OLDS (Oles)

Lucy of Otis and Eli Peck of Lenox, Aug.27,1848.*CR1

Ozias [dup. Oles] and Cordelia Andrews, int.Oct.4,1837.

OLES (Olds)

Newbury of Egremont and Abigail Andrews, int.Jan.10,1838.

Orrin W. of Sandisfield and Jerusha A. Carier of Norfolk, CT, Mar.1,1848.*CR1

OLMSTEAD (Olmsted)

Gideon and Ester Andrus, Feb.4,1788.*

OLMSTED (Olmstead)

Samuel and Ireny Bunce, int.Aug.17,1788.


Mary of G(rea)t Barrington and Capt. Ezekiel Stone, int.Dec.24,1812.


Clemina and Gamaliel Edwards,, .*PR4

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