Frederick of Granby, and Sarah H. Knight, Jan.5,1840.


Eleanor and Zuriel Campbell, int.Jan.26,1795.


Albert and Melinda Ballou, int.Mar.2,1829.

Betsy of Enfield, CT, and Leonard Johnson, int.May4,1817.

Samuel of Worthington, and Polly Rhoades, int.勃ary 11,1793.

Samuel Beals and Samantha Jackson, Feb.末,1826.

William and Eliza Foot, Mar.8,1825.

THOMPSON (Thomson)

Almira, 45, d.Amherst and Sarah, and David Worthington, Sept.26,1844.*

Elmira, 26, d.Daniel and Abigail, and Henry P. Eames, Jan.1,1845.*

Artemas and Dorothy Stevens, int.Mar.24,1791.

Artemas and Hepsy Leland [int.Hephzibah Lealand], Mar.28,1797.

Barber of Pownal, VT, and Sarah A.P. Brown, int.Sept.20,1834.

David of Windsor, CT, and Salley Fisk, int.Feb.1,1792.

Dolly [int.Thomson of Granvill, NY] and Levi Perce [int.Peirce] Jr.,末蔓末,1802 [int.Nov.9,1802].

Dolly and Col. Merril [int.Merrill] Colby, Apr.28,1830.

Electa and Ambrose Meacham Jr., Sept.20,1827.

Fanny and Samuel Cole, Sept.9,1830.

Hannah, wid., and Smith Thompson, May3,1830.

Jemima [int.Jamimah Thomson] and Calvin Curtis,末蔓末,1802 [int.Nov.9,1802].

Lovina and Ebenezer T. Shaw, Nov.26,1829.

Lucy and Demmon Miner, int.Apr.7,1822.

Lucy Ann and William Lown, Apr.7,1831.

Lyman and Julia Payne, Apr.4,1825.

Polly [int.Thomson] and Eli Perce [int.Pierce],末蔓末,1801 [int.Feb.15,1801].

Rhoda and Dr. John smith, int.Dec.1,1792.

Smith and Hannah Thompson, wid., May3,1830.

THOMSON (Thompson)

Nabby [int.Abigail] and Daniel Thomson, May24,1815.

Angeline [int.Thompson] and Samuel Hedge, Oct.14,1835.

Asenath and Cyrus Stowell Esq., June16,1806.

Chloe and Eli Diboll, int.Aug.2,1795.

Daniel and Nabby [int.Abigail] Thomson, May24,1815.

Elias and Fanny Starr, int.Mar.25,1799.

Eliza H. and Isaac S. Peirce [int.Pierce], Feb.23,1832.

Esther and Treat Minor, int.Sept.18,1794.

George L., 27, s.Nathan and Polly, and Electa Peirce, Apr.13,1845.*

Joseph [int.Thompson] and Hannah Payne [int.Paine], Apr.末,1817.

Laura and Alson H. Pelton, Nov.11,1839.

Levi and Rachel Rockwood, int.Jan.30,1797.

Mary and Levi Rockwell, Mar.23,1815.

Nathan and Polly Leland, Oct.6,1805.

Olive and James Peas Jr.,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after June16,1806],*

Samantha and Spencer Parish, Mar.26,1839.

Simeon and Sibyl Lealand, int.Oct.1,1793.

Susan and James Sanders, Jan.27,1824.

William and Fanny Starr, int.Feb.18,1799.

TILLSON (Tilson)

Orissa of Worthington, and Otis Ford, Sept.5,1836.*

TILSON (Tillson)

D. [int.omits D.] Bartlett of Worthington, and Lucy French, Apr.10,1833.


Sally [?Finney], and Ezra howse, int.Apr.6,1815.


Nathan Jr. and Polly Cleveland, Feb.9,1802.


Laban and Patty Johnson, int.Mar.21,1825.

Seviah and Obadiah Smith, int.Aug.16,1824.


Eunice and Joseph B. Smith, May12 [int.May20, sic], 1803.

James and Patty Blackman, int.June1,1795.

James and Eunice Harwood, int.Oct.18,1813.

Susanna and Moses Yeomans, int.Aug.6,1798.


Carmi of Worthington, and Polly Harskell, May14,1807.*

Catharine of Worthington, and John Ross, int.Apr.25,1840.

Hannah and Calvin Goldthwait, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Sept.1,1808].


David and Polly Fisk, int.Sept.10,1798.

David and Esther Ross, Apr.15,1810.*

John M. and Sarah Frissell, int.Mar.31,1836.

Lenard [int.Leonard] and Sally Bowin, Feb.11,1801.

Lowis [int.Louis] and Nathan Holl [int.Hawl], May1,1800.

Molley and Elihu Ferrel, int.Jan.21,1795.

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Barnabee, Sept.4,1805.


Asahel and Sina Watkins, int.Aug.17,1795.

Rosel and Salley Dresser, int.Aug.17,1795.

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