Benjamin, ch.Joseph and Mercy, Nov.11,1787.

Damon, ch.Joseph and Mercy, July12,1791.

Betsey, ch.Joseph and Mercy, Nov.19,1783.

Joseph Jr., ch.Joseph and Mercy, Sept.29,1785.

Polly, ch.Joseph and Mercy, Aug.27,1793.

Nancy, ch.Joseph and Mercy, Jan.17,1790.

Silence, ch.Joseph and Mercy, Sept.12,1781.


Henry Whiting, ch.Paul and Esther, Dec.12,1806.

Mariet, ch.Paul and Esther, Sept.29,1809.

Olive, ch.Paul and Esther, June2,1808.

Rebekah Dudley, d.Nehemiah and Katharine, June9,1794.


Dolly, ch.Eli and Chloe, July1,1801.

Eli Jr., ch.Eli and Chloe, Feb.20,1796.

Lura, ch.Eli and Chloe, Aug.12,1803.

Solomon, ch.Eli and Chloe, May2,1805.


Daniel, s.Dr. John and Sally, Oct.14,1805.

John Jr., s.Dr. John and Sally, May4,1804.


Amos, s.Amos and Minerva, Dec.17,1812.

Artemas, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Oct.5,1785.

Caleb Cushman, s.Amos and Minerva, Nov.29,1810.

Clarissa, ch.Isaac and Susanna, Sept.4,1789.

Diana, ch.Isaac and Susanna, Dec.26,1797.

Elijah, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Feb.18,1781.

Hervey, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, July25, 末末 [rec. after Oct.5,1785].

Isaac Jr., ch.Isaac and Susanna, May19,1794.

James, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Sept.9,1779.

Joseph Jr., ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, July1, 末末 [rec. after Oct.5,1785].

Leonard, ch.Isaac and Susanna, Aug.7,1787.

Miriam, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Mar.26,1793.

Rebekah, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Oct.8,1783.

Sarah, ch.Capt. Joseph and Miriam, Dec.16,1775.

Susanna, ch.Isaac and Susanna, Nov.3,1791.


Amanda Aurelia, d.Jeremiah and Laura, Feb.25,1829.

Eunice, d.Jeremiah and Laura, Sept.19,1836.

Harriet Almira, d.Jeremiah and Laura, July4,1831.

Mary Ann, d.Jeremiah and Laura, Sept.16,1833.


Joseph Perry, s.Joseph and Mary Ann, June末,1848.

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