WADKINS (Watkins)

Betsy [int.Betsey Watkins] and Eligah Gilbart [int.Elijah Gilbert Jr.],末蔓末,1801 [int.Aug.26,1801].

John Jr. [int.Watkins] and Salla Gilbart [int.Sally Gilbert],末蔓末,1803 [int.Oct.8,1802].

Sarah [int.Watkins] and Calvin Smith,末蔓末,1801 [int.June6,1801].


Ann Louisa, 20, b. Abington, d.Ira and Vesta, and E. Warren Peirce, May4,1845.*


Lucinda of Windsor, and Othniel Hannum, int.Apr.19,1830.


Chester of Becket, and Euretta R. Foot, int.Dec.25,1840.


Jarusha and Dickaman Chamberlain, Dec.1,1803.*

Nathan, Lt., of Dalton, and Mrs.Amy Cook, int.May25,1795.


Lusena L. and Sherman Brown, int.Dec.11,1841.

Mary P. and Anderson Haskell, int.Dec.16,1839.


Abraham, Capt., and Irene Leland, int.Mar.1,1802.

WATKINS (Wadkins)

末末 and Salley Sawyer, int.貌mber 20,1790.

Abel and Polly Whitney, int.Sept.4,1804.

Andrew and 末ail Stanley, int.末蔓26,1792.

Artemas and Phebe Gilbirt, Sept.11,1808.

Charles E. and Mary B. Barrett, int.June10,1839.

Clarrissa and Thomas F. Barker, Mar.25,1828.

Elisha and Dilly Curtis, int.Dec.28,1795.

Esther and Reuben 末末n, int.May20,1794.

Hannah and Elnathan Wing, int.Oct.15,1800.

James and Tabatha Perrey, Jan.1,1807.

James Franklin and Parinthia Peirce, int.Mar.19,1836.

Jason and Polley Ide, int.Sept.3,1791.

Lucinda D. and Rev. William C. Pierce [int.Peirce], Sept.6,1841.

Lydia Minerva and Emory Peirce, Mar.17,1831.

Lydia and Edwin Morgan, int.Mar.15,1834.

Patty and Fisher Whitney, int.June19,1799.

Mary and Seth Bass, int.Oct.1,1793.

Polly and Oliver Whitmore, Jan.末,1797 [int.Jan.16,1797].

Marinda [int.Miranda] and John B. [int.R.] Hubbard, Feb.26,1823.

Olive and Henry Cady, int.Oct.30,1821.

Oliver and Lucy Loomer, int.Aug.1,1798.

Phinehas Jr. and Polly Sackett, int.Sept.1,1795.

Rosilla and Emory Peirce [int.Pierce], Aug.2,1832.

Rufus and Sally Curtis, int.June18,1799.

Russell and Emeline Jackson, Feb.20,1828.

Salome and Orrin Brown, Mar.5,1829.

Samuel Jr. and Patty Cady, int.Aug.13,1798.

Sena and Zenos Brownel, int.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Apr.4,1806].

Simeon and Rhobe Wells, int.Sept.28,1795.

Simpson and Abigail Bartlett, int.Nov.5,1798.

Sina and Asahel Tyler, int.Aug.17,1795.

Susanna [int.Susanah] and Amos Stearns, Feb.10,1801.

Zechariah 3d and Olive Brown, int.Sept.23,1797.

Zenas [int.Zenus] and Cleopatra Frissell, Nov.9,1831.


Clarrissa of Hartford, CT, and La Fayette Pierce, int.Nov.3,1839.


Samuel and Sally Loveland, int.Sept.12,1802.


Ezra of Holland, and Kezia Parker, int.Aug.24,1797.

John of Helland [int.Holton], and Betsy Perker [int.Betsey Parker],末蔓末,1802 [int.June7,1802].


James and Orpa [int.Orpah] Curtiss, July末 [int.July10], 1804.


Abagail of Washington, and Deptford Billings, int.Oct.27,1828.


Phebe and William Fletcher Jr., Mar.20 [int.Mar.21, sic], 1797.

Rhobe and Simeon Watkins, int.Sept.28,1795.


Elijah A. of Hinsdale, and Caroline Stowell, Oct.7,1824.

Elijah A. of Hinsdale, and Cynthia Stowell, Jan.14,1839.

Hannah of Windsor, and David Matton Esq., int.Sept.29,1802.

Joseph F. of Windsor, and Polly Freeman, int.Oct.7,1823.

Silvinus Jr. of Windsor, and Sally Freeman, int.Oct.25,1807.


John [int.of Windsor] and Mrs.Delight Barnabee [int.wid.], Mar.末,1821.

Lansford, widr., 45, b. Becket, of Becket, s.Lansford and Axa of Becket, and Melita Ingham, wid., Sept.2,1846.*

Otis and Charity Soal, Jan.8,1803.*


Mary and Amos Booge, int.Nov.5,1798.

Oliver and Polly Watkins, Jan.末 [int.Jan.16], 1797.


末末 and Comfort Curtis, int.[Apr.] 2,1793.

末末 and Asa Taf末, int.Sept.18,1794.

Asa and Joanna Jackson, int.Oct.31,1791.

Fisher of Middleton, NY, and Patty Watkins, int.June19,1799.

Hannah and Gedeon Richmond, int.Aug.13,1790.

Jabez of Hinsdale, and Hannah Davis, Mar.6,1806.

Lois and Arvin [int.Arven] Fisk, Mar.30,1797.

Polly and Abel Watkins, int.Sept.4,1804.

Sarah and Henry Bass, int.Dec.29,1794.

WILCOX (Willcox)

Anna C. [int.Anna Carpenter Willcox] and Eliphalet Parkhurst, Jan.31,1797.

WILLCOX (Wilcox)

Sabra and Amasa Frissell, int.Nov.2,1792.

Samuel, Lt., and Lois Cogswell, June22,1763.*

Samuel and Polly Parkes, int.Feb.18,1799.


George and Orrilla Pease, June30,1803.

Grace and Thomas Hibbard, int.Feb.23,1800.

Riley of Newhaven, VT, and Anna Lyman, int.Apr.10,1802.


John of Worthington, and Polly Graham, int.Nov.16,1799.

WILSON (Willson)


Amelia of Hinsdale, and Obadiah Geer, int.Dec.24,1818.

Elnathan and Hannah Watkins, int.Oct.15,1800.

Hannah and Thomas Mathews, int.Feb.13,1797.

Samuel and Abigail Prentiss, Nov.17,1796.

Sophia [int.of Dalton] and Asahel Chamberlain, Mar.20,1804.


Ebenezer, Capt., and Mrs.Hannah Page, int.May2,1796.

Septimeus and Anna Kingsley, int.Jan.19. 1796.


Asa of Hinsdale [int.Hansdale], and Mary Kingsley, Nov.26,1807.

Ephraim and Polly Isham, Jan.8,1803.*


Affia [int.Affa] and Nathan Miner, Oct.15,1818.

Caroline and Asa Peirce, Feb.25,1807.*

Cornelia sophia, 21, d.David and Mary, and William Roderick Ford, Nov.27,1845.*

David and Mary Cushman, Oct.7 [int.Oct.19, sic], 1821.

David, widr., 49, and Almira Thompson, Sept.26,1844.*

Loisa [int.Dashia] and John sandford [int.Sanford],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after June16,1806].

Mary and Ezra Harwood,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.1,1812, and Apr.30,1813].*


Elizabeth and John Fisk Jr., int.末蔓末,1795.

Nathan Jr. of Middlefield, and Asenath Cone, int.Jan.14,1816.

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