Aaron Wight, s.Dr. Samuel and Betsey, Feb.16,1810.

Emma G., w.Dr. W.W. Leavitt, Mar.20,1839.GR3


John, s.Peter, miner, and Mary, Feb.8,1847.

Peter, s.Peter, miner, and Mary, May末,1845.

Richard, s.Peter, laborer, and Mary, June末,1843.


Albert, s.John G., laborer, and Elisabeth, Nov.3,1843.


Alfred, s.Joseph, laborer (b. Canada), and Hortence (b. Canada), Oct.18,1849.

Mary, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1823.GR3


末末, s.Henry, laborer, and Sabina, Mar.18,1846.

Mary Ann, d.Edward, carpenter and joiner, and Amelia, Sept.3,1846.


Helen, d.Rev. Lewis and Juliet, July21,1845.


Helen S., d.Charles W., merchant, and Lydia S., Aug.6,1848.


Alice Louisa, d.Rev. James N. and Jane E., May2,1843.


Ann M., second w.James,末蔓末,1814.GR3



Curtis, s.Norman, merchant, and Eliza A., June2,1849.


Anna Sophia, d.Paul, miner, and Jerusha, May3,1846.

Elizabeth, d.Josiah, miner, and Catharine, Feb.20,1845.

Lydia Jerusha, d.Paul, laborer, and Jerusha, Feb.12,1848.


Charles, s.Dederich, laborer, and Hannah, May31,1847.

George, s.Dederick, laborer, and Hannah, Mar.2,1849.


Henrietta Maria, d.Elijah and Olive, Jan.29,1800.

Olive, d.Elijah and Olive, Dec.19,1801.

Samuel, s.Elijah and Olive, Jan.27,1798.


Ambrose, s.Sylvanus F. and Lurena, Aug.12,1817.

Loiza, d.Sylvaneus F. and Lurena, Sept.22,1814.

Polly, d.Sylvaneus F. and Lurena, Nov.21,1812.


末末, s.Adam, blacksmith, and Harriet, Apr.16,1846.

末末, s.Adam, blacksmith, and Harriet, Sept.15,1848.

Anne, d.Abijah and Sarah, Jan.2,1793.

Armenia Ann, d.George W., laborer, and Sarah M., Dec.27,1846.

Diadamey, d.Abijah and Sarah, July11,1794.

Edward Theodore, s.Amos, miner (b. Colebrook, CT), and Jane (b. Otis), Sept.6,1849.

Elbridge, s.Daniel and Lucy, May17,1812.

Emeline, d.Ariel and Sally, May27,1807.

Grove, s.Daniel and Lucy, Sept.19,1809.

Harriet Lucinda, d.Daniel and Lucy, June19,1815.

Henry, s.Daniel and Lucy, July22,1817.

Henry J., s.John M., farmer, and Rebecca, Mar.18,1844.

Horatio, s.Ariel and Sally, Aug.29,1809.

Jacob, s.Richard M., wagon maker, and Mara, Sept.12,1845.

James, s.James and Olive, Jan.12,1804.

Jarod, s.Abijah and Sarah, Feb.2,1791.

Jason, s.Daniel and Lucy, Mar.3,1807.

Lois, d.Abijah and Sarah, Feb.28,1796.

Lois, d.Arial and Sally, Dec.25,1818.

Mary Lavina, d.Daniel and Lucy, Oct.12,1820.

Olive, d.James and Olive, May20,1801.

Olive, d.Ariel and Sally, Apr.16,1813.

Orange, s.Daniel and Lucy, May9,1805.

Theresa, d.Richard M., wagon maker, and Maria, Jan.31,1848.

Whitfield, s.Ariel and Sally, July27,1821.

William M., s.James, stonecutter, and Jane, Mar.21,1844.


Charles Caleb, s.Henry W., laborer, and Mary, Nov.24,1843.

Edward T., ch.Henry W. and Mary,末蔓末,1844.GR3

Edward T., s.Henry W., laborer, and Mary, June2,1845.

Edward Theodore, s.Henry W., laborer, and Mary, Mar.27,1847.

Henry W.,末蔓末,1822.GR3

Henry Adulbert, s.Henry W., laborer, and Maey [Mary], Nov.8,1848.

Mary [? m.],末蔓末,1823.GR3


Ellen A., d.William, miner, and Mary, June13,1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William, miner, and Mary Ann, Jan.31,1846.


Angeline Elizabeth, d.Augustin and Eliza, Jan.22,1821.

Annis, d.James and Betsy, Mar.31,1790.

Agustin, s.Daniel and Chloe, Dec.22,1788.

Caroline Cordelia, d.Augustin and Eliza, July9,1817.

Charles, s.Thomas H., machinist, and Hannah B., Dec.30,1848.

Chloe, d.Daniel and Chloe, Mar.9,1804.

Claudius Victor, s.Daniel and Chloe, May26,1800.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Chloe, July20,1794.

Alvira Louiza Matilda, d.Augustin and Eliza, Jan.26,1819.

Hannah Crane, d.Sylvester and Irene, May4,1815. [w.Julius Moore.GR3PR6]

Hiram, s.Daniel and Chloe, Nov.30,1798.

James, s.James and Betsy, May1,1798.

James Henry, s.Sylvester and Irena, Sept.26,1817.

Lucy Jane, d.James H., farmer, and Louisa (b. Troy, NY), Aug.2,1849.

Mary, d.James and Betsy, Nov.5,1796.

Orson, s.Daniel and Chloe, May13,1802.

Rabert Bruce, s.Sylvester and Irena, Jan.21,1820.

Selden, s.James and Betsy, Feb.2,1793.

Selecte, d.Daniel and Chloe, Apr.16,1796.

Sophia, d.Daniel and Chloe, Apr.6,1791.

Theron, s.Daniel and Chloe, Oct.23,1792.


Betsey P., d.John, laborer, and Cynthia, May26,1847.

Lyman, s.Nathan and Dimmis, Dec.15,1807.


Margaret, d.Michael, miner, and Ellen, Nov.29,1846.

Patrick, s.Michael, miner, and Ellen, Feb.28,1849.

William, s.Michael, miner, and Helen, Jan.9,1845.


Calvin, s.John and Jane, Jan.28,1780.

Jane, d.John and Jane, Apr.21,1785.

Jehudi, s.John and Jane, June15,1782.

Joel, s.John and Jane, June15,1782.

Joel, s.John and Jane, Apr.17,1788.

Lydia Maria, d.Jehuda and Abiah, Apr.4,1813.

Mary, d.Jarah and Elenor, June23,1784.

Miranda L., d.Jehuda and Abia, Sept.7,1807.


Edgar Dwight, s.Sanford J., tailer, and Lucinda, May10,1846.

Edward, s.Sanford J., merchant tailor, and Lucinda, Dec.8,1843.


Abagail, d.Ezekiel and Mary, May28,1787.

Eber, s.Ezekiel and Mary, Apr.15,1785.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Sarah, Dec.4,1798.

Johnselcy, s.Ezekiel and Mary, Oct.7,1795.

Lydia, d.Capt. Ezekiel and Sally, May23,1801.

Maryan, d.Ezekiel and Mary, July7,1780.

Rachel, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Mar.14,1789.

Rachel, d.Capt. Ezekiel and Salley, Oct.20,1804.

Salle, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Apr.14,1791.

Silas, s.Ezekiel and Mary, Sept.3,1782.


Celestia, d.Hervey E., laborer, and Betsey A., Sept.12,1847.


Charles, s.Augustus, teamster, and Mary, Feb.12,1845.

John Henry, s.William H., laborer, and Julia Ann, June17,1849.

Susan Louisa, d.Augustus, teamster, and Mary, July9,1843.


Eber, s.Samuel and Polly, June [dup. July] 20,1810, in Richmond.

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