Darius, ch.John and Elizabeth, June18, 末末 [rec. after Apr.22,1830].

Hannah, "Mis," Mar.14,1805.

James, Mr., Feb.25,1803.

Lewis 2d, ch.John and Elizabeth, Feb.21, 末末 [rec. after Sept.18,1826].

Lewis 1st, ch.John and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1826.

Samuel, June17,1832.

Sydney, ch.John and Elizabeth, Apr.22,1830.


Hiram, s.William Jr. and Phebe, Sept.1,1798.

Phebe, w.William Jr., May23,1798.


David [h.Esther], June14,1806, a.69.

Esther, wid.David, Mar.1,1825, a.76.


末末, b. Dalton, ch.William R. and Cornelia, inflamation of the brain, Feb.17,1848, a.2m.21d.

Charles, m., b. Norwich, CT, s.Joseph and Mary, lung fever, Aug.27,1848, a.86y.5m.11d.

Harris, s.Charles and Annah, June30,1831.

Loravisa, d.Charles and Anna, Aug.18,1831.


Daniel, s.Moses and Mary, July29,1817.

Electa, d.Moses and Mary, Feb.15,1819.

Mary, wid.Moses, Apr.26,1832.

Moses Jr., Mr., May1,1819.

Moses [h.Mary], Aug.18,1820.


Austin, ch.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Sept.27,1797.


末末, s.Sylvester and Sarah, Oct.8,1837, a.4d.

Cornelius Dwight, ch.Sylvester and Sarah, Sept.3,1826.

Cynthia, w.Sylvester, May25,1814.

Isaac, Aug.24,1835, a.67.

Julia Ann, d.Sylvester and Sarah, consumption, Mar.15,1848, a.21y.8m.9d.

Luna Maria, ch.Sylvester and Sarah, Aug.24,1831.

Martha Angeline, d.Otis and Mary, Mar.5,1838, a.1y.4m.

Mary Elizabeth, ch.Sylvester and Sarah, Oct.2,1826.

Pamey, ch.Isaac and w., Sept.9,1819.

Rebecah, d.Isaac, Dec.20,1812.

Samantha Sophia, ch.Sylvester and Sarah, May2,1820.

Sarah Mariah, ch.Sylvester and Sarah, May8,1820.

Sarah, b. Pittsfield, w.Sylvester, hemorrhage of the stomach, Dec.24,1843, a.49y.3m.8d.


Isreal, Mr., Dec.7,1814.


Abigail, b. Enfield, CT, w.Amasa, palsy, Nov.10,1845, a.58y.14 m [sic].

Addison, s.Socrates and Mary, Aug.20,1819.

Albert, Mar.10,1828.

Amasa, wid., b. Woodstock, CT, dropsy, Apr.1,1847, a.78y.4m.5d.

Hannah, wid., b. Windsor, d.Smith Phillips and Mary, cancer, Apr.3,1849, a.64y.8m.16d.

Judith, wid.Capt. William, Aug.15,1831, a.90.

Mary, d.William and Chloe Ann, Aug.23,1847, a.79y.13d.

Sabra, w.Amasa, July4,1824.

Susan Winn, d.William and Chloe Ann, Sept.10,1841.

Thomas, Capt., Nov.21,1835, a.62.

William Jr., Mr., Apr.14,1811.

William, Capt., Dec.25,1825.

Zerviah, second w.Amasa, July13,1834, a.50.


Abigail, ch.Daniel and Sarah, May9,1805.

Luis, s.Daniel and Sarah, Oct.31,1804.

Olive, ch.Daniel and Sarah, Oct.22,1803.

Sally, d.Daniel, Feb.20,1814.

Sarah [w.Daniel], "by her own hands," Nov.20,1817.

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