CADY (Cody)

末thy of Dalton, and Nathan Hall, int.Dec.1,1792.

Alva of Hinsdale, and Diana Hathaway, Mar.29,1825.

Chester and Lucy Frink, int.Dec.18,1797.

Chester [int.Jr.] of Hinsale, and Betsey Hathway, Sept.30,1829.

Eleazer and Mary Marsh, int.June4,1804.

Betty of Dalton, and Roger Follet, int.Mar.24,1791.

Henry of Hinsdale, and Olive Watkins, int.Oct.30,1821.

Patty and Samuel Watkins Jr., int.Aug.13,1798.

Martha E. of Hinsdale, and Franklin Frissell, int.Sept.26,1842.


Zuriel of Burlington, NY, and Eleanor Thayer, int.Jan.26,1795.


末byl and Ephraim Bennet, int.Nov.3,1793.


Asahel and Sophia Wing, Mar.20,1804.

Dickaman and Jarusha Warner, Dec.1,1803.*


Electa and John Mitts [int.Mills], May9,1803.


Neial of Hinsdale, and Asenath [int.Aseneth] Parkish, Mar.6,1832.


Elizabeth of Washington, and Lt. James Babcock, int.釦r 15,1792.


Elizabeth A. of Becket, and Joseph K. Clark, Apr.25,1838.*


James of Middlefield, and Nancy Little, int.Feb.25,1815.

Jefferson, Dr., and Betsey Little, int.May5,1826.


Polly and Calvin Curtiss, May11,1806.

CLARK (Clarke)

Betsey [int.Clarke] and [int.Ens.] John Drury, Jan.26,1797.

Joel D. of Worthington, and Eliza Crosier, Nov.21,1822.*

Joseph K. of Pittsfield, and Elizabeth A. Child, Apr.25,1838.*

Lydia and Justus Parsons, Oct.30,1800.

CLARKE (Clark)

Electa of Deerfield, and Benjamin Russ, int.Nov.5,1798.

Eunice and Aaron Burnett, int.Mar.17,1794.

Polley and Linus Everett, int.Apr.5,1791.


Polly of Dalton, and Nathan Torrey Jr., Feb.9,1802.

COAL (Cole)

Salla [int.Sally Cole] and Dr. John Dodge,末蔓末,1804 [int.Mar.22,1804].

CODY (Cady)

James and Lydia Richmond, int.Sept.16,1794.


Judith and Henry Badger, Sept.30,1773.*

Lois and Lt. Samuel Willcox, June22,1763.*


Merril [int.Merrill], Col., of Greece, NY, and Dolly Thompson, Apr.28,1830.

COLE (Coal)

Cephas and Polly Parsons, int.Mar.7,1819.

Betsey of Chesterfield, and Henry Crosier, int.Apr.24,1837.

John and Clarissa Fletcher, int.Nov.26,1798.

Lewis and Rohoda [int.Rhoda] Brown, Apr.13,1824.

Luther and Sarah Ayers, int.Feb.25,1812.

Samuel of W. Schuyler, NY, and Fanny Thompson, Sept.9,1830.


Lucy and 末ph Bacon, int.May20,1794.


Asenath and Nathan Wright Jr., int.Jan.14,1816.

Daniel Jr. and Lucy Ide, May22,1827.

Lawry and Loring Fergisson, int.Oct.18,1813.

Samuel and Anna Randell, int.July8,1833.

Samuel and Emeline Leland, Mar.5,1835.


Peggy and Hervey Stowell, int.Oct.12,1797.


Amy, Mrs., and Lt. Nathan Warner, int.May25,1795.


Chloe Ann and William Frissell, Feb.18,1833.

Eliza Mary and Elias Goldthwait, Sept.2,1832.

Leander S. and Caroline H. Peirce, int.Sept.23,1836.


David M. [?] of Ballstown, NY, and Mercy Stevens, int.卜ber 9,1793.

CROSHER (Crosier, Crosur)

John and Druscilla Gleson, int.末蔓末, 末蔓[rec. after Sept.1,1808].

Nancy (Crsher) and Ira Babbett, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808].

CROSIER (Crosher, Crosur)

Charles and Betsy S. Geer, int.Mar.7,1840.

Charlotte and William M. Geer, Mar.15,1834.*

Eliza and Joel D. Clark, Nov.21,1822.*

Esther and Nathaniel H. Rudd [int.Reed], Nov.12,1834.

Henry and Betsey Cole, int.Apr.24,1837.

John W. and Emily H. Smith, int.May15,1837.

CROSUR (Crosher, Crosier)

Jason [int.Crosher] and Minivah Newton [int.Almiria Newdon],末蔓末,1803 [int.Sept.18,1803].


Hibberd of Norwich, and Thede Abbe, int.Dec.1,1798.

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Amasa and Eunice Richmond, int.Sept.16,1794.

Calvin and Jemima Thompson [int.Jamimah Thomson],末蔓末,1802 [int.Nov.9,1802].

Comfort and 末末 Whitney, int.[Apr.] 2,1793.

Dilly and Elisha Watkins, int.Dec.28,1795.

Sally and Rufus Watkins, int.June18,1799.

CURTISS (Curtis)

Calvin and Polly Clap, May11,1806.

Eliza of Dalton, and Asahel Raymond, int.Feb.7,1830.

Orpa [int.Orpah] and James Webster, July末,1804.


Deborah and Joseph Presho, Nov.1,1807.


Alden of Becket, and Mary Ann Ballou, Jan.3,1833.

Mary and David Worthington, Oct.7 [int.Oct.19, sic], 1821.

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