Charles, twin, s.James, rail road conductor, and Ann Eliza, Nov.1,1848.

James, twin s.James, rail road conductor, and Ann Eliza, Nov.1,1848.


Abram R., s.Elisha W. and Delana, Sept.16,1837.GR2

Elisha W., s.Elisha W. and Delana, Jan.23,1836.GR2

Mary Lucretia, d.Stephen W., farmer, and Mary L., Mar.5,1844.

Miriam Frances, d.Stephen W., farmer, and Mary L., June23,1847.


William Brunson, s.Asa and Huldah, July4,1781.


Catharine, d.Joseph, blacksmith, and Hannah, Aug.14,1844.

HARAN (Herring)

James, s.Patrick, minder, and Mary, June4,1846.


Norra, d.James, laborer, and Betty,末蔓末, [rec. May31,1848].


John, s.John, miner, and Mary, Nov.23,1844.


William, s.John, railroad builder, and Mary, June末,1844.


George R., s.Arvin, yeoman, and Laura A., Oct.19,1847.

HENDESY (Hennesey, Hennesy)

James, s.Michael, laborer, and Ann, Nov.26,1843.


Laura, d.Martin and Mehitable, Jan.21,1815.

Martin Knapp, s.Martin and Mahitabell, Dec.9,1821.

Samuel, s.Martin and Mehitable, Oct.24,1818.

William, s.Martin and Mehitable, Jan.10,1817.

HENDRIX (Hendricks)

Electa Calista, d.Martin and Electa, June15,1829.

Estella Selina, d.Martin and Electa, Nov.25,1841.

George Pitkin, s.Daniel Jr. and Patsey, Jan.28,1832.

George Barret [dup. Barratt], s.Martin and Electa, Mar.24,1836.

Hiram Phelps, s.Martin and Electa, June10,1838.

Lucia Alzada, d.Martin and Electa, June23,1831.

Mary A., d.Martin K., farmer, and Rhoda, Oct.29,1848.

Roswell Clinton, s.Martin and Electa, July21,1826.

Sally Melissa, d.Martin and Electa, May5,1824.

Theron [dup. Theoran], s.Martin and Electa, Jan.26,1834.

HENNESEY (Hendesy, Hennesy)

Mary Ann, d.James, laborer, and Bridget, Jan.9,1849.

Patrick, s.Michael, laborer, and Ann, Dec.14,1848.

Thomas, s.James (Hennesy), laborer, and Bridget, Apr.15,1847.

HENNESY (Hendesy, Hennesey)

Catharine, d.Michael, laborer, and Ann, Apr.16,1847.


Mary, d.Patrick, laborer, and Mary, Oct.22,1843.


Abia, d.Elijah and Mary, Sept.9,1797.

Angeline, d.Joseph and Phebe, Feb.16,1810.

Anson Kingsley, s.Joseph and Phebe, Dec.23,1807.

Aurelia, d.Capt. Joseph and Phebe, Nov.2,1800.

Catharine Czarina, d.Elijah and Mary, Jan.30,1804.

Duglas B., s.Joseph and Phebe, Aug.1,1805.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Mary, Sept.4,1801.

Erastus Cook, s.Elijah and Mary, Mar.22,1806.

Joseph Kellogg, s.Elijah and Prudence, Oct.25,1810.

Joseph Henry, s.Joseph and Phebe, Jan.26,1812.

Joseph H., s.Joseph H. dec'd, railroad engineer, and Eliza, Dec.5,1843.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Phebe, Oct.8,1803.

Prudence Ann, d.Elijah and Prudence, Aug.13,1812.

Theodore K., s.Joseph K., yeoman, and Pluma, Aug.5,1847.


Patrick, s.Cornelius, laborer, and Mary, Mar.16,1848.


Benjamin Hempstead, s.Joseph B. and Harriet, June25,1821.

Charles Henry, s.Joseph B. and Harriet, July3,1809.

Edward Norris, s.Joseph B. and Harriet, Feb.18,1819.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.Joseph B. and Harriet, Mar.5,1814.

Julia Ann, d.J.B. and Harriet, Sept.25,1816.

Mary J., negro, d.Joseph, laborer, and Margaret, Sept.末,1847.

Robert Henry, negro, s.Joseph, laborer, and Margaret, Mar.16,1849.

William Rufus Crary, s.Joseph B. and Harriet, Sept.30,1811.


Charlotte, d.Enock and Sarah, Oct.9,1788 [sic, see Pamele].

Erastus, s.Enock and Sarah, Dec.13,1791.

Hamlet, s.Enock and Sarah, Dec.26,1779.

Henry, s.Enock and Sarah, Nov.10,1783.

Lyman, s.Enock and Sarah, May10,1794.

Pamele, d.Enock and Sarah, Mar.27,1788 [sic, see Charlotte].


Charles Rollins, s.Jonathan and Clarissa, Oct.11,1805.

Clarissa, w.J.W.,末蔓末,1773.GR1

Clarissa Melinda, d.Jonathan and Clarissa, May18,1815.

Homer Wellington, s.Charles Rollin and Julia Ann, Aug.19,1830.

Louisa Maria, d.Jonathan and Clarissa, Feb.11,1810.

Melinda Ximena, d.Jonathan and Clarissa, May1,1803.

Obadiah Ward, s.Jonathan and Clarissa, Nov.29,1807.

Ralph Grinell, s.Charles Rollin and Julia, Aug.23,1832.


Anastasia, d.Michael, laborer (b. Ireland), and Bridget (b. Ireland), Oct.26,1849.


Charles W., s.Lemuel, freight master railroad, and Lavina, Mar.21,1845.


Catharine, d.Simeon and Lydia, June7,1773.

Huldah, d.Simeon and Lydia, Aug.17,1780.

Mary, d.Simeon and Lydia, Nov.12,1777.


Ansil, s.Elisha and Hannah, June13,1789.

Leander, s.Elisha Jr. and Ruth, May20,1794.

Lucina, d.Elisha Jr. and Ruth, May17,1798.

Philander, s.Elisha Jr. and Ruth, Nov.18,1795.

Ransom, s.Elisha Jr. and Ruth, Apr.4,1807.

Silvester, s.Elisha and Hannah, July17,1785.

William Chauncey, s.William and Fanny, Nov.5,1810.


Adah Estelle, d.Anson, shoemaker, and Julia Ann, May21,1849.


Mary, d.William, merchant, and Amanda, Dec.27,1843.

HULBERT (Hurlbert)

George, s.Ulysses and Lucina, Jan.4,1813.


Aden [ch.Peter Jr. and Ester], Mar.5,1767, in Killingsworth.

Ashbell [ch.Peter Jr. and Ester], Mar.12,1766, in Killingsworth.

Belinda, d.Joseph and Phebe, May9,1778.

Candice, d.Peter and Ester, Jan.17,1761, in Killingsworth

Edmond, s.Peter and Ester, Feb.13,1771.

Elenor, d.Peter and Ester, Aug.30,1773.

Elah [ch.Peter Jr. and Ester], May20,1769, in Killingsworth.

Esther, d.Peter and Ester, Feb.7,1778.

Hannah, d.Peter and Ester, Aug.23,1776.

Jeremiah, s.Joseph and Phebe, Nov.26,1779.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Phebe, Jan.29,1783.

Lorain [ch.Peter Jr. and Ester], Dec.30,1764, in Killingsworth.

Peter, s.Peter and Elenor, Oct.31,1738, in Killingsworth.

Seth, s.Joseph and Phebe, Oct.19,1781.

Warren [ch.Peter Jr. and Ester], Mar.31,1762, in Killingsworth.


Arthur Ward, s.Charles Henry, livery stable keeper, and Sarah Ann, Apr.13,1847.

Mary, d.Charles H., livery-stable keeper, and Sarah, Oct.18,1849.

Sarah E., d.Charles Henry, livery stable keeper, and Sarah, Feb.5,1845.

HURLBERT (Hulbert)

John, s.Dr. Ulysses and Lucina, May12,1804.

Lucina Anna, d.Ulysses and Lucina, Mar.22,1800.

Palmira, d.Dr. Ulysses and Lucina, Sept.2,1806.

Ulysses, s.Ulysses and Lucina, Nov.27,1801.

HUTCHESON (Hutchinson)

Ameliah, d.David and Sally, Sept.3,1786.

Amos, s.David and Sally, Oct.28,1788.

Cornelius, s.David and Sally, Sept.22,1790.

Daniel, s.John and Caty, Sept.末,1816.

David, s.David and Sally, Mar.8,1776.

George, s.John and Caty, Jan.20,1819.

John, s.David and Sally, May17,1782.

John, s.John and Caty, Nov.3,1814.

Lombard, s.David and Sally, Mar.16,1794.

Lydia, d.David and Sally, Apr.26,1784.

Matthew, s.David and Sally, June21,1780.

Matthew, s.Amos and Anna, Nov.22,1812.

Sally, d.David and Sally, June5,1778.

Solomon, s.David and Sally, Feb.19,1774.

HUTCHINSON (Hutcheson)

Esther Almina, d.Lombard and w., June23,1826.

Hiram [dup. Huthcheson], s.Solomon and Silvia, June14,1801.

Mariah Claflin, d.Lombard and w., Mar.26,1828.

Sophronia, d.John and Caty, Jan.31,1804.


Andrew, s.James, laborer, and Elizabeth, Sept.17,1847.

James, s.James, laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug.6,1845.

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