Mary, Mrs., at Boston, Sept.16,1845.PR21

WALCOTT (Walcutt)

Emeline Ellis, w.Benjamin E., July17,1845.GR5

Erastus, at Wilkinsonville, Mar.22,1846, a.47y.GR13

Hannah, w.Pentecost, Apr.8,1807. [in her 60th y.GR11]

Mandana, d.Moses, jr. and Ruth, Mar.6,1790, in her 2d y.PR79

Martha (Walcutt) [d.Pentacost and Hannah.PR79], June2,1798. [in her 21st y.PR79]

Sarah Henrietta, d.Erastus and Sarah, at Milan, O., Aug.11,1849, a.24y.GR13


Ezra Carpenter, s.Ezra and Martha (Blanding), Aug.21,1810.

Francis, marasmus, Sept.22,1846, a.6m.


John, s.Daniel and Mary (Perry), Oct.15,1748.

Keziah, d.Daniel and Mary (Perry), Nov.1,1747.

Mehitabel, d.Daniel and Mary (Perry), after Jan.6,1731-2.

WALTON (Wolten)

Amos [Wolten.CR2], Dea., Feb.6,1811, a.63y.GR2

Charles Edwards, s.Amos and Polly H.,末蔓末, 末末, a.8m.23, d.GR2

Jerusha, wid.Dea.Amos, July23,1835, in her 84th y.GR2

Jerusha, d.Dea.Amos and Jerusha, Apr.22,1842, in her 64th y.GR2


Jemima, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.8,1740, in her 8th y.GR13


Manning, s.Ezra and Huldah, Sept.28,1798, a.1y.11m.GR13


Gardner, m., machinist, b. Ashley, chronic enteritis, Sept.1,1844, a.26y.

James, May19,1835, a.17y.GR5


Simeon, s.Simeon and Jemima (Gary), Jan.末,1746-7.


Emily Augusta, at Boston, d.Benjamin and Nancy J., fits, Aug.1,1848, a.26d.

Nancy J., m., at Boston, d.Bela and Roby Peck, consumption, Feb.8,1848, a.28y.9d.


David, s.John and Sarah, Mar.18,171.

Sarah, w.John, Jan.17,1725.


Mary, wid., Mar.9,1728-9.

Mary, d.John and Mary (Rowley), July19,1740.

Richard, Aug.26,1724.


Habijah [Abijah.GR13], Rev. [pastor of the first Church of Christ in Attleborough.GR13], May14,1782, in his 80th y.and 55th of his Ministry.

Eunice, June21,1825, a.74y.CR1

Judith, d.Rev. Abijah and Mary, Sept.13,1767, in her 37th y.GR13

Katherine, d.Rev. Habijah [Abijah.GR13] and Mary (Fox), Mar.28,1746. [in her 15th y.GR13]

Mary, Mrs., "ye aged" [w.Rev., "late of Dunstable. "GR13], June2,1731. [in her 64th y.GR13]

Mary, wid.Rev. Abijah, Jan.7,1799, in her 93d y.GR13

Samuel, s.Rev. Abijah and Mary, June30,1720, a.末m.GR13

Samuel, Dr., s.Rev. Abijah and Mary, June15,1767, in his 21st y.GR13

Thomas, s.Rev. Habijah and mary (Fox), May17,1736. [a.7m.GR13]

WELLMAN (Weellman, Welman)

Asa, h.Olive (Jenks), Sept.6,1842, a.70y.6d.

Daniel, Nov.10,1830, in his 24th y.PR61

Elijah, June20,1790, in his 58th y.GR13

Easther (Welman), d.Joseph and Charity (Hall), May30,172.

John (Welman), s.John and Union, Nov.7,1768.

John, "eating his supper," Nov.1,1787, in his 62d y.GR3

Julia, Oct.7,1812, in her 5th y.PR61

Lot, cooper, old age, Apr.2,1845, a.79y.

Lucy Ann, w.Dexter,末蔓末,1841.GR13

Mary (Welman), d.John and Union, Feb.7,1741-2.

Mary, w.John, Apr.1,1783, in her 49th y.PR80

Mary, Apr.末,1818, in her 16th y.PR61

Nancy, d.Lot and Marcy, June14,1827, in her 28th y.GR13

Olive, w.Asa, Apr.13,1814, in her 42d y.PR61

Rachel, d.Elijah, Jan.16,1816, in her 57th y.GR13

Rhoda, wid.Elijah, Aug.4,1814, in her 80th y.GR13

Rhoda, Dec.16,1836, in her 76th y.GR13

Simon (Weellman), s.Joseph and Charity (Hall), Feb.15,17末.

Union (Welman), d.John and Union, July6,1775. [a.20y.1m.20, d.GR2; a.27y.PR80]

William (Welman), s.Joseph and Charity (Hall), May13,1742.

William (Welman), s.Joseph and Charity (Hall), Feb.24,1744-5.


Wilson, unm., mechanic, s.James, dropsy, Mar.4,1844, a.36y.


Benjamin G., at Bencia, CA, Dec.14,1849, a.27y.2m.20, d.GR2

Henry Russell, s.Benjamin G. and Mary M., Oct.6,1848, a.6m.GR2

WETHERELL (Witherell)


Hiram, m., mason, b. Rehoboth, consumption, Aug.6,1845, a.44y.11m.19d.

Maria, d.Hiram and Louisa, lung complaint, Nov.6,1844, a.3m.8d.

Mary, w.Muby, old age, Nov.2,1846, a.89y.2m.4d.

Sarah, wid.Nathan, Nov.2,1846, a.89y.GR1


William Henry, scarlet fever, at Boston, June9,1833.PR21


Amy, d.[Ens.GR13] Jeremiah and Deborah (Bucklin), scalded, Apr.27,1721. [in her 3d y.GR13]

Israel, drowned, June13,1720 "Found and buried June18,1720. "

Israel, Esq., Oct.12,1760. [1750.PR79], in his 47th y.GR13

Jencks, m., farmer, lung fever, Dec.19,1846, a.77y.

Jeremiah, Ens., May14,1721. [in his 38th y.GR13]

Julia F., d.William and Julia, infantile, Aug.28,1847, a.2d.

Nancy, w.William G., and, d.Eleazer and Hannah Bosworth, Oct.19,1834, in her 24th y.GR5


末末, June末,1818, a.18h.PR4

Aurelia, wid.Zachariah, consumption, Jan.2,1845, a.48y.

Bethania, wid., b. Bridgewater, d.Solomon and 末末 Alden, old age, Oct.31,1848, a.87y.10m.10d.

Catharine A., d.Deronza and Catharine A.,末蔓末,1837.GR13

Catharine A., w.Deronza,末蔓末,1840.GR13

Charls, s.Zachariah and Aurelia (Richardson), Dec.13,1814.

Charles A., Mar.1,1849, a.32y.PR69

Chloe, d.Jonathan, jr. and Abigail, Dec.2,1789, a.4y.7m.27, d.GR1

Ebenezer, Rev., Sept.4,1726. [in his 42d y.GR13]

Ebenezer, Feb.3,1747-8 [in his 36th y.GR13]

Edward, Nov.30,1784, in his 66th y.GR13

Edward, jr., July31,1813, in his 42d y.GR1

Elias, s.Zachariah and Hipzebath (Woodcock), Nov.2,1782.


Eunice, w.Paul, Jan.4,1819, in her 64th y.GR13

Experience, w.Gideon, Jan.7,1806, a.54y.PR80

Gideon, Nov.29,1827, in his 80th y.PR80

Hannah [Hannah T.GR13], w.Doronza, "sudden," Oct.23,1843, a.36y.6m.

Henry E., s.Emory E. and Eliza, Aug.22,1842, a.6m.GR2

Jason, Oct.11,1826, a.33y.GR2

Lucy H., w.Jason, June28,1827, a.36y.GR2

Lydia H., d.Horace, puerperal hemorrhage, Aug.24,1846, a.7m.25d.

Mahitable, d.Edward, Aug.22, 末-9. [1789.PR80] in her 41st y.GR1

Mehitable, wid.Edward, June2,1788, in her 79th y.GR13 [in her 70th y.PR79]

Molina, Apr.23,1816.PR46

Nahum, b. North Providence, s.Enos and Mary, drowned, Oct.7,1847, a.10y.3m.18d.

Nancy, Oct.19,1845.

Nancy, b. Wrentham, w.Elisha, sudden, Aug.4,1848, a.60y.5m.6d.

Patience, d.twin, Ebenezer and Abigail (Paine), June14,1721.

Patience, June16,1835, a.46y.PR69

Patience, July25,1843, a.90y.PR69

Rebecca, w.Thomas, June26,1784, in her 80th y.PR80

Simeon, paralysis, Aug.27,1846, a.86y.

Thomas, Dec.1,1766, in his 66th y.PR80

Thomas, Mar.28,1816, a.68y.PR69


David, Oct.末,1806, in his 37th y.GR11

Eaton, s.David and Patty (Daggett), Jan.24,1806.

Jason A., m., b. Dedham, bur. Wrentham, numb palsy, May14,1845, a.54y.

Jimason, s.David and Patty (Daggett), Feb.7,1806.

Nancy Walker, d.John and Marcy (Titus), Nov.26,1808.

Olive F., d.Lewis and Susan, Feb.19,1836, a.12y.11m.GR5

Sylvia, d.David and Ruth [Patty.PR80], Jan.18,1818, in her 22d y.GR11

William, s.John and Marcy (Titus), Aug.16,1803.


末末, s.Felix G. and C., stillborn, Sept.30,1849.


末末, ch.Mr., May11,1815.PR46


Thomas, m., b. Bridgewater, consumption, June16,1848, a.32y.1m.2d.


Habijah Weld, s.twin, Rev. John and Esther (Tyler), Sept.17,1808. [a.20, d.GR13]

Esther [eldest.GR13], d.Rev. John and Esther (Tyler), July17,1808. [in her 18th y.GR13]

Esther (Tyler), w.Rev. John, Jan.19,1811. [in her 42d y.GR13]

John, Rev., for more than 33 years pastor of the First Congregational Church, Feb.12,1836, a.77y.GR13

WILKINSON (Wilkisson)

Ezra, s.John and Hannah (Fisher), Jan.1,1785.

John (Wilkisson), Jan.24,1724-5.

Susan, at almshouse, June29,1839, a.82y.


Adelaide Francis [Adelaide E.GR1], d.Thomas and Polly (Richardson), Nov.7,1839.PR17 [a.6y.末m.15, d.GR1]

Gustavus, s.Joseph and Jane, Aug.18,1832, in his 20th y.GR12

James L., s.Jeremiah and Harriet N.,末蔓末,1842.GR5

Julius G., s.Joseph and Jane, Mar.24,1835, in his 16th y.GR12


Ebenezer, Mar.末,1752.


Sarah, Apr.13,1805, in her 51st y.PR80

WILMARTH (Willmarth)

末末, d.Jonathan, Sept.9,1819.PR46

末末, Mr., bur. Jan.7,1828, a.92y.CR1

末末, w.Otis, and, d.Nathan and Ann Wilmarth, Feb.25,183末, a.30y.GR1

末末, s.Albert and Almira, stillborn, Aug.28,1848.

Albert A., s.Parley and Mary S., Nov.8,1821, a.1y.7m.21, d.GR12

Alber Nelson [Albert Nelson.GR1], s.Benoni and Fanny (Fuller) [cholera infantum.CR2], Nov.20,1822. [a.9m.23, d.GR1]

Alice, w.Lt. Elkanah, Oct.6,1790, in her 56th y.PR80

Almira, m.[w.Albert.GR5], d.Abial and Chloe Codding, childbed, Sept.6,1848, 29y.

Amanda, d.Stephen and Mary (Atwell), d.William, July28,1801.

Anna, b. Norton, w.Nathan, at Braintree, colic, Mar.31,1847, a.69y.4m.3, d.[in her 60th y.GR1]

Anne, d.Thomas and Deborah (Peck), May15,1744.

Anne, d.Thomas, jr. and Hepzibah (Claflen), Sept.10,1746.

Benoni, s.Benoni and Fanny (Fuller), Nov.20,1818. [a.8m.4, d.GR1]

Benoni, m., yeoman, s.Dan, fever, Sept.13,1844, a.51y.

Bethany (Bishopt), w.John, jr., July22,1790.

Bulah, wid.Jonathan, Feb.14,1770, in her 79th y.GR7

Clantina (Willmarth), d.Preston and Desire, Oct.26,1802, a.4y.1m.29, d.GR12

Dan, widr., yeoman, s.Nathan, old age, Dec.15,1844. [1845.GR1], a.94y.11m.18d.

Daniel (Willmarth), Lt., Feb.17,1769, in his 64th y.GR7

Daniel, s.Daniel and Patty, Sept.5,1831, a.4y.3m.16, d.GR1

Deborah, w.Thomas, May22,1737.

Ebenezer, s.Thomas and Deborah (Peck), July13,1736.

Ebenezer, Jan.24,1828, in his 89th y.GR12

Elias R. [Elias Alonzo.GR2], s.Elias [Elias.R.GR2] and Betsey, dysentery, Aug.27,1844, a.1y.3m.

Eliphalet, May1,1815.PR46

Eliphalet N., s.Eliphalet, 3d, and Sally, June9,1833, a.3y.13, d.GR1

Elizabeth (Willmarth), wid.Moses, Oct.1,1814. [Sept.24,1814, in her 82d y.GR7]

Elkanah (Willmarth), Dea., Dec.7,1828, in his 100th y.

Fanney, d.Benoni and Fanny (Fuller), Apr.21,1821.

George Henry, s.Moses and Rebecca, scarletina, May24,1846, a.6y.3m.7d.

Hannah, wid., Apr.19,1724.

Hannah, w.Eliphlett, Dec.19,1802, in her 71st y.

Hannah, w.Capt. Dan, Aug.22,1815, in her 65th y.GR1

Hannah, unm., d.Eliphalet, old age, Jan.22,1844, a.86y.

Harriet S. (Willmarth), w.Moses, and, d.Henry and Lucinda Sweet, Sept.12,1826, in her 34th y.GR1

Ichabod (Willmarth), s.Nathan and Mary (Stacy), Nov.22,1731.

John C., s.Eliphalet and Abigail, Feb.1,1837, in his 25th y.GR2

Jonathan (Willmarth), jr., Apr.20,1752, in his 20th y.GR7

Jonathan, Sept.14,1756, in his 67th y.GR7

Joseph, Aug.15,1841, a.89y.4m.GR1

Learned, May5,1841.GR1

Lucinda, unm., school teacher, d.Moses and Harriet, consumption, May8,1844, a.27y.7m.7d.

Lidiah (Willmarth), d.Daniel and Meheteble (Carpenter), Jan.15,1747.

Lydia Bishop (Willmarth), d.Eliphalet and Sally, dropsy in head, July22,1845, a.11y.4m.13d.

Lydia B., b. Norton, dysentery, Jan.9,1849, a.5m.

Martha, d.Daniel and Patta, Sept.28,1834, a.6m.11, d.GR1

Molley, Oct.14,1841, a.85y.9m.16, d.PR68

Mary, d.John and Peddy, dysentery, Aug.17,1844, a.1y.2m.10d.

Meheteble, w.Daniel, Mar.22,1747.

Mercy, w.Nathan, Mar.11,1808. [1807.CR2], in her 83d y.GR1

Moses, s.Jonathan and Beulah (Henneway), Feb.3,1724-5.

Moses (Willmarth), Capt., Nov.16,1779, in his 68th y.GR7

Nathan, Dec.7,1813, in his 91st y.GR1

Nathan, Feb.26,1830, in his 37th y.GR1

Sarah (Sweett) (Willmarth), w.Ebenezer, Oct.12,1774. [in her 39th y.PR80]

Seth, m., laborer, s.Eliphalet, intemperance, Dec.26,1844, a.55y.4m.26d.

Stephen, town pauper, burned, June30,1847, a.85y.

Thomas, s.Thomas, jr. and Hepzibah (Claflen), Oct.4,1746.

Thomas, May23,1759, in his 74th y.

Thomas (Willmarth) [jr.GR1], Nov.26,1779. [in his 33d y.GR1]

Thomas, Feb.5,1793. [a.80y.GR1]

Thomas, s.David and harriet, typhus fever, June12,1846, a.5y.5m.26d.


末末, ch.John and Abby, Feb.1,1846, a.2d.

Francis, s.Samuel and Mariah Walker, red canker, Sept.24,1846, a.5m.10d.


Ichabod,末蔓末, [17末.]

WITHERELL (Wetherell)

Davis (Wetherell), s.Daniel and Mary, June19,1743, in his 3d y.PR80

Mary (Wetherell), s.Daniel, Dec.18,1747, in her 27th y.PR80

Naham M., scalded, Jan.19,1845, a.1y.9m.

Sarah Jane (Wetherell), bur. South Wrentham, d.Shepard A. and Jane C., lung fever, May9,1846, a.1y.11m.21d.


Lydia, w.Thomas, July21,1834, a.73y.GR13

Lydia W., w.Thomas W., and, d.Comfort E. and Anna Claflen, Oct.20,1840, a.25y.2m.11, d.GR1

WOOD (Woods)

Elizabethe, d.Daniel W., internal injury, Dec.末,1848, a.7y.

Lydia (Woods), Feb.4,1842, in her 81st y.GR10

WOODCOCK (Woodcok)

Abigail, w.Joseph, Apr.4,1708. [1768.PR80], in her 49th y.GR1

Abigail, d.Jonathan and Malatiah (Lane), Nov.28,1736.

Abigail S.,末蔓末,1839.GR5

Benjamin, Oct.25,1791, in his 87th y.GR1

Benjamin, widr., pauper, old age, Jan.30,1844, a.86y.

Caroline, wid.Jonathan, consumption, June末,1843, a.82y.

Charles, h.Jane, Sept.6,1841, a.47y.GR12

George, s.John and Elizabeth (Capron), Oct.22,1778. [in his 2d y.PR80]

George Allen, s.Jonathan and Caroline, Jan.7,1786, a.4y.1m.19, d.GR2

George Allen, s.Jonathan and Corline (Freeman), Dec.19,1792.

Israel (Woodcok),末蔓末, [17末.]

John, Oct.20,1701.

John, s.John and Elizabeth (Capron), Oct.17,1778.

Jonathan, sr., Dec.末,1736.

Jonathan, sr., h.Corline (Freeman), Oct.24,1819.

Joseph, Sept.23,1801.

Joseph, at almshouse, Oct.15,1838, a.83y.

Margaret, wid.Benjamin, Mar.20,1801, in her 36th y.GR1 [in her 86th y.PR80]

Martha, 2d, w.Joseph, Apr.10,1801.

Polly, d.Jonathan and Corline (Freeman), Sept.10,1799.

Polly M., d.Charles and Jane, Aug.11,1839, a.12y.GR12

Mercy, Sept.30,1820.PR46

Nathaniel (Woodcok), s.Israel and Elizabeth, June15,1705.

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Margaret, "died young," after May12,1756.PR70

Sarah, May10,1724.

Sarah, d.William and Submit, Oct.31,1765. [1761.PR80], in her 8th y.GR1

Thomas (Woodcok), s.Jonathan and Mary, May14,1706.

William (Woodcok), Oct.27,1703.

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