Content and Jude Spencer, int. Sept. 28, 1788.

Martha and Malachi Sanford of Hancock, int. Oct. 5, 1788.

Daniel Jr. [int. of Sheffield, omits Jr.] and Anna Reddington, Mar. 16, 1789. [Rethbun Jr., and Anne Redington. CR]

Anna and Augustus Chidsey, Feb. 12, 1794.*


Phebe and Cyprian Branch, Mar. 23, 1787.*

Parthenia and Samuel Ashmun, Feb. 17, 1790.* [Parthena. CR]

Esther and Edward Plummer, Feb. 28, 1796.*

REDDINGON (Reddington, Redington)

Phebe [int. Redington] and Elisha Cogswell, Nov. 10, 1790. [Redington. CR]

REDDINGTON (Reddingon, Redington)

Nathaniel and Polly Griswold of Sandisfield, Dec. 28, 1783.*

Daniel and Hannah Griswould, int. Sept. 5, 1784.

Polly and Richard Smith, int. Sept. 25, 1785.

Anna and Daniel Rathbun Jr. [int. of Sheffield, omits Jr.], Mar. 16, 1789. [Anne Redington and Daniel Rethbun Jr. CR]


Edmund and Content Johnson, Jan. 6, 1796.*

Marjery and Selah Munson, Aug. 20, 1798.* [Margery. CR]

Luther and Mary Dryer, May 19, 1803.

REDINGTON (Reddingon, Reddington)

Lucy and Dr. Gilbert Smith, May 4, 1796.*

Eliphalet Jr. and Betsey –––––, Nov. 9, 1796.*

Olive and Erastus Rossiter [int. Rosseter], Dec. 5, 1805. [Rosseter. CR]

Phebe and John Cook of E. Haddam, Dec. 1, 1809.

Clarrissa and Addison Dewey, int. July 9, 1815. [Clarissa, m. July 23. CR]

Phebe and Luther Salmon, Oct. 31, 1821.*

Nathaniel Esq. and Temperance Gates of Lenox, int. July 25, 1830.


Lucy and Simeon Tracy Jr., int. Oct. 11, 1794.

Zebulon and Esther Tracy, Sept. 15, 1803.

Stephen, Dr., and Sarah E. Chapin [int. Chapins], May 7, 1833. [Chapin. CR]


Mary [int. Polly] and Harvey [int. Harvy] Bell, Jan. 12, 1786.

Lucina and Theron Flower, Jan. 30, 1787.*


Phinehas and Wealthy Dewey, int. Feb. 1, 1818.

Nancy and William Peirson [int. Pierson], Mar. 4, 1819. [Pierson. CR]

William and Sarah Lewis of W. Stockbridge, int. Oct. 8, 1837.


Thomas C. and Mary E. Wadams [int. Wadhams], Mar. 23, 1842.

Eliza, 21, d. Elkanor, and Mark Smith, 27, painter, of Gt. Barrington, s. John and Electa of Gt. Barrington, Oct. 9, 1844.*

ROBBERTS (Roberts)

Clarissa and Moses Shepherd of Adams, int. Jan. 1 ,1837. [Roberts, and Mosses Shepherd Jr., m. Jan. 19. CR]


Edward and Wealthy Tracy of Pittsfield, int. Oct. 24, 1784.

ROBERTS (Robberts)

Mehitabel of Dalton, and Zelotus Dewey, int. Aug. 7, 1807.


Sarah W., 23, of NY, b. NY, d. Joseph and Olive, and William H. Nichols, 26, farmer, s. William and Almira, Apr. 24, 1845.*


Abraham of Canaan, NY [int. omits NY], and Mary Ackley, Aug. 17, 1806.


Jane A. of Pittsfield, and Edward S. Rowley, int. Apr. 8, 1832.

ROSSETER (Rossiter)

Sarah and Uriah Betts, Oct. 14, 1783.*

Rebekah and Uriah Betts, Sept. 22, 1796.*

Benjamin and Abigail S. Miller, Aug. 6, 1797.*

Noah Esq. and Mrs. Amanda Goodrich, int. May 9, 1809.

Noah Jr. and Sarah Colt, Sept. 2, 1819.* CR

Nabby and Josiah Peirson, July 14, 1822.*

Lucy and Joseph Steillman, Jan. 15, 1829.* [Stillman Jr. CR]

David and Susan E. Hatch, Mar. 19, 1829.*

Sarah and Moses B. Seward [int. of New Lebanon, NY], Jan. 12, 1831. [Mosses B. CR]

Mary and Marcus J. Bassett of Stockbridge, Feb. 19, 1840. [Rossiter. CR]

ROSSITER (Rosseter)

Erastus [int. Rosseter] and Olive Redington, Dec. 5, 1805. [Rosseter. CR]


Mary and Peter Hackley, June 23, 1785.

Abigail and Charles Bliss, Mar. 14, 1790.

Anna and Thomas Leadbetter, int. June 29, 1791.

Olive and Erastus Tracey [int. Tracy of Pittsfield], Oct. 14, 1792. [Tracy. CR]

Erastus and Eunice Cone, Mar. 10, 1799.*

Edward S. and Jane A. Root of Pittsfield, int. Apr. 8, 1832.


Isaac [int. adds L. of Lenox] and Lavinia [int. Mrs. Levinia] Cole, Jan. 29, 1824. [Isaac and Lavinia Cole. CR]


Daniel [int. Rynderes] and Lucy Ann Mercer, Jan. 17, 1832.

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