HALL (Hawl, Holl)

Abiah of Dalton, and Andrew Everitt, int.Nov.5,1802.

Edward and Weathy Richmon [int.Wealthy Richmond], Feb.16,1801.

Nathan and 末thy Cady, int.Dec.1,1792.


Juliaette and Cyrus A. Stowell, Jan.2,1833.

Othniel and Lucinda Walker, int.Apr.19,1830.

Othmial [int.Othnial] E. and Julia Ann Little, Oct.21,1834.


Lucy A. of New Ashford, and Allen Haskell, int.Jan.23,1832.

HARSKELL (Haskell)

Polly and Carmi Turner, May14,1807.*


Eunice of Windsor, and James Tracy, int.Oct.18,1813.

Ezra and Mary Worthington,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.1,1812, and Apr.30,1813].*

HASKELL (Harskell)

Allen and Lucy A. Harmon, int.Jan.23,1832.

Anderson and Mary P. Warren, int.Dec.16,1839.

Anna and Daniel Rust, int.Jan.22,1841.

Chloe, 34, d.Zechariah and Unity, and Daniel Rust 2d, widr., Oct.5,1847.*

Ebenezer and Lydia Phillips, Apr.13,1823.

Huldah and Phinehas Atwood, Dec.14,1815.

Parthenia and Artemas W. Lloyd, Oct.2,1827.

Richard B., 22, s.Ebenezer and Lydia, and Martha Frissell, Apr.30,1848.*

Sylvia and Dr. John M. [int.omits M.] Smith, Feb.14 [int.Feb.15, sic], 1822.

Zachariah and Unity Geer, Apr.1,1810.

HASKINS (Hawkins, Hoskins)

HATHAWAY (Hathway)

Diana and Alva Cady, Mar.29,1825.

Hannah and Hezekiah Pelton,末蔓末,1804.*

Marey of Spencer, and Benjamin Peirce, int.Mar.17,1794.

HATHWAY (Hathaway)

Abigail and Caleb F. Benjamin, int.Jan.20,1823.

Allen R.W. and Anna E. Hathway, int.Mar.9,1834.

Anna E. of Savoy, and Allen R.W. Hathway, int.Mar.9,1834.

Betsey and Chester Cady [int.Jr.], Sept.30,1829.

Mercy P. [int.Hathaway] and Samuel D. Baldwin, Aug.29,1832.

Olive and Wheelock Beals, int.Feb.16,1822.

Shadrach and Mrs.Rebecca Axtell [int.wid.], Dec.1,1816.

HAWKINS (Hoskins)

Aron [int.Haskins] and Polly [int.Patty] Marble,末蔓末,1801 [int.Dec.9,1801].

HAWL (Hall, Holl)

Parker [int.Hall] and Abiah Fox, Nov.25,1800.


John and Lucy Babcock, int.Aug.19,1799.


Samuel of Montreal [int.adds Lower Canada], and Angeline Thomson [int.Thompson], Oct.14,1835.


Emily and Milo Stowell, Dec.19,1839.

Jerusia of Worthington, and Harvey Stowell, Mar.17,1825.

Mary and Caleb A. Bowen, Apr.6,1837.

HIBBARD (Hubbard)

Phebe and Jedidiah Russ, int.Dec.6,1795.

Thomas and Grace Williams, int.Feb.23,1800.

Billey and 末幌l Russ, int.Dec.1,1792.


Benjamin and Mary Stowell, wid., int.July21,1823.


Barsdal, Dr., and Salla Richards,末蔓末,1801.*

HOLBROOCK (Holbrook)

Banajah [int.Benajah Holbrook of Lexox] and Judith Badger, May4,1800.

HOLBROOK (Holbroock)

Levi and Olive Parker, Oct.4,1804.

Peresis [int.Percy] and Frederick [int.Frederic] Morgan, Oct.11,1818.

HOLL (Hall, Hawl)

Nathan [int.Hawl] and Lowis [int.Louis] Tuttle, May1,1800.


James of Dalton, and Assenath Mann, Oct.27,1808.*

HOSKINS (Hawkins)

Abigail, Mrs.Hinsdale, and Amasa Frissell, int.Sept.20,1834.

Salley of Washington, and Lewis Miller, int.May10,1791.


Ezra of Brighton, NY, and Sally Tinney [?Finney], int.Apr.6,1815.

HUBBARD (Hibbard)

Diantha M. of Williamsburgh, and Hiram Bates, Jan.16,1843.*

Ephraim and Hannah Ford, int.末蔓末,1792.

John B. [int.R.] of Hinsdale, and Marinda [int.Miranda] Watkins, Feb.26,1823.

Lucinda of Williamsburgh, and Dr. James King, int.July11,1803.


Sally of Pittsfield, and Sylvester French, Mar.26,1815.


Delight and James Barnabee, Dec.13,1808.*

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