Sarah, of Austerlitz, NY, and Marshall Foot, int.Mar.6,1830.


Bridget, 26, b. Ireland, d.Michael and w., and Patrick Thompson, int.Nov.27,1848.


Sibbel and Nathaniel Gillet, int.Nov.24,1780.


Reuben Jr. and Susanna Bassett, Mar.8,1803.


Bemseley, of Winchester, and Olive Foot, Sept.15,1808. [Bemesley.CR]

Caleb Walker and Lucy Bradley, Oct.9,1823.

Hannah and David Thompson 3d, int.Oct.6,1828.


Linus A. and Rebecca Crin,末蔓末,1836 [int.Jan.16].


Emeline A. and Spencer Byington, Oct.1,1827.CR

Esther L. and Eli N. Taintor, int.May3,1839.

CARY (Carey)


Sally and Isaac Barlow, July8,1794.


Emmeline and Moses Stevens, Dec.26,1843.


Abiathar and Bathsheba Stewart, Oct.末,1791.*

Archelus and Electa Hinckley, Nov.18,1808. [Archelaus, Dec.1.CR]

Bathsheba and Fellows L. Benton, int.Sept.1,1816.

Elizabeth and Eli Church, Feb.6,1800.

Eunice and John Ball, Feb.13,1827.

Fear and Nathan Ball Jr., June29,1797.

Heman and Eunice Phelps, int.June末,1805.

Jabez, Rev., of Salem, and Sally Stewart, Jan.8,1801.

Joseph and Patty Hatch, Oct.7,1804.*

Lot Dimick, of Boston, and Eliza S. Bradley, Mar.29,1844.

Polly and Daniel Couch, Jan.7,1805. [Jan.27.CR]

Philander and Alvira [Elvira.CR] Phinney, July30,1832.

Samuel, of Genoa, NY, and Sally Ingersoll, June17,1813.

Thomas and Lucinda Ingersoll, Sept.16,1799.

Thomas, of Genoa, NY, and Ruth Hamblin, Dec.31,1829.


Alma, of Becket, and William P. Hamblin, int.Oct.23,1830.

Benjamin D. and Malinda Snow, June3,1841.

Caleb J. and Caroline Woodward, int.Mar.20,1841. "For some cause the above couple were not married."

Knowlton S., of Becket, and Amelia Shaylor, Jan.27,1836.


Ann M., Mrs., and Joseph B. Allen, Dec.14,1847, in New Lebanon Springs, Columbia Co., NY.* [This entry crossed out.]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Joseph, of Dalton, and Almira Nye,末蔓末,1836 [int.Feb.13].

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Franklin, s.Joseph, and Mary W. Porter, Sept.3,1845.


Mary A. and William L. Culver, int.Feb.9,1833.


Elizabeth B. and Eurota Thorp, Nov.17,1830.

George and Matha Owen, int.July28,1778.

George and Mary Nye, Nov.28,1808.

Mamre E. and Alanson S. Pomeroy, int.Dec.9,1832.

Meribah and Jacob Pratt, Mar.19,1778.

William and Elizabeth Barlow, Oct.4,1810.


William and Henrietta Bidwell, int.Aug.1,1835.


Aaron, of W. Stockbridge, and Lucy Ann Olmsted, int.Dec.24,1834.

Emily C., wid., 26, b. Stockbridge, d.David Curtis and Elizabeth, and Edward Foote, Oct.25,1849.


Grace E.V.D., d.Darius and Alma, and J. Cooley Tucker, int.Oct.3,1846.

Harry, of Becket, and Sarah Ann Foot, Sept.17,1817.

Mary, of Becket, and John W. Foot, int.Aug.28,1825.


Levi, of Pompey, and Sally Bassett, Feb.11,1802.

Polly and Reuben Pixley Jr., June3,1795.

Silence and Levi Fowler, Feb.22,1798.


Hannah B. and John R. Hall,末蔓末,1832 [int.Sept.8].


Almira and Silas Barnes, int.Dec.26,1835.

Ashbel and Matilda Spencer, int.Oct.20,1838.

Benjamin and Fear Chubbuck, int.末蔓末,1814 [rec. between May19 and May28]. [This entry marked "Not married."]

Benjamin and Harriet Meach, int.Sept.末,1821.

Delia and John Gardner, Sept.22,1799.

Job and Nabby Hamblin, int.Aug.17,1800.

Job and Rhodah [Rhoda.CR] Hatch, Oct.30,1800.

Job and Sally Mather, int.Oct.27,1805.

Joseph H. and Electa Hulet 2d, int.Sept.4,1830.

Lyman and Lucinda Barrus, Jan.27,1831.

Marshall and Martha M. Butler, int.Aug.31,1839.

Temperance and James A.E. Barrus, Feb.17,1825. [Barras, Feb.7.CR]


Fear, of Plymouth, and Benjamin Childs, int.末蔓末,1814 [rec. between May19 and May28]. [This entry marked "Not married."]


Charles, of Ogden, NY, and Harriet [Harriot.CR] Hyde, Sept.24,1821. [Sept.25.CR]

Daniel and Anne Bates, Sept.20,1785.*

Eli, of Lanesborough, and Elizabeth Chadwick, Feb.6,1800.

Harriet and Milton Ingersoll, Oct.25,1830.

Henry, of Stockbridge, and Amanda Whiton, Feb.24,1819.

Leonard and Lucy Sedgwick, Apr.4,1826.

Levi and Hannah Gardener, int.June2,1799.

Lieuman and Sophia Ingersoll, June17,1813.

Martha A., of Northampton, and James H. Wright, int.Nov.12,1838.

Sarah and Charles Freeman, Nov.30,1815.


Samuel, of Stockbridge, and Mary Taylor, Oct. [in pencil] 末,1835.


Fanny and Russell Sturges, int.Jan.26,1833.


Benjamin, of Lenox, and Sarah Cole, Sept.1,1790.*

Benjamin F., of Stockbridge, s.Samuel and Thankful, of Stockbridge, and Abby Jane Melius, int.Dec.8,1847.

Clarissa L., d.Elihu, and Rev. George R. Entler, Oct.1,1845.

Eliza Ann and Isaac Hall Jr., Oct.1,1842. [Clarke, Oct.16.CR]

Ephraim and Polly Orton, int.Nov.7,1802.

Eunice L. and Thomas G. Hinckley, int.Nov.6,1813.

Eunice P., of Granville, and Thomas G. Williams, int.Feb.25,1832.

Harriet F., b. Tyringham, of Tyringham, d.Hiram and w., and Timothy Dwight Thacher, widr., int.Nov.7,1846.

Jabez and Deborah Backus, Feb.27,1803. [Jabez Jr.CR]

Jesse and Sarah Foote, int.Apr.6,1778.

Jonathan Jr. and Elizabeth Perry, Dec.29,1809.

Lucy, of Lenox, and Elijah Benton, int.Feb.2,1817.

Martha P. and Milo A. Graves, int.Oct.23,1836.

Mary A., 22, of Tyringham, d.William and Mercy Ann, of Tyringham, and Henry C. Battell, May21,1848.

Otis and Mary A. Pierce, May15,1831.

Rebecca and Stephen Johnston, int.Aug.31,1795.

Sarah and Robert Martin,末蔓末,1835 [int.Sept.26].

Simeon and Lucy Backus, Jan.26,1800.


Enoch, widr., 37, b. Fabius, NY, s.Robert and Nancy, and Rhoda Bolles, Aug.15,1847.

Horatio S., Dr., 27, b. Hawley, s.Robert and Nancy, and Caroline Thacher, Nov.11,1847.

Maria S., 23, b. Cheshire, d.Robert and Susan, and John C. Bates, May16,1848.


Henry R., of Hitchcocksville, and Lydia H. Sturgis, int.Sept.6,1834.


Eliza Ann S. and Charles B. Nye, Oct.31,1832.

Sarah, of Lenox, and Benjamin Clark, Sept.1,1790.*


Avice and Icabod Sherman, int.Jan.3,1796. [Avis, m.Jan.20,1796.CR]

Henry, of Hartford, CT, and Mary Ann Whiton, int.June12,1830.


Allen and Sarah J. [? I.] White, int.Mar.5,1836.

Enoch, of Quincey, IL, and Harriet Briggs, int.Apr.25,1840.

Lucretia, of Gt. Barrington, and Benjamin Ross, int.Feb.20,1823.

Stephen, of Stockbridge, and Clarrisa Sheldon, Dec.12,1803. [Clarissa Shelden, Dec.20.CR]


Clara M., 28, b. New Haven, CT, d.Albert and Amriel [?], and Beman Amsden, Oct.17,1849.

Garwood and Sarah Spencer, int.Aug.28,1844.

Henry P., of Springfield, IL, and Sarah Dixon, June23,1841.

William and Delia Taylor, Apr.3,1822. [Apr.30.CR]

William G., 22, s.William and Delia, and Laura Hall, Nov.29,1849.


Patrick, 23, b. Ireland, s.James and Mary, of Ireland, and Eliza Briscoe, int.Nov.14,1848.


William P. and Nancy Westover, int.Mar.10,1832.


Rebeckah and Amasa West, Dec.12,1812. [Rebekah, Dec.3.CR]

Samuel, of Stockbridge, and Octavia Arnold,末蔓末,1835 [int.Nov.12].


Thomas, 22, b. Ireland, s.Thomas and Mary, and Ellen Nalligan, int.Aug.6,1847.


Andrew, of Lanesborough, and Rhoda Bradley, int.Sept.10,1804.

Benjamin Jr. and Jane S. Peck, Feb.25,1844.


Aaron T. and Emily L. Wolcott, int.Jan.末,1824.

Bradford M. and Lucy L. Davies, int.Mar.26,1842.

Charles M. and Mary Ann Wilson, int.Nov.17,1838.

Daniel and Polly Chadwick, Jan.7,1805. [Jan.27.CR]

Franklin, of Little Falls, NY, and Sarah J. Wright, int.Sept.29,1838.

Frederic M. and Mary Hamlin, int.Feb.13,1830.

Frederic M. and Amanda M. Herrick, May2,1833.

Henry Robert and Eliza B. Howk, int.Jan.31,1819.

Henry M., 21, b. Stockbridge, s.Daniel and Polly, and Mary Jane Sturges, Oct.5,1847.

Horace, 27, b. Hillsdale, NY, s.William and Lucy, of Hillsdale, NY, and Eunice Guyl, Mar.26,1848.

John M. and Mary Gates, Nov.23,1820.

Polly P. and Alfred Seymour, July16,1807.

Mary and Curtis [Curtiss.CR] Wilcox, Oct.28,1830.

Nancy Emmeline and Lyman Whiton, Sept.23,1823.

Oliver and Nancy Marsh, Jan.7,1806. [Jan.1.CR]

Phebee A. and Elisha Taylor Jr., int.Sept.25,1813.

Rebecca and Thomas Backus, Oct.30,1800.

Sally and Mandly Whiton, Jan.20,1808.

Sarah W. and Erastus Huntington, int.Oct.30,1835.

Susan and Moses Hoyt, Feb.6,1823.

William and Lucy Benton, int.末蔓末,1814 [rec. after May28]. [m.Sept.13,1814.CR]

William Gates, 23, s.Morton and Mary, and Sarah C. Barlow, Sept.16,1846.


Sarah, of Amherst, and George Bridgman, int.Sept.12,1840.


Marshall, of Dalton, and Caroline E. Laflin, Aug.29,1839.


Hubbard and Maria Smith,末蔓末,1835 [int.Aug.1].


Rebecca and Linus A. Carroll,末蔓末,1836 [int.Jan.16].

CRITTENDON (Crittenton)

Alanson, of Otis, and Fanny T. Hinkley, int.Dec.8,1838.

CRITTENTON (Crittendon)

Levi and Mary Hull, int.Sept.7,1816.


Alice Hoyt and Jacob Penoyer, Mar.27,1794.

Elizabeth and John Read, Aug.24,1794.

Hannah and Calvin Davies, Feb.1,1798.

Jedediah and Sarah Gifford, int.末蔓末,1782.

Josiah and Hannah Crosby, Jan.15,1795.

Laura and Elkanah Reed, Nov.3,1803. [Nov.2.CR]

Lucius and Elizabeth Foot, Oct.7,1823.

Lucius and Elizabeth Barnes, int.May4,1833.

Lucy and Dr. Eli Hurd, Mar.10,1823.

Marcy and William Ingersoll Jr., int.Apr.13,1783.

Noah Jr. and Betsey Foot, Oct.23,1806.

Sally and William Hale, Dec.22,1807.

Tabitha and Samuel Winegar, Jan.12,1797.

Thankful and James Nye, Jan.23,1801.

Vina and David Baker, int.[rec. between Apr.13,1783 and May26,1784].

CROSBEY (Crosby)

Hannah and Henry Smith, Mar.7,1822. [Crosby.CR]

CROSBY (see Crosbey)

Abijah and Caty Olds, Jan.15,1795.

Betsey and Elisha Dodge, June21,1798.

Emily, of Stockbridge, and Charles Bradley, int.Mar.15,1834.

Hannah and Josiah Crocker, Jan.15,1795.

James, of Lenox, and Huldah Dorr, Sept.18,1822.

Mary Ann and Jared Bradley, Aug.16,1825.

Salome and Thomas G. Washburn, Dec.4,1817.

Thomas and Susanna Culver, Nov.25,1803. [1802.CR]


Nancy Ann and Austin D. Kellogg, int.Mar.9,1838.

Rumina M. and Henry U. Holmes, Nov.24,1842.


Enoch, of Middlefield, and Hannah Hamilton, Sept.14,1801.

CROWFOOT (Crawfoot)


Cynthia and Solomon Spafford, Sept.7,1830.

Emerancy and Buckley Thacher, Apr.6,1830.

Esther and Jonathan Rogers, int.Mar.18,1810.

Moses E., of Tyringham, and Martha N. Miner, Dec.20,1836, in Tyringham.

Solomon and Elizabeth Leonard, Sept.11,1805.

Susanna and Thomas Crosby, Nov.25,1803. [1802CR]

Theodosia, of Pittsfield, and Thomas Bentley, int.Jan.24,1835.

William L., of Tyringham, and Mary A. Champlin, int.Feb.9,1833.


Almira, of Dalton, and Waterman Johnson, int.Nov.30,1828.


George H., of Stockbridge, and Cynthia S. Fairchild, int.Aug.22,1835.

William H. and Salome Bassett, int.Apr.4,1840.

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