Ira of Lansborough, and Nancy Crosher, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808.]


Chloe of Middlefield, and Jonathan Burnham, int.Mar.8,1818.

Ebenezer and Lowis Forbes, July21,1803.*

Giffe and Frederick Follet, int.Aug.13,1790.

James, Lt., and Elizabeth Chester, int.釦r 15,1792.

Lucy and John Hearsey, int.Aug.19,1799.

Susanna of Dalton, and Eli Dibble, int.Nov.3,1794.


末朴h and Lucy Conant, int.May20,1794.

Hannah and Peter Marshall, int.July26,1796.

Harriet and James C. Stowell, Feb.10,1842.


Henry and Judith Cogswell, Sept.30,1773.*

Henry and Mrs.Eunice Bottom, Sept.18,1787.*

Judith and Banajah Holbroock [int.Benajah Holbrook], May4,1800.

Tamsan [int.Tammeson] and Shedrich Perce [int.Shadarick Peirce],末蔓末,1804 [int.Mar.15,1804].


Chloe of Springfield, and Cyrus Starkwether, int.末蔓10,1794.


Asahel of Hinsdale, and Simiramis Frissell, May1,1833.

Thomas F. of Hinsdale, and Clarrissa Watkins, Mar.25,1828.


Samuel D. and Mercy P. Hathway [int.Hathaway], Aug.29,1832.

BALLOU (Bellou)

Alanson and Laura Graves, int.Mar.4,1836.

Amanda and Nelson Graves, Apr.6,1836.

Amos [int.adds G.] and Mary B. Look, Dec.16,1841.

Elias 2d and Lovisa Pease, int.Feb.13,1832.

Kezia and Artemas Freeland, int.Oct.18,1830.

Polly and Alfred Spaulding, Mar.18,1810*.

Mary Ann and Alden Cushman, Jan.3,1833.

Melinda and Albert Thomas, int.Mar.2,1829.

Melita and John M. Ingham, Nov.6,1833.

Persis and Eldridge Pease, May7,1834.


Josephus of Williamston, and Eda Leland, Oct.16,1837.


Katharine and Stephen Rouse, int.Oct.22,1823.

Delight, Mrs.[int.wid.] and John White, Mar.末,1821.

Esther and Paul Davis, Mar.9,1806.

Hannah and Nathan Tuttle Jr., Sept.4,1805.

James and Delight Hutchens, Dec.13,1808.*

Rebecca [int.Rebeckah Banabeel] and Horrace [int.Horace] Johnson, Feb.8,1815.

Sarah and John Brown, int.Apr.16,1836.


Mary B. of Hinsdale, and Charles E. Watkins, int.June10,1839.

Nathan and Polly Benson, May1,1800.


Theodore of Hinsdale, and Clarissa Leland, Mar.24,1830.


Abigail and Simpson Watkins, int.Nov.5,1798.

Mary of Worthington, and Otis French, int.Sept.26,1831.

Sally and Abial Loveland, int.Mar.20,1802.


Esther and Harvey [int.adds S.] Mason, Nov.25,1802.

Henry and Sarah Whitney, int.Dec.29,1794.

Increase B. and Lucyann Foot, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808].

Lyd末 and Aaron Smith, int.Apr.23,1793.

Seth and Mary Watkins, int.Oct.1,1793.


Isaac [int.Issaac] and Mary Knight, June23,1803.


Hiram of Chesterfield, and Diantha M. Hubbard, Jan.16,1843.*


Lydia [int.of Windsor] and Liberty Peirce, June29,1797.

Wheelock and Olive Hathway, int.Feb.16,1822.


Calvin and Priscilla 末末, int.June11,1794.

Charlotte and Joseph Dunbar, Aug.31,1800.

Sally and Zenus Phiney, Nov.25,1800.


Eli of Stevens Town, NY, and Cleracy Lyman, Oct.9,1800.

BELLOU (Ballou)

Amariah and Polly Freland, int.Apr.10,1805.

David and Mary Ramond, Feb.18,1808.

Mary and Alfred Spalding, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808].


Alice of Ashfield, and Abner Sherwin, int.July3,1793.


Caleb F. and Abigail Hathway, int.Jan.20,1823.

James of Worthington, and Sarah Ross, Oct.22,1809.*


Ephraim of Dalton, and 末bly Cary, int.Nov.3,1793.


Polly and Nathan Barrett, May1,1800.

Matilda and William Pearse [int.Peirce] Jr., June5,1800.


James and Nancy Lyman, June4,1818.

John and Climena Porter, int.Mar.16,1822.

Mary C. and Asa B. Partridge, Apr.8,1824.

Sally and William Lyman, Jan.17,1816.


Samuel, b. Conway, of Conway, and Calista L. Look, Oct.11,1843.*


Clarrissa M., wid., 39, of Westfield, d.末末 Eddy and Sylvia, and Exeter Gardner, Sept.3,1846.*

Deptford and Abagail Weeks, int.Oct.27,1828.

Shorham Jr. and Clarissa Maria Edda, int.Oct.22,1829.

BIXBEE (Bixby, Byxbe)

Elizabeth R. of Hinsdale, and John E. Roberts, Sept.12,1836.*

BIXBY (Bixby, Byxbe)

Salmon and Betsey Richards, int.Aug.13,1798.


Almira and Levi Phillips, Sept.13,1821.

Eleazer and A末末 Payn, int.July3,1793.

Harris and Roana Brown, int.Nov.21,1819.

Patty and James Tracy, int.June1,1795.

Nahum and Hannah Brown, int.Feb.27,1826.

Sarah and Ezekiel Jewett, int.Sept.1,1795.


Amos of Easthaddam, and Mary Whitmore, int.Nov.5,1798.


Jacob and Lucinda Richmond, May11,1797.


Eunice, Mrs., and Henry Badger, Sept.18,1787.*

Silas [int.Bottum] and Esther Maxwell,末蔓末,1803 [int.Sept.14,1803].

Silas B. [int.Silas Bringham Bottum] and Mary Thomson, Oct.18,1836.

Whitfield R. and Diantha Butts, int.May18,1840.

BOWEN (Bowin)

Caleb A. and Mary Herrick, Apr.6,1837.

Christopher and Betsy Leland, wid., int.Nov.6,1816.

Sarah and Franklin Stowell, June2,1835.

Sylvester S. and Monica A. Frissell, Nov.30,1837.

William S. and Statira Frissell, Nov.10,1836.

BOWIN (Bowen)

Amy and John Perrey, Sept.22,1805.

Hannah Smith and Daniel Kinne, int.Dec.18,1797.

Sally and Lenard [int.Leonard] Tuttle, Feb.11,1801.

William and Sally Spencer, Nov.13,1806.


Ebenezer [int.Britt] of Chesterfield, and Mrs.Mary Parker [int.Polly Parker, wid.], Dec.23,1817.


Joseph M., Rev., and Mary T. Morgan, int.Apr.20,1825.

Joseph M., Rev., and Eliza A. Noble, int.Sept.17,1827.


Edmond of Goshen, and Rebekah M末末, int.Apr.18,1792.


Sally and Jonah Seavel Jr., int.Apr.18,1798.


Daniel and Polly Gilbarth, int.Jan.19,1796.

Elijah and Hanniet Payn [int.Payne], July23,1823.

Elizabeth of Worthington, and Horace Miner, int.June16,1823.

Hannah of Hinsdale, and Nahum Blackman, int Feb.27,1826.

John and Sarah Barnabee, int.Apr.16,1836.

Johna and Judith S. Peirce, int.Feb.14,1842.

Olive and Zechariah Watkins 3d, int.Sept.23,1797.

Orrin and Salome Watkins, Mar.5,1829.

Reuben and Abigail M. Messenger, Aug.9,1832.

Rohoda [int.Rhoda] and Lewis Cole, Apr.13,1824.

Robert of Worthington, and Lucy Analine Miner, Sept.28,1824.

Roana of Hinsdale, and Harris Blackman, int.Nov.21,1819.

Sally and Joshua Legg, int.Dec.14,1795.

Sarah A.P. and Barber Thompson, int.Sept.20,1834.

Sherman of Hinsdale, and Lusena L. Warren, int.Dec.11,1841.

Solomon and Sally [int.Salley] Gilbert, Nov.24,1796.


Zenos of Newlebenon, NY, and Sena Watkins, int末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Apr.4,1806].


Susanna and Chester Alvard [int.Alvord],末蔓末,1804 [int.Oct.18,1803].


Jairus and Hannah Ferguson, Feb.29,1832.


Aaron and Eunice Clarke, int.Mar.17,1794.


Jonathan and Chloe Babcock, int.Mar.8,1818.


Abigail and Stephen Paine Jr., int.Apr.18,1798.

Abigail [int.Alzoa] and Calvin A. Loomis, Mar.15,1836.

Deborah and William Minor, Mar.28,1813.

John H., 24, b. Cummington, s.Erastus and Sally of Cummington, and Lovias Ann Mascraft, Feb.24,1846.*

Jonathan and Laura Minor,末蔓末, 末末 [int.Apr.11,1813].

Rufus and Abbigail Jackson, wid., int.Oct.25,1814.

Sally and Ebenezer Phillips, May13,1813.*

BYXBE (Bixbee, Bixby)

Lydia and Samuel Matthews, int.Apr.8,1795.

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