HAAS (Hoos)

John, of Kinderhoock, and Ficha Howk, int.Dec.10,1780.


John, of Tyringham, and Jeneverah Gifford, May29,1806.

William, of Tyringham, and Sally Crocker, Dec.22,1807.


Abigail Guy, and Samuel Whiting Foster, Mar.1,1820.

Alma, and Enos Olmsted, Feb.14,1821.

Barnabas, and Hannah Phelps, Dec.31,1810.

Collens, and Betsey Dodge, Dec.30,1811. [Collins.CR]

David, and Phebe Ross, int.Jan.20,1805.

Eliza, and Calvin Twing, Nov.30,1837.

Betsey Guy, and Lemuel Barlow, May11,1843.

Erastus C., and Elizabeth Hubbard, int.Oct.14,1833.

Isaac, of New Marlborough, and Eliza Ann Clark, Oct.1,1842. [Clarke, Oct.16.CR]

James, of Dover, OH, and Elizabeth Ingersoll, Feb.1,1816.

John R., and Hannah B. Chester,末蔓末,1832 [int.Sept.8].

Jonathan D., and Jerusha S. Foot,末蔓末,1835 [int.Mar.25]. [m.Apr.9.GR]

Jonathan D., and Catharine E. Videto, int.June1,1840.

Laura, and Solomon T. Huntington, May2,1832.

Laura, and William G. Cone, Nov.29,1849.

Lovilla A., and John P. Loveland, int.Oct.3,1840.

Luke M., and Margaret C. Twing, int.Feb.25,1832.

Patty, and Nathan Bassett 2d, June14,1810.

Moses, Capt., and Lydia Hinsdale, Dec.5,1805.

Salmon, and Caroline Bills, Oct.末,1842. [Oct.16.CR]

Samuel B., and Semanthe Hinkley, Oct.17,1831. [Hinckley, Oct.27.CR]

William G., and Sophia C. Gardner,末蔓末,1835 [int.Mar.31].

HAMBLIN (Hamlin)

Nabby, of Lenox, and Job Childs, int.Aug.17,1800.

Anna, and John M. Remele Sr., int.Feb.27,1830.

Benjamin, and Thankful Barlow, Feb.19,1795. [Hamblin.CR]

Bathiah, and Amasiah Dotty, int.Dec.3,1780.

Chauncey, of Lenox, and Electa Yale, Sept.29,1823.

David, and Sally Backus, Oct.8,1794.

Deliverance, and Ichobud Backus, int.Dec.22,1777.

Betsey, and David Foot, Jan.12,1789.*

James, and Anne Roberts, June4,1807.

Lucy, and John Baker, Mar.12,1828.

Martha, and John Green, Dec.1,1789.*

Mary, and Frederic M. Couch, int.Feb.13,1830.

Mercy, and Levi W. Herrick, May2,1833.

Richard, of Lenox, and Ruth Yale, Dec.1,1803.

Ruth, and Thomas Chadwick, Dec.31,1829.

Susannah, and Paul Ewer, Feb.18,1796.

Tabitha, and William Bradley, Jan.3,1798.

Thankful, and Benjamin Davis, June5,1800.

Theodore B., and Mary Phinney, Nov.28,1832.

William P., and Alma Chaffee, int.Oct.23,1830.

William P., and Tryphena Parks, int.Aug.21,1841.


Hannah, and Enoch Crowel, Sept.14,1801.


Charles, widr., b. Albany, s.Gideon, and Symantha(Gardner) Bailey, wid., int.June13,1847.

HANCOCK (Hencock)

Jemininiah, of Springfield, and Samuel Wright, int.Dec.20,1778.


Anne, and Daniel Parker, Nov.23,1797.

Seth, and Hannah Parker, Oct.24,1803. [Oct.20.CR]

Seth, and Susanna Russell, Aug.17,1826.


Henry, 26, b. Chatham, NY, of Chatham, NY, s.Peter J. & Mary, of Chatham, NY, and Marry E. Griffin, Mar.22,1848.


Henry William, b. England, and Sarah Rouse, wid., May26,1846.*


Julia Ann, of Sheffield, and Isaac Gardner, int.Dec.5,1840.


Catharine R., d.Francis & Harriet, and John B. Whitman, Apr.16,1847.

John, and Nancy Amanda Jones, int.June12,1818.

Mary Ann, and Parker Rose, int.July6,1821.


Solomon, and Polly Stearns, May7,1809.


Edward, and Lucy Taylor, int.Oct.12,1800.

Lewis, and Mary Davis, int.Oct.末,1780.

Patty, and Joseph Chadwick, Oct.7,1804.

Orrin S. [of Hopbrook.CR], and Alma De Forrest, Dec.31,1843. [Defoerest.CR]

Rhodah, and Job Childs, Oct.30,1800. [Rhoda.CR]


Ebenezer, and Electa Northrop, Oct.30,1794.CR


Samuel, and Lois Buttles, June17,1838.


Philena, of Blanford, and Arthur Perry, int.July10,1813.


Charles, widr., of New York City, and Maria C. Bradley, Oct.5,1846.

George Jr., of Gt. Barrington, and Huldah Hulet, int.June末,1819.

Harriet, of Tyringham, and Joseph C. Davis, int.Feb.29,1824.

Orton, and Mary Ann Sturgis, int.Oct.19,1833. [m.Nov.27.CR]

Pamelia M., of Tyringham, and Isaac C. Davis, int.Apr.15,1827.


Teresa, 27, b. Germany, d.William & Teresa of Germany, and Daniel Grouse, Dec.29,1849.

William, 20, b. Germany, s.Anthony & Cecilia of Germany, and Julia Parmejeau, Sept.30,1848.


Edward M., and Lydia Bowen, Oct.15,1839.

Henry, and Sarah M. Hulbert,末蔓末,1835 [int.Apr.9].

HERMON (Hinman)

Henrietta A., and Matthew Laflin Jr., Feb.8,1827. [Hinman.CR]

HERRICK (Hearick)

Amanda M., and Frederic M. Couch, May2,1833.

Charlotte B., and William W. Howk, int.July3,1830.

Levi W., and Mercy Hamblin, May2,1833.

HILL (Hills)

Leonard M., of Amherst, and Betsey Hunter, Dec.20,1843.

William H., and Jane A. Worthington, int.Sept.16,1837.


Miranda J., 20, of Sheffield, and Horace G. Pease, Nov.28,1848.

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)

Nabby, and Nathaniel Hudson, June28,1796. [June29.CR]

Abigail, and Warren Hinckley, Apr.21,1817. [Apr.23.CR]

Barnabas, and Mary C. Eells, Oct.13,1842.

Bathsheba, and James Barnes, Nov.15,1843.

Bradford, and Rovilla Loomis, int.Sept.12,1840.

Caroline, and Horace Treat, Dec.14,1815.

Charles, and Harriet Bassett, Nov.4,1824.

Content L., and Thomas Bassett, Jan.12,1826.

Electa, and Archelus [Archelaus.CR] Chadwick, Nov.18,1808. [Dec.1.CR]

Fanny T., and Alanson Crittendon, int.Dec.8,1838.

Frances E., 26, d.Warren, and Alexander P. Bassett, Feb.25,1846.

Joseph, and Polly Stewart, Nov.19,1794. [Hinckley.CR]

Louisa, and Josiah N. West, May8,1828.

Lucretia, and Rowland Thatcher Jr., Nov.28,1805. [Hinckley.CR]

Luther T., of Stockbridge, and Mary Ann Seeley, int.Sept.26,1833.

Lydia, and Nehemiah Sturgis, Nov.30,1809.

Mara, and Thomas Sturges, Mar.20,1806. [Mary Hinckley.CR]

Nathaniel H., and Maria Wright, int.Mar.13,1830.

Phebe E., and William R. Dingman, Jan.1,1838.

Semanthe, and Samuel B. Hall, Oct.17,1831. [Hinckley, Oct.27.CR]

Silas, and Anne Bradley, Aug.28,1806. [Hinckley.CR]

Thomas G., and Eunice L. Clark, int.Nov.6,1813.

Warren, and Abigail Hinckley, Apr.21,1817. [Apr.23.CR]

Zina, and Betsey Ball, June29,1797.

HINMAN (Herman)

Dolly, and John Brown, Mar.21,1811.

Ransom, and Polly Battle, int.May27,1804.


Lydia, and Capt. Moses Hall, Dec.5,1805.


Olive, of Springfield, and Chester Wakefield, int.Aug.8,1829.


Samuel, and Lydia Bradley, Oct.12,1794.CR


David, and Laura Williams, Nov.26,1829.


Cynthia R., and Levi L. Hopkins, Dec.6,1843.

Betsey, and John Sparks, Oct.5,1836.

Harriet W., and Lyman Sparks, Aug.22,1840.*

Henry U., and Rumina M. Cross, Nov.24,1842.

Huldah A., and William Trumbull Jr., Apr.11,1844.

Susan A., 23, b. Washington, d.Isaac & Loama of Washington, and Eli Martin Jr., widr., int.Apr.18,1848.


Levi L., and Cynthia R. Holmes, Dec.6,1843.


Sarah D., and Stephen A. Pelton, int.Sept.12,1834.


Euphemia J., and Samuel Sizer, int.Mar.23,1840.


Nathan, of Newark, NY, and Euretta Townsend, Oct.21,1839.


Mehettabel, and Isral Smith, int.rec. between Apr.13,1783 and May26,1784.


Joshua, and Urania Stevens, Jan.14,1797.CR

HOWK (Houck)

Amna, of Tyringham, and William Blake, int.Oct.21,1827.

Andrew, and Betsey Mansfield, Mar.21,1799.

Catharine, and William Ingersoll 3d, int.Nov.25,1813.

Clarisa, and Ira McKnail, int.Jan.18,1812.

David, and Polly Bradley, Feb.1,1810.

Eliza B., and Henry Robert Couch, int.Jan.31,1819.

Ficha, and John Haas [? Hoos], int.Dec.10,1780.

Fiche, and Josiah Bradley, Dec.6,1815.

Hannah, and John Merrills, Nov.13,1813. [Nov.3.CR]

Richard, and Electa Ingersoll, Feb.4,1812.

William W., and Charlotte B. Hearick, int.July3,1830.


Nabby, and Garshom [Gershom.CR] Bassett, Mar.31,1802.

Amy, and James L. Hyde, Mar.12,1807. [Ama.CR]

Crocker T., 28, s.James & Ruth, and Lucy L. Barlow, Apr.9,1848.

Experience, of New Lebanon, and Samuel Ball, int.Oct.15,1826.

James, and Ruth Fish, int.Apr.22,1816.

Susan, and Marshall Johnson, int.Nov.6,1833.

Temperance, of Stockbridge, and David Barden, int.Mar.8,1816.


Charles, and Temperance Perry, Nov.9,1819. [Hoit and Tempe.CR]

Moses, and Susan Couch, Feb.6,1823.

HUBBARD (Hubbart)

Daniel, of Lile, and Fanny Stearns, Jan.7,1812.

Daniel Jr., of Oswego, NY, and Harriet C. Bradley, int.Mar.17,1849.

Elizabeth, of Hadley, and Erastus C. Hall, int.Oct.14,1833.

John Jr., of Sandisfield, and Polly Whiton, int.June22,1806.

Joseph B., of Brunswick, NY, and Abigail C. Bradley, Sept.23,1845.

Margaret G., of Hadley, and Seth Barlow, int.June18,1836.


David, of Gt. Barrington, and Susan L. Tyler, Aug.24,1831.

Nathaniel, of Grenville, and Nabby Hinkley, June28,1796. [June29.CR]


Anne, and Amos Fuller, int.Feb.2,1778.

HULBERT (Hurlbert, Hurlburt, Hurlbut)

Amos G., and Cynthia Bassett, Jan.27,1824.

Edward, and Sally Ingersoll, Jan.5,1814.

Joseph E., and Lovina E. Baird, int.Aug.15,1835.

Lewis, of Winsor, NY, and Amanda M. Phinney, int.Aug.30,1834.

Lovina, and Moses Trim, Nov.6,1809.CR

Maria, 20, d.Samuel & Eunice, and Samuel Q. Porter, May31,1848.

Samuel A., and Mary R. Plunkett, int.May4,1839.

Sarah M., and Henry Henderson,末蔓末,1835 [int.Apr.9].

HULETT (Hulet)

Adeline Louisa, and Albert Nash, Mar.10,1839.

Charles, and Anna Taylor, int.末蔓末,1814 [rec. after May28].

Electa 2d, and Joseph H. Childs, int.Sept.4,1830.

Electa, 56, d.Samuel & Susanna, and David Kilburn, Oct.15,1849.

Huldah, and George Heath Jr., int.June末,1819.

John, and Hannah Walker, int.Oct.22,1797.

Lucena, and Ozias Judd, Dec.15,1796. [Hewlet.CR]

Sally, and Elisha Whiton, Sept.18,1806. [Whiting.CR]

Wesley, and Sally Turner, int.Nov.16,1821.


Delia, of Stockbridge, and Zach Winegar, int.Jan.2,1836.

Cornelia, of Sandisfield, and Alexander Hyde, Oct.1,1839, in Sandisfield.

Mary, of New Marlborough, and Levi Crittenton, int.Sept.7,1816.


James, of W. Stockbridge, and Electa Strong, Oct.30,1805.


George, and Christeen Vandusen, int.Aug.15,1803.

Harriet J., of W. Stockbrig, and Charles Bassett, int.Mar.28,1840.

Henry J., and Mary Smith, int.Jan.18,1840.


Betsey, and Leonard M. Hills, Dec.20,1843.

Isaac, and Julia A. Jordan, int.Sept.3,1836.

Marcia, of Otis, and Charles Foot, int.May5,1831.

Rebecca, of Otis, and Caleb B. Phinney, int.Mar.12,1831.


Azel, and Hannah Robinson, int.Oct.15,1797.

Erastus, and Sarah W. Couch, int.Oct.30,1835.

Solomon T., and Laura Hall, May2,1832.


Eli, Dr., of Scipio, NY, and Lucy Crocker, Mar.10,1823.

Betsey, and Elisha Adams, Oct.2,1805.

Rocksena, of Patridgefield, and Ezra Loomis, int.Jan.末,1803.


Alexander, and Cornelia Hull, Oct.1,1839, in Sandisfield.

Alvan, Rev., and Lucy Fessenden, Apr.25,1793.

Harriet, and Charles Church, Sept.24,1821. [Harriot, Sept.25.CR]

James L., and Amy [Ama.CR] Howland, Mar.12,1807.

Joseph, and Catharine McEwen, July20,1831.CR

Lavius, Rev., and Abigail Bradley, Sept.28,1818.CR

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