SACKET (Sackett)

Cordelia L., and John I. Haley, Jan.3,1849.

George, and Orpha Cowles, Jan.1,1845.

Lucretia, and John Nettleton, Feb.末,1850.

Mary, and Daniel R. Spaulding, of Norfolk, CT, June6,1837.

Smith, and Jemima Heath, Mar.20,1838.

Solomon, and Melissa Fargo, Nov.20,1847.


Abel, and Triphena Turrel, Nov.23,1780.

Caroline, and William Henry Sage, of New Marlboro, Nov.20,1838.

Charity, and Horace S. Skinner, of Winchester, CT, June16,1826.

Diantha, and Linus Manville, of Middlebury, CT, Nov.30,1826.

Enos, and Rhoda Chamberlin, May18,1780.

Esther M., and John D. Howe, of New Marlboro, June13,1831.

Esther, and William Huggings, of Colebrook, CT, Sept.12,1844.

Hiram, and Arlemisia Wilcox, Oct.8,1833.

John H., and Mary L. Wood, Apr.25,1850.

Lucretia, and Harvey Hawley, of Otis, Jan.28,1824.

Maria, and Hull Holister, of Pawlet, VT, Sept.23,1830.

Mary, and Dennis Laird, of Tyringham, Nov.28,1845.

Philena, and Marcus Case, Apr.28,1830.

Sarah, and Drake Mills, Sept.23,1777.

Sarah, and Heman Mansir, of Tyringham, Nov.30,1830.

William Henry, of New Marlboro, and Caroline Sage, Nov.20,1838.


Clarinda, and Levi Butler, of Norfolk, CT, Nov.26,1846.

Lyman, and Clarissa Webster, Sept.19,1824.

Lyman, and Eunice Webster, May2,1849.


Julius, of Winchester, CT, and Laurella Bettes, of Southfield, Feb.3,1814.


Joshua, and Sarah Blackmore, Nov.28,1760.

Mary, and Hiram Baldwin, of Colebrook, CT, Oct.28,1833.

Sally, and Ammi R. Baldwin, of Goshen CT, Feb.9,1826.

Simeon, and Eliza Adams, Nov.5,1834.


Allen, and Lucy S. Deming, Oct.8,1829.

Mary E., and Ena W. Jackson, of Otis, Aug.28,1849.


Joshua, of Becket, and Mercy Clark, Aug.2,1826.


Henry, of New Marlboro, and Malinda Manley, Feb.2,1823.

Henry W., of New Marlboro, and Isabella G. Wilcox, Mar.7,1847.


Corydon, and Harriet A. Shepard, Feb.12,1840.

Elizabeth M., and Lyman Boardman, Mar.8,1825.

George A., and Emily J. Smith, Sept.19,1848.

Harriet A., and Corydon Shepard, Feb.12,1840.

James, and Laura A. Baldwin, May28,1848.

Jonathan, and Mary Underwood, Jan.31,1765.

Jonathan, and Angeline Mallison, June14,1825.

Sarah, and Charles Campbell, Dec.9,1830.


Daniel, of Royalston, and Harriet S. Wilcox, Feb.4,1841.


Daniel, and Sarah Denslow, Feb.12,1824.

Harvey, and Diantha Bailey, Mar.12,1823.

Juliette, and Hiram Andrews, of Winsted, CT, Sept.8,1846.

Mary, and Luman Belden, Sept.17,1833.


Betsy, and Sylvester Barnum, of Brownsville, OH, Mar.4,1829.

Horace S., of Winchester, CT, and Charity Sage, June16,1826.


Ann, and Amasa Clark, Oct.4,1837.


Algernon D., and Martha Smith, Dec.26,1843.

Allen, and Angeline Barker, Mar.25,1829.

Almira Prudence, and William Smith, Dec.3,1835.

Amasa, and Clarissa Hubbard, June1,1818.

Amy, and Isaac Fargo, Feb.19,1818.[Amy Smith is an educated guess.]

Asa, of Tyringham, and Sophronia G. Spencer, Apr.22,1835.

Benjamin, and Azenath Ayrault, May2,1830.

Benjamin, and Rhoda Webster, May14,1833.

Cyntha A., and Theron K. Wolcott, Feb.16,1836.

Cyntha M., and Gilbert Newel, Dec.26,1839.

Dorcas, and John Bull, Jan.12,1770.

Elisha, and Louisa Smith, Jan.22,1824.

Eliza S., and Joseph C. Bently, of Tyringham, Apr.20,1834.

Emily J., and George A. Shepard, Sept.19,1848.

Ezekiel, of Stockbridge, and Diadama Adams, Nov.18,1824.

Francis B., of Norfolk, CT, and Sarah Wolcott, Oct.20,1840.

Francis B., of Norfolk, CT, and Eliza Wolcott, Aug.30,1843.

George O., and Sophronia Hubbard, Oct.12,1834.

Harriet, and Erastus Adams, Nov.12,1835.

Heman, and Lucy Cutler,末蔓末, 末末.

Isaac M., and Josephine Parsons, Jan.29,1834.

James J., and Harriet Cone, Sept.19,1848.

Joshua, and Almira Mallison, Sept.14,1825.

Louisa, and Elisha Smith, Jan.22,1824.

Lucy, and Horace Wolcott, Feb.22,1787.

Martha, and Nathan Spelman Jr., May22,1798.

Martha, and Algernon D. Smith, Dec.26,1843.

Mercy, and Giles Lee, June25,1769.

Rachel, and Augustus Baldwin, of Colebrook, CT, July1,1823.

Reubin, and Jemima House, Nov.25,1770.

Reuel, of New York City, and Celistia A. Mills, Aug.12,1824.

Roswell, of Winsted, CT, and Mary Cowles, Oct.8,1834.

Samuel, of Southfield, and Lucy A. Beecher, Apr.5,1815.

Solomon, and Deborah Kibbe, July12,1770.

Uriel Jr., and Sally Knowles, Nov.10,1803.

William, and Sarah Maria Rood, Nov.27,1834.

William, and Almira Prudence Smith, Dec.3,1835.


Alpheus, of Tolland, and Emeretta Fosdick, Sept.29,1841.

Amos, of Tolland, and Phebe Rogers, Dec.6,1824.

Olive L., of Tolland, and John H. Whitney, Nov.20,1839.

Sarah, and Edward Boardman, Dec.3,1797.


Daniel R., of Norfolk, CT, and Mary Sacket, June6,1837.


Nathan Jr., and Martha Smith, May22,1798.


Henry C., of Wolcotville, and Helen M. Baxter, Oct.7,1846.

Sophronia G., and Asa Smith, of Tyringham, Apr.22,1835.


Phebe, and David Waters, Jan.2,1821.


Elizabeth, and Caleb Wright, Feb.11,1768.

Lydia, and Abner Reed, Oct.25,1772.


David, of CT, and Harriet S. Hubbard, July1,1834.


Anna, and Ebinezer Balch, Oct.6,1829.


Edward, and Mary Ann Deming, Dec.13,1832.

Milo, and Calista Rice, Oct.20,1823.


Lemuel K., of Tyringham, and Emeline Philips, Dec.20,1832.

Willis, of Otis, and Lucy Hawley, Feb.11,1827.


Tabitha, and Nathan Haven, Sept.12,1768.

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