Joseph, and Livonia Couch, Oct.18,1837.

Oliver, and Lucinda Hall, of New Marlboro, Mar.2,1826.


Charles, and Sarah Shepard, Dec.9,1830.


John, and Deborah Norton, Feb.4,1773.


Chauncy S., and Hannah P. Norton, both of Otis, May12,1848.


Marcus, and Philena Sage, Apr.28,1830.


George, of Canaan, CT, and Mary E. Wilcox, Aug.16,1842.

George O., of Canaan, CT, and Persis E. Wilcox, Apr.22,1847.

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Abiram, of Colebrook, CT, and Sophronia Burt, May7,1829.

Elvira, and Sanford Brown, Jr., Mar.23,1824.

Rhoda, and Enos Sage, May18,1780.

CHAPEL (Chappel)

Isaac, and Tamasin Wilcox, Aug.15,1774.

Jonathan, and Martha Webster, Dec.28,1798.

Mary E., of Gt. Barrington, and Joel Kilborn, of Otis, Apr.2,1834.

Samuel, and Triphena Manley, both of Colebrook, CT, Nov.5,1834.

Sally, and James Jones, June9,1822.


Anna, and Jesse Nickerson,末蔓末, 末末.


Chester, and Lucy Ann Hurlburt, Apr.7,1839.

Maria, and Milton Abbey, Aug.末,1842.


Polly, and Elihu Parsons, July10,1799.


Amasa, and Ann Slater, Oct.4,1837.

Austin, and Celesta Downs, Sept.4,1826.

Clarissa, of Hartford, CT, and Alvirus Baird,末蔓末, 末末, at Hartford.

Joseph, of Otis, and Emily L. Couch, Dec.31,1843.

Mercy, and Joshua Shaw, of Becket, Aug.2,1826.

Michael, and Lucy Hall, Mar.20,1821.


Cornelius, and Phebe Johnson, Nov.16,1761.

Eliza, and Alphonso Twining, of Tolland, Mar.5,1850.

Betsy A., and Philemon Dowd, Jan.29,1834.

Hannah E., and Conrad Benjamin, Feb.末,1829.

Harriet, and James J. Smith, Sept.19,1848.

Ira, and Sally Kellogg, Mar.20,1821.

Rhoda, and Martin Miner, of Norfolk, CT, Jan.1,1824.


Levi, of New Marlboro, and Amelia Todd, Oct.21,1829.

Margarette, and Lyman Thorp, Jan.2,1832.

Martha, and Abraham Benton, May14,1759.


Solomon, and Eliza Filley, Feb.15,1829.


Aaron T., of Lee, and Emily Lucy Wolcott, Feb.19,1824.

Elvira H., and Edward A. Whitney, Nov.25,1846.

Emily Louisa, and Cornish Wilcox, Nov.11,1824.

Emily L., and Joseph Clark, of Otis, Dec.31,1843.

Livonia, and Joseph Calkins, Oct.18,1837.

Lyman, and Lavina Wilcox, Mar.18,1824.

Mary, and David Deming, Mar.24,1785.

Thomas, and Rachel Miller, Apr.25,1784.


Mary, and Roswell Smith, of Winsted, CT, Oct.8,1834.

Orpha, and George Sacket, Jan.1,1845.

William, and Cyntha M. Higley, of New Marlboro, Jan.1,1839.


Charlotte E., and Milton Whitney, of Otis, Nov.25,1831.

Myron, and Clarissa M. Burt, Sept.10,1839.

CRITTENDEN (Crettenden)

Andolotia, and Paulina Hubbard, of Tyringham, May4,1842.

Deidamice, and John Adams, Aug.2,1779.

Hannah, and James Adams, June2,1774.

Mathew, and Olivia Adams, both of Otis, Jan.20,1834.

William, and Emeline Whitney, Sept.22,1833.


Lucy, and Heman Smith,末蔓末, 末末.

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