LALLY (Larly)

Catharine, d.Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Dec.25,1847.


Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail, Apr.4,1776.

Gaius, s.Samuel and Abigail, July20,1788.

John, s.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.21,1783.

Lucinda, d.Samuel and Abigail, Sept.11,1786.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Abigail, Mar.12,1780.

Susanna, d.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.1,1778.

LARLY (Lally)

Michael, s.Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Sept.22,1843.

LEANARD (Leonard)

Lucy, d.Asa and Olive, Jan.3,1787.


Dudley, Dr. [h.Lyndia],末蔓末,1798.GR3

Lyndia, w.Dudley,末蔓末,1809.GR3

LEET (Leete)

Chauncey, s.Nathaniel and Dymis, Feb.11,1806.

Clarinda, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Dec.11,1813.

Edna, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Mar.8,1819.

Betsey, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Dec.24,1800.

Horace, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Nov.25,1803.

Olive, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Apr.29,1823.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Aug.6,1816.PR4

Sophia Miranda, d.Nathaniel and Dymis, Oct.29,1810.

LEETE (Leet)

Chauncey Ward, Mar.4,1834.PR4

Sarah Eveline, June7,1838.PR4

LEONARD (Leanard)

Anne, d.Asa and Olive, Sept.16,1788.

Levi, s.Asa and Olive, July5,1790.

Solomon, s.Asa and Olive, Nov.23,1784.


末末, ch.Benjamin H. and Adaline, bp. May29,1831.CR1


Amelia Louiza, d.Benjamin H. and Adaline, Feb.6,1832.

Benjamin Hart, s.Abisha and Sarah, Aug.25,1797.

Beri, s.Abisha and Sarah, Sept.20,1799.

Clarinda, d.Abishai and Sarah, Feb.18,1804.

Darias Ireneus, s.Benjamin and Ruth Jr., Sept.11,1791.

Edna, d.Abishai and Sarah, Apr.12,1793.

Betsey Mariah, d.Benjamin H. and Betsey, Oct.14,1824.

Francis [sic] Adaline, d.Benjamin H. and Adaline, Mar.22,1826.

George Morgan, s.Benjamin H. and Adaline, Dec.4,1827.

Hellen Maria, d.Benjamin Jr. and Ruth, Oct.11,1799.

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Margaret, Apr.14,1783.

Isaiah Tiffany, s.Hezekiah and Margaret, June24,1786.

Laura, d.Samuel and Lois, Oct.6,1783.

Lorenzo, s.Samuel and Lois, Aug.26,1785.

Lovicey, d.Samuel and Louis, Mar.24,1780.

Lucy, d.Hezekiah and Marget, Aug.23,1780.

Melancton, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Nov.3,1795.

Morgan, s.Abishai and Sarah, Feb.7,1806. [Dea.Morgan.GR1]

Nancy Abigail, d.Abishai and Sarah, Mar.1,1808.

Nathan, s.Hezekiah and Marget, Dec.16,1781.

Orreli, d.Abishai and Sarah, Apr.5,1795.

Ruth Caroline, d.Benjamin Jr. and Catharine, Feb.12,1810.

Sarah Ann, d.Abishai and Sarah, Nov.7,1812.

William Brigham, s.Abisha and Sarah, Feb.8,1802.

William Brigham, s.Benjamin H. and Adaline, Feb.14,1830.


Charles F., s.William S., carpenter, and Nancy, June28,1844.

Charles Franklin, s.William Thomas and Nancy, bp. July1,1846.CR2

Lydia Matilda, d.William T., carpenter and joiner, and Nancy, Dec.6,1846. [L'Hommidieu, d.William Thomas and Nancy.CR2]


Edward, s.Augustine B., merchant, and Mary P. of Gt. Barrington, June末,1844.


Arthur H., s.Henry W., carpenter, and Salina A., Dec.10,1848.


William Richard, s.John, miner, and Elizabeth, Aug.3,1844.


Solomon, s.Elizur and Mynenda, June9,1788.

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