Abner Polsey, s.James and Nancy B. Sweetland,末蔓末,1837.GR5

James, h.Nancy B. Sweetland,末蔓末,1843.GR5

Nancy Maria, d.James and Nancy B. Sweetland,末蔓末,1849.GR5


Allen, s.Peter and Avis, killed by a load of hay, July9,1776, in his 5th y.GR13

Eunis, d.Thomas and Suannah, May25,1745.

John, m., husbandman [old age. in pencil.], Oct.24,1847, a.79y.

Thomas, Jan.28,1805.


Polley, w.Roger, June1,1799, in her 27th y.PR79


末末, ch.Mr., Sept.19,1819.PR46

末末, ch.Mr., Sept.27,1819.PR46

Charlotte, w.David, July12,1832. a.21y.GR1


Thomas, July7,1803, in his 60th y.GR1


Rachiel, d.Joshua, 末蔓11, [17末.]


Clarissa, wid.William, Mar.16,1808, a.78y.GR1

Mary, d.William and Clarissa, May16,1830, a.13y.27, d.GR1


Peter, s.Rev. John and Margaret [cholera infantum.CR2], Oct.14,1822, a.10m.GR1


末末, Mr., Aug.20,1819.PR46

Almira, d.Ebenezer and Miriam, Oct.5,1823, in her 26th y.GR13

Benjamin, s.John and Hannah, Nov.17,1776. [in his 5th y.GR13]

Benjamin, pauper, consumption, Sept.22,1844, a.63y.

Chloe, w.Joseph, Sept.22,1833, in her 62d y.GR13

Hannah, w.John, Mar.22,1790, in her 54th y.GR13

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Mar.22,1790.

John, Jan.10,1765, a.68y.GR13

John, May4,1824, in his 84th y.GR13

Josiah, s.Joseph and Chloe, Feb.4,1827, in his 28th y.GR13

Sarah, at almshouse, June27,1840, a.76y.

Solomon, s.John and Hannah, Jan.1,1782.


Abigail, w.William, Apr.22,1793, a. y.3, d.GR1

Adeline L., d.Samuel E. and Cordelia D. (White), May16,1840.PR24

Amelia, w.Samuel, jr., Mar.7,1840, in her 27th y.GR12

C末, d.Peter and Hannah (Titus), Feb.10,1784.

Cornelus Artherton, d.Samuel and Betcy (Wood), Jan.12,1815.

David, Dea., Mar.31,1807, in his 71st y.

Elizebath, Dec.21,1770.

Elizabeth, "second wife," Joel, Aug.24,1811, in her 68th y.GR1

Betsy, wid., Jan.26,1816.PR46

Betty, w.John, Feb.末,1816.CR2

Uinis [Eunice.GR1], d.twin, Joal and Elisabeth (Commins), June27,1769. [a.10, w.16, d.GR1]

Ezra Artherton, Oct.31,1836, in his 26th y.GR12

Hannah, Feb.20,1816.PR46

Joal, s.Joal and Elisabeth (Commins), Feb.29,1770.

Joel, s.Joel and Elizabeth (Atherton), Sept.28,1783.

Joel, July8,1808, in his 65th y.

Laura T., d.Samuel E. and Cordelia D. (White), Aug.22,1836.PR24

Laura A.,末蔓末,1840.GR1

Mehetable, Aug.8,1801.GR1

Nancy, d.Peter and Hannah, Feb.22,1778.GR1

Nancy, d.Peter and Hannah (Titus), Sept.21,1778. [in her 2d y.PR80]

Nathaniel, Jan.9,1810, in his 34th y.GR1

Peter, Dec.末,1814.CR2

Ruth, wid.Dea.David, Sept.25,1821, in her 85th y.GR1

Samuel, Nov.7,1829, in his 52d.y.GR1

Samuel M., s.Samuel E. and Cordelia [Cordelia D. (White).PR24], canker rash, July11,1846, a.4y.3m.11d.

Samuel A., Nov.7,1849.PR62

Serena, d.Nathaniel and Lois (Fisher), Oct.19,1803.

Sylvia, Jan.26,1836, in her 44th y.GR1

Timothy T., Oct.31,1838, in his 64th y.GR1

Timothy S., m., farmer, s.Peter and Hannah, dysentery, Oct.31,1848, a.63y.4m.3d.

William, s.William and Abguiell (Grover), Oct.8,1769. [a.2y.PR80]

William, Apr.22,1793, in his 61st y.PR80

FOLLET (Follett)

Abraham, Dec.16,1724.

Apollos (Follett), s.Apollos and Cynthia, Aug.5,1831, in his 24th y.GR9

Ferdinand, s.Apollos and Cynthia, Mar.24,1818, a.10m.24, d.GR9

Isaac (Follett), s.Isaac and Sarah (Carpenter), Sept.19,1740.

Isaac (Follett), Mar.4,1761.

Jonathan, "drowned Going over Narrow Passage," Dec.9,1742.

Jonathan, Oct.7,1819. [in his 81st y.GR9]

Joseph, Apr.24,1724.

Peggy, d.John and Rachel (Stevens), July29,1751.

Martha, w.John, Apr.17,1706. [a.abt. 35y.dup.], "Being the first that was Buried in ye Buring place. "

Martha, d.John and Sarah (Fuller), Oct.21,1716.

Martha, d.John and Mary (Bishop), June16,1723.

Mary, d.apollas and Cynthia (Wilmarth), Nov.15,1815. [a.4y.10m.11, d.GR9]

Mary, w.Jonathan, Dec.30,1829, in her 85th y.GR9

Melitiah, d.John and Rachel (Stevens), July21,1751.

Robert, "drowned Going over Narrow Passage," Dec.9,1742.

Sarah, w.Abraham, June22,1714.

FOSTER (Forster)

末末, d.John and Margaret (Wares),末蔓末,1723-4.

末末, wid., Feb.4,1817.PR46

末末, inf.d.Horace and Clara, premature, Jan.1,1849, a.4d.

吠hel, s.John and Margaret (Wares), Apr.15,1726.

Abner, unm., painter, s.George [and Eunice.GR1], rupture of blood vessel, Jan.30,1844, a.25y.

Alexander, Feb.22,1762, in his 60th y.PR80

Alexander, Capt., Dec.7,1808, a.69y.GR1

Benjamin, s.twin, Benjamin and Rachel (Day), Mar.25,1747.

Charles A., s.Horace and Clara, Dec.9,1848, a.1y.3m.4d.

Chloe [Chloe E.GR5], wid.Eliphalet, liver complaint, Sept.9,1844, a.57y.

Desire, d.Ebenezer and Desire (Cushman), Aug.末,1745.

Ebeneazer, gentleman, bur. Providence, consumption, Nov.24,1846, a.80y.

Edward, Feb.14,1782, in his 81st y.GR2

Betsey, w.Alexander, Oct.25,1787, in her 28th y.PR80

Esther, w.Alexander, Feb.2,1816, a.76y.GR1

Fear, d.Ebenezer and Desire (Cushman), Feb.26,1736.

Hannah, w.Forrist, and, d.Henry and Lucinda Sweet, Aug.31,1820. in her 42d y.GR1

Hannah, Mar.17,1831, in her 54th y.GR12

Harriet Orne, d.Ebenezer, jr. and Nancy, Feb.20,1837, a.11m.20, d.GR14

Jane, d.Alexander and Susannah, Feb.18,1813.PR27

Jane, wid.Asa, at Chatham, CT, Nov.9,1815, in her 64th y.GR12

Jerusha, d.twin, Benjamin and Rachel (Day), Feb.20,1750-51.

John, Esq., Dec.24,1759, in his 79th y.GR13

John C., s.Alexander and G., lung fever, Sept.29,1849, a.8m.29d.

Jonathan (Forster), s.Joseph and Abigail (Andrews), May29,1784.

Joseph, Nov.12,1815.PR46

Margaret, wid.John, Esq., Nov.4,1761, in her 76th y.GR13

Margaret, w.Edward, Mar.14,1778, in her 76th y.GR2

Maria, d.William and Roxany (Everett), Nov.17,1808.

Mercy, d.Ebenezer and Desire (Cushman), June20,1733.

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Rachel (Day), July21,1742.

Robert, s.Capt. 末末, Sept.20,1729.

Roxana, wid., d.Samuel and Susana Everett, dysentery, Aug.22,1848, a.63y.3m.20d.

Susanna, w.Alexander, Oct.16,1756, in her 55th y.GR1

William, s.Edward and Margaret, May16,1758, in his 18th y.GR2


Lydia, Miss, Aug.25,1809, in her 76th y.GR13


末末, m., housekeeper, old age, Feb.末,1848, a.80y.

Abial, a Revolutionary soldier, May7,1840, in his 79th y.GR5

Abigel (Stanley), w.Abial, Sept.8,1796. [1795, in her 31st y.GR5]

Anah, d.Ebenezer, jr., and Mary (Tyler), June15,175.

Anne, d.Ebenezer and Hannah (Tyler), June15,1750.

Benjamin, May1,1724.

Daniel, m., yeoman, scrofula humor, Dec.23,1844, a.77y.5m.

David, Jan.20,1732-3, in his 75th y.GR13

Ebenezer Tyler, s.Ebenezer and Hannah (Tyler), Aug.31,1775.

Ebenezer, Sept.8,1775.

Elezebeth, wid.David, Apr.8,1742.

Emily Maria, d.Ezra R. and Hannah, Feb.16,1844, a.4m.6, d.GR12

Henry Davis, s.William A. and Mary, June16,1832, a.3y.2m.21, d.GR12

Joanna, Mar.8,1793, in her 30th y.GR12

Jonathan, "the aged," Apr.18,1718.

Jonathan, Mar.13,1749-50.

Jonathan, jr., Apr.14,1751.

Joseph, s.Jeremiah and Rachel (Fuller), Jan.9,1726-7. [1728, a.2m.GR13]

Mary [Marcy.GR13], w.David, Aug.17,1723. [in her 56th y.GR13]

Mary, d.Mary, wid., May17,1725.

Molly, w.William, Mar.22,1848, in her 82d y.GR12

Olive M., d.William and Betsey, Nov.25,1835, a.3y.2m.9, d.GR1

Ralph, "the aged," May25,1718.

Ralph, Aug.15,1725.

Stella Washburn, w.Ezra R., July30,1841, in her 38th y.GR12

Thomas, Jan.21,1821.

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Rachel (Peck), Apr.7,1719-20.

William, Mar.27,1804, in his 45th y.GR12


末末, w.Ezra, Oct.2,1816.PR46

Abigail, w.John, July13,1731. [in her 42d y.PR79]

Cynthia [d.Joseph and Sibbel.GR1], Dec.27,1797. [in her 25th y.GR1]

Ephriam, s.twin, John and Martha (Williams), June28,1711.

Ephraim, Nov.末,1819.PR46

Experience, w.Gideon, Jan.7,1806, a.34y.GR1

Ezra, Mar.13,1806. [in his 43d y.GR1]

George, s.Joseph and Caroline, July29,1834, a.1y.5m.25, d.GR1

Gilbert T., s.Lloyd and Phebe H., Feb.27,1834, a.15m.GR1

Jane, wid.Ezra, Mar.10,1832, in her 69th y.GR1

John, Nov.16,1735. [in his 55th y.GR13]

John, s.John, slain by a cart, Dec.15,1739.

John, s.John and Martha, Dec.25,1740, in his 12th y.GR13

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sibbel, at Cambridge, Sept.20,1775, in his 19th y.GR1

Joseph, Oct.20,1794. [in his 66th y.GR1]

Kezia, d.Thomas and Keziah (Perry), Feb.20,1756.

Kezia, wid.[Dea.GR1] Thomas, Nov.13,1804. [a.80y.GR1]

Maria, d.Edwin and Maria, July2,1840, a.2y.10m.11, d.GR1

Maria W., d.Lloyd and Maria W., Apr.10,1844, a.12, d.GR1

Maria W., w.Lloyd, formerly, w.Simon Atherton, and, d.Jonathan and Chloe Bliss, Apr.13,1844, in her 25th y.GR1

Maria, consumption, Oct.22,1848, a.22y.8d.

Martha, suddenly, Oct.28,1723.

Mary, w.John, Nov.27,1726. [in her 49th y.GR13]

Mary, d.Thomas and Keziah (Perry), May15,1748.

Mary, d.Thomas and Keziah (Perry), May1,1749.

Mary, Nov.末,1804.CR2

Mary, w.[wid.PR46] Ephraim, June6,1820.CR2

Polly, w.Capt. Thomas, Aug.4,1832, in her 59th y.GR1

Mercy, w.[Capt.GR1] Thomas, Nov.17,1799. [a.39y.3, d.GR1]

Rachel Adelade, Mar.6,1836, a.5y.11m.10, d.GR1

Samuel, s.John [and Martha.GR13], June26,1726. [in his 12th y.GR13]

Sanford, stricture of the pyloric orifice of the stomach, June10,1845.

Sally, d.Capt. Thomas and Mercy, Oct.28,1821, in her 24th y.GR1

Sibbel, June3,1809.CR2

Thomas, June3,1746. [in his 50th y.GR7]

Thomas, s.Thomas and Keziah (Perry), Sept.30,1757.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Sibbel, Oct.30,1777, in his 20th y.GR1

Thomas, s.Thomas [jr.GR1] and Mercy (Willmarth), Dec.26,1791. [a.4m.GR1]

Thomas, Dea., Sept.16,1793. [a.71y.GR1]

Thomas, Capt., Apr.9,1838, in his 78th y.GR1


Elisabethe, housekeeper, d.Benjamin, consumption, July1,1847,17y.9m.

Lydia, w.Benjamin E., dropsy in chest, Nov.10,1845, a.71y.


末末, twin ch., Stephen and Mary, Nov.9,1781, a.1, h.PR79

末末, d.Timothy, brain fever, Sept.14,1843, a.1m.7d.

Abigal, w.Obadiah, Dec.4,1740.

Abigail (Whiting), 2d, w.Stephen, June1,1803. [in her 61st y.GR13]

Abagail, wid.Eben, old age, Jan.21,1846, a.91y.3m.6d.

Ama, w.Zachary, Oct.15,1808, in her 33d y.GR12

Anna, at almshouse, Apr.3,1840, a.51y.

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Elezebeth (Wise), May26,1740.

Benjamin, "an Invalid penncenor of the United States," Apr.9,1798.

Bezaleel, s.Abiel and Rhoda, May31,1815, a.1y.10, d.GR12

Caroline A., d.Joshua and Sarah, Oct.7,1838, a.4y.8m.GR12

Ebenezer, m.farmer, b. Cumberland, RI, old age, Oct.11,1845, a.72y.4m.20d.

Elizabeth, w.Ezekiel, May13,1725.

Elizabeth, w.Stephen, Aug.8,1808, in her 55th y.GR13

Emily, d.M.W. and Lydia, Apr.1,1844, a.1y.6m.GR12

Emeline, d.Dr. Lemuel and Mary S., Oct.23,1820, in her 4th y.GR13

Ezekiel, town pauper, burned, June30,1847, a.69y.

Fanny H., d.Abial and Rhoda, Aug.31,1838, in her 21st y.GR12

[Frank A.GR4], b. Providence, s.George and P. [s.George W. and Phebe Ann.GR4], infantile [Oct.4,1849.GR4] a.8m.

Fredrick, Oct.2,1820. [in his 50th y.GR12]

Henry L., a.Nathan and Mary, June29,1849, a.19m.GR13

Ichabod, s.Ichabod and Martha (Commins), July18,1774.

Ichabod, s.Ichabod and Martha (Commins), Oct.29,1787.

Irene, old age, Jan.21,1846, a.92y.

Jeduthen, Nov.15,1769, a.59y.6m.23, d.GR12

Jemime, w.Stephen, jr., Nov.4,1775. [in her 35th y.GR13]

Joanna, w.John, Aug.17,1719.

Joel, s.Thomas and Anna (Perry), Jan.19,1812, a.5m.20, d.PR33

John, Apr.21,1724.

John, Dea., Oct.4,1747.

John, s.Samuel and Mary (Comings), Oct.2,1763.

Jonathan, Feb.10,1708-9.

Jonathan, Oct.15,1716.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary (Richardson), July10,1755.

Kenas, laborer, consumption, July2,1847, a.65y.

Leander Madison, s.Fredarick and Sarah (Bourn), Nov.25,1814.

Lewis M. [s.Ebenezer.PR46], Feb.22,1821.GR12

Lurana, d.Sylvester C. and Sally, Sept.11,1822, in her 8th y.GR13

Lydia, d.Noah and Rebekah, Nov.1,1790, in her 17th y.GR13

Marcus M., s.Nathan and Mary, Nov.22,1837, a.10m.GR13

Martha, d.Obediah and his 2d, w.Abigal, wid.Robert Follet, Oct.22,1755.

Mary, Apr.27,1773, in her 58th y.

Mary, wid.Ens.Noah, Jan.11,1797, in her 84th y.PR79

Matilda, at almshouse, Mar.29,1839, a.75y.

Melinda, Aug.29,1819.PR46

Malvina A., d.Joshua and Sarah B., Sept.10,1840, a.10m.6, d.GR12

Melvina A., d.Timothy S. and Cynthia T., Aug.末,1843, a.7, w.GR12

Marcy, w.Ens.Noah, Jan.11,1797, in her 84th y.GR13

Nancy, unm., pauper, d.Daniel, dropsy, Jan.21,1845, a.44y.

Noah, Jan.12,1715-16.

Noah, Ens., Aug.10,1780. [1786.PR79], in his 74th y.GR13

Noah, June21,1788, in his 45th y.GR13

Obadiah, s.Obediah and his 2d, w.Abigal, wid.Robert Follet, Dec.末,1746.

Otis Wells, s.Fredarick and Sarah (Bourn), June29,1814. [a.2y.11m.12, d.GR12]

Paul, s.Darius and Metilda (Foster), July24,1790. [a.11m.5, d.PR79]

Phebe Ann, w.George W., Feb.16,1849, in her 23d y.GR4

Rebekah, wid.Noah, May10,1806, in her 62d y.GR13

Robert [Robbart. dup.], h.Mary, Dec.30,1710.

Robert, May1,1724.

Robart, s.Obediah and Abigail (Follet), Apr.11,1752.

Roby, w.Wellcome, and, d.Daniel and Mary Miller, Aug.15,1827, a.34y.GR13

Rufus, s.twin, Stephen and Jemima (White), Jan.5,1764.

Sabra, d.Benjamin and Suse (Peck), Apr.5,1774.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary (Comings), Feb.27,1739.

Sarah, d.Jeduthan and Sarah (Daggett), Feb.26,1741-2.

Sary, Mar.23,1750.

Salley, w.Sylvester C., July11,1830, in her 38th y.GR13

Sarah R., d.Joshua and Sarah, Sept.10,1830, a.1y.6m.14, d.GR12

Stephen, Esq., Nov.6,1758, in his 54th y.GR13

Stephen, Mar.23,1832, a.89y.10m.GR13

Stephen, unm., pauper, s.Stephen, concussion of the brain, Feb.23,1844, a.79y.

Submet, w.John, Jan.3,1754.

Sylvester, s.Joseph and Alice (Capron), d.Jonathan, Apr.22,1787,

Sylvester C., s.Sylvester C. and Margaret, May11,1838, a.18m.GR13

Sylvia, w.Leonard, and, d.Daniel and Alice Carpenter, at Boston, Mar.17,1842, a.36y.9m.PR37

Thomas, jr., s.Thomas and Anna (Perry), Aug.23,1816, a.1y.5m.20, d.PR33

Warren Dana, b. Chelmsford, s.Elias and Esther [Esther G.GR1], canker rash, June26,1845, a.6y.24d.

William [William Henry.GR13], s.Welcome [and Nancy.GR13], typhoid fever, July25,1846, a.14y.10m.

Zilpha, d.Jeduthan and Sarah (Daggett), June末,1751.

Zilpha, d.Jeduthan and Sarah (Daggett), Nov.12,1753.

Zilpha, d.Abiall and Beulah (Daggett), Jan.26,1755.

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