TAFF (Taft)

Bethia and Joseph Chapin, July12,1781.CR

Rhoda and Joel Walker, Jan.4,1770.CR

TAFT (Taff)

Susanna and Giles Slater, Feb.9,1775.CR

TAILOR (Tayler, Taylor)

Kezia and Ithiel Battle, Apr.15,1779.CR

Sarah and Jacob Balden, Nov.10,1778.CR

Stephen Jr. and Beulah Jackson, Dec.18,1777.CR

TAYLER (Tailor, Taylor)

Anna and Jonathan Graves, Oct.17,1782.CR

TAYLOR (Tailor, Tayler)

Alvin and Polly Mire, Nov.末,1792.CR

Charles and Mary Rewee, May25,1775.CR

Esther and Justus Battle, May4,1780.CR

Noah and Phebe Graves, May2,1782.CR

Octave and Manassah Farebank, Sept.末,1793.CR

Zady and Ezekiel Wadsworth, Feb.末,1793.CR


Alaxander M., 25, of Northampton, and Huldah Bishop, Aug.14,1844.

Timothy D., widr., of Lee, and Harriet F. Clark, Dec.16,1846.


Abigail and Elijah Griswold, Apr.25,1754.CR

Anne and Giles Jackson, May29,1755.CR

Eunice and Joshua Warren Jr., Oct.25,1753.CR

Ezekiel and Deborah Jackson, Oct.10,1754.CR


Samuel Jr. and Jemima Chapin, Feb.末,1794.CR


Lidia and Asa Allen, May1,1755.CR


Ann S., d.Samuel, and Marshall S. Bidwell, Nov.23,1845.

TILLETSON (Tillotson)

Lemuel and Temperance Hawley, Oct.6,1791.CR

Sylvia and George Paterson, Nov.22,1792.CR

TILLOTSON (Tilletson)

Hannah and Joseph Way, Jan.13,1780.CR


Jonathan and Lowis Scripture, May18,1791.CR


Solomon and Lucretia Hall, July29,1779.CR


Adaline, 18, b. Middetown, CT, and H[azard] Perry Clark, Nov.20,1846.


Jonathan and Anna Battle, Apr.末,1795.CR

Mahettabel and Vernum Garner, July末,1794.CR

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