Seth F., h.Lucinda M. Stannard,末蔓末,1842.GR1

MANLEY (Manly)

Chauncy (Manly), twin s., Daniel and Grace, Dec.27,1805.

Claricy, d.Daniel and Desire, July23,1795.

Daniel Lomis (Manly), s.Daniel and Grace, Jan.9,1805.

David (Manly), s.Shubal, Feb.7,1804.

Desire, d.Daniel and Grace, Aug.11,1800.

George (Manly), s.Shubal, Mar.18,1802.

Harmony (Manly), twin d.Daniel and Grace, Dec.27,1805.

Jerusha A. Dowd, w.John H.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

John H., h.Jerusha A. Dowd,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Shubal (Manly) Jr., s.Shubal, Aug.7,1799.

Tirzah, d.Daniel and Grace, Aug.13,1802.


Alva, s.William and Rebeckah, May6,1796.

Electy, d.William and Rebeckah, Feb.16,1800.

Ira, s.William and Rebeckah, July2,1802.

James, s.William and Rebeckah, Jan.1,1794.

Sally, d.William and Rebeckah, May12,1791.

William Jr., s.William and Rebeckah, Mar.10,1789.


Harriet, d.Albert and Malinda, May24,1849.


末末, ch.Capt. Howland, Dec.10,1816.CR2

Alice, d.Lawton and H. Roena, Feb.26,1800.

Bradford Ripley, s.Lawton and Hilpah R., bp. May12,1811.CR2

Clarry, d.Lawton and H. Roena, Apr.6,1804.

Clarry, ch.Lawton and Rowene, bp. Oct.6,1805.CR2

Elijah Lyon, s.Thomas and Elisabeth [dup. Betsey] Miriam, Feb.4,1798.

Eliza Ann, d.Thomas and Betsey [Elizabeth M.CR2], Nov.15,1809.

Elizabeth Lawton, d.Howland and Jemima, Oct.8,1792.

Elizabeth, ch.Howland and Esther, bp. Sept.14,1806.CR2

Emmila, ch.Howland and Esther, bp. Sept.14,1806.CR2

Fanny, b. Blandford, w.S., June3,1793.GR1

Fanney E., d.Smith and Fanney, Jan.31,1830.

Hadlock, s.Smith and Patience, July21,1782.

Hadlock, s.Howland and Jemima, Sept.13,1790.

Henry O., s.Smith and Fanney, June23,1837.

Jemima, ch.Howland and Esther, bp. Sept.14,1806.CR2

John Foot, s.Lawton and Helpah Roena, Mar.9,1802. [Mar.8.GR1]

Joseph Howland, s.Capt. Howland and Esther, bp. "Oct.6 or 11", 1812.CR2

Luther, s.Lawton and H. Roena, June21,1806.

Mary Throop, d.Smith and Patience, Sept.17,1779.

Mary Fowler, d.Lawton and Hilpa Rocittee, Apr.18,1798.

Mary Fowler, ch.Lawton and Hilpah Rowene, bp. Oct.6,1805.CR2

Nancy Elmina, d.Thomas and Betsey, Oct.21,1802. [w.Isaac Ives Norton.GR1]

Nathaniel, twin s.Howland and Jemima, Sept.13,1796.

Newton S., Dec.27,1824.GR1

Patia Lawton, d.Lawton and Hilpa Rocittee [Rowene.CR2], Sept.27,1796.

Patience, d.Smith and Patience, July8,1777.

Rebeckah, twin d.Howland and Jemima, Sept.13,1796.

Rebeckah, ch.Howland and Esther, bp. Sept.14,1806.CR2

Sally Canfield, w.John F., Apr.12,1799.GR1

Sally Philena, d.Thomas and Betsey, Oct.14,1807.

Smith, s.Howland and Jemima, Feb.5,1794.

Smith, s.Thomas and Elisabeth [dup. Betsey] Miriam, Aug.1,1795.

Thomas Melvin, s.Thomas and Betsey [Elizabeth N.CR2], Oct.30,1817.

Waity, d.Howland and Jemima, June5,1801.

Celinda, d.Lawton and Helpah Rowena, bp. July30,1809.CR2


Julia E., w.Samuel C., Oct.4,1835.GR1

Samuel C., h.Julia E., Mar.9,1831.GR1


George F., b. Bavans, France, Mar.11,1838.GR3


Billenda, d.Sylvenus and Rebeckah, Aug.2,1798.

Cynthia, see Synthia.

Synthia, d.Sylvenus and Rebeckah, Sept.6,1802.

Sylvenus, s.Sylvenus and Rebeckah, Nov.20,1800.


末末, twin s.and d.末末 (laborer), Feb.5,1848.


William Clark, s.Robert and Louisa, Sept.11,1824.


Jennette, d.Leinus and 末末, bp. May2,1830.CR1

MERRIT (Merit, Merritt)

Alvena R. Phelps (Merritt), w.John E., July28,1845.GR1

Aurilla, see Orela.

Orela, d.John and Rachel, Dec.9,1795.

Daniel W. (Merritt), s.Stillman and Sarah M., Apr.19,1831. [Daniel Wadsworth Merit.CR2]

Farline, d.John and Rachel, Apr.17,1814.

John Eells (Merritt), s.Justus [dup. in later handwriting Justus and Sarah], farmer, Feb.21,1849.

Julia M. (Merritt), d.Stillman and Sarah M., Dec.15,1828.

Julia Maria (Merit), ch.Stillman and w., bp. Mar.25,1832.CR2

Justus, s.John and Rachel, Nov.14,1799.

Marilla, d.John and Rachel, May4,1809.

Mallissa, d.John and Rachel, Sept.12,1811.

Melissa, see Mallissa.

Phila, d.John and Rachel, Sept.26,1806.

Rhoda, d.John and Rachel, July8,1797.

Rhoda, d.John and Rachel, Apr.13,1802.

Samuel Wadsworth (Merit), ch.Stillman and w., bp.末蔓末,1832.CR2

Stillman, s.John and Rachel, July21,1804.

Stillman (Merritt) s.Justus and Sarah M., Aug.29,1835.


Abigail, w.David,末蔓末,1819.GR1


Bulah, d.Elijah, bp. May7,1797.CR2

Lucretia, d.Elijah and Lucretia, bp. Nov.8,1797, in Louden.CR3


Norton Larkcom, s.Osmi and Rhoda, bp. Jan.4,1818.CR2


Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel Adolphus and Orpah, Feb.4,1800.

Flora, d.Ezekiel Adolphus and Orpah, Aug.10,1794.

Orpah, d.Ezekiel A. and Orpha, Mar.19,1802.

Samuel, s.Ezekiel A. and Orpah, June21,1805.


Calvin, s.Abner and Hannah, May28,1802.

Harlow, s.Abner and Hannah, June12,1798.

Harlow, s.Abner and Hannah, May8,1800.

Sardis, s.Abner and Hannah, Sept.17,1804.

William, s.Abner and Hannah, Oct.11,1795.


Prudence A. Frink, w.Elijah, July8,1812.GR1


Ralph Pomery, s.Ebenezer and Esther, June7,1804.

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