Sally, wid., of Tyringham, and Lucius Smith, int.Feb.20,1813.


Chauncy S. and Miss Hannah P. Norton, int.Apr.11,1848.


Ann E., Miss, and Henry Seymour, Feb.21,1839.

Charles J. and [int.Miss] Amelia M. Stickland, Nov.29,1837.

Jane L., 24, d.William, and James E. Bagley, single, 23, mechanic, s.James E. and Mary, Mar.7,1849.

John, of Blandford, and Miss Chloe Barber, int.Mar.28,1813.

Nancy L., Miss, and Chester R. Cornwall [int.Cornwell], June18,1843.

Phebe, Miss, of Sandisfield, and Zerah Rockwell, int.Dec.22,1811.

Samuel C. and Miss Mary A. Gibbs, of Blandford, int.June19,1842.

William W. and Harriet Wilder, of Barkhamsted, CT, int.Nov.11,1839.


Alsa, Miss, and Amos Miner, int.Aug.22,1813.

Ameret, Miss, and Asa Benton, Sept.25,1841.

Amoret, Miss, and Ira Nicholds, of Becket, int.Sept.31,1810.

Calvin, of Blandford, and Jerusha Griffin, of Loudon, int.July19,1795.

Dorcas and John Cook, both of Loudon, int.Apr.2,1804.

Elsa, see Alsa.

Esther, Miss, and Daniel Stickland [int.Strickland], June28,1814.

Florenny, Miss, and Worthey Pratt, of Granville, int.July14,1811.

Lydia, of Loudon, and James Snow Jr., of Becket, Dec.9,1802.

Manna, of Loudon, and Phileste Barber [dup. Philesta Barbur], of Becket, int.Dec.24,1801.

Osias Jr., and Esther Dwolf, both of Loudon, int.Mar.5,1797.

Phebe, of Loudon, and Dudley Humphreys, of Simsbury, Dec.23,1802.

Roxana, of Loudon, and Joseph G. Pearsons, of Sandisfield, int.May20, 末末 [? 1803].

Wareham and Miss Mercy Clark, both of Loudon, int.[between Nov.29,1808 and Feb.16,1810].


Joel, of Loudon, and Chloe Griswold, wid., of Sandisfield, int.May5,1788.


Charles, [int.of Stockbridge], and Maria Filley, wid., Dec.25,1832.


Nathan M., of Becket, and Miss Ruth Ann Orsborn, int.Jan.23,1834.

Theodotia P., Miss, of Becket, and Ray Champlin, int.May20,1833.


Betsey, of Blandford, and Phineas Kibbe, int.Nov.7,1819.

Hallam C., Dr., of Blandford, and Miss Hellen [int.Helen] M. White, Apr.21,1844.

Patty, Miss, and Ezekiel Lloyd, Feb.7,1815.

Ray and Miss Theodotia P. Chaffee, of Becket, int.May20,1833.

William, of Blandford, and Mrs.Chloe Norton, int.Oct.7,1821.


Dorcas, of New Marlborough, and Seth Knowles, of Loudon, int.Dec.7,1794.

Solomon, of New Marlborough, and Mary Gibson, of Bethlehem, int.June7 [pub. cert. Aug.20], 1805.


Deliverance, Miss, of Somers, CT, and Phinehas Jones, of Loudon, int.[between Nov.29,1808 and Feb.16,1810]

Henry and [int.Miss] Rachel Palmer, July4,1837.


Mary E., Miss, of Gt. Barrington, and Joel Kilbourn, int.Mar.8,1834.


Susanna and William Oharrow, int.May11,1808.


David I., of Windham, NY, and Lucy Whitney, int.Dec.2,1821. [David J. of Windham, NY, and Miss Lucy Whitney, m.末蔓末,1821.CR2]


William [int.Chidister] and Miss Sylvia Bancroft, June16,1842.


Everline A., Miss, and John H. Street, of W. Hartford, CT, int.Nov.10,1833.

Jeptha C., of Avon, CT, and Miss Lucy A. Alford, int.Apr.28,1833.


Betsey, Miss, of Becket, and Lansford White, of Monson, Oct.2,1822.*


Octavia, [int.Miss], and John W. Colbert, of Norfolk, VA, Sept.16,1843.


Arnold and Diantha Pelton, of Blandford, int.Jan.2,1820.

Joseph B. and Eliza A. Mitchell, of Granville, int.June10,1840.

Mary, of Beckett, and Lyman C. Osborn, int.Mar.22,1833.

Nancy, Miss, of Tolland, and Jabish D. Jones, int.Nov.10,1816.

Sylvester and Miss Rachel Boise, of Blanford, int.Oct.25,1818.


Amasa and Sarah Blackwood, both of Loudon, int.Apr.27,1793.

Anna, Miss, of Tolland, and Jonathan Norton 3d, int.Dec.30,1820.

Ann, wid., 55, of Southwick [int.adds CT], d.Thomas Pelton and Ann, and John Hunt, widr., 63, farmer, s.Joseph and Ama, Dec.22,1847.

Aphia, Miss, of Tolland, and Joseph A. Root, int.Nov.10,1811.

Aseenah, of Russel, and Alpheus Winser, of Loudon, int.Feb.25,1798.

Charity, Miss, of Tolland, and Marcellus C. Miller, int.Mar.30,1821.

Clariscey, of Sandisfield, and Joshua Finch, of Loudon, int.June20,1803.

Comfort, [int.of Loudon], and Esther Babb, [int.of Middletown], Feb.7,1791.

Comfort Jr. and Miss Mary Clark, Dec.20,1822.

Corinthia E., Miss, and Artemas Wright, of Winchester, CT, int.Mar.21,1845.

David, of Worthington and Abigail Baldwin, of Loudon, int.Oct.20,1783.

Eli, of Tolland, and Miss Sally Clark, int.Aug.29,1813.

Eliza and Robert Hunter, s.Samuel and Hannah (Blair), Mar.19,1823, in Becket.*PR2

Esther, Miss, and Ashel Hawley, Mar.15,1814.

Jonathan and Mrs.Lois Green, of Springfield, int.May3,1843.

Levi, of Tolland, and Miss Clarissa Stickland, May末,1822.

Lorena, 22, [int.Tolland], d.Levi and Clarissa, and Mordecai [int.Mordeca] Babb, single, 21, farmer, s.Thomas and Nancy, May8,1849.

Lucinda and John Cruttendon, int.June7,1830.

Lucy A., 20, d.James and Fanny, and John Deming, single, 22, farmer, of Sandisfield, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, of Sandisfield, Jan.19,1848.

Lydia E. Miss, and Joseph E. Hunt, July24,1842.

Lyman and Eunice Norton, int.June12,1831.

Lyman and [int.Miss] Mary E. Kibbee, Sept.22,1841.

Mary, Miss, and Comfort Clark Jr., Dec.20,1822.

Mary, of Florida, and Elisha G. Hayden, int.Feb.18 [pub. cert. Mar.5], 1849.

Mercy, Miss, and Wareham Case, both of Loudon, int.[between Nov.29,1808 and Feb.18,1810].

Marcy, Miss, and Sylvenus Durham [int.Darlin], of Blandford, June8,1815.

Mordaci and Miss Clarisa Harskill, of Blandford, int.Dec.16,1815.

Nancy, Miss, and Henery [int.Harry] Blair, of Blandford, Dec.19,1816.

Rhoda, Miss, of Granville, and John Johnson, of Loudon, int.Apr.14,1808.

Samuel and Miss Fanny Pelton, of Blandford, int.Apr.15,1815.

Sarah and Samuel Davison, both of Loudon, Sept.12,1792.

Sarah, 1813, see Sally

Sally, Miss, and Eli Clark, of Tolland, int.Aug.29,1813.

Simon and Sarah Homes, of Tyringham, int.Nov.4,1821.

Susan and Ambrose A. Dearing, of Becket, Oct.19,1831.

Susan, Miss, and Samuel Perry, int.Aug.31,1835.

Wells and Miss Martha Benton, int.Jan.3,1835.


Shelden, of Barkhampsted, and Pele Herendon, of Loudon, int.Sept.16,1792.


John W., of Norfolk, VA, and [int.Miss] Octavia Chilson, Sept.16,1843.


Clement and Lydia Alden, int.May2,1825. [m.May5.CR2]

Emely M. and Lyman Webb, int.May13,1826.

John M. and Miss Eliza Salter, Sept.1,1822.

Merriam, Miss, and Kinsman Broga, of Becket, int.Oct.3,1813.


Samuel, of Blandford, and Sally R. Lyon, int.Mar.6,1831.


Eliphalet, Dr., of Loudon, and Huldah Adams, of Sandisfield, Nov.25,1795.


Abigail, Miss, and Quincy Johnson, of Hillsdale, NY, int.Apr.19,1812.

Alva and Miss Lyda Cooper, of W. Springfield, int.Nov.28,1813.

Anna and Edmond Kimbal [int.Kimball], both of Loudon, Aug.6 [int.Aug.19], 1801.

Asher, of Loudon, and Rhoda Phelps, of Simsbury, int.June22,1783.

Benjamin and Sarah Norton, both of Loudon, Mar.14,1782.*

Elisha and Anna Baldwin, June18,1777.*

Elisha [int.Lt., of Loudon], and Sally Leanard [int.Sarah Leonard, of W. Springfield], Feb.5,1798.

Elizabeth and Randal Woodworth, both of Loudon, July22,1793.

John and Dorcas Case, both of Loudon, int.Apr.2,1804.

Jonathen and Dabroh Leanard, both of Loudon, int.June28,1777.

Joseph, of Loudon, and Abigail Right, of Colbrook, int.Aug.11,1783.

Miriam and Russel Dwolf, both of Loudon, int.[? Aug.27,1792].

Rhoda, wid., of Loudon, and Dea.Benjamin Dibol, of Granby, May17,1787.

Thomas and Claricy Dwolf, both of Loudon, int.Feb.4,1798.


末末 [int.Levi], of Granville, Hampshire Co., and Miss Elizabeth Adams, Jan.5,1812.


Hulda, of Loudon, and Elijah Knox 2d, of Blanford, int.Jan.16,1796.


Lyda, Miss, of W. Springfield, and Alva Cook, int.Nov.28,1813.

CORNWELL (Cornwall)

Abigail, 23, d.Chester and Penepelopy, and Erastus Kimberley, single, 25, pedler, s.William and Matilda, Dec.29,1847.

Chester R. (Cornwall) [int.Cornwell], and Miss Nancy L. Carter, June18,1843.

Eliza Ann, Miss, and David H. Smith, of Blandford, int.Nov.21,1842.

Susan (Cornwall), Miss, and Luther R. Smith, of Blandford, int.Apr.18,1844.

William, single, 25, farmer, s.Chester and Penelope, and Clarissa Webb, 20, d.Loomis, May31,1849.

COTTON (Cotten)

Amanda, Miss, and Jesse Sherman Jr., of Tolland, int.Dec.11,1821.

Amorit and Stephen L. Parker, of North Hampton, int.Aug.21,1831.

Horice, of Glansfalls [int.adds NY], and Miss Rebeca [int.Rebecca] S. Marvin, Aug.21,1817.

Jane [int.Miss Sarah Jane] and William [int.adds A.] Plumb, June7,1843.

Lester and [int.Miss] Sally Hawley, Jan.30,1814.

Sarah Jane, see Jane.

Walter (Cotten) [int.Cotton] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Polly Babb, both of Loudon, June1,1797.

William Jr. and Dorcas Finch, both of Loudon, Dec.31,1801.


Almon, of Hartland [int.adds CT], and Miss Polly Norton, Nov.30,1810.


Charlot C., of Sandisfield, and Milton Whitney, int.Sept.4,1831.

Jonathan, of Loudon, and Sybbel Ranna, of Blanford, int.Jan.26,1784.

CRITTENDON (Crittenton, Cruttenden, Cruttendon)

Alanson and Miss Fanny T. Hinkley, of Lee, int.Dec.10,1838.

Elizabeth, Miss, and Henry [int.Harry] Hawley, Apr.14,1822.

Hiram, of Sandisfield, and Miss Abigail Baldwin, int.Feb.9,1812.

Ichabod (Crittenton) Jr., of Sandisfield, and Eliza Loring, of Spencer, July2,1801.*

John (Cruttendon) and Lucinda Clark, int.June7,1830.

Lucy (Cruttendon), Miss, and Eli Hale, of Tythingham, Nov.17,1813.

Matthew (Cruttenden), and Miss Olivia Adams, of Sandisfield, int.Jan.24,1834.


Alonzo K. and Miss Cornelia L. Hamilton, int.Apr.15,1843.


John, of Peru, and Miss Ruth Osborn, int.Dec.1,1844.


Elezer Jr. and Salle Brooks, both of Loudon, int.Nov.12,1795.

CRUTTENDEN (Crittendon)

CRUTTENDON (Crittendon)


James Jr., of Sandisfield, and Julia Williams, int.Nov.4,1830.

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Elesan [int.Miss Eliza A.] and Norman Sheldon, of New Marlborough, July7,1834. [Eliza Ann.CR2]

Mary, Miss, of Gt. Barrington, and Hiram C. Stickland, int.Oct.8,1842.

Statira (Curtiss), Mrs., of Granville, and Bavil Seymour Esq., int.Nov.11,1821.

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