Margeurite and Olivier Pothier, both of Pittsfield, Mar.30,1848.*CR1


Achsah E. and William B. Fenn, both of Alford, Apr.7,1822.*


Aurora of G(rea)t Barrington and John Sanford, int.Aug.30,1808.


William B. and Achsah E. Fairchild , both of Alford, Apr.7,1822.*


Rhoda and Zenas Northway, int.Apr.末,1788.


Ebenezer of Salisbury and Harriot Hendrick, int.Jan.21,1811.

Laura Ann and Nathaniel Warren, Oct.7,1830.

Laura Z., 18, d.William and Laura, and Aaron Fitch, widr, 33, stonecutter, s.Daniel and Sarah, May5,1846.*

Louisa Ann Jennette and James Shead, both of Alford, Apr.15,1845.*CR1


James of Lee and Mary Bryan, int.Sept.29,1842.


Patty and Michael Vankirk of Sheffield, Dec.17,1815.*

FOOT (Foote)

Sarah and Isaac Barns, int.Mar.15,1802.

FOOTE (Foot)

Frances of Colchester, CT and Joseph A. Foote of NY, Jan.21,1848.*CR1

Joseph A. of NY and Frances Foote of Colchester, CT, Jan.21,1848.*CR1


Ambrose C. and Caroline Stevens, int.Jan.4,1802.

Comfort and David Tillotson, Jr., int.Nov.27,1809.

Hannah and John Ives, int.Dec.20,1807.

John, Jr. and Sylvia Crampton,末蔓末,1816 [int.末末,1817, sic].

John, Jr. and Clarinda Chamberlain of Austerlitz, NY, Jan.18,1844.*CR1

Lebbeus and Lois Ives of G(rea)t Barrington, int.Aug.15,1808.

Lydia and Sylvester Benedict, Feb.23,1820.

Nathaniel and Carolina Rees,末蔓末,1793.*

Nathaniel of Richmond and Catharine Rees, int.Mar.末,1795.

Vibate and Elisha Barns, int.Jan.17,1796.


Cynthia and Carmi Raynsford of Sheffield, Dec.29,1811.

Ephraim [int.Jr.] and Tryphena Easland, Feb.13,1817.

Hopkins, wheelwright, s.Ephraim, Jr. and Tryphena, and Mary E. Parsons, all of G(rea)t Barrington, May24,1843.*

Lydia Louisa, 20, d.Nathaniel and Clarissa and Gideon Hall, Jr., lawyer of Winchester, CT, Jan.30,1844.*

Nathaniel M. and Clarissa Ward, Nov.28,1821.*


Sarah Jane and Edward Shaw, both of Hampton, Feb.26,1844, at State Line.*CR1


Amos, Esq. and Huldah Tanner of Warren, int.Nov.26,1803.

Anne and Israel Wilcox of Alford, int.Apr.21,1798.

Nells of Pittsfield and Sarah Bishop of Monterey, Sept.5,1847, at State Line.*CR1


Albert Worthington, 23, R.R. conductor, s.Hubbard and Harriet, and Janette A. Boynton, 20, d.Henry B. and Sally, May30,1844.

Sarah [int.adds L.] and C.C.M. Thompson,末蔓末, [int.Sept.21], 1839.


William and Dorcas Lynch of Stockbridge, June28,1787, in Stockbridge.*


Abel B. and Lucretia Arnold, Nov.28,1833.*CR1

Achsa [int.Achsah] and Penuel Hobbs [int.Hoobbs] of Tyringham, Jan.4,1838. [Achsah and Penuel Hobbs.PR3]

Christopher, Jr. and Lois Brown, int.Aug.20,1804.

Christopher, Esq. and Lydia Perry of Attleborough, int.May25,1805.

Eliza and William Bishop [int.of Stockbridge], Dec.20,1814.

Esther and Oliver O. Robbins, int.Oct.22,1808.

Hemen D. and Esther 末末, Dec.25,1844.*PR3

John and Phena Alcott of Egremont, int.Mar.18,1811.

Lucena and Silvanus F. Slauter, int.Mar.2,1812.

Lydia and John Beebe, int.Jan.6,1804.

Mable [int.Mabel] and John Rue [int.Rew], Mar.21,1793.

Margaret and Joseph Jackson, Mar.7,1793.

Polly and Solomon Reed, int.May1,1798.

Minerva, 18, d.Peter and Milinda and William H. Benjamin, wheelwright, Oct.2,1843.*

Obediah and Sarah Warner of Stockbridge, Jan.14,1790.*

Olive and Elijah Slater, int.Oct.末,1797.

Peter and Milinda Slauter, int.Oct.30,1813.

Peter and Achsah Cadding, int.June9,1838.

Thomas and Esther Hale of Tyringham, int.Dec.28,1816. [m.Jan.1,1817.PR3]

Thomas and Susan 末末, Oct.10,1844.*PR3


Nancy A. and Joseph Allen, both of Lee, Sept.27,1848.*CR1


Andrew and Lydia Slauter, Dec.4,1817.

Juliet and Lewis Sellick of Stockbridge, int.Aug.10,1844.


Eliza Ann and Joel C. Jackson, both of Lee, Mar.31,1849.*CR1

George W. of Canaan, NY and Ann E. Slauter, int.Sept.12,1844.

Moses and Tabitha Taylor, Feb.19,1787.*

Surviah and John Winter,末蔓末 [int.Sept.末], 1792.

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