Hannah and Zebediah Joslin, Sept.12,1782.CR

John and Nancy Pixly, Sept.29,1844.

Josiah and Abigail Joslin, June1,1780.CR

Mary and James Sweet, Aug.8,1782.CR

Mary L. and Frederic W. Manly, Nov.5,1844.


Ebenezer and Elisabeth McGregory, Apr.末,1795.CR

Electa and Darius Powel, Nov.22,1792.CR

Elijah and Azubath Abbott, Nov.末,1793.CR

Eunice of Gt. Barrington, and Daniel Chapman Jr., May末,1793.CR

Lucretia and Solomon Tracy, July29,1779.CR

Mary and Josiah Brewer, Dec.30,1767.CR

Marcy and Amos Dwenel, Feb.10,1780.CR

Rebecca and Jonathan Chapin, Jan.22,1778.CR


Samuel and Sarah Joslin, Nov.25,1772.CR


Ebenezer and Ame Barlow, May5,1777.CR

HAWLEY (Holley, Holly)

Temperance of Gt. Barrington, and Lemuel Tilletson, Oct.6,1791.CR

HEATH (Heth)

Albert C., 19, s.Cyrus and Clarina, and Maria B. Clark, May11,1843.

Benjamin and Gilin Davis, Jan.3,1760.CR

Daniel, 25, s.Soloman and Sarah, and Maria Johnson, Mar.11,1847.

George and Susanna Burnham, May15,1781.CR

Huldah R., 23, d.Linas and Ruth, and Stephen C. Richardson, Sept.10,1848.

Joseph and Patience Heath, Oct.14,1779.CR

Levi and Abigail Doud, May12,1779.CR

Lydia and William Markham, Oct.2,1783.CR

Lydia and Hezekiah Atwood, Oct.30,1783.CR

Patience and Joseph Heath, Oct.14,1779.CR

Stephen and Anna Mileman, Apr.30,1782.CR

Tryphena and Oliver Judd, Oct.25,1781.CR


Isaac and Mary Bowdish, Apr.9,1782.CR


Henry and Experience Hulet, Dec.12,1776.CR

Hezekiah and Rachel Bird, Feb.3,1780.CR

John and Hannah Spring, Mar.14,1780.CR

Sibel and Darius Joslin, Jan.28,1779.CR


Joshua and Betey Lewis, Nov.10,1791.CR

HETH (Heath)

Ama and Edward Vaughn, Oct.18,1768.

Pruinda and Thomas James, Nov.11,1789.CR


Lidia and Jehu Ramsdale, Nov.29,1780.CR

Mary and Samuel Fuller Jr., Apr.1,1773.CR

Sarah and Asa Wadsworth, Feb.19,1761.CR


Humphry Jr. and Sally Leaming, Mar.末,1794.CR


Abigail and Eli Strickland, Aug.29,1765.CR

Luce and Noah Church, Feb.24,1780.CR

Return and Hannah Niles, Aug.29,1768.CR


Abner and Sarah Betty, Jan.28,1777.CR

HOLLEY (Hawley, Holly)

Sarah of Gt. Barrington, and Jeremiah Leaming, Nov.3,1790.CR

HOLLY (Hawley, Holley)

Temperance of Gt. Barrington, and Jonathan Foot, June21,1792.CR


Moses and Elisabeth Graves, June1,1780.CR


Barnabas of Gt. Barrington, and Parmela Slone, Jan.末,1793.CR


Submit of Sandisfield, and Justus Markham, Feb.末,1794.CR


Benjamin and Betsey Howard, Oct.27,1791.CR

Eleazer and Betsey Utter (Utler), June3,1779.CR

Betsey and Benjamin Howard, Oct.27,1791.CR


Harrison, 23, b. Lee, s.James and Ruth of Lee, and Lucina Stedman, Nov.19,1846.


Lydia N., wid., 38, and Heman Cargill, Oct.4,1848.


Experience and Henry Herrick, Dec.12,1776.CR

Samuel and Susannah Wadsworth, June3,1789.CR


Jemima and John Mory, July21,1790.CR

Phine and John Baldwin, May末,1794.CR

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