Cybel and Amos Rice, Dec.20,1774.CR


Thomas and Marthe Underwood, Feb.末,1794.CR


Heman, widr., 44, s.John and Mary (Cargil), and Mrs.Lydia N. Hubbard, Oct.4,1848.


Ebenezer and Isabel Wheelock, Nov.18,1779.CR


Abigail and Abijah Markam, Feb.4,1762.CR

Caleb and Elenor Black, Oct.21,1779.CR

Ebenezer and Mercy Spring, Oct.31,1771.CR

Ebenezer, Lt, and Huldah Orton, Nov.19,1778.CR

Hannah and Capt. Abijah Merrell, June4,1778.CR

Lydia and Thomas Binny, Oct.8,1761.CR


Jemima and Samuel Thomson Jr., Feb.末,1794.CR

John and Hannah Rockwood, Dec.7,1775.CR

Jonathan and Rebecca Hall, Jan.22,1778.CR

Joseph and Bethia Taff, July12,1781.CR

Josiah and Sarah Lankton, Apr.5,1770.CR

Lydia and Martin Lankton, Nov.11,1777.CR

Paul and Rhoda Skinner, Apr.27,1780.CR

Rebekah and Silas Clark, Aug.末,1792.CR

Samuel and Sybel Joslin, Dec.9,1779.CR


Daniel Jr. of Gt. Barrington, and Eunice Hall, May末,1793.CR


Noah and Luce Holcom, Feb.24,1780.CR


Benjamin and Sarah Robbins, July6,1780.CR

Caleb and Bathsheba Bently, Jan.2,1783.CR

Harriet F., d.Hiram and Celira, and Timothy D. Thatcher, Dec.16,1846.

H[azard] Perry, 23, b. Stonnington, CT, s.William and Mercy A., and Adaline Tryon, Nov.20,1846.

Maria B., 17, b. Lee, d.William and Mercy A., and Albert C. Heath, May11,1843.

Mary A., 22, b. Lee, d.William and Mercy A., and Henry C. Battell, May21,1848.

Rodman of Gt. Barrington, and Huldah Leaming, Nov.4,1790.CR

Sabia and Benjamin Brown, Sept.1,1783.CR

Silas and Rebekah Chapin, Aug.末,1792.CR


Silence of Sandisfield, and William Jenks, Oct.6,1791.CR


Rhoda and James Wood, Nov.9,1780.CR


Mary and Abram Moore, Mar.19,1784.CR


Peter, 24, and Ada L. Curtiss, Mar.30,1846.[Cote. MAVRs v. 24 p. 39]

COWLE (Cowles)

Nathaniel and Ruth Sedgwick, Nov.20,1755.CR

COWLES (Cowle)

Isaac and Polly Brookins, Jan.末,1795.CR


Phebe of Lee, and Artemas Rogers, Oct.12,1791.CR


Hannah and James Adams, June2,1774.CR


Anna and Abraham Northrup, Aug.末,1792.CR

Levina and Ede Morey, Apr.16,1792.CR

Nathan and Patience Allen, Sept.6,1781.CR

Simeon and Anna Green, Jan.末,1792.CR

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Amasa and Luce Gearfield, Nov.2,1769.CR

Diantha and Nathan Underwood, Sept.5,1792.CR

John and Naomi Spring, Apr.末,1792.CR

CURTISS (Curtis)

Ada L., 15, d.Daniel and Amlia, and Peter Cotty, Mar.30,1846.[Cote. Amelia.MAVRs v. 24 p. 39]

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