FARGASON (Fergisson, Ferguson)

Melinda of Blanford, and Jared Scovell, int.末蔓末. 末末 [rec. after Apr.4,1806.]


Joseph of St. Albans, VT, and Polly Peirce, int.Nov.23,1795.

FERGISSON (Fargason, Ferguson)

Loring of Berkshire, NY, and Lawry Cone, int.Oct.18,1813.

FERGUSON (Fargason, Fergisson)

Hannah and Jairus Buck, Feb.29,1832.

John and Elizabeth Geer, Nov.29,1815.

Julia and Stephen Graves, Dec.14,1837.

Melissa and John M. Stowell, int.Mar.27,1842.

Olive M. and John M. Stowell, Apr.7,1841.*

Rachel and Abner Richmond, int.June11,1794.

Scelden [int.Seldon] K. and Margaret [int.Margart] P. Stowell, Apr.5,1840.


Elihu and Molley Tuttle, int.Jan.21,1795.

FIELD (Fields)

Mephzebah [int.Hepzibah] and Jonathan Parker [int.Jr.]末蔓末,1802 [int.June7,1802].

FIELDS (Field)

Ruth [int.Field] and Joel Pelton,末蔓末,1803 [int.Sept.3,1803].


Frederick of [int.Sadus] NY, and Lucy Gilbirt, Apr.26,1809.


Arvin [int.Arven] and Lois Whitney, Mar.30,1797.

John Jr. and Elizabeth Wright, int.末蔓末,1795.

Lucy and Samuel Spencer [int.Samuel W. Spener], Dec.18,1800.

Polly and David Tuttle, int.Sept.10,1798.

Salley and David Thompson, int.Feb.1,1792.


Clarissa and John Cole, int.Nov.26,1798.

Polley and John 末末, int.Apr.8,1795.

Wealthy and James Rounds, int.Aug.24,1795.

William Jr. and Phebe Wells, Mar.20 [int.Mar.21, sic], 1797.

William Jr. and Hannah Everett, int.Jan.21,1799.


Frederick and Giffe Babcock, int.Aug.13,1790.

Roger and Betty Cady, int.Mar.24,1791.


Amanda of Conway, and Jonathan A. Rathbone, int.Aug.15,1836.

Charlotta and Lemuel Frissell, Apr.16,1806.

David and Betsey Minor, int.Dec.2,1800.

Dorothy of Washington, CT, and Nathan Miner, int.May9,1791.

Eliza and William Thomas, Mar.8,1825.

Ermina and Jonathan Nash Jr., Jan.30,1823.

Euretta R. and Chester Wadsworth, int.Dec.25,1840.

Harlow and Euretta [int.Uretta] Rockwell, Nov.29,1827.

Lucyann and Increass Ross [int.Increase B. Bass], May25,1809.


Lowis and Ebenezer Babcock, July21,1803.*


Claracy and Joel Kinney, int.Jan.18,1814.

Hannah of Dalton, and Ephraim Hubbard, int.末蔓末,1792.

Mary B. and John Scott, int.June19,1826.

Otis of Cummington, and Orissa Tillson, Sept.5,1836.*

William Roderick, 34, s.Charles and Anna, and Cornelia Sophia Worthington, Nov.27,1845.*


Abiah of Dalton, and Parker Hawl [int.Hall], Nov.25,1800.


Fimetia [int.Femetia] and Shubail Otis, Apr.7,1803.


Asa of Whateley, and Lydia Sanderson, June2,1823.

FREELAND (Freland)

Artemas of Blandford, and Kezia Ballou, int.Oct.18,1830.

Betsey of Blanford, and William G. Ramond, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808].


Polly and Joseph F. Wentworth, int.Oct.7,1823.

Sally and Silvinus Wentworth Jr., int.Oct.25,1807.

FRELAND (Freeland)

Polly of Blanford, and Amariah Bellou, int.Apr.10,1805.


Lucy and D. [int.omits D.] Bartlett Tilson, Apr.10,1833.

Otis and Mary Bartlett, int.Sept.26,1831.

Sylvester and Sally Hulbert, int.Mar.26,1815.

FRIENK (Frink)

Israel Jr. and Cela Stowell,末蔓末,1803 [int.Nov.14,1803].

FRINK (Frienk)

Lucy and Chester Cady, int.Dec.18,1797.

Lyman and Laura Dixon [int.Dickson], Jan.1,1816.


Amasa and Sabra Willcox, int.Nov.2,1792.

Amasa and Zerviah Pierce, int.Feb.21,1825.

Amasa and Mrs.Abigail Hoskins, int.Sept.20,1834.

Augustus C., Capt., and Laura M. Emmons, int.Oct.28,1833.

Charlotte and Edward T. Nash, Aug.25,1837.

Cleopatra and Zenas [int.Zenus] Watkins, Nov.9,1831.

Emerson and Sarah Ann Granger, int.Mar.28,1842.

Esther, 37, d.Lemuel and Charlotte, and Benjamin Norton, Oct.30,1844.*

Franklin and Martha E. Cady, int.Sept.26,1842.

Lemuel and Charlotta Foot, Apr.16,1806.

Martha, 18, d.Socrates and Mary, and Richard B. Haskell, Apr.30,1848.*

Mary P., 27, d.Socrates and Mary, and Joseph Knight Jr., Sept.15,1847.*

Monica and Col. William Richards, int.Apr.4,1796.

Monica A. and Sylvester S. Bowen, Nov.30,1837.

Ruth, wid., and Caleb M. Street, int.May2,1819.

Sarah and John Peirce, int.May30,1796.

Sarah and John M. Tuttle, int.Mar.31,1836.

Simiramis and Asahel Barker, May1,1833.

Socrates and Mary Scott, int.May24,1814.

Statira and William S. Bowen, Nov.10,1836.

Thomas [int.Frisell, Lt.,] and Hannah Phillips, Apr.19,1805.

William Jr. and Ruth Goldthwait, int.Mar.16,1796.

William and Chloe Ann Cooper, Feb.18,1833.


Clarisa and Oliver Ide, int.Jan.23,1818.


Nathaniel of Albany, NY, and Rebecka Dudley [int.Rebecca Dudly] Davis, May10,1813.

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