomas and Rebecca Couch, Oct.30,1800.

Walley and Grace Vandusen, Jan.17,1793. [Wally.CR]

Walley and Mary Brayman, int.Oct.15,1836.

William H. and Amanda Bradley, int.Mar.9,1839.


Benjamin, of Stockbridge, and Ruth Gifford, May19,1814.

Harriet, of Peru, and James C. Stowell, int.Jan.19,1842.


Austria and John Martin Remmele, Mar.27,1823. [Remele.CR]

Elijah and Submit Ingraham, May10,1836.

Lucy and Stephen A. Wheeler, int.Apr.23,1831.

Symantha, wid., b. Tyringham, d.Lodowick Gardner, of Tyringham, and Charles Hammond, widr., int.June13,1847.

BAIRD (see Bayard)

Lovina E., of Otis, and Joseph E. Hurlbut, int.Aug.15,1835.

Mehitebel and Chester Webb, Nov.14,1804.CR


David and Vina Crocker, int.[rec. between Apr.13,1783 and May26,1784].

David Jr. and Remember [Remember N.CR] Bassett, Feb.3,1820.

David Jr. and Sarah L. Ackley, int.Sept.3,1842.

George S., 22, b. Lenox, s.Lemuel and Mary of Lenox, and Catharine Bazzell, Feb.8,1849.

John and Lucy Hamblin, Mar.12,1828.

Lydia and Amos Birchard, Aug.19,1806.

Lydia F. and John B. Gifford, May1,1842.

Sally and Philo Bradley, Oct.28,1802.

Silvina and John Bassett, Nov.21,1811. [Salvina.CR]


Amanda and Eli Bradley Jr., Mar.25,1824.

Betsey and Zina Hinkley, June29,1797.

Horace D. and Sarah M. Belden,末蔓末,1832 [int.Dec.21].

Hudson W. and Susan C. Northrup,末蔓末,1835 [int.Mar.29].

Isaac and Lydia Bassett, Mar.25,1819.

James and Lucretia Thatcher, May30,1810. [Thacher.CR]

John and Anne Percival, Feb.13,1806.

John and Eunice Chadwick, Feb.13,1827.

John P. and Lucy L. Benedict, int.Feb.18,1837.

Joseph and Esther Nye, Nov.28,1811.

Lucy and William Bradley, Nov.16,1816. [Nov.28.CR]

Lydia and Daniel Willcox, Oct.19,1794. [Wilcox.CR]

Lydia and John T. Sanborn, int.Sept.27,1834.

Patty and Asael [Asahel.CR] Stanton, Oct.6,1800.

Mary and John Robinson, June24,1830.

Nancy and Cornelius Fessenden, Aug.8,1800.*

Nathan Jr. and Fear Chadwick, June29,1797.

Samuel and Sally Benton, int.Nov.末,1807.

Samuel and Experience Howland, int.Oct.15,1826.

Sally and John Nye 3d, May11,1809.

William and Catharine Sturges, May20,1832. [Sturgis.CR]


James and Minerva Porter, int.Aug.8,1828.

BARDEN (see Burdin)

Asa and Abigail C. Jarvis, int.Apr.9,1831.

David and Temperance Howland, int.Mar.8,1816.

Deborah and Bradford Packard, Apr.14,1817. [Burden.CR]

Betsey and Asa Gleason, Jan.30,1823.

Isaac and Miriam E. Broga, Oct.24,1837.

Jerusha and Benjamin Manchester, int.Nov.20,1820.

Laura and Oliver B. Kingsley, June14,1836.

Seth and Bethiah Dimmuck, Dec.19,1790.*


Rebecca, of S. Hadley, and Francis C. Lincoln, int.Mar.9,1833.


Cornelius and Lydia Bradley, Mar.26,1818.

Cornelius and Lydia Sheldon, Nov.16,1823. [Shelden.CR]

Elizabeth and William Chanter, Oct.4,1810.

Esther and Timothy Dwight Thacher, Feb.23,1843.

Hannah and John Remmele, Apr.19,1796. [Remele.CR]

Isaac and Sally Casey, July8,1794.

Joseph Warren and Mary West Bradley, Sept.20,1824.

Lemuel and Thankful Bassett, Dec.23,1785.*

Lemuel and Betsey Guy Hall, May11,1843.

Lucy L., 27, d.W[illiam] B. and Lois[(Nye)], and Crocker T. Howland, Apr.9,1848.

Lydia and Calvin Ingersoll, Oct.8,1789.*

Lydia and Henry Bowen, Oct.18,1815. [Lydia R.CR]

Mary Ann and Charles Munn, May11,1842.

Nathan and[Jehanna] Williams,末蔓末,1820 [rec. between May25 and June8].

Peleg and Esther Griffin, Jan.19,1797. [Jan.18.CR]

Reuben 2d and Pamela Bradley, June14,1833. [1832.CR]

Samuel and Sena Wilcox, May1,1800.

Samuel, of Abington, VA, and Betsey Freeman, Sept.18,1837.

Sarah C., 18, d.Nathan and Joanna, and William Gates Couch, Sept.16,1846.

Seth and Margaret G. Hubbard, int.June18,1836.

Sylvia and Isaac Webster, Sept.30,1801.

Thankful and Benjamin Hamlin, Feb.19,1795. [Hamblin.CR]

William B. and Lois [Louis.CR] Nye, Oct.21,1813.


Amos, of Pittsfield, and Lydia Porter, May2,1814.

Amos and Sarah Tuttle, int.Aug.28,1830.

Charles and Emily C. Packard, int.May19,1838.

Elizabeth and Lucius Crocker, int.May4,1833.

James and Bathsheba Hinckley, Nov.15,1843.

Lucretia W. and Joel C. Jackson, June29,1843. [June26.CR]

Silas, of Becket, and Almira Childs, int.Dec.26,1835.


Sylvester, of Stockbridge, and Wealthy Graham, Feb.17,1803.


James A.E. and Temperance Childs, Feb.17,1825. [Barras, Feb.7.CR]

Lucinda and Lyman Childs, Jan.27,1831.


Jesse and Mamry Bradley, int.[rec. between Apr.13,1783 and May26,1784].


Phebe and Ely Bradley, int.Nov.24,1782.

BARTLET (see Bartlett)

Hubbart, Dr., and Keziah Battle, Feb.13,1811. [Hubbard.CR]

BARTLETT (see Bartlet)

Lucy and William H. Ames, Feb.6,1838.

Sarah, of Worthington, Hampshire Co., and Elijah C. Benton, int.Dec.5,1824.


Nabby and Benjamin Finney, Apr.8,1802.

Alexander P., 25, s.Nathan, dec., and Frances E. Hinckley, Feb.25,1846.

Ancel and Hannah Dimmuck, Apr.11,1793.

Ansel, s.Ephraim, and Eunice, dec., and Elizabeth Johnson, Nov.末,1849.

Azubah H. and James Wolcott, int.Jan.6,1838.

Benjamin, of Tyringham, and Molly Winslow, Jan.23,1797.

Charles and Harriet J. Hunt, int.Mar.28,1840.

Cornelius Jr. and Polly Nye, int.Jan.27,1828.

Cynthia and Amos G. Hulbert, Jan.27,1824.

Deborah and James Whiton, Dec.18,1800. [Deborah Webb Bassett.CR]

Ephraim D. and Eunice Ingersol, Nov.9,1820. [Ingersoll.CR]

Garshom and Nabby Howland, Mar.31,1802. [Gershom.CR]

Hannah and Stephen Thatcher, July2,1806.

Harriet and Charles Hinckley, Nov.4,1824.

Harriet and Samuel McCoy, Oct.12,1826.

Harriet R., 19, d.Samuel and Rebecca, and William T. Fish, Dec.6,1849.

Henry M., 22, s.Nathan and Maria, and Lydia C. Stedman, int.Oct.29,1847.

Isaac and Lydia Foot, Dec.29,1829.

John and Silvina [Salvina.CR] Baker, Nov.21,1812.

Joseph and Almira Dodge, Oct.2,1823.

Lucetta and Timothy D. Perkins, Apr.13,1843.

Louisa and George Benton, int.Sept.11,1830.

Lucy and Crocker Thatcher, Aug.5,1822. [Thacher.CR]

Lydia and Isaac Ball, Mar.25,1819.

Maryann and Caleb Benton, int.Apr.8,1827.

Marietta and Sylvester S. May, May14,1839.

Polly and Nathaniel Tobey, Oct.18,1813.

Mary A.B. and Freeman Nye, int.Apr.15,1830.

Nancy and Elisha Freeman Jr., Nov.28,1805.

Nancy and Daniel H. Parker, Dec.8,1842.

Nathan and Azuba [Azubah.CR] Jones, Jan.12,1797.

Nathan 2d and Patty Hall, June14,1810.

Remember and David Baker Jr., Feb.3,1820. [Remember N.CR]

Salome, of Tyringham, and William H. Cutting, int.Apr.4,1840.

Semanthe and William Ingersoll, Jan.1,1823.

Sally and Levi Chase, Feb.11,1802.

Sarah Jane and Morden U. Buttles, int.Dec.15,1837.

Sarah S. and Horatio L. Brewer, Sept.28,1843. [Sept.11.CR]

Susanna and Reuben Carey Jr., Mar.8,1803.

Thankful and Lemuel Barlow, Dec.23,1785.*

Thankful and Timothy West, Nov.29,1810.

Thomas and Content L. Hinckley, Jan.12,1826.


Anne and Daniel Church, Sept.20,1785.*

John C., 21, b. Kent, CT, of Canaan, CT, s.Bennett and w.of Canaan, CT, and Maria S. Cobb, May16,1848.

Sarah and David Mason, Apr.8,1831.

Sarah A. and Edgar L. Shryock, int.Oct.18,1834.

BATTELL (see Battle, Buttles)

Almira, of Tyringham, and Ira Nye, int.Aug.22,1813.

Henry C., 26, b. Tyringham, s.John M. and Aschah of Wisconsin, and Mary A. Clark, May21,1848.

Justus Jr., of Tyringham, and Bathsheba Ingersoll, Nov.21,1811.

Keziah, of Tyringham, and Dr. Hubbart [Hubbard.CR] Bartlet, Feb.13,1811.

Polly, of Tyringham, and Ransom Hinman, int.May27,1804.

Sophia, of Tyringham, and Silas Garfield, int.Nov.末,1807.

BAYARD (see Baird)

Elizabeth Ann, of Becket, and Abraham Perry Jr., int.Oct.29,1820.


Anne, of Stockbridge, and Lemuel Sparks, Nov.8,1818. [Bement.CR]

BAZZELL (see Bissell)

Catharine, 22, d.Jacob and Lophina, and George S. Baker, Feb.8,1849.*


Ashley and Judith M. Bullard, int.Feb.24,1843.

Jane, 19, d.Lewis and Abigail C., and Dr. L. Eldridge Way, July11,1849.

Lewis and Abigail C. Keith, int.Apr.11,1829.


Sarah M. and Horace D. Ball,末蔓末,1832 [int.Dec.21].

BEMENT (see Bayman)


Aron and Betsey Randal,末蔓末,1791.*

Amelia F., of Tyringham, and Samuel I. Graham, int.June24,1827.

Lucy L., of Tyringham, and John P. Ball, int.Feb.18,1837.

Samuel E., of Washington, and Eliza Burr, int.Feb.29,1840.

BENNET (see Bennett)

Sally and Job Northrup, Oct.19,1797. [Northrop.CR]

BENNETT (see Bennet)

Allen T., 21, s.Henry W., and Catherine [int.Catharine] J. Platner, Sept.30,1845.

Henry W. and Lucy Thatcher, int.May末,1820.


Amelia L., 24, of Tyringham, and John B. Easland, int.Sept.11,1847.

Thomas and Theodosia Culver, int.Jan.24,1835.


Abijah K. and Harriet Thatcher, int.Sept.18,1827. [Abijah R. and Harriet Thacher, m.Sept.25,1827.CR]

Caleb and Maryann Bassett, int.Apr.8,1827.

Caroline, of Dalton, and Calvin Dart, int.Sept.4,1830.

Elijah and Lucy Clark, int.Feb.2,1817.

Elijah C. and Sarah Bartlett, int.Dec.5,1824.

Fellows L. and Bathsheba Chadwick, int.Sept.1,1816.

George and Louisa Bassett, int.Sept.11,1830.

Lucy and William Couch, int.末蔓末,1814 [rec. after May28]. [m.Sept.13,1814.CR]

Lucy and John Butler, June27,1816.

Lucy and Gilbert Groesbeck, June22,1820. [Laura.CR]

Sally, of Tolland, and Samuel Ball, int.Nov.末,1807.


Clarissa, wid., 30, b. Salisbury CT, d.George Cline and Clarissa, and James M. Wilcox, int.Sept.4,1848.


John G., 29, b. England, s.George and Ann of England, and Esther Pocock, Nov.18,1849.


Elsa Ann and Erasmus D. Reynolds, June12,1843.

Henrietta and William Chapel, int.Aug.1,1835.

Henry and Sarah L. Bidwell, July4,1841.

Louisa E. and Augustus J. Ray, int.Aug.7,1841.

Meliscent D., 22, b. Stockbridge, d.Lawson D. and Emeline, and James F. Williams, Sept.21,1846.

Sarah L. and Henry Bidwell, July4,1841.


Caroline and Salmon Hall, Oct.末,1842. [Oct.16.CR]

BIRCHARD (see Burchard)

Amos and Lydia Baker, Aug.19,1806.

Rheumah and Leman F. Phinney, Jan.15,1828. [Rumah M.CR]

BISSELL (see Bazzell)

Mary Ann, of Stockbridg, and George Judd, int.Jan.4,1840.


Ann Maria and Charles W. Merrill, int.Jan.21,1837.

Fanny and William Williams, Jan.2,1825.

Ruby and Charles Polly, Sept.30,1824. [Polley.CR]

William and Amna Howk, int.Oct.21,1827.


Alvan F., 28, s.Simeon and Clarissa, and Sylvia M. Gibbs, int.Oct.17,1849.

Bathsheba and Jesse Bradley, May3,1825.

Chauncy and Assenath Smith, Sept.19,1811. [Chauncey and Asenath.CR]

Chauncey T. and Sarah Ann Pierson, int.Oct.1,1842.

Joshua S., of Stockbridge, and Gracy [Grace.CR] Porter, Nov.26,1807.

Mary E., d.Simeon and Clarissa, and Charles C. West, Oct.30,1849.

Rhoda, b. Stockbridge, of Stockbridge, d.Jesse and Sarah Ann of Stockbridge, and Charles Leffingwell, int.May30,1846.

Samuel and Nancy Smith, Feb.23,1815.CR

Sarah S., 27, d.Chauncey and Asenath Smith, and Timothy H. Lombard, int.Oct.3,1846.

Simeon, of Stockbridge, and Clarissa Turner, Nov.23,1820.

William P. and Ann Jane Goodrich, int.Jan.25,1833.


Horace and Nancy Williams, Apr.15,1832.


Curtis H. and Sarah Ann Jones, int.Mar.9,1839.


Rhoda, 26, b. Washington, d.Reuben and Zerviah, and Enoch Cobb, Aug.15,1847.


William B., Rev., and Harriet Sheldon, int.Apr.18,1840.

BOSWORTH (see Bozworth)


Elizabeth and Isaac Lewis, Oct.8,1822.

Eunice and Rev. Ebenezer Washburn, Jan.1,1818.

Henry, of Becket, and Lydia [Lydia R.CR] Barlow, Oct.18,1815.

Lydia and Edward M. Henderson, Oct.15,1839.

Mary T. and Chester Roys, int.Nov.15,1845.

BOYCE (see Boies)


Constant, of Sanderfield, and Marcy West, int.Sept.24,1778.


Henry and Azubah Kane, int.Sept.16,1815.


Abigail and Sylvanus Foot, int.June17,1804.

Abigail and Rev. Lavius Hyde, Sept.28,1818.CR

Abigail C., 18, d.Elisha, and Joseph B. Hubbard, Sept.23,1845.

Amanda and William H. Backus, int.Mar.9,1839.

Anne and Silas Hinkley, Aug.28,1806. [Hinckley.CR]

Asenath and Rev. Cyrus Yale, Nov.9,1813.

Celia and Job Backus, Oct.3,1805.

Charles and Emily Crosby, int.Mar.15,1834.

Ebenezer Cook and Abigail Sturges, Feb.25,1819.

Ely and Phebe Bartiline, int.Nov.24,1782.

Eli Jr. and Amanda Ball, Mar.25,1824.

Eliza S. and Lot Dimick Chadwick, Mar.29,1844.

Betsey and Ebenezer Walker, Jan.27,1817.

Esther and Josiah Newell Jr., June3,1802.

Eunice and William Sessions, int.Dec.25,1813.

Harriet C., d.Elisha and Sophronia, and Daniel Hubbard Jr., int.Mar.17,1849.

Heman and Anne West, Nov.29,1792.

Jared, Col., and Phebe Munson, June8,1791.*

Jared and Mary Ann Crosby, Aug.16,1825.

Jesse and Bathsheba Bliss, May3,1825.

Joel and Harriet Jarvis, Oct.9,1817. [Jervis.CR]

Josiah and Fiche Howk, Dec.6,1815.

Julia W., 21, d.Elisha, and Abner L. Isbell, Oct.10,1844.

Lemi and Ruth Newel, Feb.19,1795.

Lucy and Caleb Walker Carpenter, Oct.9,1823.

Lydia and Samuel Hodges, Oct.12,1794.CR

Lydia and Cornelius Barlow, Mar.26,1818.

Lydia and William H. Peck, Apr.10,1828.

Mamry and Jesse Bartholomew, int.[rec. between Apr.13,1783 and May26,1784].

Maria C., 23, d.Joel and Harriet, and Charles Heath, widr., Oct.5,1846.

Polly and David Howk, Feb.1,1810.

Mary West and Joseph Warren Barlow, Sept.20,1824.

Noah Rogers, of Stockbridge, and Harriet Dodge, June15,1820.

Pamela and Reuben Barlow 2d, June14,1833. [1832.CR]

Philo and Sally Baker, Oct.28,1802.

Phebe and Chauncey Tuttle, Dec.4,1823.

Rachel and Alvah Jarvis, int.Aug.29,1813.

Rhoda and Andrew Cornish, int.Sept.10,1804.

Sarah and Mandly [Manly.CR] Whiton, Dec.7,1815.

Stephen and Fanney [Fanny.GR] Freeman, Oct.22,1805. [Oct.27.CR]

Stephen Jr. and Hannah Austin, Sept.20,1824.

Thomas E.M. and Olive Williams, Dec.2,1819.

William and Tabitha Hamblin, Jan.3,1798.

William and Lucy Ball, Nov.16,1816. [Nov.28.CR]


Betsey, of Tyringham, and Matthew Vandusen, int.Nov.9,1800.

Mary, of Adams, and Walley Backus, int.Oct.15,1836.


Mary Z. and Chauncey W. Foster, Dec.14,1843.

Nancy E.M., 20, b. Otis, and Edward D.G. Jones, Nov.14,1849.


Harvey, widr., 59, b. Tyringham, s.Isaac and Esther, and Maria Patridge, int.Sept.4,1847.

Horatio L., of Stockbridge, and Sarah S. Bassett, Sept.28,1843. [Sept.11.CR]


Orella and John G. Stanley, Jan.27,1803.CR

Rodolphus F. and Florilla Miller, int.Jan.20,1828.


George and Sarah Cowls, int.Sept.12,1840.

William W., of Belchertown, s.末末 of Belchertown, and Emeline Briggs, Dec.31,1845.


Austin A., 22, b. Pittsfield, of Pittsfield, s.Allen and Elvira of Pittsfield, and Harriet Andrews, Dec.23,1847.

Emeline, 32, d.Joshua, dec., and William W. Bridgman, Dec.31,1845.

Harriet and Enoch Comstock, int.Apr.25,1840.


Eliza, 21, b. Ireland, and Patrick Conors, int.Nov.14,1848.


Miriam E., of Becket, and Isaac Barden, Oct.24,1837.


Asenath and Joseph Wadsworth, int.Feb.26,1837.

Benjamin F. and Marietta Bushnell, int.Oct.17,1835.

Eliza M., of Southwick, and George Thacher, int.Sept.7,1833.

Elkanah, of Sheldon, Genesee Co., NY, and Sara [Sarah.CR] Smith, Jan.14,1818. [Jan.11.CR]

John, of Lenox, and Dolly Hinman, Mar.21,1811.

Levi C. and Esther L. Owen,末蔓末,1834 [int.June7].

Lorenzo D. and Agnes Whiton, Feb.1,1838.

Mary A. and John M. McCarty, Sept.12,1841.

Sabra, of Becket, and Matthias Smith, int.Dec.27,1812.


Hatsel H., of Stockbridge, and Harriet Nancy Sloane, int.May16,1824.

Jeremiah Jr., of Stockbridge, and Maria S. Fairchild, Nov.10,1829.

Jeremiah, of Stockbridge, and Sarah Ann Leffingwell, int.Mar.31,1838.

BUCKLEY (see Buckly)

Martha [int.adds P.], 23, d.James, and Reuben O. Drown, Dec.1,1845.

Mary Ann, 18, d.James, and Nathan Allen, June24,1846.

BUCKLY (see Buckley)

Patrick, 23, b. Ireland, s.Dennis and Mary, and Mary Gammell, int.Aug.24,1847.


Judith M., of Sheffield, and Ashley Beach, int.Feb.24,1843.

Lucy and Hope Davis, Sept.7,1795 [dup. Sept.7,1796]. [Mrs.Lucy, 1795.CR]


John and Uretta Goodspeed, int.Apr.18,1834.

BURCHARD (see Birchard)

Ataresta and Charles Thatcher, Dec.2,1824. [Eteresta Birchard and Charles Thacher.CR]

BURDIN (see Barden)

Noah and Avis Their, int.Dec.16,1777.


Harriet, of Gt. Barrington, and Samuel Miller, Oct.2,1834.


Calvin, of Hartland, and Clarissa Northrop, May16,1803.CR


Eliza and Samuel E. Benedict, int.Feb.29,1840.


Jabez and Abigail Perry, Oct.17,1793.


Catharine D., of Otis, and Sylvanus Gifford, int.Mar.24,1833.

Marietta, of Otis, and Benjamin F. Brown, int.Oct.17,1835.


John, of Lenox, and Lucy Benton, June27,1816.

Martha M. and Marshall Childs, int.Aug.31,1839.

BUTTLES (see Battell, Battle)

Lois and Samuel Hawvor, June17,1838.

Morden U. and Sarah Jane Bassett, int.Dec.15,1837.


John W., 24, b. Blakely, PA, s.Warren and Mary, and Mary A. Linn, Aug.17,1847.


Spencer and Emeline A. Carter, Oct.1,1827.CR

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